Dad has secrets

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Excuse my spelling if i misspelled something my name is maykal sharing my bestfriends incest story name Mya J.

This story happen around lock down during covid-19 things got ugly and locked down everything and i had to leave my job so i was in my room jobless and thinking another way to make money weeks later my mom and dad kept working but then we heard my mom was leaving out of state for a good quick job and my dad had to stay home for his job so my mom had packed a day later and she took a flight my dad came back from dropping her off at the airport and grabbed a beer and i come out the shower in a towel with nothing on and seen my dad looking at me and i smile and so i shut my door and my grandma knocks asking if i had any pencil’s she couldn’t really hear well and i would have to yell to speak to her and my dad started cooking for me and my grandma and i had went to the kitchen to grab me apples to eat before starting my batman movie and i bent over and my ass was falling out of my shorts and my grandma yells HEY THATS YOUR DAUGHTER FIX YOUR EYES MR.. he laughs and says i was going to tell her to change out of those clothes and i laughed and went back and he peeks again and kept cooking and i left my door open and later we had ate and he stares at my breasts most of the time i had on a see through sports bra i was realizing my own father was checking me out at that moment and i said dad grandma is gana tell mom what your doing i whisper so my grandma wouldn’t hear me he says mya its tough cause your all grown up and your a full blown women and beautiful and i say thank you… And i put my plate in the sink and whisper i need to talk to you dad..

He got worried and said okay what is it…

I tell him if mom was dieing and the only way to save me is to have sex with me and drop a load in my tummy would you??..

He giggles and says that’s tough mya stop

I smile and whisper tell me would you dad?

He says of course i would…

I whisper my ex broke up with me today stay in my room tonight and turn off your cellphone…

He didn’t say a word and kept eating as my grandma looked confused she asked loudly what did mya say just now?!?!…

My dad says loudly mya has to pay her phone im paying it tomorrow she is paying me back later tonight

I laughed and went to my room and she said why don’t she just pay it tonight herself??

I shut my door so nervous and excited and i look for sexy clothing before he comes in my room and my dad messages me im walking your grandma to her room and be in there in 5 minutes and i get undressed and put on a thong and a bra and put up my hair…

My dad comes in and lays on my bed acting tired and takes off his boots and i turn off the lights and lock my bedroom door and play THE BATMAN movie because of the length of the movie and turn up the volume and i get in bed by my dad and we cuddle and watching it to the part where Robert Pattinson finds cat women at her apartment my dad reaches over and puts his phone on my desk by my bed and was in my face looking into my eyes and i say what dad?… He says your beautiful and i kiss him on the lips and tell him im on the pill and the door is locked dad… He pulls off his pants and socks and shirt and i get in the middle of the bed and turn up my tv volume more and open my legs and he fingers me and plays with my clit and pussy lips with his tongue and sucking and slurping on my pussy i grab his hair playing with it and finally after eating me out for 20 minutes he guides his hard tip of his dick into my pussy and slowly slides in soaking his cock with my pussy juice and looking into each others eyes he slides in and out fucking me slow and my bed slightly creeks and headboard hitting my wall i kiss him and wrap my legs around him and begins sucking my titties and they bounced as he fucked me and i wrap my arms around him holding him tightly and he holds my legs open by my thick thighs digging his finger’s into my juicy jelly thighs my pussy starts dripping and squirting and his balls getting tight he stops and i push him off me and lay him down and wrap my lips around his dick and make him finish his nut in my mouth and playing with his balls as i suck him off slowly tightening my lips around his cock i look at him deep into my fathers eyes and show him his sperm in my mouth and swallow it all and i climb on top and squatting i grab his dick and put it back in my pussy and ride him slamming my phat ass on him clapping my ass loudly and moaning… Oh fuck dad…

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