Love trap from cute to slut – 1

Love trap from cute to slut – 1 This is Rohit from Tirupati I grow up in a different situation and become a therapist for free by profession (social service)and a small business to live my marriage life is not so happy in the matters of sex. I am now running 29 years old with

Love and love only: AN UNUSUAL LOVE STORY

ITS A PURE LOVE STORY AND NOT JUST A SEX STORY ———————————————————– LOVE AND LOVE ONLY =============== Hi I’m Rahul and now I’m here to describe an incident which happened few months before. It is all started in a bus travel from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Some of my friends were working in Bangalore so went

My darling Rasheeka

My darling Rasheeka This story is about a 44 yrs old unmarried lady with whom I have already spent a lot of time together, enjoying her beautiful body and fucking and making beautiful love to her. Her name is Rasheeka & she is a working lady. We came to know each other through the Internet

Mother is kissing god 3

Hi guyz I’m back with another episode of this series. Do read part 1 and part 2 before reading this part. As all the parts are in serial manner. So is the part when it happened 😋🤩 for first time. So the days we’re going as they were going , I came back from school

My first time

My First Time, Feels Like the First TIme.. Youre such a priss, Erica, Jenna said snidely. Oh my God, no Im not, she squealed while giving everyone at our lunchroom table an appalled look. Im not a priss because I dont like the taste of it, she said defensively. You’ve been with how many guys,

Enjoyed With Beautiful Online Friend

Hi, everyone. I Ramesh, am one of the oldest reader of this blog. I have been wanting to pen down my encounters for quite a long time, but did not have the chance to do. I am Ramesh, as I said above. I am good looking guy, who would try on every girl possible to