How I cheated my hubby?

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Hi everyone,
It’s a nice evening as my hubby Ankit is back from a short trip,now both are sitting in balcony with cup of coffee as he is eyeing my sexy body.Rima is a 27 years married lady with height of 5’5 feet,white complexion and figure is attractive of 34-26-36 ,as my lovely boobs are like big tennis ball ,it’s long browenish aerola is sexy ,both thighs are smooth as vaginal parts are clean shaved ,it’s reddish with labias well distracted and sexy round dome shaped ass is I sits with my hubby Ankit for a while,he is too exhausted and I have made a secret plan with a strong guy Rashid.He will be in my home at 11:00 night,our plan become risky as Ankit came back home a day prior to his my hubby walked inside washroom as I took my mobile and called Rashid……….

“Hi Rashid
(Rashid)Hi rima,don’t worry I will be on time
(Rima)oh Rashid,my hubby have arrived ,so leave this plan otherwise we will be caught
(Rashid)no way ,we both will enjoy in presence of him baby ,let me think what I have to do?,call you back.”

And I put my mobile as I walked inside kitchen to prepare meals for us,later on I moved to Ankit as he is lying on bed…….”darling I will have meal soon and will sleep,feeling too exhausted.” And I moved to kitchen in joy as I got idea how to make our night hot and sexually pleasurable.In hurry ,I cooked vegetables and chapati for us as it’s 08:45 pm as I shouted…….

“Ankit come on ,dinner is ready.” And he came there ,sitting on dinning chair ,he started having meals as I got idea and I walked towards my bedroom as I took out a sleeping pill from my purse, walked back inside kitchen and now put milk in a glass,it’s hot as I mixed the pill in milk and started thinking about secret sexual affairs my hubby Ankit is on bed as he took glass of milk and have it,now I sit there…….

“ok Ankit take rest ,I will be back after an hour
(Ankit)sure , waiting for you .” And I moved away , towards balcony as I called Rashid……..”Hi Rashid
(Rashid)oh I have got an idea
(Rima)don’t waste your time and come here till 10:00 pm ,I have given him milk with sleeping pill
(Rashid)really you are so sweet.”

And I put my mobile as I walked inside my bedroom,now took out a contrast lace robe thongs from wardrobe as I know it’s hottest for me and sexy boobs and vagina are just covered but your sexy body looks I can see my hubby Ankit sleeping as I moved inside washroom and removed my skirt and tops ,sitting under cascade nudely ,water is flowing on my body as I started putting gels on my sexy boobs to tummy,waist ,thighs and vagina.later on I rubbed my body covered with gels and than have my bath ,as I rubbed my wet body with towel and now walked inside bedroom I put contrast lace robe thongs on my body as I am standing infront of a large mirror,looking like a hot blonde,I combed my hair as I put ribbon on I walked towards dinning space,my dress is just covering my sexual organs partially as my sexy thighs and legs are nude ,now I am sitting in dinning space as I took my mobile to call Rashid,called him as he is driving car ,coming to meet me after sometime.

I walked again towards my bedroom as I can see Ankit sleeping ,let him sleep and I am in other changed the blanket and came back to dinning space, waiting for Rashid ,a 28-29 years smart guy with tall figure of 6’0 feet and wide chest ,fair complexion with long tool.we met like a stranger in a shopping mall and than our relationship evolved as we both are now enjoying physical love without any my mobile started ringing ,I received the call and he…….

“waiting infront of your door.”

