A sweet loving wife is seduced by her neighbor

Robert had his eye on a NILF, yes that’s right, a NILFNeighbor I’d like to Fuck. Linda was a striking, 42 year old stay-at-home housewife, mommy of three with a husband who was married to his job. Because Robert worked from home it didn’t take but a couple of months to learn her weekly routine. For instance, he was quick to recognize that Linda spent a few evenings a week working out. Robert began making sure that he was doing yard work on the nights when she’d walk around the neighborhood as part of her exercise regime. He fantasized about the day when he would have a shot of her tight, round ass.

Linda was always neighborly, waving a friendly “Hello” or “Goodbye” whenever she saw Robert working in the yard. She didn’t seem flirtatious, just courteous. Robert also concluded that Wednesdays were her “in home” chore days, and also the day of the week that Linda’s husband, Tony, started his day late taking over morning kid duty and getting home late in the evening, between 9:30-10 PM. Furthermore, Robert noted that on this particular weekday Linda picked up the kiddos between 6-6:30 PM. If all went according to the normal schedule, next Wednesday he’d have his shot at Linda.

Linda was a gorgeous woman with striking features, angelic face, ample-sized 38C tits, a round shapely ass and long legs. Like most women her age Linda was extremely conscientious of her body, especially after three pregnancies. She continuously strove to keep herself in good shape. She’d made mental comparisons between herself and other moms but she was too modest to admit that the other moms didn’t hold a candle to her. She worked hard to keep a flat tummy and a tight butt. She had curves in all the right places. She was whom many younger guys would consider a MILF or cougar. To top it off she had a beautiful personality. She was caring, courteous, trusting and friendly.

Wednesday morning rolled around and Linda took to cleaning house. Being that she wasn’t expecting anyone to visit she didn’t bother changing her silk pajamas. The shorts were somewhat revealing and she didn’t bother with a bra beneath the loose top. Just as she got started dusting in the living room her doorbell rang and she ignored it hoping whomever was at the door would just go away. But the doorbell rang persistently so Linda looked through the peephole and saw it was her neighbor, Robert. She opened the door hiding behind it to avoid being seen in her flimsy state of dress.

“Morning neighbor,” said Robert brightly. Without waiting for a reply from Linda he continued, “Listen, my car won’t start. I’m wondering if I could borrow some cream from you. Haven’t had my coffee fix yet.”

“Sure I have some half-and-half I can spare, just one moment.” Without thinking to close the door Linda turned and headed to the kitchen. She came back with a cup half full of cream and handed it to Robert.

Robert thanked her and then said, “Hey listen, you look like you could use some coffee, come have a cup with me.” He could see that Linda was hesitant but he persisted, “Come on, I’m not taking no for an answer; after all it’s your cream that’s gonna make my coffee taste good. Come on, just one cup.”

Linda was caught quite off guard, she wasn’t dressed appropriately and she hardly knew her neighbor. He and his new wife had moved into the house next door only recently. Linda stood there not knowing what to do or say. She started to refuse the invitation, “Thanks, but I’m not dressed properly…”

Robert cut her off… “Oh come on. You just have to walk a few steps, it’s not like you’re parading yourself all over town. Come on!” He turned and started walking away not expecting but hoping for her to follow. Linda didn’t want to seem ungrateful or not neighborly; somewhat confused and not knowing why, she followed Robert. He looked back and smiled when he saw that Linda was a few steps behind, scantily clad. Robert welcomed Linda into his home and they walked over to his kitchen. He grabbed a couple of cups and handed one to Linda urging her to make herself at home. He wanted to see her move about while he eyed her body.

Robert could hear Linda talking but he paid little attention to what she said; her body was such a distraction. How lucky was he that she opted for no bra this morning. His cock was rock solid. He wanted to fuck her. He was picturing himself between her mommy legs and he could hear her begging for more, “Fuck me Robert. Oh yes, Robert, Robert, Robert!” Linda noticed he was in a trance and she was calling out to him. Robert snapped back and apologized. He told her he was momentarily distracted and his gaze went straight to her bra-less tits. The material of her pajama top was thin and her nipples were discernible. She caught his gaze and felt uneasy.

