Seduced by hot step mother

Ron was a 21-year-old woodcutter living in the countryside with his father. His mother suffered from an ailment and could never give birth to any children after him. The clergymen frequently visited her while she was alive and hence his father could never think of abandoning her and living with the stigma of a selfish man in his village. His father had also started his career as a wood cutter and gradually became a carpenter. He wanted his son to follow his path as well, but was distressed with his wife’s condition. To his relief, she finally passed away on a rainy summer night. Within a month he married Polly, a rich widow who was 36 years old.

Not only did Polly bring with her capital for Ron’s father’s new trade but she was an exquisite woman too. Any man would have wanted her but her only shortcoming was that she could not bear a child. Ron’s father was elated after the marriage; he thanked his luck that no other man took her for marriage before him. Ron himself was captivated by his step mother’s charm. There were rumors in her village that she was a seducer and now he could see why. Her tall frame with perfect proportions, the brown eyes, golden brown hair tied into a bun with strands falling all around as she worked and her soft skin that he longed to touch never escaped his notice whenever she was around him. She had an inviting figure and to Ron’s excitement, inviting gestures too. The conversations they had were quite general when his father was around. She would ask him to have the breakfast, lunch or dinner, or about his day at the woods, or gave him some money to buy and bring groceries sometimes. Only when his father was not at home, she would go ahead and ask more personal questions.

Once the two of them were having lunch and her father had been out for some work when she asked him,

“Don’t you have a girl in your life?”

“Never!” he replied.

“Never?” she was surprised and wondered if he was lying to her for some sympathy.

“No. Never.” He replied again.

“Oh, poor boy!” she exclaimed. “What a shame!” she smiled.

Ron ate the food silently. He was attracted towards her but wasn’t sure if she actually wanted him. Sure he had slept with a few women but they were young slender girls and his organ had never throbbed so much for them as it used to throb for this plump woman with such huge breasts. He had passed many nights masturbating to her moans, the sound of which came from his father’s room.

There were some days when we would cut his finger or palm with the wooden shards, and when he came back she would give him water to wash his hands with and some oil to apply. However, when his father wasn’t there, she used to herself wash his fingers and then suck them in her mouth. It became uncomfortable when she did that for more than a minute. But she only seduced her to this level and then drew back. He was going crazy. He knew it was because his father had no routine of coming back to the house and could show up anytime that the two of them could never progress. But soon their time came. When his father’s trade bloomed and he got the opportunity to take many of his hand- made furniture to sell in the city in a two-week trade fair, Ron was loaded with tremendous expectations.

The first morning after his father’s departure, he woke up early just to peep in through the holes in the brick walls to watch his step mom take bath. She wasn’t facing him but he could see her naked back…her round big hips…her thighs… and a bulge of her side boobs. He pressed his face and kept looking. Then she bent down to take the soap and her breasts hung down with her nipples hanging towards gravity. His heart raced and he touched his crotch. He watched while rubbing his penis and when she was done wearing her thin cream gown without any undergarments, he stealthily walked back to his room.

She called him a few minutes later for breakfast and he went to her wearing an unbuttoned shirt. The sight of her, intoxicated him. The main door was closed, the house was theirs and no one was there to disturb them. He could not help but be lured by such a sight and the opportunity. The gown fitted her body and he could see the form of her hips… the curve of her back above the hips…and when she moved towards him…those moving breasts with erect nipples.

He could not swallow his food down his throat. He felt he would vomit if he tried to. His body was not in his control and he didn’t want to go to work.

“I don’t want to go to work today. I feel dizzy.” He said.

“Oh Poor boy, you torture yourself too much with work, don’t you? Leave the work today but have the food or you will keep feeling dizzy.” She said.

“I cannot eat.” He said breathing heavily.

“What happened?” she touched his head. “You are breathing heavily! Come on, I am by your side. Eat something!” she said coming close to him and rubbing his shoulder.

He clenched his fists tight as he could not control anymore. She rubbed her hand down his chest and torso and went on to hold his bulging penis. She held it firmly bending down and pressing her breasts on his shoulder and whispered in his ears,

“Here, you won’t shake anymore dear. I am holding you. You can eat now.”

Just then he turned towards her, grabbed her head and started kissing her lips. She took out her tongue and they kissed passionately as he shifted from the chair to the floor over her. In no time were his hands all over her body over the thin gown. He used both his hands, touched, rubbed, grabbed and clenched all the parts of her skin. He pressed his boobs; motor-boated them, shook them, pinched the nipples and pressed them between his lips. She moaned, as he went wild over her.

Then she rose and rolled over him, unbuttoning him completely, removing his shirt and trousers. His penis hung out and stood erect. She held it and started stroking it. He removed her gown and his head was throbbing with passion. He was in her control. She came over him; moving her breasts on his face and neck, on his chest, touching his lips with her nipples, letting him suck from both…she moaned and slapped the breasts on his cheeks. Then she rubbed them down his body and pushed them on his penis and balls. She then grabbed the penis and put it in her mouth and started licking. First the tip of the foreskin and then she took it all in till it hit her throat. As he moaned, she started doing it faster. He moaned even more and more and she held his hips and kept eating till he scratched her shoulder and stopped her. He came over her and pinned her down now, spreading her legs. His eyes were glowing with hunger and he started licking her fleshy pussy and rubbing his fingers on her clitoris. She roared and he did it faster and finally spread her pussy lips and shoved his salivating penis inside her.

“Aaaah!!” she gave out a cry when he hit her inner walls and cried louder as he stroked. He clenched her breasts while pushing hard. He groaned as his organ moved and hit all her fleshy walls and her walls gripped him in. She held his hips and moved with him. Her breasts shook from side to side. Her eyes rolled in pleasure…she came multiple times and wanted more and more…

He could feel her juices oozing out. And he felt like his penis would explode inside her. Every stroke filled the body with some current that shot up to their heads…the voices were trembling…the bodies moving recklessly. He took it out and then shoved back in, groaning and moaning and continued wildly and finally what was troubling him for months came out like a spirit outside a haunted soul. He came…and he came a lot. He sighed…thrice…and fell over on her sweaty breasts. She was breathing heavily. Both closed their eyes and heard their heartbeats. They smiled because they knew it was only the beginning.

Now all of Ron’s expectations could be met. He was overjoyed. After a while, he ate the food she had cooked and ate quite fully while caressing her body as she leaned beside him. He was feeling her hips, breasts and pussy, whatever came in his hands.

They made out many times that day and explored more and in the night they were naked and cuddled. His penis lay inside her in her strong vaginal clasp and he slept into ecstasy while sucking from her step mom’s nipple.

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