My wife’s sister

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Fictional stories are very artificial which are recognizable .But I have had similar real events.

Due to the fact that since childhood my penis size was bigger than the normal size, interesting things happened to me, the most important of which are recorded in my memory. With my sister, with my aunt and with some other relatives.

But now I want to tell you what happened after my marriage. Now,
I am 47 years old and a professor at the university. 8 years ago I got married to a girl who is 16 years younger than me.

My wife has a younger sister, Ellie, who is now 19 years old and a student at the same university. She is very beautiful and has a good body and we have had a good relationship since she was a child. I help her a lot in physics and math lessons, and for this, she often comes to our house, but always when my wife is at home.

About a month ago, when Ellie was lying on the bed in the room and reading, I watched her from behind and saw what a beautiful ass she has. One pajama was tight and the line of his panties was obvious. From the visualization of his body, my cock rose and I became an insect. My wife was drying her hair in the bedroom. I approached and hugged her from behind, rubbed her breasts and stuck my cock to her ass.

she was surprised and said softly: Hey! what’s wrong with u? I said I want sex. she said: Are you crazy? Ellie is in that room and the doors are open! I said: There is no problem. We have sex slowly. But she pushed me back and said:

Don’t even talk about it at all! And then he went to the yard. I don’t know why I wanted Ellie to somehow notice or hear about our sex. I went to the yard.

My wife was spreading the clothes on the rope. Ellie could see us from the window of the room to some extent. I touched her again and told her to suck my cock. She looked at me again with surprise and said:

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you today?” .

I said you are very beautiful today. she smiled and said “come and finish it soon. I don’t want Ellie to find out”. I pulled down my pants and she took my penis out of my underwear. she said: “Wow! It is clear how much you want today! your cock is cracking! “

She started eating my dick. I used to caress his head and hair and sneakily looked at the window to see if Ellie was watching or not. But I did not see her. My cock’s head was forced into my wife’s mouth and not even half of it fit in her mouth.

She removed her breasts from the bra and said to put it on my chest. I grabbed her breasts from the sides with both hands and i was pumping untill suddenly I saw Ellie looking from the corner of the window. It gave me a multiple pleasure.

I released my cock from my wife’s breasts and waved it face to the window so that she could see well. The feeling I had at that moment is indescribable. I put my dick in my wife’s mouth again and i came with a loud moan. I poured my water on my wife’s face and mouth and rubbed my cream on her lips and face while looking at Ellie and she was also looking with open eyes! …

I experienced one of the most delicious sex that day…

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