Helped a friend getting pregnant

My name is Ashutosh (name changed). I am married for 4 years and have a 1-year-old son. I reside in Chandigarh with my family (wife and son). My married life is ok, I mean although we have sex regularly but my wife doesn’t like to experiment too much and is not a very big fan of oral sex, which I really enjoy. So, I get a blowjob once in while like on special occasions, b’days, anniversary or other special occasion or when she gets drunk and most of the times she doesn’t allow me to suck her. My wife is short tempered which results in frequent fights but we have survived till now.

If I have to describe myself, I am an average looking guy, 6 feet tall and my sex drive is immense. I feel horny all the time and despite being married I masturbate regularly, firstly because I can’t keep asking my wife for sex all the time and secondly, usually after fights me and wife keep a distance from each other for days. I did not have any girlfriends before marriage, so I lost my virginity to my wife only and though the relationship is troubled but I still did not have any extra marital sex before the incident which I am narrating in the story.


Well coming to the story, which happened in December 2015. I keep traveling to Delhi regularly for my professional engagements and while I was on one such travel during mid-December when I bumped into an old friend named Megha (name changed). She was my close friend’s girlfriend at one time but broke up as his parents were not agreeable to the marriage. She also belongs to Chandigarh but got married in Mumbai. We are facebook friends but not much in touch with each and were surprised to see each other in Delhi. After having a brief chat we decided to meet over dinner. I used to find her very sexy but nothing more than that and had no ill intentions towards her so it was just a casual catching up with an old friend but I couldn’t help but notice that she still hadn’t put on much weight after marriage but only on right spots and looked sexier.

We met at a posh club in Saket and the session started with drinks. As we were meeting after a very long time we chatted our hearts out and discussed everything which happened in the last 3-4 years. I complemented her for keeping herself in shape even after 3 years of marriage as I had gained some weight after my marriage. We both were 3-4 drinks down and that’s when the discussion came to our married lives. I told her about my son who was just 2 months old that time and that how fond I was of him. I told her about my wife and my marriage that I feel frustrated at a time with these frequent quarrels and I am unable to concentrate on my work etc. I got emotional and told her everything about my life. Hearing that, she too shared her story that she and her husband were trying for last more than 1 year to have a child but have failed. She told me that though her husband is otherwise sexually healthy with the decent sexual drive but there was some problem with her sperm composition due to which she is unable to conceive. They had visited many doctors and were advised to use medication which will gradually cure him but the process would take about a year or so. She told me that her husband is not aware of the exact problem and that its because of him they don’t have any a child and therefore, she pretends to keep trying for it.

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So, they have sex regularly and her husband hopes that she gets pregnant but she knew that nothing is going to happen before the first course of the medicine is complete i.e. before 1 years. I tried to console her that its alright and that its just a matter of 1 year and after that they’ll be able to have a child but she was upset and told me that this is all very emotionally taxing and that she is already 31 and after one year she’ll be 32 and with every passing year pregnancy becomes riskier both for the child and the mother.

After sometime, she started crying and as I too was very emotional at that time, I asked her “may I suggest you something if u don’t mind”. She said ‘yeah sure”. I told her that she can try having sex with some close friend of hers and can have his child if she so desperate and after one year if her husband recovers, plan your 2nd child with him. Initially, she was taken aback by the suggestion and said what are you saying ashu, this is not right and too risky. I suggested that she would have lots of male friends in Mumbai and she would be able to easily find a married guy who would be ready to help her. A married person would not share her secret with anybody. The idea put her to thinking and at that time I was genuinely advising her without any hidden motive. She discussed a few names with me but I, of course, was not aware of any of them so could not help her much and after some more brain storming she looked me into eyes and asked: “Wait a minute, I won’t be able to find a better guy than you Ashu”. Now, it was my turn to get shocked and I immediately said no, I won’t be able to do that.

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Whatever may be my equation with my wife but I can’t cheat her, I never did. She said, “You are not cheating her, you are only helping your friend and if you feel that your wife would understand then you can tell her as well”. I told her that my wife will divorce me if she comes to know that I did anything like this. I tried to reason out with her that she should find someone in Mumbai as she might not be able to conceive the first time and she might have to try again. She said “if I find someone appt in Mumbai I’ll try again but since I am with you I would definitely want to give it a try with you. You are very nice person Ashu, you are intelligent, soft hearted and I would love to have your genes in my child. I can’t simply have a child with anybody.”. She was very serious about what she was saying and was in no mood to back down and told me that I was the one who suggested her this idea and now I am backing out myself and how do I expect anybody else to accept the same.
After lots of discussions, I agreed to the proposal but I told her that I am feeling very uncomfortable with the idea as I never had sex with anybody else except my wife and I was virgin at the time of my marriage and was never in a relationship. she said she’ll make me comfortable and that I should think that she is my wife and we are out one honeymoon. She said nobody knows here that you are not my husband and that we should start behaving like husband and wife here itself and by the time we’ll reach the hotel room we would have become comfortable with each other. The idea sounded logical to me but to get the confidence I ordered more drinks.

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After some time she dragged me to the dance floor and it worked well and within 15-20 mins or so all my inhibitions were gone and we were dancing like a couple. I pulled her towards me and gave a peck on her lips, she smiled at me a gave me a sweet 2 mins kiss on the lips. We had danced for half an hour or so when she whispered in years “shall we go to the hotel?” and I said, “lets go”. We took a cab to my hotel in CP and during the ride, she kept her head on my chest and hugged me tightly.

As soon as we entered the hotel room, we removed our jackets and hugged each other and began smooching very passionately. I was excited and the element of fear was overtaken by sexual desires. We were totally into each other totally enjoying the moment. I was feeling her all over and so was she. She was wearing a tight fit denim and I could feel her ass completely. While pressing her ass hard I would press my hand deep between here thighs and she would moan softly. I kissed her face and sucked her earlobes and she was totally enjoying it. I would insert my hand in her top and would caress here back and she too would the same to me. I started feeling her boobs from over her top and she started moaning. I inserted my hand in her top and started feeling them over her bra. They were soft and firm. I pulled the bra over right boob and started pressing her nipples softly and she started feeling my dick over my denim.

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