Neighbor’s lust consequences part -1

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Hello guys, here i will be telling u guys a fucking fantasy that happened between me & my neighbor. I wake up early in the morning at 6 & goes to terrace everyday for watching her. She practices yoga everyday on her terrace. We have houses cling to each other their is no gap between our terrace as well one can jump into each others terrace easily. Her name is khushi, she is 25 & married since 3 years to a guy who works in Dubai, she lives here with her mother in-law. Her husband visit once in a year.

whenever she practices yoga i admire her secretly, her boobs, her buttocks, her milky pure white tone figure catches my attraction everyday, her hips are curvy, she wears push ups bra & shorts while doing yoga. I am lucky enough that i am only one that get chance to sew her.
I always read various incest stories & sex related books from that i have learnt that a married woman needs sexual intercourse at least 5 times a month, this always reminds me of herself & arise various question in me that how can she live without having sex ? Or is she having a affair with any guy outside ? But she never goes out & no one visit her house, but she is friendly to my mom& visit once a week for gossip. I helped her several time in the work which is hard for her to perform.

So one day after her yoga practice she left her terrace door opened. I took a chance & slowly walked in her house to see what is she doing. As i visited her house several times i knew her mother in-law room & she cannot see properly due to her age. So i went to khushi room, i thought she must be down for breakfast. But no, guess what she was in her washroom. Some weird sound was coming from her washroom. I went near to see. Glass panels door was there. The washroom has no walls only glass panels. I was able to see roughly but i heard her noise clearly. She is moaning,”ohhhhhhhh, fuck hard baby yeaahhhhh fuck me, aaaahhhhhhhh, fuck,uuummmmmhhhhh fuck baby.
I do not see any guy, i thought she must have put a dildo for her lust. She suddenly stopped & i ran from there so that she couldn’t see me.
I was eager to see her nude. So after a while i again went in her house & was near to her room door then i again heard her moaning i looked from gap as door was opened. I was shocked to see that she has put a vibrator in her pussy& lying on bed nude . I was able to see her pink flower like pussy which has fleshy parts around. Her pussy was shaved. I couldn’t able to see boobs as she was lying. But i came to my room & was in mood to masturbate by reminding her but stopped this even boost me, Now i was eager mood to fuck her, & i saw her putting a vibrator means she also needs sex. I am 20 , weight 65 , height 5’9″.

Many times i visited her house for her help as there is no men in her house so she calls me. I saw lust in her eyes for me whenever i go to help her , but as her mother in law is always around us, she must have hesitated to express her feeling.

But then on next day my mom& dad were leaving for my cousins wedding for 3 days just then khushi came in our house, she said don’t worry about your meal i will take care of it . my mom asked me if i was ready for that I was so delighted to hear this & i said yes no problem mom.
It was 9 in the night & she call me on our landline, “dinner is ready you may come, & hey please come from terrace door ha , i have kept it open.”
I was shocked to hear this,many feelings were started running in my mind. But then i did the same. I slowly walked form terrace door. She was waiting for me near her room .

She said,”u want to eat dinner in kitchen or in my room.”
I was feeling shy so i couldn’t utter a single word.
She said,” don’t be so shy ,u sit in my room i will serve u there .”
After 5mins she came with 2 plates we sat on table facing each other & talking with each other, i was feeling nervous that time.
Suddenly,i asked her,” Dadi(her mother in-law) is not looking anywhere.
She said,” She slept early today.”
Our dinner was over , she asked me to stay for a while with her.
I was so delighted that we both were alone upstairs now, the only thing was from where to start .
So i asked her,” You must be feeling alone as ur husband comes once a year.
She said,” Yes i feel so lonely entire day, but i managed, my time by reading books.

We both were sitting on her bed near each other. I was cracking a joke for her, whenever i crack a joke she was touching my legs & slowly comes near to me. Finally a delivered a incest joke, she came&started kissing me on my lips. I am virgin guy &didn’t knew what to do in that situation but i watch porn movies so was trying to make moves with her. I got chill as my idea works.
I was feeling thrill as we both were kissing madly. Her pink wet lips was so firm. We kissed madly for 15 mins. I went on to locked door so that our noise cant reach downstairs. I went to her & again started kissing her, while kissing we removed each others t-shirt, she was wearing red bra, she pushed me on bed & she was lying on me & started licking my body. I was enjoying her lusty licking with her lips. She removed her bra, i was stunned her boobs were so round&magnificent having pinkish nipples,it seems that it was never pressed before. I want to taste her boobs so i pushes her down & i was on her now, pressing her boobs & licking her nipples. She was moaning, ” Ahhhhhhh, yes , ohhhhhhhhhh, uhmmmmmm.”

