Tales of my friend’s Bae Sonali 1

Hey, My name is Paras and I live with my friend Gaurav at one of the most costly apartment’s pant house of Juhu, Mumbai. Gaurav’s girlfriend Sonali is from Pune and she often comes to our suit and stays with us. I am a manager as well as part owner of a very prestigious gym in Mumbai and Gaurav is a struggling male model as well as does a part time marketing job.

It was a fine cool winter eve, I had just completed a 7 mile run and was dripping with sweat, in desperate need of a shower. After stretching for about 10 minutes I walked inside the house and noticed that Sonali was over and watching TV in the hall. Sonali is a 26 years old dusky coloured petite babe with huge 36E cup boobs and a perfect round 36” Ass, (see photo)


who is also struggling to get in the bollywood and apparently I knew she secretly likes me. I struck up a small conversation with Sonali and asked her where Gaurav was. She said he was still at work and wouldn’t be home for couple of hours. She said once he came home though they had dinner plans with another couple down the street and would have to leave immediately, so that’s why she came over ahead of time.

I sat down on the floor to continue stretching while I talked with Sonali and that’s when I noticed she was watching, Quantico.” I couldn’t help but to make fun of Sonali for watching such a stupid show and she admitted it was a guilty pleasure of hers that she wasn’t proud of. On this particular episode Priyanka Chopra was getting shower bonked by the white guy. Stupid or not, I have to admit that Priyanka in a bath looked good and I started to think about her and her sexy Ass, an ass I had beaten off to on numerous occasions.

As I finished up my stretching I was about to excuse myself from the room when Sonali very abruptly asked, “What is that smell?”

I knew immediately she was talking about me so I laughed, stood up, and said, “That would be me so excuse me so I can go shower.”

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Sonali laughed and replied, “Please do, you smell like sweaty sex and ass.”

Jogging up the stairs to my room, I quickly removed my shirt, shoes, and socks, leaving me in just my shorts. I then slipped on my sandals and went back downstairs because that was the only bathroom, with a shower, in the house. Before I went to the bathroom though I ran into the family room and gave Sonali a big, sweaty hug. She screamed, hit me, and told me to get the fuck off of her, all while laughing. Sonali had such a good sense of humor and I was so happy for my buddy Gaurav that he found someone like her.

Now inside the bathroom, I took off my shorts and started the shower to let it warm up. Once it was good I stepped into the shower and began to rinse off. Grabbing the bar of soap, I began to lather myself up and as is often the case, when I got to my penis I spent an extra few seconds soaping it, which caused it to become slightly aroused. Having just seen Sonali watching the Quantico, my mind again went to Priyanka’s Ass and my cock began to grow harder under the touch of my hand. Within moments my dick was at it’s full, hard, 8 inches, so I made the executive decision to sit down in the shower and rub one out. I absolutely loved sitting in the shower, playing through a fantasy in my head, while I stroked my cock. This often led to longer showers, but I wasn’t in a hurry so I just sat back and enjoyed it.

A few minutes into my session there was a loud knock on the door to which I replied, “Who is it?”

“It’s me Sonali, I have to use the bathroom, can I come in?”

Having not cum yet, this interruption made me a little upset and I yelled back, “Can’t you go downstairs?” As the last words were coming out of my mouth I already knew the answer. The toilet downstairs was broken and didn’t flush, so that wasn’t an option.

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Before Sonali could even reply to remind me I said, “Nevermind, I forgot that one is broken. Give me a second and I will be right out.” Instead of waiting though Sonali opened the door and came running into the bathroom.

“Sorry, I can’t wait, I really have to go,” she said. I then heard her lift the toilet seat and begin to pee.

“Wow, what do you have the bladder of a 3 year old?” I said, still sitting in the shower, behind the shower curtain, with my hand still holding my engorged member.

“No, I’ve been holding it until I finished the episode of the Quantico, so I’ve been holding it for like 30 minutes,” Sonali replied.

The sound of Sonali peeing wasn’t turning me on. However, knowing she was just on the other side of the curtain, with her pants around her ankles, her pussy exposed, and in a vulnerable state did excite me a little and I began to slowly stroke my dick.

“Well hurry up and finish and let me take my shower peacefully please,” I responded.

Then Sonali, sensing what was really going on with me inside the shower, straight up asked me, “Are you masturbating in there?”

I was caught, literally in the act. I probably could have lied (and should have) but I didn’t think it was anything to be afraid of, so I confidently replied yes. There was a moment of silence that was probably only 3-5 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime.

Sonali then asked, “What are you thinking about in there when you are stroking yourself?”

I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation but Sonali’s tone sounded like she really wanted to know, so I told her. “Well, seeing Priyanka bathing is what I was thinking about when I started.”

“When you started? What does that mean? Are you thinking of something else now?” Sonali inquired.

“As I knew she always stares at my body and appreciates my abs I was damn sure that Sonali is also interested in my manhood too. I replied “Yes, to be honest, now I am thinking about you, sitting on the other side of this curtain, with your neatly trimmed pussy exposed, and your pants around your ankles. And now I just had the thought of what type of panties do you have on, if you have any on to begin with,” I admitted rather boldly”.

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“Wow!” Sonali said rather quietly. “Well to answer your question, I am wearing panties. They are called cheeky panties and they are pink and I love them because they fit so nicely over my ass cheeks. Oh, and since we are being honest, I should probably let you know that I’m now completely shaved, so there isn’t a single trace of hair on my pussy.”

“Well, that is all good to know,” I said as I started to stroke my cock a little harder inside the shower. “And in the name of honesty, I should let you know lately when I’m masturbating I sometimes think about that night you watched me fuck my friend Jenifer in my room while you rubbed your pussy by the door.

“Wow!” I heard Sonali say as a slight moan also escaped her mouth. “I’ve also thought about that night and how I wish I could have gotten a better view of your big cock as it slid in and out of Jenifer’s mouth and pussy.”

Listening to these words come from Sonali’s mouth I took a chance and pulled back the curtain on the shower. What I saw was Sonali still sitting on the toilet, her fingers rubbing her smooth, cleanly shaven pussy, and a slight smile on her face, as our eyes met. She in turn saw me laying there in the shower, water cascading down across my six-pack abs, and my hand tightly wrapped around my 8 inch cock, stroking it slowly up and down.

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