Robert suggested that they sit at the breakfast bar rather than the kitchen table and Linda seated herself on one tall stool. Robert sat across the bar from her. She quickly drank her coffee and started to excuse herself. He had to think of something quickly. Just then the phone rang. Linda was going to take this opportunity to head out but Robert told the caller to hang on, put his hand over the receiver, and mouthed to Linda to please wait a moment. Linda couldn’t be rude, so she nodded okay.

Robert took the conversation to the living room and a few minutes later he came back to the kitchen and apologized profusely to Linda and pleaded with her not to leave yet. In his hand was a bottle of rum. He held it up and said, “A little rum in our coffee will make everything better and I’m not taking no for an answer.” He poured each of them another cup of coffee.

Twenty minutes and two cups of rum-laced coffee later, the two neighbors were in stitches. Robert was being very animated and Linda enjoyed the attention. Lately her life had become somewhat monotonous; her kids took up most of her time and her only social contacts were mothers of her kids’ friends, most of them exceedingly boring. She felt much like a chauffeur rather than a mom and wife. Her husband treated her more like a maid than a wife and their sex life, well… what sex life? He hadn’t touched her in months. Quite frankly she liked it that way since he was such a slob; yet she missed the intimacy of sex.

Linda’s head was spinning from the two portions of rum. She knew that she should go home and resume her housework but she was enjoying the company of her neighbor. Her normal inhibitions were being impaired by the liquor and conversation. She couldn’t recall the last time that she had a conversation with a male other than her spouse.

Robert sensed that Linda was starving for attention and she would soon be begging him to fuck her. He just knew it. He saw Linda’s cup was somewhat empty so he poured some rum in her cup (more than the previous portions) and walked over to the coffee pot. This time he came around Linda’s side of the bar where her leg was leveled with his crotch. His cock straining to get out, he rubbed himself lightly upon her leg as he leaned in to serve her some coffee. He announced with a fake British accent, “More coffee for the Lady,” as he made a big spectacle of pouring the coffee. She looked up at him. She’d never noticed his sparkling, vibrant blue eyes. Then again, she’d never been this close to him. She smiled. She was eating up the attention.

Then Robert asked, “Cream for my Lady?” as he rubbed a little harder against her leg. She hadn’t noticed at first, but this time she did. Her eyes diverted to his cock as Robert asked her if she wanted cream. Robert had her where he wanted her. She was looking down when Robert leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Or does my Lady want my special cream?” She looked up and their lips met. The rum had chased her inhibitions away completely. She was loose and going with the flow.

A voice deep in her was telling her this was wrong, but his tongue in her mouth felt so right, so powerful. He cradled her face in his hands as he kissed her passionately. She was breathless as he broke the kiss and said, “I’ve wanted to do that for oh so long.” Then he descended on her again. This time however she kissed him back wrapping her arms around him pulling him to her. His tight body felt so strong, his taut back his bulging arms. He felt so masculine, unlike her husband. Her husband!! The thought made her pull back. She looked sheepishly at Robert and said, “I can’t do this. I’m married. I love my husband.” Her eyes teared up. “You’re married,” she told him. “We can’t do this!” Her weak attempt to stand up was foiled by Robert’s rough yet tender hands on her face. Again her mood swung, her light-headedness took hold, and she felt submissive to him again.

Robert pursed his lips and comforted her with a soothing “sshhh.” He was controlling her, or perhaps it was the rum that had weakened her defenses, but she sat back down on her stool. Robert kissed her again and her body gave in to his manipulations. She could feel her nipples hardening, her womanhood moistening. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, she wanted to be touched, to be desired, to be taken.

