Helped mom getting fucked (with Raj)

It’s a complimentary story as my mom Julie is in Noida with me ,she have had a nice sexual affairs with my hubby Anish (read previous part).we three have enjoyed sex together till late evening and as sun have vanished, darks have prevailed ,we three have lunch together after a nice bath at 05:45 pm.we three are like a exhausted birds want to love but have no energy to do we three slept on bed nudely as Anish have fucked my mom Julie twice,he have fucked her ass hole my vagina got hard fuck as my hubby have fucked me twice , so it’s his long cock that have made our sexual organs satisfied .so I can’t say that Anish is lacking fuel in his strong tool but we mom and daughter have put our organs in we slept on bed as we are nude ,it’s a king-size bed and sleeping nudely on bed is like a hot session yet to start ,but my mom smiled ………….

“Baby now close your eyes and sleep
(Bina)sure mom so you can also do it
(Mom)trust on me ,I will never enjoy your Hubby’s penis in your absence.”

So red night bulb is making dim light in bedroom as we slept ,our body have been treated like an animal’s hanging eachother to complement eachother ,so our tired body rests as we slept.its 02:20am as my eyes opened and I frisked inside washroom to urinate ,than I took refreshment as I put a gawn on my body to sleep.I slept till late morning as mom came to me and ask to leave the bed,she is holding my wrist as her hand is moving on my cheeks………..

“oh baby ,it’s 07:45am ,wake up .”

and my eyes opened as I wake up ,moved to washroom and took refreshment in hurry,as I have to prepare breakfast for my hubby moved to kitchen as I can see Anish drinking tea while reading newspaper,so I walked to kitchen and started preparing cup of tea for me ,as I have put breads on heat to warm it and put butter on it as I started preparing omelette,lastly it’s over as I came with a light breakfast to my hubby.He is sitting on sofa as I put plate on table and looking at me ,he asked………

“oh ,time for breakfast but not have my bath yet “as he moved towards bedroom and than entered washroom to have bath,later on Anish came out with his full preparation.He is in hurry as he took breakfast and than moved away ,now maid is cleaning the floor as my mom Julie and me (Bina Mishra)is sitting in balcony.myself Bina ,a 23 years married lady as my sexy body is attractive and lovely tits to round ass are hot.
My mom Julie is a 40 years matured lady,she is volputous as her boobs are big and sexy round dome shaped buttocks are wild,she have a strong thighs as her vagina’s hole is fully flexible and she have made her last day memorable as my hubby Anish,mom Julie and Bina have enjoyed sex looking at me ,Julie smiled……….

“baby you are lucky to have such a strong guy as your hubby
(Bina)oh mom!let me think of remaining sexual activities as I want to see you with a young guy Raj
(Mom laughed) Raj,who is he ?
(Bina)a young guy of my neighborhood as we have enjoyed physical love .”and our sexual plans have been made as I walked away from my while I took my mobile and called Raj,he received and started talking with me……….”Hi Bina darling ,how are you ?
(Bina)fine and you raj
(Raj smiled)fine but miss you so much
(Bina)oh I see !but you have never called me ,anyhow after an hour I want to meet you
(Raj)ok I will be with you after an hour.”

And than I walked inside washroom with my black short robe ,now removed my gawn as I am nude and started having bath under cascade.later on ,put gels on my body as I massaged it on my sexy body and than have my bath ,as I rubbed my wet body with a towel and than put a black brassiere with panty ,as I put black short robe on my walked out as I can see myself in a large mirror ,put some perfume on my dress and than moved to my mom’s room.she is inside washroom as I can see her clothes on bed’s corner and there ,I sits on beds corner as she came out without any dress.looking too sexy and wild ,her saggy boobs as well as smooth thighs are making me hot and she smiled……….”oh baby!you are ready for a day’s love affair
(Bina)it will be your chance ,so I will watch only.”and both walked towards dinning space ,mom have put red brassiere with G string as she have put a short gawn on her body.

We both are on chair as having our breakfast together and there,maid completed her household works as she walked away.later on ,mom walked towards refrigerator as she took out a bottle of beer.while sitting on sofa ,we both are drinking chilled beer as my mom Julie is looking gorgeous in her red shirt gawn,her legs are well crossed as her thighs are enough nude.we both are drinking beer as I said………”mom,Raj is a young guy of 19-20 years and I think he can make you scream on bed
(Mom)I think no ,his cock can’t make my vagina even satisfy but it’s good to have sex with a guy of young age.”and we both have drunk a full bottle of beer.Mom Julie is smiling at me as she said……..

“Bina ,when your fuck buddy will come?
(Bina)oh I think he have been late.”and I took my mobile to call him, but there call bell started ringing,so I put my mobile on table as I walked towards door ,now opened it as Raj is standing there with a carry bag in his hand and smile on face.He moved inside as I locked the door ,now he walked towards sofa as he is bit surprised to see a matured lady sitting Raj sits near me as we both are sitting opposite to mom,Raj took out a bottle of beer from carry bag as I walked away to have one more he is pouring beer in glasses as I smiled……..

