Foreplay With A Married Friend

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I’m not the best at telling stories, but I’ll do my best. This is a true story and no real names will be given.

I’m a 43 male and my best friend is a married female and also 43. We went to high school together and have stayed in touch ever since. We always had an attraction toward each other, even after all these years. We have always wanted to fool around, but either I was taken or vise versa.

I have always wanted to finger her, eat her out, and play with her ass. I’ll admit I’m very much into assplay.

Since we’ve been friends for so many years we talk about everything. Well one day sex came up and she asked me what my fantasy was. I told her I’d love to meet her at a park, finger fuck her till she cums, eat her pussy till she cums on my face, and finger fuck her pussy and ass at the sametime till she screamed my name.

To my surprise, she said I’ve always wanted to suck your dick till you drop your load down my throat and swallow every drop.

After we told each other this over the phone we stopped since she said she was wet as fuck and needed to change her panties before her husband came home from work.

Fast forward 3 months and it’s now spring. She calls me and asks if I wanted to meet her at a park close by that has several buildings and woods all around. I honestly thought nothing about meeting her since we have hung out 2 times after we talked about our fantasy and nothing happened.

I get to the park and I see her car. She messages me and tells me to meet her at the dugout on the otherside of the park away from people.

When I saw her she just had this shit eating grin on her face and grabbed my hand and placed it on her crotch. She was literally drenched. I couldn’t help but instantly get rock hard. Even though she was married she wanted me to make her cum. All these years I’ve said no, but this time I couldn’t. I slowly backed her up against the wall and pulled her pants halfway down. Her pussy was literally dripping wet. I stuck 2 fingers inside of her and she bite my shoulder. I finger fucked her for only 5 mins before she came so hard she was shaking. I didn’t stop though. I went faster and inserted a 3rd finger and she went wild and came again.

After she calmed down I got down on my knees and stuck a finger in her pussy and was licking, flicking, and sucking her clit. She tasted amazing and it was coated all over my face. She told me she was about to cum again and I asked her to hold off if she could. I asked her if I could finger fuck her ass and pussy at the same time and she smiled and said fuck yes. I didn’t wait and inserted a finger in her ass and 2 in her pussy. She went absolutely nuts, which had me super hard. I’m no pornstar, but I’m 7.5 and fairly thick.

After about 30 mins and getting her off 4 times and headed for number 5 she couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed my crotch. Slowly pulling down my pants she saw my cock for the first time ever. She stuck her tongue out and was swirling her tongue around the head, which I love. I was never a fan of deep throat, but I love the mushroom head of my cock licked and sucked on. This drives me wild and she knows it. She was slowly stroking my cock as she sucked on the head, which is honestly the best I’ve ever had. Normally when I cum it’s a couple gushes of cum, but this time I told her she was getting a load. She knew I was close and started stroking harder and faster and clamped her lips around my head till I was breathing so hard I thought I’d pass out. When I came she had to swallow 3 times it was that much cum. Although we were both spent I finger fucked her one last time till she came.

After about an hour and a half and both tired from cumming we both walked to our cars and left. We are still good friends, but agreed it was a one time thing to fulfill our fantasy for each other.

Now I need to find a woman I can do this to all over again.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

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