The Saviour

Hello all… This is my first Real life sex story happened in Bangalore.
Continuation of the first part will be done depending on the readers encouragements.

I was staying with my mother in a 2 floor house. One day some police officer and family accommodated the ground floor. My mom said me about them. They came and met her. One son and daughter for that police officer and wife. Son just started working in a software company. Daughter (The Heroine) tenth failed and doing some computer courses.


One day, while coming back from office I saw her mother washing clothes and she is helping her. Her mother introduced herself. I spoke little and went up to my house. While going I looked at that girl. I was flat… So hot… God… Not so gorgeous but tooooo sexy. Huge well shaped boobs, fleshy lips, thick thighs. She was wearing a Black T-shirt and grey pants. She gave me a smile. To be frank my sick got erected that moment. Even now, when imagining that I am getting that feeling. Uh…

I saw my mom speaking to them to them many time but I didn’t interfere. But I wanted to get in touch with her. I was little scared thinking about her father.

One day… God was in my side.
It was Sunday afternoon. I woke up from sleep listening to too much of shouting. I went out to check what it is. Issue was between police officer and other building neighbor.

Issue is, Her father and brother one guy who was peeping into bathroom when the girl was taking per her brother it’s a routine practice it seems. My mind was saying make a move and impress her. But my mom was stopping me. Fighting continued for sometime and at last she said go and support them as the entire locals were against girl family. I went and interfered in the issue. Somehow that got resolved with the help of a leader of that area.

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While coming up stairs she came to me saying thanks. I said its OK. Gave my number to her asking reach me for help in case If something happens. She said OK. Night she messaged many times saying same thing. I said its OK. She said she was wishing to talk to me but presence of her mom stopped her it seems. Then she used to message me everyday. When I get out to go office she will message you looks so handsome etc etc…

One day she asked do you have girlfriend. I said no. Actually I was not having. Then she said she wanted a guy like me. I said oh God… Don’t say like that. I am loosing myself. Anyone will fall for you so why me. That conversation continued in much more deeper way…

Do you want me to continue with the really spicy experience of mine?

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