Helped mom getting fucked (with my hubby)

As I got married with a software engineer Anish 5 years back,I have caught my mom Julie with Anish (read ‘my hubby with mom’smy hubby with mom’s) in a sexual positions.nothing have made them feel shamed as our weekly trip to my parent’s home ends in a high note.It’s a 3 years back story as my mom Julie have came to us ,she is here for a week or so,as I am waiting for my mom Julie at home,Anish came back from station after receiving I smiled at the door and Anish took her luggage inside bedroom.

now she walked inside washroom as I am in kitchen preparing cups of tea,it’s a weekend as Anish walked to his room and I can see coming back to me in dinning space while changing his clothes.

My mom Julie is a 39-40 years old married and matured women as her body is voluptuous with long black hairs,her lovely face with sexy round dome shaped buttocks is attractive and my mom is in dinning space with me as well as my hubby anish.we three are having tea while talking ,as I can see Anish eyeing my mom’s clevage as her dress is not well enough to cover her sexy boobs,she is in deep necked crop-tops with a tight I smiled as I can see Anish sitting closer to my mom,even their thighs are touching eachother’s and I am bit scared of my hubby’s behaviour as I have caught him with my mom earlier as empty cups is on table ,I walked away with it and now while standing in kitchen,from windows I can see Anish putting his palm on my mom’s sexy thighs,he is rubbing it while my mom hold his wrist and kissed his palm,now left the dinning space as she walked inside a guest I walked to him ,she is removing her dress as I can see her tops out of chest and I asked ……….


Mom ,bread butter will be good for breakfast or you need something more
(Mom removed her leggings)as you wish,I am too tired ,after bath and breakfast ,I will sleep for rest.”

And I left him,now I walked to kitchen as I started preparing breakfast for us.after a while,Anish came to me as I asked………

“Anish ,I have seen you rubbing palms on my mom’s thigh as you were eyeing her boobs also
(Anish hold me from behind)oh sexy ,what the hell are you talking , if she needs my love ,it’s not indecent
(Bina)oh I see ! Means you have to go ahead .”and later on ,my mom Julie came in dinning space as Anish and Julie have their breakfast ,mom left him to have I walked inside washroom as I took bath and than have my breakfast ,now while sitting on sofa,I am watching t.v as I have to prepare lunch also ,there Anish came and said……….”no need to prepare lunch ,I will order for it to a local food plaza.”

As my mind is going on my hubby’s plan for sex.I walked towards my mom’s room as she is sleeping soundly and I can see her nude legs in a short I left him alone as I am sitting in dinning space ,Anish came to me and sits near me,looking at me……….

“baby I have bought a bottle of red wine for my mother-in-law ,will you join us while drinking
(I smiled)let him wake up ,I think you both have planned for a weekend party in home, isn’t it ?
(Anish)oh Bina!why you are so emotional and scared ,our sexual relationship will be secret.”

Now I am too cool as I thought that my mom have been with my hubby for physical love earlier on ,so let them make their sexual affairs more erotic and I left Anish as I am in my bedroom,took out a red little dress ,which is too short in length and changed it fastly,it’s 11:30 afternoon as I combed my hairs and than looked myself in mirror,putting lipstick on lips as I walked towards my hubby ,sitting on sofa in dinning space, looking at me ,he said………

“oh so sexy but I will be your mom’s slave for a day
(Bina)ok now prepare for drinks.”as I frisked inside mom’s room,she have left her bed as I can guess she is in washroom.while sitting on bed,waiting for a gorgeous lady to come,she walked inside as her sexy body is in gawn,looking at him……..

mom I think ,drinks can make you feel better
(Mom smiled)sure baby ,your hubby have bought it and we have planned for a nice weekend.”

And mom than removed her gawn as she is looking hot in her black brassiere with a panty,now she took out a blue coloured transparent gawn as it’s backlash with front faced I walked to dinning space as I can see Anish sitting on sofa with three glasses on table with a bottle of wine as well as mom walked towards dinning space and sits near my hubby Anish as my hubby started putting wine and mixing soda in glasses,I am eyeing my mom’s nude thighs to legs,she have put her hand on anish’s thigh as three took our glasses and started drinking wine.its a wine that have left me unconscious several times and mom is rubbing her palm on my hubby’s thighs as he is in his Bermuda only.