I removed her shorts she wasn’t wearing panty& i saw the flower like pinkish firm pussy for first time so closely. I licked her pussy & was rubbing her clitoris. She was moaning,” Ahhhhhh, yesss baby ohhhhhhhhh yesss it feels nice, ahhhhhhhh yessss.”
She again pushed me & removed my short & my 8 inch long cock was fully erect.

She said, “oh my fucking god ur, cock is so huge & wide,even bigger than my husbands & my dildo is also not that big, ohhhh i have chose a right man, believe me, please put ur cock in my pussy first, i am so hungry for it please, baby.”
I pushed her down on beds & started tapping my cock on her pussy lips . She was so desperate to have it. But i was teasing her to raise the lust in hers.

She was pleading,” Ooooooo please baby, put ur monster cock inside me please.” I lifted her one leg in air & hold it & her other leg was on bed.
I was also eager to put my cock in her pussy& at last i did it inches by inches i was putting my cock . She kept moaning, “yessssss, ahhhhhhhhhhh, woow, ohhhhhhhhhhh, baby, Yesss uhmmmmmm.” She said,” u won’t believe since our marriage he fuck me only 4 times up till now .” & so as i can see after 3inches her pussy felt so tight & firm that she had never drilled or banged beyond further 3 inches by her husband, now i understood her feelings of loneliness throughout a year & wanted her to give much more pleasure. I was stroking harder only half of my cock was in her pussy . She started moaning even harder,”ohhhhh baby yeaahhhh ooooooooooo yes yes yes, its feeling nice yess almost touching my g-spot, yess. I put my whole cock in her pussy & simultaneously giving her harder stroke. She said moaning, ” Ahhhhhhhh yeah right their, yesss u touched my g-spot,baby yesssss fuck right their, oooooooooo yesss, ooooooooo , ahhhhhhhhh baby.” She hold the bedsheet tightly as my cock was so big for her pussy. I had lot of stamina even when i masturbate once a month it take me a lot of time for me to cum. And It was same here with me, i was fucking her since 15 mins, harder &harder. Then i sets herself in missionary position . I was asking her continuously,”r u comfortable, with this.”

She said,” Yes baby, aaahhhhhhh, but tell me before u cum.”
I was kissing her neck & left a love bite their to remember our first night session, her boobs was damn firm& round i was pressing it.
Her moaning was giving me satisfaction, “ohhhhhhhhhh yes , baby aaaahhhhhhhhhh u r so good in this, yess & started stroking harder in her pussy.

She moaned,” Aaaahhhhhhhh, ur cock is all the way in my pussy, ooooooooooooooo, baby, slow please take it slow, oooooooooooooo yes i am cumming baby,ahhhhhhhhhhhh baby i am cumming,oooooooooo don’t stop fuck right there yessss , fuck,aaahhhhhhhhhhh,oooooooooooo ”
I was also going to cum after 30 mins of our first round . I pulled my cock out as i was not using protection, she said i want to taste it put in my mouth baby. I did the same. She was appreciating for my level of stamina.
She said,” Whenever my husband fucks me he cums in first 10 mins only, but you r more satisfying.” I said ,” I have seen several porn movies but believe me your figure is best & u body is so soft& firm.

She smiled &said,” Baby look i want u even more please promise me u will come here whenever i need u.”
I promised her, ” Yes i am there for u whenever u want, but now i am not going anywhere, there is still more to come.” She smiled & we went to washroom i started shower,her body was looking magnificent in running shower. We were again kissing each other & she sat on her knee & started giving me blowjobs. I was in intense pleasure that time & had never imagine before . We than than applied soap on each other body. Her whole body was so firm& milky & i can’t remove my eyes from her milky boobs & in mood of licking her boobs i left a love bite on her boobs as well. After 15 mins of our bath we rubbed ourselves with towel, It was 12 midnight. I was wearing my shorts so that we can go to sleep, but she stopped me & said,” Hey baby please we will sleep nude na, don’t wear that shorts. I listen her & went to bed nude, she also join me nude as well, we took a same blanket & we’re Cuddling each other & went to sleep.

Next morning, we heard knock on door, her mother in law was calling her it was 8 in the morning, as we both slept nude a day before, she suddenly took a towel & rolled herself & asked me to hide in cupboard.
She opened the door, her mother in law asked her,” Why u r so late to wake up up today, & i see no clothes u r wearing only a rolling towel around ur body & whose sandals r those near ur door.”

I got frightened as last night i kept my sandals near her door & forgot to hide.”
Various negative ideas where coming in my mind that now i will get caught by her mother in law. But what happened next will surely energise u even more, hope to see u in next parts.

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