Dad cant resist me

Im 22 now and have a amazing story to share when i First slept with my own father, my dad was 48 at the time handsome as heck and single as well and i stayed with my mom and my dad decided to pick up me and my younger sister to stay with him for a weekend

He shows up and i had seen him and was kinda shocked how handsome he was and i got nervous and got my bags and off we go to dallas tx and seen his home he stayed in alone and worked hard everyday and i wake up early and seen he left us bags of breakfast from ihop and me and my sister ate and watched tv and my dad comes home and talked with us and i change into small clothing to see if i can get something out of him as far as him checking me out or something and i come back down after changing while he sat and watched tv with my sister laughing and i made sure my ass was out perfect and titties wanting to burst out of my shirt and he watches me come down the steps and i catch him looking up and down at me as i walk to the backyard and felt like going swimming in his hot tub and i bend over crawling in dramatically and see him just dozing off looking at my fat ass and smirk at him and i see him stand up and ask if me and my sister can join and i give flirty eyes and says yes and later order pizza he stays looking at my titties shinny and wet and nipples nearly wanting to pop out and he signal’s me my boobs are coming out and i smile and say i know dad don’t worry im watching them along with you and his face had turned so red and i giggle and they get changed and get in with me and i sit by my dad as my sister sat by him and has himself in the middle and we sit together and rub my thigh up against his leg and feet on his feet and gets nervous as he talks with my younger sister and i wrap my arm around him and move his hand between my thigh and he looks at me nervous and i smile teasing and i now know what he wants deeply and ask when did he last have a girlfriend he said its been 2 years giving me the eye meaning he hasn’t had sex in years and i feel him squeezing my thigh getting a grip my sister looks away and i rub on my dads chest and get closer to him my lips slightly brushing on his neck and ear as he keeps my sister distracted i say we should get in the bigger pool sis so we can swim around and play she says sounds fun lets go and i jump out the hot tub and my tight booty shorts had been eaten by my ass and can see my thong and he watches me get in the pool and tease jumping in and he slowly gets in and my sister jumps on my dads back and i get in front making him lift me holding us both and i wrap my legs around him and rub my area on his cock that i had felt was kinda hard already and he stares at me with a shocked face and i reach in his swimming shorts and slowly grip his entire dick with one hand as my sister held on to my dad on his back and had no idea what was going on at that moment and i go under water pulling his shorts down a bit and he grabs me and lifts me back up as i was about to give him head but stopped me and he says no way…

I say dad im curious and want it and he says your my daughter and my blood and i whisper… I know which makes it much better and i swim back down under water and shove his hard warm dick in my mouth down my throat as i hear my sister saying what is she doing and my dad splashes trying hard to focus and play with my sister on top of the water and im under water with my own father dick in my throat blowing him in his own pool and play suck on a left nut.. And switch over sucking his right nut and put his mushroom tip back in my mouth and then i feel a warm burst in my mouth and noticed he just dropped sperm in my mouth and i swim up and look at him into his eyes and show him as my sister says eww what happen what is in your mouth??!!! I smile and swallow it all and i swim away and mind my own business as they played around and he later orders pizza and we dry off and change up.

Later that night my sister had fell asleep on the couch watching tv and upstairs my dad was holding my legs open by my feet and pussy clapping as he fucked me on his bed and titties bouncing as he stares at my titties and fucking me deeply making a messy creampie no condom on at all and then my dads fone rings and we both look down on the floor at our clothes piled up by the bed and seen it was my mom calling to check up on us he says i gota answer it mya wait so he pulls out and dripping on his wood floor im leaking out of my pussy and giggle and he answers still breathing heavily and she asked why are you breathing hard he tell my mom i was working out the girls are asleep and i get up and get down as he stands tall woth his cock still hard and hanging with my juices all over his cock and i get down on my knees and shove his dick in my mouth and suck him off while he tries so hard to focus and talking with my mom making faces and fighting his slight moans and grip his cock with both of my hands and stroke and suck at the same time and sucking his tip and tightly grip his dick with my lips and my tongue all over his cock he uses 1 hand to grip my hand and shoves his entire cock down my throat and cums hard and i choke and gag and pulls out catching air and my mom says what was that? He says nothing just mya in the kitchen and she says okay well tell her goodnight ill let you go she says i love you and he pauses and says i love you to and hangs up and grabs me and puts me back on the bed as i laugh and bends me over and shoves his tip inside my pussy and grips my ass cheeks tightly and i arch hard for it and clap my ass backwards on his cock and fucks me and claps my ass loudly and moaning OH SHIT DAD MORE DADDY COMMON DAD!!

He nuts inside my tummy deep and pulls out dripping on his bed and wood floor he lays on the bed and i climb up for a ride on his hard cock and kiss him so much as we both guide his dick into my wet dripping pussy and slides right in and balls tighten up and begin to start bouncing on his dick as my titties bounce and gripping and playing with my titties and smacking my fat ass as it jiggles on his dick and balls clapping my ass splashing our cum making a mess

My sister had woken up and walks up to her bedroom and had seen me riding our dad as he grips my ass cheeks pulling me and making me grind and then i go back to clapping my ass on his cock looking back at myself and i seen my sister and just look at her and she runs to her room and i tell my dad she saw us dad and gets worried… And we had stopped and both of us breathing very heavy i go shower in his bathroom and he had spoke to my sister and told her it was a mistake and my sister was kinda angry and i tell her i was mad at dad and she says so yall get mad and do that to each other?.. And we both had nothing to say and she says if you buy me a cell phone i will not speak about this to mom… My dad goes and buys a iphone that same moment and later that night she was in her room on the phone and me and my dad were on the couch and me bent over giving him a blowjob as he spanks my ass after 20 minutes of blowing my dad i had on a thin black dress and no panties or bra and lift up my skirt and sit on my dads cock and ride him shaking the couch and squirting on him and squatting on his dick slamming my ass on him for the rest of the night and everyday till Tuesday me and my dad had crazy sex

And at 19 my parents got back together and me and my father now make our secret sex videos when we have a chance till this day

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