Milfy teacher

Hi readers im radha, in my mid 30’s and interested in having sex with young boys. Im 5.8 feet tall with a firm tits of 38 cup size, pubic hair shaven, with a medium complexion with more weight. Iam a lecture in college. My hubby is a workaholic always busy with his work and least interested in me. Lastly i had sex with my husband, 2 years ago. I was wanting for sex all the time. I used to masturbate using a cucumber watching porn, day by day my sexual urges were growing within me and wanted to be satisfied, since i work in college i come across many young and strong boys, starring at me. I wanted to have sex with a boy atleast once, since they are young and can last long in the bag, I made it happened finally.

I had a student name varun(name changed) he was just 19 with 5.9 feet tall with a medium built body. He was weak at my subject so i decided to handle tutions for him, Because i wanted a 100% results from my subject, my home was near to my college hence i called him for tutions, he too attended tutions regularly, varun was young and handsome he had a soft voice, i was very much attracted to him, he began to take my subject very interesting. One day varun came to tution he was wearing a shorts, i was wearing a tight tee shirt and a tight leggings While i was teaching him, i noticed him watching my breast and his boner was making a move inside his shorts. I came to know that he is interesting to watch my boobs, so i told him “I will be back varun” went to the room and removed my bra and wore only shirt and came to kitchen and got him a soft drink. I bent down slightly to give him the drink.

Varun was now looking at my boobs visible inside my shirt, he was stunned, i smiled at him. I asked him “what are you seeing at varun have a drink” and turned back, i noticed him starring at my ass i was feeling aroused, i smiled at him and went back to kitchen to prepare for dinner, then, later i came back to hall i noticed varun adjusting his shorts, his cock was making a tent inside his shorts. Maybe i had given him hard on, i asked him “what happened varun, what is that bulge in your shorts”, i knew wat he was feeling i acted innocent. I sat near him putting my hands on his thigh, holy fuck his boner touched my hand.

I realised the size of his boner, that it was bigger than my hubby, it was so big that it was out of his innerwear,i decided to take his rod inside my glory hole. I continued to rub his thighs and touching his erected cock often, varun was starring at me with fear. “maam i need to go home” varun exclaimed, and stood up to leave, i hold his hand and stood up and said “wait dear please stay back there is one more work for you” i said. he asked me wat work, i neared him and put my hands on his chest and rubbed slowly, came down to his abs, and slowly moved my hands inside his shorts, and touched his penis. shit..his cock was half the way out of the boxers, it was hard like rock, he had already pre cummed a lot. I rubbed his cock slowly. Varun was freezed by my actions, he was sweating “you have cummed looking at my boobs?..huh”

He replied softly “mam you look sexy, i…i want to touch you”, i was happy at his words, a boy wanted to feel me wat a feeling, i said “is that you want boy?,then come on touch me where ever you want” he looked shy and hesitated,i then took his hands to my ass, he rubbed my ass like a massage, i was feeling very aroused, meanwhile i was rubbing his cock. i wanted to see him clearly “varun why are you so unfomfortable, you are sweating my dear let me help you” and i sat on sofa and caught hold of his waist slowly pulled his shorts down, he was wearing a vests, already his cock was about to tear his vests, part of his cock was out of his innerwear. “you are so hard my dear” i said and slowly removed his shorts and looked at his penis.

Damn it was around 7 inches long,looking like a brown cobra with medium in grith it was a coffee colour without a foreskin, i thought of my hubby’s cock which was 5 inches. I loved his cock and planted a kiss on it, oohhh it was hard and hot. “aahhhh mam i feel shy” varun exclaimed. I looked at him and stood up and gave a passionate kiss on his lips holding his neck, “i dont know how to kiss mam” varun replied….”dont worry son i will teach you every thing tonight, open your mouth and touch my tongue with yours”, he followed my words we both fought with our tongues, his tongue was long and soft, meanwhile i was masturbating his cock tip.