Now my large pack ends and I am looking at them,as mom’s hand have frisked inside my hubby’s Bermuda from corner ,she have hold his penis ,Anish like a shameless guy put his empty glass on table as he hold my mom’s boobs and started pressing it I am too horny as I hold my mom’s wrist and took it out of his Bermuda,pulled it and his long cock is nude as I am assisting them in love,Anish smiled as he lifted my mom’s gawn upto waist,her black panty is covering her valuable vagina as he started rubbing his palm on my hand is masturbating hubby’s penis and mom left sofa as she stands infront of us,hold his gawn and took it out of her voluptuous sexy she is ,Anish started kissing his thigh as my mom stretched her legs while putting one on sofa,now I joined them as Anish have hold my mom’s waist and moved his face closer to his vaginal parts,he is kissing my mom’s smooth thighs as his hand is measuring my mom’s I knelt infront of hubby’s penis as I took his penis and swallows it as a whole,wine have made me bit comfortable and bold as I am sitting inbetween my mom’s legs,Anish is kissing my mom’s thighs as he pulled down his panty.
Julie is a matured lady as her vaginal flexibility is at maximum,Anish kissed his labias and my mom’s fingers have opened the vaginal hole,while sucking my hubby’s cock fast ,I can see him licking my mom’s vagina as her hand have hold his hairs ,she is making some sexy voice

“oohh yes lick it fast ,fuck my cunt it’s too horny”and than I took out my hubby’s wet dick as I put my tongue on it to lick and tastes the saliva.I can see my mom’s legs shivering as her vagina is filled with a long tongue and now my hot body started feeling the sensation,so while sitting on my legs,I hold my gawn and removed I can see anish’s long tongue moving inside my mom’s cunt fastly and I can hear her sexy voice”oohh uuhh aahh it’s too hot”and I am looking sexy in my undergarments,so I took my hubby’s cock in palm as I started sucking it with my mouth giving it a nice mom Julie walked away as she is looking hot in her brassiere only,now Anish put his hand on my breast as he put his other hand on my back and unhooked my brassiere.later on I left his hard cock , so mom is back and Anish walked to washroom,she is nude as she have removed her brassier also,we both are sitting on sofa as I pressed my mom’s breast……….

Mom I will see you enjoying my hubby’s penis in your ass hole
(She laughed) why not baby?”and my hubby is back there as he sits on sofa with another full glass of wine,mom is on his legs as she is kissing his penis and than ,she put it’s glans on her lips and rubbed it for a while,as Anish is drinking wine while pressing my breast hard.later on my mom is sucking my hubby’s cock as I am looking at their sexual activities,hubby is screaming in joy

“ooohh aahh leave my cock darling ,it’s too hot ,need your vagina
(Bina)Anish fuck my mom’s ass dear.”and as mom sits on sofa ,Anish laughed……….

“baby remove your undergarments also
(Bina)oh Anish but what you will do ?you have got only one cock ,so fuck my mom first “and now we three walked inside bedroom as I poured little wine in glass and mixed it with soda.

I am on bed with my glass as well as butter cake and Anish made my mom a horny bitch,as she is on her knees and elbows,her sexy ass is attracting my hubby .now I slept on bed with my legs spread,removed my undergarments and now completely nude on bed ,I can see my mom’s sexy ass with my hubby’s lips loving it wildely.Bina put her finger inside vagina as I started fingering it fastly ,I can see Anish licking my mom’s reddish anal hole as she is not a great ass fucker but she enjoys it quiet hubby is tasting my mom’s ass hole as I hold my mom’s saggy breast to massage ,my vagina is too hot as I am fingering it Anish took butter cake from a small plate as he started rubbing it on his ass hole,parts have been pushed inside as I know his desire of fucking my mom’s ass .so as Anish hold his penis and started rubbing it’s glans on hole,she looked behind and smiled ………

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