Hot wife

Vicki has always been a hot wife and loves cock teasing when where out .and I love her for it on a trip to pontefract races last week we sat outside the bar in the sun all afternoon knocking the drink back as I had several winners, just ahead of the last race she noticed a couple of lads eyeing her up .

No surprise there as her outfit left nothing to the imagination. her short dress began to rise up as she began crossing and uncrossing her legs potentially giving them sight of her white thong , at this point I had to disappeared to place a few bets and watch the race . on my return it looked like vicki was enjoying all the attention as the lads where like bees round honey I was suprised how fast things had moved on when laugthing she confessed to having already whipped her thong off for a bet and won £20 .she insisted we share a taxi into town with then as they had a pre booked so no long que.she volunteeredto join them in the back leaving me up front it was obvious they knew the driver the way they introduced us.

All ready sporting a massive hard on I scenced something was happening as I turned round the sight of my wife been used by two strangers was mind blowing they had her legs spread with 3 or 4 fingers disappearing into her soaking cunt as she was bent over giving one of the lads a blow job, she soon had him cuming as i noticed his body stiffened she lifted her head wiping her mouth leaning forward and giving me a kiss .I nearly came instantly as I tasted spunk on her , smiling as she was pulled over by the second lad who was nursing his raging hard on vicki needed no encouragement as she went to work on him the driver had adjusted his mirrow to watch the action the second lad took much longer but finally lost control and shot his load wanking over Vicki’s tits .the. driver broke the silence telling the lads we where nearing there drop off so to get cleaned up , both kissed vicki on the cheek and thanking her we set off to our hotel ,vicki very sexually continued to finger her swollen cunt telling me she was feeling so horny and gaging for some we pulled up she instructed me to get out

And wait in the bar while she paid the driver. Who looked happy with the arrangement as he drove off .after what seemed like an age I got a text of vicki telling me to not bother waiting up to and she would be late .it was breakfast time when she returned looking like a train had hit her , no mindblowing fuck for me that would after wait as she was sore
A worried look on my face she smiled confessing she had enjoyed the best sex of her life and roger and his wife had been the perfect couple ,my mind ready to explode and plenty in the wank bank every one a winner

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