A sweet loving wife is seduced by her neighbor

Robert had his eye on a NILF, yes that’s right, a NILFNeighbor I’d like to Fuck. Linda was a striking, 42 year old stay-at-home housewife, mommy of three with a husband who was married to his job. Because Robert worked from home it didn’t take but a couple of months to learn her weekly routine. For instance, he was quick to recognize that Linda spent a few evenings a week working out. Robert began making sure that he was doing yard work on the nights when she’d walk around the neighborhood as part of her exercise regime. He fantasized about the day when he would have a shot of her tight, round ass.

Linda was always neighborly, waving a friendly “Hello” or “Goodbye” whenever she saw Robert working in the yard. She didn’t seem flirtatious, just courteous. Robert also concluded that Wednesdays were her “in home” chore days, and also the day of the week that Linda’s husband, Tony, started his day late taking over morning kid duty and getting home late in the evening, between 9:30-10 PM. Furthermore, Robert noted that on this particular weekday Linda picked up the kiddos between 6-6:30 PM. If all went according to the normal schedule, next Wednesday he’d have his shot at Linda.


Linda was a gorgeous woman with striking features, angelic face, ample-sized 38C tits, a round shapely ass and long legs. Like most women her age Linda was extremely conscientious of her body, especially after three pregnancies. She continuously strove to keep herself in good shape. She’d made mental comparisons between herself and other moms but she was too modest to admit that the other moms didn’t hold a candle to her. She worked hard to keep a flat tummy and a tight butt. She had curves in all the right places. She was whom many younger guys would consider a MILF or cougar. To top it off she had a beautiful personality. She was caring, courteous, trusting and friendly.

Wednesday morning rolled around and Linda took to cleaning house. Being that she wasn’t expecting anyone to visit she didn’t bother changing her silk pajamas. The shorts were somewhat revealing and she didn’t bother with a bra beneath the loose top. Just as she got started dusting in the living room her doorbell rang and she ignored it hoping whomever was at the door would just go away. But the doorbell rang persistently so Linda looked through the peephole and saw it was her neighbor, Robert. She opened the door hiding behind it to avoid being seen in her flimsy state of dress.

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“Morning neighbor,” said Robert brightly. Without waiting for a reply from Linda he continued, “Listen, my car won’t start. I’m wondering if I could borrow some cream from you. Haven’t had my coffee fix yet.”

“Sure I have some half-and-half I can spare, just one moment.” Without thinking to close the door Linda turned and headed to the kitchen. She came back with a cup half full of cream and handed it to Robert.

Robert thanked her and then said, “Hey listen, you look like you could use some coffee, come have a cup with me.” He could see that Linda was hesitant but he persisted, “Come on, I’m not taking no for an answer; after all it’s your cream that’s gonna make my coffee taste good. Come on, just one cup.”

Linda was caught quite off guard, she wasn’t dressed appropriately and she hardly knew her neighbor. He and his new wife had moved into the house next door only recently. Linda stood there not knowing what to do or say. She started to refuse the invitation, “Thanks, but I’m not dressed properly…”

Robert cut her off… “Oh come on. You just have to walk a few steps, it’s not like you’re parading yourself all over town. Come on!” He turned and started walking away not expecting but hoping for her to follow. Linda didn’t want to seem ungrateful or not neighborly; somewhat confused and not knowing why, she followed Robert. He looked back and smiled when he saw that Linda was a few steps behind, scantily clad. Robert welcomed Linda into his home and they walked over to his kitchen. He grabbed a couple of cups and handed one to Linda urging her to make herself at home. He wanted to see her move about while he eyed her body.

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Robert could hear Linda talking but he paid little attention to what she said; her body was such a distraction. How lucky was he that she opted for no bra this morning. His cock was rock solid. He wanted to fuck her. He was picturing himself between her mommy legs and he could hear her begging for more, “Fuck me Robert. Oh yes, Robert, Robert, Robert!” Linda noticed he was in a trance and she was calling out to him. Robert snapped back and apologized. He told her he was momentarily distracted and his gaze went straight to her bra-less tits. The material of her pajama top was thin and her nipples were discernible. She caught his gaze and felt uneasy.

Robert suggested that they sit at the breakfast bar rather than the kitchen table and Linda seated herself on one tall stool. Robert sat across the bar from her. She quickly drank her coffee and started to excuse herself. He had to think of something quickly. Just then the phone rang. Linda was going to take this opportunity to head out but Robert told the caller to hang on, put his hand over the receiver, and mouthed to Linda to please wait a moment. Linda couldn’t be rude, so she nodded okay.

Robert took the conversation to the living room and a few minutes later he came back to the kitchen and apologized profusely to Linda and pleaded with her not to leave yet. In his hand was a bottle of rum. He held it up and said, “A little rum in our coffee will make everything better and I’m not taking no for an answer.” He poured each of them another cup of coffee.

Twenty minutes and two cups of rum-laced coffee later, the two neighbors were in stitches. Robert was being very animated and Linda enjoyed the attention. Lately her life had become somewhat monotonous; her kids took up most of her time and her only social contacts were mothers of her kids’ friends, most of them exceedingly boring. She felt much like a chauffeur rather than a mom and wife. Her husband treated her more like a maid than a wife and their sex life, well… what sex life? He hadn’t touched her in months. Quite frankly she liked it that way since he was such a slob; yet she missed the intimacy of sex.

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Linda’s head was spinning from the two portions of rum. She knew that she should go home and resume her housework but she was enjoying the company of her neighbor. Her normal inhibitions were being impaired by the liquor and conversation. She couldn’t recall the last time that she had a conversation with a male other than her spouse.

Robert sensed that Linda was starving for attention and she would soon be begging him to fuck her. He just knew it. He saw Linda’s cup was somewhat empty so he poured some rum in her cup (more than the previous portions) and walked over to the coffee pot. This time he came around Linda’s side of the bar where her leg was leveled with his crotch. His cock straining to get out, he rubbed himself lightly upon her leg as he leaned in to serve her some coffee. He announced with a fake British accent, “More coffee for the Lady,” as he made a big spectacle of pouring the coffee. She looked up at him. She’d never noticed his sparkling, vibrant blue eyes. Then again, she’d never been this close to him. She smiled. She was eating up the attention.

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