Mother is kissing god 3

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Hi guyz I’m back with another episode of this series.
Do read part 1 and part 2 before reading this part. As all the parts are in serial manner.

So is the part when it happened 😋🤩 for first time.

So the days we’re going as they were going , I came back from school and watch my mom naked from the peephole I made and masturbated daily. But I needed more.
And that more came but slowly.
My school was going off due to summer vacations and what happened was that we were shifting our house from one place to another in the same city because Dad got retired from police and got new job in a real estate firm and was offered to live in the apartment provided by them. So we shifted in the apartment.

New apartment was so good that I had AC in every room and was like a 5 star hotel and was perfect dream home for any one who want an apartment.
But I was little bit hurt and was not happy because all my hard work was of no use .
In new apartment there was no hole in the bathroom through which I can peep. And I could also not make any new hole as the whole gate was of metal. So my urge was increasing day by day and was not able to release my sex

So one night what happened was that me ,mom and dad went to sleep and I was not able to sleep that night due to no sex release . I really needed a sex release. Mom was sleeping in the middle and I was in the right hand side of mom and dad was on the left side of bed. Whole room was dark black and only Ac temperature light was ON (very dim white light of AC) mom was sleeping facing towards me and Dad was sleeping facing towards left side of bed. Mom was wearing a green suit through which I can easily see her nipples perking out. That day I knew that she is not wearing her bra. And thought that this was my chance. So I thought that today I feel feel her breast but need to be careful because she could have wake up . I thought that women are very light sleeper but that day I got to know that my mom was in deep sleep . I slowly used my two fingers and pressed her boobs and then took back my hands back and did a drama of sleeping. So that If she wake up there should not be any chance that I did it intentionally. I observed that there was no reaction at all. Then again I did the same with a bit more force but still no reaction . Then I used some courage and put my whole hand on her right boob and grab it . Oh man it was so soft I was like 😛 😍 for the first time I have felt so much softness . I know that she was not naked but only one layer of suit was between my hand and her boob and I can easily feel hers boobs and she was in deep sleep. I experimented on hers boobs by pressing , grabbing and squeezing in every manner possible . I did it because I thought this type of opportunity doesn’t come every day . Then I thought now I will find her nipples and and will try to suck her milk from the layer of cloth slowly because Mom was in very deep sleep she wasn’t reacting at all. I used my fingers to move her breast but wasn’t able to find her nipples.

I don’t know why or how it happened I was shocked for some moment I thought where is the fucking nipple. When I was exhausted I thought leave the nipple thing now it’s time to suck and put her boob in my mouth and give my tongue the second most soft feeling int this world. I put my mouth on her boob and just tried to swallow whole her melon size boob woooow I had a feeling like I was a kid I am drinking milk from my mom boobs.

But I was not satisfied with it as , I was not able to find nipple and I was sucking through a cloth . I want no restrictions between my flesh and her flesh as the cloth of suit she was wearing was between my lips and her boob.
Then suddenly a complete different idea came to me.
I took my head back and was looking at her face and then my eyes got stuck to her pink lips. Suddenly my whole fear was gone as my sex urge has overcomed it. It was going for a kiss.

I slowly moved my lips towards her lips . I could smell the flavor of her dark pink red lipstick it was Soo sexy smell I can’t tell you that you need to experience yourself.
Then I very slowly slowly got only 1 cm to her lips and slowly closed my eyes and just touched her very upper layer of her lip moved my lip away. I thought I should do it with open eyes as I did it before with closed eyes. Problem with closed eyes is that you can see where you are going to kiss and how fastly. So for second time I kept my eyes open and slowly going to touch her lips what as I got near the very upper layer of her lips she just moved her eyes lids and lit bit of her lips moved inside lit bit of her mouth was reacting in a different manner by seeing all this I thought she is going to get awaken so before that I got back in sleeping position and thought all night that today I missed a great opportunity her feeling her lips 💋 her lips were full of fragrance and were juicy dark red and the scent of lipstick was just like lavender.
At that day I decided that one day I will definitely kiss her with full passion and suck every drop out of her mouth .
I have never kissed any girl or women so getting so close near her lips and just touching my lips. With very upper layer of lips was a moment which didn’t let me sleep whole night . I was just thinking about her lips all the time.
Now my desire to drink milk from her boob shifted to drinking her juicy lips .
I thought that no matter what happens I will definitely kiss her one day and will give her my purest form of love .
And then the days passed and summer break came to end.

And I was thinking all the time how to kiss her so that no one gets to know and she is also not aware of that.
I knew that I can’t do this while Mom is awake so I need to kiss her when she is asleep. But the probo was that kissing requires whole contact of both parties lips and this will create a bit pressure on her mouth and she will awake and will kick my ass if she got to knew what I was doing to her.
I knew that my mom is a light sleeper only that day she was in deep sleep. So i need to find correct opportunity to kiss her and feel her warmth.
At the end of vacations a twist happened . The apartment that was given to us was taken back by the firm due to some policy issue . So we shifted back to our old house and I was like 🤘😁. Because now I can continue my old hobby and my urges will be in control.

Practical tip- never assume that women are in good sleep , they can fool you sometimes with their tricks.
Tip 2- Always track sleeping behavior of the women before trying anything on her while sleeping or u will get kicked in the ass.

Next part will come soon.
Stay tuned

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