Enjoyed sex inside car

It’s a cloudy as well as hot weather, Rima is in her home as maid is doing her household works.while taking breakfast ,I am watching t.v as my mobile started ringing and I received the call………

“Hi Rashid ,how are you?
(Rashid) fine but we have not met for several days
(Rima)sure have you called me earlier on?you have lust for my physical love only
(Rashid)no not true ,if you are ready ,I will come and will do different things other than sex
(Rima)why not?after an hour I will be ready.”


As I left dinning space and walked inside my bedroom,took out a yellow coloured knee length stretchable mini dress,it will cover my sexy body from neck to thighs as I feel free in this dress and it’s suitable for hot weather.now I walked out of my room as I can see maid putting clean utensils on place and than she left my home as I locked the door from inside.now I am in my bedroom as I removed my gawn and walked inside washroom in my black brassiere as well as panty only.for last 3-4 days ,our sexual activities are on hold as I have been in menustral cycle period and here vaginal discharge dominates sexual acts but it’s my feelings that after that period,vagina become much more horny and get lot of itching inside it.so my sex partner Rashid ,who met me in a Shopping mall 2-3 months ago ,like a stranger we both have enjoyed physical love and than our sexual organs started complementing each other.so I am in washroom as I removed my undergarments and opened the cascade ,sitting on my legs ,I started having bath,my body become wet as I put cascade on hold and took a bottle of body gel ,put gels in my palm and started using it on my neck to sexy boobs ,upto my waist and than it’s on my back side also as I am massaging my body with gels,my sexy body is glittering like a diamond.now I put gels on my thighs to legs and lastly on my vagina,it have little hairs on it as I started moving my palm on fleshy vagina,it’s labias are well distracted.Rima is a 26 years married lady , whiteish complexion with height of 5’6 feet as lovely boobs have grown bigger in last 2-3 years,my sexy ass is round with its hole like a small dark brown area ,my thighs are strong and smooth .now my body is covered in gels as I opened the cascade and started having bath,lastly my body have been washed as I rubbed towel on my wet body.now walked out of washroom ,standing infront of large mirror nudely,I am looking at my sexy body as my boobs have become large ,it’s aerola is browenish .now put a white G string on my waist as I put brassiere on my boobs,it’s 34C size and now put knee length stretchable dress on my body.its a deep necked dress as my clevage can be seen easily and my half of thighs are nude,so it’s 10:35am as I took my mobile and called Rashid………

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“hi baby ! Are you ready
(Rima)yes but my hubby Ankit is here,in his office ,so 2-3 hours will be safe for me ,no long day meet.”later on ,Rashid is waiting near appartment’s gate as he called me and I locked my flat as I walked fastly towards gate.now ,I can see his long sonata car parked near roadside as I moved to him and he opened the door.

I am sitting near him as my legs are crossed and he drove the car as his eyes are on my sexy thighs to legs,it’s my dress not covering upto thighs also as it’s looks better on my body.my eyes are going frequently on his bulge of penis as I thought that sexual activities should be put on hold as I have asked him not to do so.let me see ,if he starts the romance and as car is moving towards busy market area ,I am not sure where we are going to have little fun.so he parked car near a shopping mall at indirapuram as we both got of it and Rashid holds my wrist as we both are walking like a married couple.so as we both entered mall ,he took me to a lingerie store as I am bit shy in going inside,but moved inside as he asked……..

“Rima, chose some sexy brassiere and panty
(Looking at him)ok but will you put it on my body or I have to put and you will remove it
(Rashid)as you wish .”

And I bought a nice green set of undergarments as brassiere is bit transparent and it’s panty is well sized ,so we both left the store as he took me to a coffee shop and both sits there as he ordered for it,looking at him,I asked. …….

“Rashid I think you are too serious on my statement
(Rashid)no never ,it’s my way to make you energetic and than to waste it .”and I bowed my head in shame but he said……..”have coffee and than enjoy some nice time as we have not done it for couple of weeks.”

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And it’s 11:35 afternoon as we both are inside car and he drove his car towards outer indirapuram.now as darks have prevailed ,clouds are hovering in sky ,he stopped his car in a large deserted field.now he opened the door of car as we both moved to backseat in car,he locked the door as he switched on the A/C ,now we both are close as Rashid hold me in his arms and like a hot lady,I am in his arms.as my boobs are brushing on his chest he put his hand under my ass and than he took me on his lap.now while facing eachother,I put my arms on his shoulder as my dress have moved upto my waist ,my sexy ass hot his hard palm to touch and we started kissing eachother’s face as well as neck.our body are becoming hot as car inners is cool and than Rashid hold my neck as he put his lips on my lips,kissing it hardly and I took his lips in my mouth to suck .like a dominant lady,I started chewing his lip for a while but Rashid than pushed his long tongue in my mouth.while sucking my lover’s tongue ,I am feeling horny as my eyes are closed and he is moving his hand on my sexy ass, slowly he hold its strings as he removed my G string .now hole is open for him as he slowly put his long finger inside and I sucked his tongue for a while ,as he is fingering my vagina fastly.now I put my lips on his face as kissing it frequently,Rashid is pressing my left boobs hardly and I left his lap .now while sitting on seat,I hold his buckles as I started removing his jeans,later on , our lower parts are nude.His long thick cock is in my palm as his hand is rubbing my thighs and I took a bold move while sitting on his legs.now my face is near his cock as I put it’s glans on my nose,smelt it hard and opened my mouth to swallow it,while putting my mouth close,I am sucking his penis hard with my head still.His cock is getting harder in my mouth as I started moving my head,giving his penis s nice jerk,I put my one hand on my vagina and started fingering its hole fastly .

Rashid’s cock is inside my mouth as he is screaming”oohh aahh suck it you bitch”and he hold my hairs as he started fucking my mouth fast while giving my mouth a nice push of his cock from below,it’s his glans hitting my throat and as I got taste of precum,I took out his penis and than started licking it with my long tongue .Rashid is too hot as well as horny as he hold my arms and make me sit on seat but it’s my horny vagina that made me a bitch on seat as my dress is on waist,Rashid hold its laces and took it out from my body, brassiere is covering my boobs as it’s useless on it ,so I removed it and Rashid while sitting on my back , stretched my legs as he started licking my cunt and I am shouting”oohh yuun uuimm Rashid fuck me ,I am dying for your cock “and he pushed his finger inside as he is licking my cunt also,it’s flexibility is at maximum as tongue is rolling inside with finger moving fast.so feeling like a dirty whore with my lover,I looked back and he knelt infront of my sexy buttocks as he put his glans inside my cunt,so his cock is going inside hot cunt as I am pushing my ass back and Rashid have hold my waist hard ,as 1/2 of cock moved inside ,he fucked me hard as I put my teeth on lips ,so he fucked again and than I screamed louder”oohh it’s a hot tool ,harder than my hubby”and he is fucking my vagina fastly,all happening inside his sonata car as I started moving my ass fast and he is holding my saggy boobs to massage and our sexual organs are hot as I am screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh fuck fuck fuck me hard you dog”and his cock is hitting my deeper cunt as vaginal cum starts dripping ,he took out his cock and started licking my vaginal juice ,so hot he is ,he is great licker of cunt and than his fuck starts again as my wet pussy is enjoying his penis ,he is screaming and we both are dying for cum as my horny vagina become hot ,after 6-7 minutes of deep fuck ,he shouted”oohh yes have my cum “and my glory hole is full of cum as I took his cock in my mouth to suck and tastes it’s cum .our meets ends soon but it’s pleasurable as well as romantic.

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