Sex with my hot Neighbour Aunt – Part 2

Hello friends, once again I am Mr. X (name changed) sharing another sexual intercourse experience in this reading platform. First of all let me once again describe myself, I am a 24 year old bachelor lad who works in an MNC in Kolkata, height of almost 6 feet with a very normal body but with a very charming smile on the face, Interested in married women and interested ones can get to me through mail. I am also a temporary companion to many lonely married women in Kolkata.

The female lead of this story is Shreeparna, a married woman and a mother of a child, aged 30 with a seducing body stat of 37A-27-38. Her husband works in an MNC and stays most of the time outside Kolkata and her son is in boarding school.
As I shared my previous experience that how I explored that my neighbor aunt, Shreeparna is sex craven lady and how I satisfied her and promised you all that will share with you all my sexual experience with Shreeparna on the night of 31st December, 2019.

Sex With my hot Neighbour Aunt

So, it was the night of 31st December and I went to Shreeparna’s house around 8 O’clock. When I rang the bell I was just in a state of shock. Shreeparna was standing in a black transparent low waist saree with backless and sleeveless blouse showing a major part of her cleavage. She was looking a stunning sex goddess ready for a good session. She welcomed me and told me to sit on the sofa and bought a champagne bottle with two tulip glasses. She served the champagne in both the glasses and took an ice cube, rubbed around her lips and dropped it into my glass. It was really a seducing act. She then bought the glasses and sat so close to me that even air also couldn’t pass through us. She sipped a small gulp of the drink and gave a liplock. The taste of her saliva and the aroma of her body just gave me hard on.

Now I caught her by her waist and pulled her towards me and started to go with the flow playing with her rosy lips and jelly tongue. We broke the kiss after few seconds and without wasting a single moment we went to the bedroom for the action. Last time we had sex in missionary, 69 and doggy style. Now it was the time to explore something new. To my surprise, she quickly undressed me and started giving me a blowjob. She gave a deep throat and I cummed twice inside her mouth which she drank mesmerizingly. We started the foreplay and cuddled with her boobs and this time I was determined take the matter to her ass that is to ass fuck her to which she at once said no as she has never experienced it. I calmed her down and promised her that she will enjoy to the core at the end.

She hesitatingly nodded her head in acceptance and I started to suck her ass so that the ass openings get lubricated and she do not have much pain at the initial stage. After sucking her ass I positioned my dickhead in her ass opening and hold her by her waist. She have closed her eyes and on a count of 3 I just gave a gentle push to which she screamed her lungs out and started pleading me to stop at once but I didn’t listen to her and continued to stroke gently. Near about after 10 strokes, she calmed down a bit and started enjoying the flow. Now I started my speed to which she also started making moaning sounds in the same pace. I continued to increase and decrease my stroking speed so that the fun don’t get fade away at the time of sex. I just noticed my darling’s facial expression to increase or decrease my speed. After ass fucking her, we moved on to a new position and that was on-top.

Shreeparna told me that she watched this position in many porn movies and always wanted to have sex in this position. I lied on the bed and she sat on my dick and started swaying to and fro. As a man, I should confess that On-Top position is one of the most comfortable and pleasure giving position as you don’t have to do anything and you can see the whole sexy body of your counterpart. Moreover, to make it more interesting, you can slap your darling’s ass. They really enjoy those tight slaps which I continued to do with Shreeparna which she thoroughly enjoyed. In the on top position, Shreeparna was just behaving like a pornstar. The way she was moving and the expression she was making at the time of intercourse and the moans, on my God, that was really a moment to cherish. I have never experienced such great On Top partner till date and her jumping boobs at the time of sex was a cherry on top of the cake.

After this Shreeparna laid down beside me tired but looking completely satisfied and looked into my eye and planted a liplock and said thank you that I satisfied her bodily desires otherwise she was just at the stage of getting into depression which is very true and common in our country. Then again I started playing with her boobs and had sex in missionary position. We greeted eachother for the well being of each other and watched a porn movie.
So, to all my lovely readers, I hope I have narrated well my sexual experience and you all have enjoyed and at the same time cummed also.

Moreover, I request you all to have sex to stay away from the clutches of depression and bhabhies and aunties whoever reading my sex experience wants to have sex chat with me can mail me at [email protected] and please do not forget to give your valuable feedback . Till then your Temporary

Companion is signing off. Love You!!!

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