Love and love only: AN UNUSUAL LOVE STORY

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Hi I’m Rahul and now I’m here to describe an incident which happened few months before.
It is all started in a bus travel from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Some of my friends were working in Bangalore so went there to meet them. I have reached there on Friday and spend 2 days with them in their flat. We went to Nandhi Hills one day and the next day we spend the evening in a pub. So while the weekend celebration goes on I forgot to book the return ticket. At last I got a ticket in a Non AC bus which starts at 8pm from Madiwala. I was a bit late to reach at the bus and it was already filled by the passengers. When I was looking for my seat I have seen that it is already acquired by a lady (age 30 approx) and she is sleeping by keeping the adjacent seat vacant. Actually I have booked the window seat since it is a Non AC Bus so I have called that lady. She was very tired and I got the smell of beer when she has opened her mouth. She told that she has the vomiting tendency so can you please adjust. With a big hesitation I agreed to her and sat near to her. Time is around 11:30 pm and I was watching film in my mobile. Suddenly I felt some disturbance and when I looked I found that she is not feeling well.
Me: what happened?
She: nothing. A small fever I think
Me: do you need any tablets
She: no. thanks
Suddenly she vomited and a part of it fell up on me. I was very angry, but she was not fully conscious. I have called the bus conductor and asked him to stop in any hospital. Actually it was a village and they have dropped us in a small public health centre. I have thought that someone other will come to help me. But no one came and instead they have given me her luggage too. Now I’m carrying all the luggage’s in my one shoulder and herself in another shoulder. You may think it as a bit awkward that that bus person has dropped down an unknown lady and a boy in some unknown places. But for they the trip matters, for other passengers too. All they want to reach their destination in time no one will be ready to spare their time.
I have taken her to the hospital and it was a very small one. When the receptionist asked me about her details I have told them all the matters that happened in the bus. They have smiled and told its quiet natural here. All the bus people doing so, nothing to worry. Since it is night doctor won’t come now, we will give her a drip and you can take rest too. Doctor will come in the morning and by that time she will be ok and you can leave then.

I have taken her to the room and the nurses have given her the drip. The nurses told me don’t disturb her and let her sleep. That time only I have looked at her in full. She is her early thirties or late twenties. She is having mangalsuthra in neck. Well built structured body. Then I slept in the chair available in that room.

My phones alarms starts making sound at sharp 5:30am which was my scheduled dropping time at Coimbatore. I got freshen up and the nurses told me that they will come to check her temperature at 6am so by that time make her wake up and give something to eat. I have bought tea and bread for her. I tapped on her shoulder and she woke up. Actually it was a shock to her

She: who are you? Where am i? what happened?
Me: hey relax relax
She: hey who are you
Me: Madam I am Rahul. Your co passenger and I were seated just adjacent to you. Actually you were sitting in my seat, the window sit and you was looking so tired. When I asked you what happened you have told that you are having fever and after sometime you vomited on me. Do you remember that?
She: yeah like a shade
Me: and then the bus people dropped you here. Since you are alone and not in a situation to do things by your own I also stepped down. Then I have taken you here and for the last 7 hours you were sleeping. The drip is just over and the nurses will come to check the temperature. The doctor will come only at 8am, if the fever is ok then we can move from here at 10am I think. Anyway nurse will come now and before that please have this tea and bread
She: I don’t know how to thank you.
Me: hey no problem.
She: Thank you
Me: hey leave it
She has taken the tea and bread.
Me: how’s you now?
She: ya I am ok now
Me: ok. By the way I am Rahul from Kerala and working in Coimbatore
She: ok. I am Rekha from Coimbatore.
Me: Coimbatore which part? I am from Ukkadam only
She: I am from Peelmedu
Me: oh ok.
Nurses came and checked the temperature. After that she got freshened up and got ready to leave. Meantime I bought Idli and chatni from outside and came back to the room
She: oh. I thought you went to freshen up
Me: hey no. Let us have some breakfast. You have taken that bread only na. Come let us eat.
She: I think I am creating much difficulty to you. I suggest that you can leave na? why you have to spare a day?
Me: stop it madam.
She: you can call me Rekha
Me: ok Rekha. If I don’t have to spare a day then I can leave yesterday itself. No one will ask me anything. Is it? If I can be with you till now then its my responsibility to take you to your home safely.
She: But
Me: But what?
She: Ok

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