The kiss was broken long enough for Robert to ask Linda, “Do you want me to fuck you? I won’t if you say no.” I’ll let you leave and all will be forgotten, but just know that I want you as much as I know you want me and if you say no you’ll always wonder.” He took a step back giving her room to up and leave if she so chose. She didn’t move a muscle. She looked down, ashamed. She wanted this as much as he did. How had this come to be? Thirty minutes ago she was safely in her house tending to her chores. Chores, Ugh!

After a few seconds of silence he closed the distance between them, kissed her neck, and nibbled on her ear. She shuddered in excitement. He whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to fuck you?” She nodded, unable to speak. He reveled in the knowledge that she belonged to him now. With a little more edge to his voice, he whispered to her, “I want you to tell me and don’t make me repeat myself.” This command sent shivers up and down her spine. She sensed the change in his tone, but she was too far-gone to resist. She looked up at him and noticed there was something different in his eyes as well. Gone was the brightness, replaced with a darkness she couldn’t quite decipher. She swallowed hard and said in a hushed voice, “Robert, please take me…” He shook his head. This wasn’t what he wanted to hear. She corrected herself, “Please fuck me.”

He said, “That’s my girl.” And for the first time she noticed his sinister smile. He stepped back and instructed her to show him her titties putting emphasis on the word ‘titties’. Her husband had never spoken to her in that crude manner, but for some strange reason she felt high on this stinging treatment. She pulled up her light silk camisole exposing her wonderful mommy 38Cs. Her nipples were erect and hard. Robert extended his arm palm up motioning for her to give him her top. She took off her camisole completely and handed it to him. He ordered her to close her eyes and rub her titties. For some reason she couldn’t resist this man. She closed her eyes, moved her hands up started gently kneading her tits.

Unbeknownst to her, Robert had taken his cell phone and was videotaping her playful action. He kept encouraging her, “That’s it, baby. Rub your tits… oh yeah, just like that. Oh baby, you’re such a dirty slut! Oh fuck yes! Pinch your nipples.” She did as she was told. He had just called her a slut; instead of bothering her it made her want to please him more. Robert knew she was now putty in his hands. He kept videotaping the hot mommy action before him.

“Oh fuck baby, you look so fucking nasty and hot playing with your mommy titties. That’s it baby, pull on ’em. I can’t wait to be sucking on those puppies.”

She moaned. He smiled and said, “Oh you fucking little whore, you like the idea of me sucking on your tits, don’tcha?” She couldn’t help but feel aroused by being talked to in this manner. Her desire building up, she played with her tits with more vigor, wanting to please her neighbor. This man, he was a stranger to her and yet she felt a need to please him. Robert kept recording the action before him.

This went on for a few minutes but seemed longer to Linda who sat half naked in Robert’s kitchen playing with her tits. Robert continued to record Linda and talked to her in a demeaning way calling her a slut, a whore and a nasty mommy. He had enough evidence on record and stopped recording. She was going to be his fuck-toy to do with what he wanted and he would use the video if need be to accomplish this. He said, “Okay Bitch, open your eyes and look straight into the camera and beg for my cock.” It took a few seconds for the word ‘camera’ to register with Linda. She opened her eyes and had a glazed, deer in the headlights look to her. She froze when she saw Robert filming her. She swallowed hard and quickly assessed she was being given no choice. She looked into the camera and said, “I want you to please fuck me. I need your cock.” She unknowingly licked her lips and Robert caught all this on tape.

Robert had all that he needed. He stopped the recording and put his cell phone down. He walked over to Linda and kissed her on the lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist whilst remaining in her seat and pressed her bare tits against his chest. He kissed his way to her ear and whispered, “Are you ready to be my whore?” She purred a, “yes”.

He kissed his way down her neck and down to her luscious motherly tits. She took hold of her globes and offered them to him. He smiled. She was going to be a fun fuck. He sucked on one tit, biting lightly causing her to stir and moan. Then he did the same to the other one. He did this for some time alternating them… sucking, nibbling and biting on one while massaging the other with his callous hand.