“Raj ,she is my elder aunty ,here came to meet us
(Raj looking at him)oh I see !looks like your elder sister.”and we three started drinking beer as Raj is sitting in between have put her arm on his shoulder as he is drinking beer and I started removing his jeans and my mom Julie put empty glass on table as she put her hand on his shirt to remove.our pleasurable session have started as I pulled Raj’s jeans and undies,his long thick cock is semi erected as my mom have made his upper portion I put lips on his face as my mom is kissing his lips ,she put my face away as I am a mere spectator mom’s lips are on his lips and Raj is pressing her left breast on her gawn,both are loving eachother as I started pouring more beer in glass,while drinking it ,I can see my mom’s lips in his mouth as she have hold his cock in her I am drinking beer as I can see my mom’s tongue going inside Raj’s mouth,he is sucking it hardly and I left my glass on table as I stood infront of him ,knelt down as I hold his putting my rossy lips on his cock ,kissing it frequently from base to glans .now I opened my mouth as I swallowed his cock and started sucking it wildely,Julie’s tongue is in Raj’s mouth as Raj is pressing her boobs hard and lastly,mom took out his tongue .

Raj hold her gawn’s laces as he opened it and than its out of her sexy body,Raj is holding her breast on her brassiere as he put his lips on her upper parts of boobs to kiss and mom is screaming “oohh aahh”as I took out Raj’s penis from my mouth .so licking it with my tongue as Raj is kissing her breasts to tummy ,his hand is moving on her thighs and than I stood up as I removed my dress.we both mom and daughter are in undergarments only as Raj is on my mom’s legs and she widend her thighs as Raj pulled down her G string,looking at glory hole ,he put his palm on it as he is rubbing his palm and I removed my mom’s brassiere as I started squeezing her big boobs.raj put his face on her matured vagina as I can see his nose smelling its odour hardly and than my mom put her fingers as she made her vaginal hole opened ,looks like a widesh cunt,Raj started licking it with his tongue and his tongue is going inside her deep vagina I started sucking my mom’s breast ,she is enjoying ours company and her sexy voice”oohh aahh fuck me fuck me soon “is making Raj he took out his tongue as I can see his two long fingers going inside her cunt and he is fingering her vagina fastly as his hand is massaging her breast also.I left my mom’s right breast as I took her left one to suck and mom started pressing my breast hardly,she is shouting ………

“oohh aahh fuck my cunt fast”as Raj left her cunt and walked away .

Julie is massaging my breast as I sucked her breast and than she started removing my brassiere and panty,as we both are completely nude ,now my mom hold my neck as we both are kissing eachother’s face and Raj is back there as he sits on sofa with a glass full of beer.our lips are locked as I took my mom’s tongue to suck and she is fingering my vagina wildly,later on we both are sitting nude on sofa with my body in full Raj left his glass and now we are in bedroom ,on king-size bed as my mom Julie knelt infront of him ,like a bitch with her legs wide.Raj sits behind her ass as he hold his cock and started pushing it in her vagina,with smooth and wider path ,Raj’s 6-7 inches long and 2 inches thick cock are inside mom’s vagina ,as he started fucking her with speed and matter ,you have been in fuck for last 20-22 years,a strong guy with a small tool can also make your vagina satisfy as Raj is hitting her cunt fastly,mom started moving her sexy buttocks.looking at them I slept on bed as I started fingering my cunt and Julie is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh Raj fuck fuck hard ,I will cum soon uuhh”and I am fucking my vagina with my finger as my mom cummed and Raj took out his wet he put his tongue in her vagina,licking it like a dog while tasting my mom’s vaginal cum,later on he left as he walked inside washroom.we both are sleeping on bed as our face are facing eachother and both are rubbing eachother’s back as my mom Julie kissed my lips……….

“really you are enjoying your life Bina
(Bina)mom ,my hubby have made me a whore as he forced me to have sex with his boss once
(Mom)Anish is so selfish but why it happened?
(Bina)a bribe for his promotion and than I got addicted to others penis
(Mom laughed)oh means you have an extramarital relations with too many guys
(Bina)yes ,Raj and his boss Nishant as with his colleagues also and lastly with Kirti ,as we four are enjoying swapping
(Mom)oh you are really in a great sexual relationship.”

As Raj is back there ,he knelt infront of my mom’s vagina as her thighs are Raj put a pillow under her sexy ass as he pushed his dick inside ,it’s wet as he is fucking my mom’s cunt fast and I am fingering my vagina ,Raj is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh age doesn’t matter ,Julie you are too sexy ,I will arrange a gangbang party for you .”as Raj leaned on my mom’s top ,she hold his waist and started bouncing her ass ,both are on the peak of orgasm as my vagina started pouring cum inside and I sucked my finger to taste my cum as Raj ejaculated semens in my mom’s vagina.we three than have a bath ……wait for other ones.

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