Mom and son continue a legacy of incest

“I know it being your birthday and all that you want to hang out with your friends, so thank you for allowing me the time to have this conversation with you. You’re eighteen years old today, Jeremy, and I know that by all rights and means you are an adult now, but it means something else, too. Something more.

“You see, Jeremy, there is a tradition that my side of the family has celebrated for centuries upon end, a tradition that has been captured in this ledger I now hold. Look. Here is my name written alongside your grandfather’s, and above that is his name written next to his mother’s, and above that her name written next to her father’s. This ledger goes as far back as the pre-antebellum South. Daddy told me that his grandfather told him that the true history stretched as far back as Colonial times, but those documents were destroyed in the wake of the Salem witch trials as anything not perceived as the norm would have been associated with Satan had it ever come to light, and self-preservation being what it is and all …

“Anyway, if you haven’t already guessed, this ledger details the incestuous relationships our family has enjoyed throughout the ages. I can tell by that look in your eye that you’re a bit shocked at this revelation, but probably more so that I would be holding a conversation with you concerning such subject matter. Like I said, though: Today you are eighteen, which means that you have a singular opportunity ahead of you. You have the opportunity to keep this tradition alive, Jeremy, or you have the opportunity to lay it to rest forever. Personally, I hope you choose to continue it, but when all is said and done, the choice is yours alone to make.


“If you choose to continue it, you will be opening yourself up to a wonderful experience that can be a one-time deal, or last as long as you like. To give you an example of that, Daddy said his mother told him that she simply lost her virginity to her father, and that was that. Daddy, on the other hand, told me that he and Grandmama had sex up until the time he married. Insofar as I am concerned, your grandfather and I had sex up until a week before he died a few years back. I found comfort in being with him, and you may well find that very thing with me should you choose to pursue this.

“The original purpose of this tradition was to prepare the eighteen-year-old for life as a married person by taking his or her virginity, but it has grown into something more, something deeper and more loving. Or, it can just be about the sex and nothing more. It all depends on how you wish to define it.

“I know one of the thoughts going through your head right now is How can we do this with Dad around all the time? There are ways around that, such as when he’s at work or when he’s playing golf or whatever. As long as it is feasible, I will never deny you. There is just one proviso, though, and you need to give it much thought before deciding.

“You have twenty-four hours from now to make up your mind about this. If you decide to do it, then all is fine. If you decide against it, however, I will burn the book and we will never discuss this again. That means you have just one opportunity to make this happen, Jeremy, so whatever you decide, be sure it’s the choice you can live with.

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“I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions, and I will be happy to answer those questions should you

decide to move forward with this. If not, then the questions don’t really matter anyway, do they? Go on with your friends and have a good time, now. Be home by six, though, as your father is taking us out for your birthday.”

Boy, that was a lot for me to wrap my mind around. As I made my way to my friend Stephen’s house, I still couldn’t believe that my own mother was offering herself to me for sex for as long as I wanted her. I finally understood what Grandpa meant all those years ago when I’d complain about how strict Mom was and he’d say, “You don’t realize it yet, but you’re a lucky, lucky boy. You’ll see one day.” Well, that day had come. After hearing everything Mom had to say, was I truly lucky? I pulled into Stephen’s to find Mark and Johnny there as well.

“About time,” Mark said as I exited my car. “Thought we were going to have to do these tequila shots all by ourselves.” We quickly did two, then made our way to Stephen’s back patio where we stripped down to our skivvies poolside.

“What took you?” Stephen asked as he filled the shot glasses again.

“Uh … Porn,” I said with a laugh.

“Who was it?” Johnny asked.

I wanted to gauge my friends’ reaction to my mother’s proposition, so I created a semi-fictitious scenario. “Actually … You know how you click on one thing and pretty soon you’re, like, ten or fifteen links into something else?” They all acknowledged this. “Anyway, I was on this site where people were talking about the strangest things they have ever received as gifts.”

“Like what?” Mark asked.

“Well, this one guy said his girlfriend set up a threesome with her twin sister, and they actually went down on each other.”

“Cool,” Stephen said.

“There was another where this guy said he awoke to his grandma blowing him, and when she finished, she said, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.'”

Silence, then Johnny said, “That’s pretty sweet in a weird sort of way.”

“Really?” Mark asked.

“Hey, just sayin’,” Johnny said. “Are you telling me that if you woke up and your granny was slobbin’ your knob that you’d tell her to stop?”

“Well …” Mark offered after some thought.

“Yeah, but that last one,” I said. “This guy said that his mother offered to train him in sex on his

eighteenth birthday.”

“No shit,” Stephen said.

“Really!” Johnny added.

“What did he do?” Mark asked.

“He said he did it,” I answered, “and he said that even though he’s been married for fifteen years now, he and his mother still hook up at least once a week.”

“Wow, that’s fucking awesome,” Mark said.

“Awesome?” Stephen asked.

“Isn’t it?” Mark asked in return. “Imagine if your mom offered to train you to be the perfect lover, and you both enjoyed it so much that you still hooked up even after you were married. Are you telling me that wouldn’t be awesome?”

Stephen looked at Johnny and said, “Before I answer that, what would you do?”

