The paranormal orgasms

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Many of you can’t believe this story but, it is true. My name is sanju bansal (20). I am doing BE computer science in a reputed college in Patiala. My mom’s name is drishti bansal (41). she was head of the history department in a private college. My father left my mom when, I was 13. He thought my mom was cheating on him. My father paid a huge alimony to my mom hence, we led a luxury life.

My mom was a risk taker, an adventurer. She was also a history freak, no wonder why she had a Phd in Indian history. She loves to travel to historic places all over the world. For every summer vacation we used to visit places with historical importance. In this summer vacation she planned to visit a hunted village in rajasthan called kuldhara village. I was not okay with her plan. I was always afraid of ghosts and supernatural things. I thought we were going to a nice beach or something like that But, my mom was a lover of horror movies. She used to watch every horror movie and read every horror novel out there. She is a curious creature. She always had an interest in supernatural things. She said that she is doing a thesis about the kuldhara village. It is one of the prosperous towns of ancient rajasthan but, the population in the town vanished overnight. No one knows the exact reason why. She said that she is going to find out what happened. At first, I thought she was joking, but the serious look in her face showed me that she is not joking.

Soon mom and I were in a plane to rajasthan. We went to many historical places not only in india but even in foreign countries too. I never seen my mom such excited, so I asked her what is so special about this village. she started to tell the story behind the village. The legend goes like this, there was a girl named satyawati. She was so irresistable. Some even considered her as a goddess of beauty. Every male in the town wanted her to be their bride. But, satyawati and her step brother, vir singh were already in love with each other. They had a secret sexual relationship. Satyawati was married to a richest man in the town named rao. After a few months satyawati became pregnant. But somehow rao found out the affair she was having with her step brother. He killed her brother vir singh. And stripped satyawati nude and made her walk the whole town. All eyes in the village began to feast on the naked flesh of satyawati. She drowned herself in a well in the town and died. After that incident she began killing the villagers one by one. Unable to face the wraith, of the soul, the villagers fled the town overnight.

After hearing this I thought it was just a good old folklore. My mom went on about that village. she said that, “Archeological survey of india banned the village for any visitors”. I didn’t care much about it. I laughed out loud and said, “ma, are you trusting this?”. She said, “that’s what we are going to find out”. we landed in Jaipur. We had to take a train to reach this village which, was located in jaisalmer district. It was a 9hour long trip. We were exhausted during this trip. Finally, we reached a hotel in jaisalmer district at 4pm. It was not a fancy 3star hotel. It was a hotel constructed in 1970’s. it was little spooky. I asked mom, “ma, are you sure we are going to stay here?”. she replied, “yes, sanju”. I was not feeling right about the hotel. This hotel looked like a haunted mansion from a ghost movie. I knew mom selected this hotel because of its vicinity to kuldhara.

When we entered the hotel, there was a weird guy who kept staring at my mom. while my mom was speaking with the receptionist. He was eating my mom with his eyes. At first, I got angry at him but, soon realized that my mom was as hot as hell. She was wearing a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Outline of her inners were visible over her t-shirt. Her nipples were so sharp, that it would drill through her t-shirt. Her massive melons in tight tee showed a narrow cleavage. My penis started to harden. After a few minutes of talking with the receptionist, mom came to me and said, “beta, looks like we have to share a room”. I acted like I was annoyed but secretly I was excited to share a room with my mom.

Soon we were in our room. we both were very tired. I dropped our bags in the floor and crawled over the bed. The room was not spacious, it was a 12*12 room with a queen-sized bed and a wardrobe in the corner. The window curtains were red in color. There was a dim light glowing which, made the room reasonably bright. My mom removed her heels and took the towel form the bag and went into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flushing sound followed by shower sound. Meanwhile I took my mobile out and started scrolling my Instagram account. When the bathroom door opened, I saw the prettiest woman in the world, standing in front of me with a pink towel warped around her body. The towel was just enough to cover her mammoth ass. Water droplets are all over her skin. Her hair was wet and hung past her shoulders. Moisture content in the room suddenly increased. Her large breasts bounced and jiggled when she walked out of the bathroom. My penis started to grow fast. I have already seen her in this attire but, this time it was different.

