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Hi, everyone. I Ramesh, am one of the oldest reader of this blog. I have been wanting to pen down my encounters for quite a long time, but did not have the chance to do.

I am Ramesh, as I said above. I am good looking guy, who would try on every girl possible to fuck. I met a girl on Facebook. . Her name was Anjali. She used to live in Hassan. She was looking for his friend on Facebook and by mistakeshe sent friend request to me and i accepted.

And we started to talk to each other on chats. Then one fine day I saw notification that it was her birthday. I wished her and asked for her phone number to wish her and to my utter surprise she gave me her phone number. Then the calls continued for almost 3 months. After couple of months, I proposed her and after a lot of persuasion she accepted.

After that our phone calls went longer and longer and longer, and later we started to have phone sex. But I was not happy with that. I need the real sex. But again to my utter surprise she herself said that she wants to be there with me. And we made plan to meet in Bengaluru. And here she was with me after a long wait of 6 months. And we went out on dinner.

And after dinner went to room and went to the bed room straight. And as soon as we were in the room we hugged each other and kissed each other for long time. I just casually fondle with her bra strip but didn’t try to open it. I knew I had time, and took it. And we kissed for some more time. UMMMMMM. What a kiss it was! And I lied her down on the bed, started kissing her all over her face, neck and went down on her cleavage. But wasn’t able to as she had her cloths on. She understood and helped me open her top. As soon as I opened it, I started kissing the most beautiful boobs I have ever seen. And I lied her down again.

And started kissing her on her cleavage and boobs over her bra. They were so yummy that I didn’t want leave them. I liked them, sucked them, bite them. I played with them as much as I could and her moanings were driving me crazy. The more she moan the more I bite, I suck and lick. And later I went down here tummy and her belly button. I was going crazy licking, sucking and biting them. And I just tore her bra in that excitement. She smiled and we kissed again. And now I started playing with her nipples. I was tweaking them, licking them and biting them as well.

She had love bites all over her boobs. And now I pulled the string of her pajama. And what I see bitch was total heat. Her panty was soaking wet. I just didn’t bother to wait. Straight away pulled her panty off and started licking her cunt. HMMMM. What a teast! I licked her right from her ass hole till her clit. She just trying to control herself but unable to do so and started asking me fuck her right away. But I was in no mood of doing so. I was trying out everything possible to make her cry more and more. And I plunged in my middle finger a little bit. She cried like hell. And I understood she is virgin. I licked her harder.

And after almost 20 min continues licking she gave in and she cumed. As if she will not be able to come anymore. But I on the other hand didn’t wait at all. I went on licking her while she was cumming. She kept on requesting me to stop. But I was not in a mood of doing so. And when she was done, she smiled looking at me. And that’s what gives me the pleasure. That fucking satisfaction on a girls face after a fuck or lick. I came on top of her put the tip of my 6 incher bone on her cunt and tried pushing it in. It didn’t go, it just slipped.

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