Auto and Masturbation

My name is Jessica and I’m an exhibitionist anything in public really turns me on. I usually travel in autos with different drivers everyday. This story is of one such day. I was coming back from somewhere in an auto and suddenly I felt like I wanted to do something really risky and fun. I … Read more

Seduced delivery guy

I am 22 years old with big tits of size 34dd. I like to show my creamy and white mounds to people around, but my family is conservative and I am not allowed to wear short clothes. Last week my family had gone to my hometown and I was alone. I decided to fullfill my … Read more

Rest-stop cruiser

There are 4 rest-stops within 50 miles from Minneapolis that I cruise weekends all of them are great places to suck strangers cocks at night but was surprised when one horny morning I thought why not see if anybody hangs out in daytime I’m 22 nice sexy petite body 5’5” 95lbs I look like I’m … Read more

Experience with my neighbour sister – Part 2

Yeah, after getting the glimpse of hips and boobs on blouse ( Experience with my neighbour sister ). Next step, I thought of touching them. We used to speak daily in phone once her husband leaves to office. We became very good friends. After completing my graduation, I need to move to another city, so … Read more

Experience with my neighbour sister

It All started when I was studying in final year college. I was in hostel. But whenever I come to my hometown, I have a neighbor sister. She is slightly black in colour and her age was 45. But she looks like a 30+ year lady. She always used wear saree, revealing her hips. Sometimes … Read more

My wife’s sister

Fictional stories are very artificial which are recognizable .But I have had similar real events. Due to the fact that since childhood my penis size was bigger than the normal size, interesting things happened to me, the most important of which are recorded in my memory. With my sister, with my aunt and with some … Read more

Filthier Than A Pig

It was 12:30 one June, Sunday morning: The white, 21-y/o Tim and his 22-y/o white friend, Joshua, had attended a heavy metal concert in a another city. And they were driving home when they saw the submissive, 28-y/o Cheryl standing beside the country road at a rest stop in nothing except high-heeled shoes. Immediately, Joshua … Read more

Big Booty Girlfriend (Interacial fantasy story)

Big Booty Girlfriend Once upon a time lived a couple that were addicted to having sexual intercourses all the time.Young stout white fellow were Johny Longsplitter. He lived with his beautiful Darkskinned beauty Valeria Swallowtail. Johny were skinny and barely had any muscles on his body because he was librarian. Didn‘t had any good friends … Read more

Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

Mousy mom submits to son, then sets up her friend to fall My name is Sylvia. I live in New York state, in Westchester County. I am a 42 year old divorcee. Four years ago, my ex-husband, Alan, had began an affair with his secretary who was ten years younger than me. It was one … Read more

Everyone has a price

I want to welcome all those who are reading this story. My name is Anna and I am currently nineteen years old. I am a journalism student, which is probably why I decided to capture the events that happened to me a year ago in a text. I decided to publish it on a site … Read more

I became Slut of My Coaching Maths Sir, Manish in Bhubaneswar

I Fucked my Lover My Maths Sir, Manish Hello friend my name is Bharti Pal and I am 21 years girl from Cuttack, Orissa. I am horny kind of girl and have always craved for more and more sex in my life. I’m in a relationship withthe love of my life, We are in a … Read more

Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man – Part 2

Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man Ramesh : When you are gonna take your next child? i will be there to clean up the milks from your tanks. hahahahaha. Tell me, when. As she was still silent, he came forward and squezed her breasts hard. Mom cried out in pain. Shubhangi: Please … Read more

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