“what are you looking at sanju?” she, questioned. I have no words to say. I opened my mouth “ma ahh I was ahh hmm”. Before I complete my sentence, she said, “sanju, go take bath you rascal, you’re stinking”. I shook my head and went into the bathroom. When I finished bathing and came out, she was dressed. She was wearing a light grey salwar kamize and a black shall. She looked stunning in the dress.
I asked her, “going somewhere? ma” she replied “yes sanju, we are going to kuldhara”. “mom, you are joking right?”. Again, I sensed the seriousness in her face. I tried to convince her to go there tomorrow morning but, I failed miserably in the attempt.
Soon we are walking out of the hotel, towards kuldhara. The desert, looked bewitching. It was a full moon day. The moon light lit our way very well. the wind was howling around us. Mom covered her head with the shall like that she was wearing a hijab. I was wearing a checked shirt and a faded jeans pant.

We reached the entrance of the village. My mom was excited like a small child seen a fair. She ran into the village and started to climb the rickety flight of steps inside an abandoned home to reach the terrace and I followed her with little fear. We reached the terrace of the home and the remnants of the entire village was visible. The village wore a desolated look and had a cursed feel about it. Only a lone temple stood there amidst the ruins. The view was so scary. We took many selfie’s there. Me and my mom started to walk into the interiors of the village. As we moved more into the village the network coverage dropped bit by bit. It was getting very scarier. Suddenly we there was a well in front of us.

“This …. this must be that well!” my mom exclaimed. Temperature around us starting to decrease. We both were feeling the chillness in the atmosphere. A fog started to surround us. The bright moon is covered by dark clouds. Mom turned the flash light on in her mobile. We began to feel a presence, not a human one. My body started to shiver. Mom said “we better move out sanju”. I nodded my head and we tried to run. But we can’t move. We were standing there like sculptures. No matter how hard we tried, we can’t even lift our fingers.

A lovely song in a mesmerising voice of a woman came out from the well. We both were shocked. I was about to pee in my pants. But my mom was not afraid. “what do you want with us?” my mom questioned the voice. The voice began to cry, we saw each other’s faces. At the instant somebody started to choke me. My mom was terrified. she began shouting for help. Tears were flowing from her eyes. she started to pray to god, chanting mantras. But none of them helped her so far. I was gasping for my breaths. My mom began to beg the entity to leave me. She said that she will do anything if it leaves us alive.

The entity stopped choking me. I felt relaxed. The voice uttered these words “they separated us, they tormented our pure love, now I am trapped in this well for eternity. Only a pure love can free me from this curse. Pure physical love. I sensed a romantic vibration between both of you. Divinity of the lust can free me from this form.

My mom said, “you are mistaken, we are not lovers, I am his mother”. The voice replied “I can sense the lust you got for each other., it is the only way to get out of here alive”. Suddenly we were free to move. Mom started to walk towards me and said, “is it true sanju, what that thing says is?”. I am really ashamed to answer this question “ma, ahh ya yeah”. I managed to spill out. Before I finish it, mom closed my mouth with her hand and said, “I always masturbated keeping my bedroom door open, hoping that you will walk in sanju”. On hearing this I got an instant boner.
Mom took her hand from my mouth and placed her lips over mine. Our tongues intertwined. Our hands begin to explore each other’s body. our saliva started to mix. Then my mom broke the kiss. And she said “I love you, sanju”. This time I moved forward and started to bite my mom’s lips. My hands cupped her tender ass. My fingers begin exploring her ass crack over her salwar, I could feel both the softness and firmness of it. She tightened her hug around me. Both of our body’s begin to melt onto each other and tried to become one.

Our lips got separated, I could see a passion in my mom’s eyes. A burning lust. Her hands reached my buckles and loosened it, meanwhile I began removing my shirt buttons one by one. Now I was shirtless in front of my mom. Now it’s my turn to help her undress. I removed her salwar, freed her massive breasts from constrains of her fabric. She was wearing a black bra. Her bra was trying so hard to hold her ripe breasts in position. I removed her bra in an instant, making her topless.