As I walked towards door and opened it,he came inside with a small bag as both are in dinning space,now I walked towards my bedroom as I closed the door and now while standing infront of Rashid,I am eyeing his bulge on jeans.rashid is smiling on me as his eyes are on my sexy thighs to vaginal parts,nothing to cover in this dress as he hold my waist and took me on his thigh.while sitting on his thigh,I put my arms in his shoulder and kissed his face as he is rubbing my bare back,now our acts are rising as he put his lips on my lips and like a sexy lady,I opened my mouth and took out my tongue to lick his lips as he took it in his mouth.He started sucking my tongue as my breast is on his chest and he is sucking hard my tongue as his hand is moving on my back,feeling horny ,my hand moved on his bulge as I pushed his head my lips are loving his neck to face as I can feel his hand on my sexy bum,now started unbuttoning his shirt and lastly,Rashid is in his vest and undies I walked towards kitchen and came back with glasses,now sitting near Rashid as he took out bottle of beer and started pouring it in glasses.we both started drinking as his hand is on my thigh,rubbing it with his palm while it’s moving toward my vagina,as I finished my drink,I pulled his undies and got his long and thick cock to love.rashid removed my dress as it’s brassiere as well as thongs and panty are in single lock,it’s out of my sexy like a hungry lady,I sits on my legs and started kissing his penis from base to shaft as it’s skin is removed,it’s soft long glans is provoking me to reddish glans is on my nose as I smelt it hard and Rashid is pressing my boobs hard as I opened my mouth and took his penis inside,now sucking it with my head still,he is screaming in joy”aahh uuhh Rima now move your face baby” and I started swinging my face fast as I am giving a nice blowjob to my lover Rashid’s hubby Ankit is sleeping in bedroom as we both are loving eachother,his penis is getting harder in my mouth and I took it out,now tongue is licking its base to shaft as Rashid hand have grabbed my breast hard and he is massaging vagina is getting horny and than I sit on sofa with my legs stretched,Rashid is a nice licker as he loves glory hole for a longer span of his face is inbetween my thighs and he is smelling my vaginal’s natural odour ,as his lips are loving its labias ,I put my hand on his hairs,just moving on it and now he opened the hole of my vagina as his tongue started licking my vagina.I love my cunt to be licked as I am screaming in pleasure

“oohh aahh lick it fast you dog oohh” and his long tongue is moving fast in my deep my body is in sensation as my legs are shivering but Rashid have hold my thighs tightly and he is fucking my flexible I am going to cum soon but I want to give Rashid a surprise while remaining voiceless for a while and than my vagina cummed and he took in his mouth to he tasted my cum with his tongue ,I am ready for a nice fuck session but a lady can’t buy time while stretching their legs and it’s on guys penis when it will ejaculate?,more fuck is satisfactory but if guy fucks for more than 15 minutes than I feel less Rashid walked to Washroom as I followed him and we both urinated as after having refreshment ,we both are inside bedroom.

I slept on bed like a queen waiting for king’s penis inside vagina,Rashid sits on his knees as he hold his penis ,put it’s glans on my vagina,now rubbing on it and slowly it’s vanished in my cunt.He is slow in pushing his long erected cock as I can feel his hard cock inside wet cunt and than he fucked hard as I shouted”oohh Rashid,it’s not your mother’s hole be slow in fucking me” as he smiled and fucking my vagina with speed and power.while his penis is giving my vagina hard and fast frictions,I hold my breast to massage and Rashid is giving me a hard fuck as my hubby Ankit is sleeping after having sleeping pill in his milk ,I cheated him nicely and now I started screaming

“oohh aahh Rashid ,fuck me hard ,it’s a burning hole
(Rashid)baby I will fuck you for half an hour now.” And I thought it as a joke but as time is passing ,my vagina is horny for cum but Rashid slept on my top.while holding him tightly ,I started bouncing my sexy ass up and down as it’s enhancing our fuck pleasure and it’s 15-16 minutes as I am getting boobs are brushing on his chest as he is kissing my lips and my vagina have become a hot boiler as I am

“uuhh aahh Rashid fuck fuck me till you want,never get laid for so long aahh”

as we both are sweating inside bedroom ,my legs are in pain as my vagina is feeling lot of frictions ,it’s smooth path have been rammed with a hard tool and as 20 minutes of deep penetration happened ,he shouted”oohh aahh you sexy bounce your butt ,I will cum soon ” and his cock poured cum in my vagina as he took it out and started masturbating it while sitting on my mouth and I opened my mouth as I got sperms inside,lips ,face ,boobs are covered with white thick gels…….as we both are too tired ,we slept on bed like a hot couple.

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