Linda was in Heaven. His ministrations brought her to an all-new high. She instinctively started gyrating her ass, needing him to fuck her good. Her hands roamed his body, from his back to his ass bringing him to her. And when he bit somewhat harder her hands shot to the back of his head mashing his mouth to her tits, groaning in delight, causing her to explode in a loud orgasm. “Ohhh! Shiit! Yesss!” She held on to Robert as she creamed her silk shorts. Robert loved that she was so vocal as she came. Linda had never climaxed… in her life! This man had made her explode without any form of intercourse. Robert pulled back and smiled down on her, shaking his head in mock amazement and said, “Why you little fucking cunt. I can just tell you’re going to be a great fuck.”

She beamed at his words. She was so proud she’d been paid this compliment. Just then Robert took her by the hand and said, “Come with me slut.” She didn’t quite know where they were going. She could only assume to a more comfortable, fuck-conducive spot. But Robert led her to the front door. Linda was confused; her look told him so. Robert reached for the door handle then turned to her slightly. He told her, “My wife is a lady and I would never disrespect her by fucking a skank in my house. I want you to go home and leave the front door unlocked. I will be over in a few minutes.”

She felt like she’d been punched in the gut. She stood there unsure of what to make of this. He looked at her and with more firmness in his voice said, “You’ll do what I ask because you’re my mommy whore. Now go home and I will be over shortly. Make sure you put clean sheets on your marital bed.”

For a split second Linda thought of telling him to go fuck himself but with the fleeting thought also came the realization that he had videotaped her. She reached out to him expecting him to hand over her camisole. He shook his head. Her eyes widened. He looked at her and said, “You’re a cheap whore. You will walk the short distance to your house with your tits exposed and you will not attempt to cover them. I will keep an eye on you. If you cover them or make any attempt to cover them I will have you come back here, remove your bottoms and you’ll walk back fully naked. Your choice.”

She was caught. She had no choice.

It was about 10:30 in the morning and the neighborhood was still. Robert stood at his door watching Linda trek the short distance between his house and hers. She obediently walked over the lawns fully exposed and very self-conscience. The seconds seemed like hours to her but she finally reached her door. Luckily, it seemed that no one had seen her as her tits bounced with every step, displayed for anyone nearby to see. Her nipples, she noticed, were erect and painfully hard.

Many questions rolled in her head. Why had she allowed herself to be in this predicament? Why had she allowed this man, a near stranger, to take such control over her? How could she keep this from her family? What was Robert planning to do with the video evidence of her indiscretion? She was acutely aware that she’d probably obeyed his orders with or without the blackmailing evidence. She felt alive inside. Her heart was racing, beating a thousand beats a second but she felt excited. She loved the attention.

In just a couple of hours this man had awakened something in her that had lain dormant. She got into her home not knowing what to do with herself. She knew she had to be ready for him, but was she to remain as she was, was he expecting her to dress sexy, be totally naked? Again, the desire to please him overcame her. It was what she was living for at this moment. She opted for something sexy. She wanted to keep him interested in her, desiring her. These were feelings that she had never had with her husband.

Linda walked upstairs to check the bed… the bed, her marital bed. This was the bed she’d shared with her husband and, of course, only her husband, until today. Her husband?!? Today was Wednesday and he typically worked ’til late on Wednesdays. Much to his habit, he’d get home between 9:30 and 10:00 PM, take a shower and go straight to bed. She was invisible to him, non-existent. It’d been like that for quite some time now.

Her husband?!? She’d show him. She’d let this man take her and fuck her in his bed. Tonight when he laid down, he’d sleep in her nastiness. She couldn’t help but smile at the thought. She’d show him. She changed the sheets and bedding making sure the bed was perfect for when she was taken. She’d have until about 6:00 PM before she had to pick up the kids from after school care. The kids?!? Goodness, what would they say if they knew their mom was acting like a cheap whore, rather a slut, whore’s got paid. She was giving herself away for free. For a fleeting second she thought of her 20 year old son, Tony, who was away at college. She dismissed the thought. She couldn’t worry about the kids right now.