Dark cloud hiding the moon began to move and a ray of bright moon light made her mammary glands glow. Her nipples are as sharp as an arrow which, are chocolate brown in color. She took her hand and began to unknot her kamize, at the same time I began to remove my jeans. Now we both were only in our underwear. She was wearing dark blue panty with brown flower design. I was wearing an, lite blue colored trunks.
She put her hand over my underwear and traced outline of my tool over it. I never had a hard erection like it before. My dick is as hard as steel. I began kissing her tits, biting her nipples hard. She gave out a loud moan, “ahhhhh sanjjuuuuuuuuuu”. It was her son who sucked her boobs for milk now sucking it again with an intention of a lover, was making her go crazy.

“come on sanju, bite it harder. I always wanted this so bad. Make me your women now. I want you to be my man.” Those words came out of her mouth in a sensational tone. She began pressing my head into her boobs with her hands. I was in a heaven. We both lost our senses as mother and son, now our primal instincts took over.
She knelt down to took my tool out of the trunks and began licking its tip. Her tongue circled over my glans. My whole body shivered. I felt like I was masturbating for the first time. She massaged my balls with one hand and stroking it with another hand. I began to moan loudly. My moans echoed everywhere in the ghost town of kuldhara.
She took my cock inside her mouth fully. My size was around 7inch. I could feel the warmness of her throat. Precum was flowing into her mouth. She was a pro in sucking cock. Her tongue surrounded my cock inside her mouth. My legs were shaking I can’t even stand. I can’t believe my mom was sucking my cock.

She took out my cock from her mouth, a small strand of spit connecting her to my cock broke as she lied down in the sandy terrain of kuldhara. She spread her legs wide apart. She never spoke a word. I got down and crawled over to her womanliness.
She lifted her butt and I pulled her panty to her thighs. Now she placed her butt in the ground and lifted her legs, I pulled her panty completely from her leg. Now she was nude in front of me. Her trimmed vagina was reflecting the moon light. It was very wet. She had a small opening than I imagined. I can smell the sweet nectar feet away from her vagina. I went near her vagina and sniffed it like an animal. It was a pleasant, smelling thing I ever smelled. It was a perfect blend of sandal (she uses sandal soaps), sweat, piss and vaginal honey. I put my tongue in between her vaginal lips and started licking it. I can feel her body shivering, each time my tongue touched her labia.
She held my hair and guided the path of my tongue. The salty taste of her vagina was amazing. I licked it for few minutes. Then she asked me to put my cock inside her. We went for a missionary position. She spread her legs apart as well as she could and I placed my cock in between her vaginal gates. She spit on her hands and used it as a lube for her already wet vagina.

I slowly inserted my cock into the place where I came from. My aim was perfect. She moaned “sanjuuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhh”. She tried to push me back. I retreated fully. She said “wait sanju, give your mom some time to adjust to size of your cock”. I bent and placed a passionate kiss on her lips which only the closest lovers can give. We kissed slowly this time. She broke the kiss apart and said “sanju, I am ready”. This time inserted my cock inch into her pussy. Her pussy was a mixture of a velvet and silk. It was so soft and smooth and deep. My entire 7inch cock went inside. It was like that my cock was perfectly crafted for her pussy. I began increasing my thrusts faster and faster. Her moaning was also increased. After about an hour of pumping my mom’s pussy, I shouted “mom, I am going to cum”.

“call me by my name, sanjuu” she replied. I can also feel my mom’s muscles stiffening in her body. “drishti, my darling where do you want me to cum?” I asked her. She replied “I want you to cum inside me baby”. She went on further teasing me “don’t you want to make your mommy pregnant”. Her naughty talks made me increase my speed even further. Finally, “drishti, I am going to cummmmmmm”. On saying this I exploded the load inside her. My mom reached her orgasm few seconds after me. Her vaginal honey started to drip in the kuldhara’s soil. The wind started to blow violently. The fog started to clear. We both relaxed and collapsed on the ground. It looked like something evil left this earth. We were lying nude in the middle of a ghost town covered in sweat. I asked mom “what do we do next?”. Mom gave me a naughty look and said “let’s see”.

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