It was hard like a rock and veins running on his penis. I took his other hand and guided to my boobs,Varun slowly pressed my boobs, “aaahhhhh…mmmm” i moaned, i was moaning after a long time, varun was enjoying my boobs and ass, by pressing it hard. I then removed his shirt, he had a well tonned body, i kissed his bare chest. “varun remove my shirt ” i said in sexy voice, he obeyed me and slowly removed my shirt, i stood seminude in front of him “mam your boobs are big like a watermelon”, i smiled and pulled him to my room and put him on the bed. I bent down and gave a nice blowjob to his king cobra, “aaahhh…mam…it is nice” he moaned softly and caught hold of my head and slightly pushed my head against his cock, it went deep throat, i gagged a little and then sucked his rod fully, i saw his testicles were of size of a lemon i sucked it. I stood up and removed my shorts, and stood in my panty. i forgot how much time i dripped out cum, my panty was almost wet under, varun saw my pussy transperantly visible to him “have you ever seen a woman nude varun”, he replied “i have not seen a girl nude mam”…i was wondering “varun does’nt watches porn?,he is matured and its nature for that age kind of boys, but he is unique” i replied him “dont worry dear see me nude today, i will show you how a woman looks for real when she is nude and removed my panty and threw it aside and slowly rubbed my clitrois watching his long cock, varun was freezed seeing at my body both were nude in front of each other, still varun was shy. My pussy was wanting his cock inside, varun was retracting his penis back and forth, it ended upto 5 minutes.

It was time for foreplay, i layed on the bed and said him “vandu yen kudhi ye nakku dear, come on”, he came between my legs, I felt i was behaving like a whore, varun slowly spread my pussy lips and placed his tip of his tongue on my pussy hole, i was out of my senses “aaahhhh…fuck…mmm…please nakku da niruthade en kudhi ye adi da” he inserted his long tongue inside my pussy and licked it like a pro, the yong boy is expert in licking a vagina. i was moaning and tried holding my juices, his tongue was exploring my love hole, i asked him to finger my pussy, he inserted his middle finger slowly inside my hole, i was in a paradise of lust “aaahhhhh….mmmm…fuck me varun…please….aaahhhh” he was fingering my pussy and simulated my sexual harmones. 5 minutes later i squirted a small amount of juices. “sorry varun i could not control my urge” i apologized him “its ok mam i wanted to taste it”he said and tasted my juices and said “it is thick and tasty mam” i took him besides me and kissed me massaging his head, i was loving him madly. I made him lay behing me and took his hard long rod and rubbed on my clit and slowly pushed it inside, the rod was hot and went inside my vagina slowly and easily, i was enjoying his cock more than that of my hubby’s, i was letting uncontrollabe moans,”aaahhh..yyaaa…un pool romba perusa iruku da” i was lucky because i was frightned of varun’s cock would be like my hubby’s cock which was like a size of a tin(fat and small) it tored my pussy, where as varun’s cock was looking like a banana but very nice in shape. He was penetrating me from behind, he was fucking me slowly and feeling my sex hole, i was kissing him continuously as he was penetrating me from behind..