She looked in her special drawer and retrieved a very revealing number she’d bought at Frederick’s of Hollywood to seduce her husband… failed plan. Today she’d try it on for her neighbor. The pink and black mesh number left little to the imagination, as a matter of fact, her tits were exposed and the g-string obviously did little to hide her full, round ass.

When she heard the doorbell, Linda hurried downstairs dressed in her sexy, slutty outfit. Without a second thought, she opened the door and there was Robert. He didn’t know what to expect, but he hardly expected her to be dressed to kill. His dick got hard instantly. He smiled and shook his head telling her she looked like a streetwalker ready to make a buck. She took that as a compliment and thanked him. He stepped inside, hugged her and kissed her. She took him with open arms. He’d struck gold with this hot housewife. She was his to do with whatever he wanted.

He slapped her ass and he wasn’t gentle either. She yelped into his mouth and kissed him harder. He smacked her ass again and again and with each smack she melded into his arms more tightly.

This was her weakness, Robert thought. She loves being submissive and manhandled. Robert took her tit in his hand and wasn’t gentle in his kneading. He took her nipple in his thumb and forefinger and pinched and twisted it, causing her to whimper. He pinched and pulled on her nipple and she reacted so animatedly to this treatment. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard. He sank his teeth into it. She moaned and held his face to her nipple encouraging him and begging him to suck her tit. He sucked and bit on her nipple while continuing his assault on her ass. She was in a blissful state of excitement. She gyrated her hips grinding her crotch to his.

He pulled back, moved his mouth to her ear and in a sex-filled whisper ordered her to tell him what she wanted. She begged him to fuck her in her marital bed, to make her his and to make her cum hard so that her husband could sleep atop the sticky mess they created. She continued by telling him that she loved how he made her feel, so degraded and submissive to his wants, needs and desires. Telling him she enjoyed the way he manhandled her, how he spanked her and tortured her titties. She needed that. She desired that, exclaiming that she wanted to be his two-bit, nasty whore, to please him and do for him in her bedroom what his wife couldn’t or wouldn’t do in theirs.

Although Robert had never set foot in this house prior to today, he knew that like all cookie-cutter houses in the burbs, the bedrooms were upstairs. So he took her by the hand and headed on upstairs. She directed him to the master bedroom. It was beautifully decorated and spotless. And in the center of the room was a massive, four-poster king-sized bed. Robert sat at the edge of the bed and directed her to lay on his lap. He told her she was indeed a cheap, classless mommy whore who needed to be punished for bringing strange men to her bedroom to please.

With that he started his assault on her round, robust ass. Her ass cheeks were on fire as his hands came down on them time and time again. She didn’t budge. She only whimpered with each spanking. He was surprised she could take the abuse. Robert didn’t stop until her ass was red and welted. His handprints clearly marked on both her cheeks. He instructed Linda to get up and got her to kneel on the edge of the bed with her red ass in the air. Her head resting on her hands. He got behind her, pulled her G-string aside and for the first time saw his NILF’s little brown eye and her swollen pussy lips. She looked ravishing, so fucking sexy as she kept that beautiful ass stuck in the air. She spread her legs in anticipation for him to enter her, however, he had other plans.

Robert couldn’t wait to taste Linda’s hidden treasures. He grabbed her ass cheeks, one in each hand, and spread them open exposing her asshole and mommy fuck hole even further. Her pussy glistening with mommy juice in anticipation. Robert couldn’t resist kissing and licking her pussy. His nose in her ass made her feel so cheap and dirty making her moan in delight. The idea that her neighbor who she’d only waved ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to, with whom she never really held a real conversation, presently had his face buried in her ass made her feel not like a respectable housewife but like a wanton whore; and with that thought she swayed her hips allowing him the pleasure of her womanly treasures.

