Sneaky outburst

Friday my parents left to Bulgaria while I was at school. Passing thru the hallway at school I see Marissa walking likes goddess standing at 5’4 140 shaped like a model beautiful curly red hair with beautiful green eyes she has on short shorts a tube top and red Jordan’s. As she walked her tits bounced as she walked her ass was amazing.

We sat next to each other in science class and this day she smelt great. Half way through class she looked at me and said “Jason I want to try anal” I choked on spit she said “and I want you to do it” I swallowed my gum and looked at her and said “huh” she said “Jason I want you to fuck my ass I’ve wanted it forever” I look at her eyes wide she laughs and says “what do you say silly” I nods yes she says “great how bout today after school your place” I mood yes she says “see you then”.

After school I’m at home waiting for her to come. The door bell rings it’s her I open the door she has on a trench coat that she opens and she’s wearing a red bra and a red thongwithhihh heels and he red hair flowing. She comes in and slams the door and gets straight to it pulling my dick out and dropping to her knees she sports and begins to slurp my soft dick slurping and stroking I loan out “fuck” she deep throats my dick gagging and slurping fuck she sucks dick great I grabbed the back of her head and fucking her throat she chokes I pull out her mouth and slap her with my dick on her lips she moans “mmmm that dick tastes great daddy”

I pick her up sliding her thong to the side with my mouth and begin to lick her pussy she moans and grabs my head grinding on my face saying “ear my pussy” I lick and slurp her Pussycats making her scream and moan I feel her body jerk she’s going to cum “I’m gonna cum” she yells. She shakes I taste her juices and I swallow them all. Carrying her as we kiss I walked towards the dining room and I throw her on the table taking her bra off and pulling off her thong she turns over and sucks my dick some more fucking her throat she fags and spits. She turns on her back and exposes her pussy legs wide playing with her pussy. I slap my dick on her clit first teasing her and I slide in her tight pink pussy and she moans Fuck Her pussy is tight i strike in and out of her wet pussy fucking her harder and harder she screams “yes daddy fuck that pussy” I choke her squeezing her tits and fucking her harder she screams “yes fuck fuck I love it baby please fuck my ass” I pull her to the end of the table and turn her over to where her ass is in the air she spreads her ass exposing her tight ass hole and I squirt oil and finger her ass with my index finger she moans “mmmm finger that ass”‘I keep fingering her ass as I oil my dick down. I slap my dick on her ass over and over then I begin to enter her ass. I break seal she screams “ ahh fuck” the head of my dick enters her ass is so fucking tight I moan out “fuck Your ass is so tight” i squirt more oil on her dick and my ass and she spreads her ass wider. I go deeper fucking her ass a little harder “omg please fuck me faster” I fucker ass faster fuck it feels great she screams “fuck yes yes” I’m bout to cum I yell out “ I’m bout to cum” she drops to her knees and and grabs my dick sucking slurping I begin to fuck her face and let off a huge load in her mout “fuuuuuck yes” I yell out she moans and swallows all my cum she smiles and out of no where I hear “what the hell” it’s my stepmom Marissa jumps up putting on her close saying “I’m so sorry mrs Parker” she runs out I stand there dick dripping cum the door slams and my step mom says “wow that’s still hard tsk tsk she didn’t help” she walks towards me taking off her shirt and skirt she’s naked she climbs on top and sticks my dick perfectly into her ass. Bouncing up and down on my dick her ass is so tight she bounces faster ass slapping on my lap I moan out “ aaah fuck” she grabs my chest bouncing more and. Moans “ yeah you like that ass huh you love step mommy’s ass” I grab her ass and thrust fucking her harder she screams “ fuck yesssss”

I fuck faster slamming her ass I flip her over on her back and choke her fucking her hard till she passes out. I slap her to wake her up and
Drop her to her knees and shove my dick in her throat fucking her face and choking her she gags and spits all on my dick I’m gonna cum on her face but I want her ass I turn her over ass in the air spit on her ass and slamm my dick in pounding and stretching her “fuck me fuck me” she yells and I slap her ass and cum all in her ass “ahhhhh fuck I’m cumming” I moan out as I choke her and go deeper she moans as I finish. When I’m done she moans and kisses me and says that’s my dick now

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