”aahhh…varun yena othu thallu,nalla othuko please” and bit my lips hard, my pussy walls were pressing against his penis, half of his pole was inside me, i holded on to his testicles and pressed it little hard “aaahh..mam..its paining” he moaned with his sweet voice,i felt his chest was rubbing my back, it was very muscular. Varun was rubbing my pubic part it had a square shape hair, 10 minutes later i changed to missionary and he placed his rocket to my tored hole, i said him “please, ulla thalli yen kudhi ye nalla adi darling”, he nodded his head with shy and slowly pushed his 7 inch meatpole fully in to my kudhi. Now i was out of my senses and lost my control”aahhh…fuck…yes….appdi tha…okku..oku…yenna ratri fulla othuko please…aahh..niruthade…adpidi tha..hhaa..mmm..yyess..mmm.. ahh” i screamed with pleasure, varun was giving me lots of pleasure to me, with help of his handsome cock, my hubby cock was of 5 inch still he managed to give me pleasure but it was fat looked swollen, his cock stood half the way inside my pussy it was 4 inches in grith and gave me heights of pain but varun’s cock is of 2.5 inches in grith which easily moved inside my love hole full deep and gave me heights of pleasure. I was more happy tonight, varun was kissing my calf musles licking it, sucking it madly. he was stroking me in medium pace, he closed his eyes and felt a pleasure from me…”mam you are beautiful” he moaned…i replied “thanks my dear….” he fucked me for 10 minutes and shifted to standing posture, and throbbed me to the fullest, i loved varun and kissed him and gave my boobs to his mouth, he sucked my boobs, suddenly milk flowed from my nipples “drink my milk dear,empty it fully” i asked he obeyed to me and sucked my boobs and emptied my milk, he bit my nipples softly, “aaahhh..yyyaaa you are crazy my love” i moaned i was another world experiencing pleasure. we lasted up 5 minutes and moved on to the bed and i rided on him, madly kissing his chest, neck arms, cheeks, i lost control he grabbed my ass and massaged me which turned me more and more horny, “varun nee tha real aambale, please yenna okkardhu niruthade please” he said “i wont mam”, varun was such a nice boy he simply listened to my words and did what ever i said. He had a great stamina and fucked me more making me feel like a complete woman. We shifted to doggy and throbbed myself adjusting my pussy to his cock, after couple of minutes “iam going to cum mam” and immediately cummed inside me unloading his warm sperms inside my warm hole. I could feel his cock becoming smaller inside my deep hole he collapsed on my breast grasped for breath still his boner inside my pussy.

I too was grasped for breath, i said him “you are nice boy my dear, i love you” i was really fallen for him. I was thinking how my hubby banged me, with his fat small cock, he cummed within 10 minutes and used to sleep off, today i was satisfied by my own student. I taught him how to fuck a woman. I was caressing his head, we both were soaked with sweat, his back was sweaty, i asked him “how you feel dear” he said ” you are super mam i liked having sex with you, i wanted to fuck you again” he said. That is why young guys are preferable to do sex, they have good stamina. i replied him “sure my love, let me make you hard and kissed him, he too responed to my kiss, i could feel his cock gaining erection inside my pussy. He gained erection and started to stroke me by laying on me, i was kissing him and caught hold of his waist with my legs, and pushed against me. We were sweating profously stilled continued with our sex …i changed to cowgirl and humped him this time. “i will take care dear just relax” i wanted him to rest down, i was humping up and down, his shaft was more hard this time, he holded on to my waist “aahhh…mmm….un pool romba gatti ya iruku” i moaned, i could not control my moans “un pool en kudhi ye nalla okkuthu” and pressed my boobs and bit my lips, i said “vandu en mullaye pudichi nalla amukku da” he pressed my boobs harder and i squirted on his cock lubricated it and collapsed on him. We were exhausted. He did not cum still, in wanted to taste his cum, he said me to rub the part very down to his cock head, so that he cums more and he feels relaxed. i did as he said for minutes and he said “iam cumming mam” i made him sit and took my mouth to his cock and drank all his cum. It was sweet, thick .

Our sweat was mixed with our perfume, i took varun to the bathroom and we both took shower, we were kissing madly and he was pressing my boobs, while i was pressing his testicles. We came out and cleaned ourselves, had dinner. We were nude, i dragged him to kitchen and put my on leg on the slab and helped his penis entering my pussy, he penetrated me standing, by balls was moving front and back, varun caught hold of my boobs and pressed it “hhmmm…yen mullaye amuku dear…ne yenna nalla othe…” i said with pleasure, after few minutes i sat on the slab and he fucked me while i was sitting, his full torso was going in and out like a jet, i said him to cum inside me. He asked me i will get pregnant, i said him its ok i wanted his seeds, he made a few strokes and opened his cock tip and his seed flowed through my pussy. We both slept nude the whole night. At morning we woke up and had a oral sex. I said him “please come and pleasure me often, i will pay you”, he said he did it for respect and love, still i payed him for his pocket expense. Later by the days i divorced my hubby and got pregnant, and gave birth to a boy. I had turned to a callgirl but still continued my work in the college. I earn more money and feel happy sleeping with sexy men.

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