Robert couldn’t believe his luck. He’d lusted after his neighbor for weeks always assuming she was a firecracker in bed but this was beyond his wildest expectations. He licked her mommy juices and relished the sweet taste whilst taking in the musky smell of her sweet brown hole. He’d enjoy her body every which way. He took her nub in his mouth and lightly sucked on it causing her to jump. He held her ass cheeks lasciviously spread open so he could enjoy her at his will. He alternated sucking on her clit, licking up and down her labia and probing her fuck-hole with his tongue making her squeal with excitement.

He occasionally smacked her ass heightening her pleasurable experience. Her head rested on her hands, her eyes closed enjoying giving herself to him. He was so hungry for her, causing her to become very wet with excitement and his smacking her behind heightened the delicious feeling between her legs, losing herself in a lust-filled fog. Robert enjoyed hearing her moan and whimper knowing he was giving her something she so desperately needed. Her cunt was a treat but he wanted to explore something he was sure got very little play, her asshole.

His assumption was spot on. Linda never opened herself up to ass play with her husband and he didn’t push. But Robert wasn’t asking. She was his for the taking and he was going to stake his claim. His upward tongue movement brought Linda back to reality and panic set in. He noticed the change in her demeanor and smacked her hard as a warning. It wasn’t lost in Linda either. She did her best to relax. Robert’s tongue reached his target all too quickly. Linda didn’t have a prayer. He took his time enjoying the virgin territory. Linda didn’t know how to react. She wanted to close her legs, to tell him to stop but she knew better. She spread her hands out grabbing hold of the bed sheet. She thought that she had to stop his attack on her bunghole. She felt so dirty and nasty, unladylike. But the feeling was surprisingly intoxicating. It felt wickedly fabulous. Every nerve on her asshole was on fire.

Robert could feel her body relaxing enjoying the sensations. Her body was betraying her and he knew it. She was opening up to him both figuratively and literally. He could hear her soft cries and whimpers. He ran his rough hands all over her ass and back waking up every awesome sensation in her body. She could feel her body tingle with excitement. This unnatural act was making her feel alive. Without realizing it she was pressing her ass back to meet Robert’s tongue. She loved the unfamiliar feeling. She wanted more. Robert took his cue and snaked his tongue into her hole making her moan. She reached down below and started rubbing herself taking her engorged nub in her fingers and rubbing it. She alternated between rubbing and inserting one then two fingers deep in her mommy hole. She was on fire.

Robert intensified his attack on her tight asshole… licking, blowing, biting the inside of her cheeks. And then he felt her tense up. The groan was hearty and then she started crying out that she was cumming. And at that exact moment Robert inserted a finger in her ass causing her to cry out even louder. Her hole welcomed his finger, sucked it in. She was flying high voicing her delight and begging for more. She’d never felt this great before.

She was now ready and so was Robert. He unzipped his pants and unbuttoned his shirt and soon he was naked. His cock was hard. Linda had no idea what she was getting. Robert had a nice sized tool. Flaccid his meat was a good 3 to 4 inches and at full mast he was past 9 inches with a thickness to it. She’d never had something this big and she was in for a treat.

He pushed forward and her fuck-hole was very receptive, but he was going to make her want him. He gave her two inches and already she was panting, begging for more. He pulled out and she felt empty. She reached back and opened her ass cheeks wider. She was a horny woman who only cared about getting fucked. He smiled. She was his for the taking. He aimed his cock at her entrance again and again pushed in hanging on to her ass so as to not allow her to push back impaling herself fully. She tried. He stopped her. He again fed her a couple of inches.

