Dad cant resist me

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Im 22 now and have a amazing story to share when i First slept with my own father, my dad was 48 at the time handsome as heck and single as well and i stayed with my mom and my dad decided to pick up me and my younger sister to stay with him for a weekend

He shows up and i had seen him and was kinda shocked how handsome he was and i got nervous and got my bags and off we go to dallas tx and seen his home he stayed in alone and worked hard everyday and i wake up early and seen he left us bags of breakfast from ihop and me and my sister ate and watched tv and my dad comes home and talked with us and i change into small clothing to see if i can get something out of him as far as him checking me out or something and i come back down after changing while he sat and watched tv with my sister laughing and i made sure my ass was out perfect and titties wanting to burst out of my shirt and he watches me come down the steps and i catch him looking up and down at me as i walk to the backyard and felt like going swimming in his hot tub and i bend over crawling in dramatically and see him just dozing off looking at my fat ass and smirk at him and i see him stand up and ask if me and my sister can join and i give flirty eyes and says yes and later order pizza he stays looking at my titties shinny and wet and nipples nearly wanting to pop out and he signal’s me my boobs are coming out and i smile and say i know dad don’t worry im watching them along with you and his face had turned so red and i giggle and they get changed and get in with me and i sit by my dad as my sister sat by him and has himself in the middle and we sit together and rub my thigh up against his leg and feet on his feet and gets nervous as he talks with my younger sister and i wrap my arm around him and move his hand between my thigh and he looks at me nervous and i smile teasing and i now know what he wants deeply and ask when did he last have a girlfriend he said its been 2 years giving me the eye meaning he hasn’t had sex in years and i feel him squeezing my thigh getting a grip my sister looks away and i rub on my dads chest and get closer to him my lips slightly brushing on his neck and ear as he keeps my sister distracted i say we should get in the bigger pool sis so we can swim around and play she says sounds fun lets go and i jump out the hot tub and my tight booty shorts had been eaten by my ass and can see my thong and he watches me get in the pool and tease jumping in and he slowly gets in and my sister jumps on my dads back and i get in front making him lift me holding us both and i wrap my legs around him and rub my area on his cock that i had felt was kinda hard already and he stares at me with a shocked face and i reach in his swimming shorts and slowly grip his entire dick with one hand as my sister held on to my dad on his back and had no idea what was going on at that moment and i go under water pulling his shorts down a bit and he grabs me and lifts me back up as i was about to give him head but stopped me and he says no way…

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