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Hello friends, I am Mr. X (name changed) sharing for the first time my sexual intercourse experience in this reading platform. First of all let me describe myself, I am a 24 year old bachelor lad who works in an MNC in Kolkata, height of almost 6 feet with a very normal body but with a very charming smile on the face, Interested in married women and interested ones can get to me through mail. I am also a temporary companion to many lonely married women in Kolkata.

The female lead of this story is Shreeparna, a married woman and a mother of a child, aged 30 with a seducing body stat of 37A-27-38. Her husband works in an MNC and stays most of the time outside Kolkata and her son is in boarding school.


Coming to the story, as described, Shreeparna stays alone in her house and visits our home on daily basis to spend some time chit-chatting with my mother. Her dressing sense is also very seducing as she wears an almost backless and sleeveless blouse, showing a bit of cleavage and saree below the navel showing a major part of her heavenly stomach. I always used to have a hard on looking at her.

It was in last December (2019), when her husband went to Bengaluru for an office assignment and my parents also went to visit my grandparents in our hometown. Shreeparna came to our house and told me that as I am alone, I can have the lunch at her house. When I went to her house, she was cooking in the kitchen by tying her saree pallu at her waist and my God, I cannot explain that view in words. I somehow controlled myself and switched on the television to distract myself from the sex goddess. Then she called me in the kitchen and while talking she just moved all her hairs to the other side of the shoulder giving me a clear view of her cleavage. She told me the items she has cooked and asked what I want to eat and I intentionally flirtingly said anything from your hand. After hearing this she looked at me with a naughty smile and looks on her face and said that she can serve me directly from her lips and just came close to me, so close that her breast and my chest were rubbing each other and I looked into her eyes and planted a kiss on her lips. My God, those rosy lips were the purest hemlock to drown on.

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We moved into the room while engrossly kissing each other. The taste of her saliva and the warm of her body was seducing me more and more. As we broke the kiss, she told me that how sex starved she is as her husband could not satisfy her. Then in no seconds we undressed each other while cuddling and then I pushed Shreeparna in the bed and myself on her at the missionary position and started caressing her neck and ear lobes. After that I went to her 37A sized breasts and licked both the boobs like a hungry infant child. Then I went to her navel, the smell was heavenly and her moaning sound was just an added flavor to the moment. After licking her navel, I went towards the door to heaven, her clitoris. It was shaven, completely pink, soft with a pinch of seducing smell. The moment I touched her clitoris with my tongue, she just raised her waist and tightly hold my hair and said now don’t tease me just get inside of it. But I was in a no mood to hurry. I keep on licking on licking her clits and she was in the same situation just like a fish outside water. I was licking her clits so that they gets lubricated and when I insert my monster in to her heaven gate she do not have much pain as I didn’t want to give pain to my darling.

After licking her clitoris, now my monster was ready to go to the heaven and I put my dickhead in to her clits, she had tears in her eyes and said that her pussy was waiting for a dick for such a long time and now this has ended. I bent down towards her, drank the tears, planted a liplock so that she don’t shout, hold both of her hands tight and just gave a heavy push to my monster in her pussy. Her eyes got big as she was having an intercourse after a long time. I started slowing as it was after a long time for Shreeparna and she will take time to adjust. After, a few strokes, she broke the liplock and started telling faster-faster. One thing I need to confess that she was really sex craven and all the married men who are reading my experience must tell you that you must keep your wife happy otherwise some Temporary Companion like me will take away your wife’s loyalty from you.

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After having sex in missionary position, we turned into the doggy style. As it was for the first time for Shreeparna, she really enjoyed it. Till now, I have not asked Shreeparna to give me a blowjob. After breaking the doggy style, she asked that don’t I want a blowjob to which I said that it is one of my pleasurous part at the time of sex to which she replied that then what are you waiting for and started giving me a blowjob. My God, that was one of the most sensuous blowjob I have ever enjoyed.

This sexual intercourse went for around 2 hours from foreplay to sleeping in each other’s arm and sharing some romantic moments. We also planned out a One Night Stand on the 31st December Night which I am going to share with you in my next story.

Till then any bhabhi or aunty who want to have a sex chat can mail me at [email protected] and do not forget to give your temporary.

Till then your Temporary Companion is signing off. Love You!!!


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