“Oh fuck Robert, please fuck me! I need your cock. I want your cock deep in my pussy.” Her desperate pleads were music to his ears. He again pulled out this time replacing his cock with his thick index finger getting it lubed with her mommy juices. She moaned. He kept ramming his finger into her cunt making sure it was good and wet. He had a pleasant surprise in store for her. Satisfied his finger was ready he removed it. She was still holding her ass cheeks opened. He lined up his cock to her mommy-hole one more time simultaneously letting a good amount of spit land on her asshole and before she knew what hit her he rammed his cock deep in her pussy while also ramming his index finger into her ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!” She howled.

“You were begging for it Bitch,” Robert hissed in a hot state of arousal.

“Oh yes, please don’t move. My cunt feels so full! Oh fuck! Oh shit, oh shit your finger feels wicked in my ass. Wicked and so fantastic! Robert didn’t mind her. He started rocking his hips back and forth fucking her slowly at first while also fingering her ass. The sensation of experiencing a thick cock in her cunt while getting her ass fingered was pushing Linda over the edge again.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh baby, give me your thick cock.”

She was a firecracker. Robert couldn’t believe his luck. She’d always acted so proper and shy and yet here she was begging to get fucked. Robert removed his finger from her ass and grabbed her by the hair pulling her head back. He put his finger to her lips prying her mouth open. He was going to test the waters and see how low she’d go. He didn’t have to wait long. Linda opened her mouth and took in his finger tasting her musky ass on him. The smell was like a drug to her. She sucked and nibbled on his finger.

As crazy as things had gotten, Linda had a lucid moment where she knew Robert couldn’t come in her because she was ovulating.

“Please don’t cum in me. Ah, ah, ah…. please. I’m ovulaaaaaaaa… oh fuck! Oh fuck!!!! You’ll get me pregnant. Please pull ouuuuuuuuu…”

Robert plunged deeper into her. He was going to show her who was Boss. He grabbed her by her waist and fucked her hard and rough. He could hear her tits banging against each other and her moans drove him wild and spurred him on. He pumped into her.

“You are a fucking whore. You cheap slut. You will learn to not give me orders.” He commanded as he slapped her hard on her ass. Linda adored being manhandled. She grunted an, “okay” and a meek, “sorry” and gave in to her new role as her neighbor’s bitch. Robert was on the brink of cumming. He picked up his pace even more, fucked her hard and deep until finally with a big grunt and big push up deep in Linda’s pussy, he fired his baby batter into her, coating her fuck hole, shooting spurts and spurts of hot cum deep in her cervix. She just knew he’d knocked her up. Robert didn’t give a shit.

Linda was exhausted. She fell forward. Fully fucked. Fully satisfied. Robert smacked her ass and laid down next to her face down smearing his cum-covered cock all over Linda’s marital bed. He purposely rubbed his cock clean on the duvet covers. She looked up and saw a very satisfied man on her bed. She couldn’t help but smile. He was a very handsome man. She’d never taken the time to give him a second thought out of respect for her marriage. He opened his eyes and saw her staring at him. He smiled. She did, too.

Neighbor, you sure are a hot piece of ass. You’re no longer a NILF. You’ve been promoted to NIF.”

Linda looked perplexed. She didn’t understand the acronyms. He explained what NILF meant, and now that he’d fucked her she was now a Neighbor I Fucked.

They spent the rest of the afternoon bringing each other lots of pleasure and talking about their lives and spouses. He found out that this incident aside Linda was a very loyal and true wife, but also a very neglected wife. Robert had coerced her into playing. She would have never done this on her own. Linda found out Robert was a dominant bull. He loved his wife, had no plans to leave her, but had lusted for her for quite some time. And she quickly came to the realization that she now belonged to him… in mind, body and spirit. She knew she could fall in love with this man. Robert knew Linda would be the one to make all of his dirty, lustful sexual desires come true. She had no idea what humiliation she was in for. They agreed it was in both their interests to keep this side action a secret. Luckily for them both, they had lots of ‘play time’ during the day with both their spouses working. This was the start of something HOT… and that is an understatement!

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