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“Well, you guys have seen my mom,” Johnny said with a laugh. “She’s fucking hot, so yeah, if she offered to train me in sex, I’d do it.”

“Jeremy?” Stephen asked of me.

“All this talk has me curious,” I said, “so, yeah, I guess I would.”

“Fuck it,” Stephen said. “I’d fuck my mom, too.” He poured us another shot and we toasted fucking our moms should the chance ever present itself. As I downed mine, I knew my decision was already made.

I called Mom at five-fifteen and told her the truth. “Stephen bought me a bottle of tequila for my birthday and we’ve been doing shots all day. Although I think I could make it, I don’t want to chance driving. Can you pick me up?”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” she told me. “Be waiting out front.” I was, and I hopped into her Lexus when she pulled up. “I’m disappointed that you got drunk, Jeremy, but you showed great maturity in calling me.”

“You raised me to be responsible,” I said in return. “Don’t tell Dad, though. I think I can hide it from him.” Silence for a few minutes, then I said, “I’ve thought it over, Mom, and I’d like to continue the family tradition.”

She looked at me and smiled. “I was hoping that you would.”

“I’m a virgin, though, so can you take your time and show me how to become a well-rounded lover?”

“We have as long as you’d like it to continue, Jeremy,” she answered. “No need to rush.”

“When do we start?”

“Tonight,” she answered. “Your father will be in bed by ten, so I will come to your room by eleven. Be clean. That is my only demand.”

“I will,” I said. “I promise.”

We had dinner at Fiddler on the Green. Dad and I ordered the prime rib while Mom had the seafood platter. Afterwards, Dad passed me a small box. I opened it to find a set of keys with the word FORD embossed upon them. The keys were old. I knew that much. I stared at them a full minute before asking, “A sixty-five Mustang?”

“Candy-apple red, black leather interior, convertible,” he finished for me.

“Oh, Dad!” I near-shouted. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Say, ‘Thank you,'” Mom interjected.

“Yes. Of course. Thank you,” I said as I rounded the table and hugged him. I felt a moment of guilt right then as I knew that I’d be having sex with his wife later tonight. Oh, well. Like I said, it lasted a moment, then the moment was gone.

“What do you want to do with the Chevelle?” Dad asked me.

“Can I keep it?” I asked him. “I don’t want to rack up too many miles on the Mustang.”

“I don’t see why not,” he answered.

I rode home with Dad and we discussed giving the Chevelle an overhaul and a new paint job. He said he’d be happy to help, which I was happy to hear.

I was in a state of constant anticipation the remainder of the night. Mom and Dad went to bed at ten, so I took that time to bathe. I thought of jerking off to prolong whatever the night may have in store for me, but then I thought that we were on borrowed time, that Mom may want to finish quickly so she could get back to Dad before he awoke, so I decided to just let things happen as they did.

I was lying under my covers, already naked, when Mom entered my room. Between the LED from my clock and the small amount of light from the street lamps coming through my window, I could see her well enough. “Are you awake?” she asked me.

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“Yes,” I whispered.

I saw Mom smile, then she pulled her night shirt off. I never really gave much thought to her body, but seeing it now, in what little light the night afforded us, I was in awe of her. I was surprised that my immediate thought was that of Mimi Rogers, but yeah, Mom did kind of resemble her, from her brunette hair to her ample bosom to her thick hips. It turned me on to no end, and I felt myself getting hard. There was just one thing, though, and I decided to address it.

“Mom? I know this is our first time and all, but do you think in the future you can trim yourself up some? I’m just used to seeing women with not so much hair down there.”

She laughed. “Sadly, your father likes full bush,” she said as she slid in bed next to me, “but feel it, Jeremy. I think you’ll be surprised at how soft it is.”

She was right. It was like a powderpuff. I stopped rubbing it, but I kept my hand on it. “I’m not going to lie, Mom. I’m really nervous. What can I expect out of tonight?”

“Here,” she said as she lifted a nipple to my mouth. She then slid a hand around my cock and began to slowly pump it up and down.

“Oh, Mom,” I gasped. “That feels so wonderful.”

She bent down, and we began to kiss. I always felt like I was an accomplished kisser, but I had never been kissed by a true woman before, not the way Mom was kissing me now. It was so erotic. My cock throbbed every time her tongue snaked into my mouth or every time she sucked my tongue into hers. She finally asked, “Are you ready for me to go down on you, Jeremy?”

“Oh, please, Mom. Please.”

I did my best to keep my eyes open, but to no avail. Once her lips had wrapped around my cock, my eyes were rolling into the back of my head as the most fantastic feeling I had ever known swept over my body. She went slowly, taking every inch into her mouth and holding it in her throat before slowly moving back to the head. I’d like to think I lasted five minutes, but the truth of the matter was that it was probably more like two or three. I did the responsible thing, though, and let her know it was on its way.

“Oh, Mom. Here it comes. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

She continued sucking me, and once I exploded in her mouth, she gave a yelp as she fought to contain all my cum. I knew it was a big load because I felt myself spasm seven times. Still, Mom came off me and said, “Wow, that was quite a bit.”

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