Road journey to native village

It’s a story happened 4 years back as Mohit was just 20 years and he is in journey to his village with her elder sister Tony,as her marriage got arranged with a guy working in an company in a managerial post,so as our familiar convention we have to go to our village as to pray there before kul-devta as my dad as well as mom is busy in preparation for her daughter,dad asked me to be with sister Tony as she have to offer prayer in a native village and so ,i booked two seats in an A/C volvo bus from kanpur to sonebhadra as tickets were not available in trains.

So my elder sister TONY, a 22 years gal with charming face,height of 5’5 feet and figure seems slim as her boobs are like pair of mangoes and her round dome shaped buttocks makes her hot and she is my sexy elder sister and Mohit,a 20 years guy with tall figure of 5”11 feet having a strong physique have been with her elder sister several times as Tony have lost her virginity also 6 months back and we both have enjoyed sex on bed but she always love to do oral sex but once as i fucked her,i have done it several times as she is not so interested in intercourse but it as our plan is on card,she have took a small bag as our clothes are inside it and she is bit scared also having journey with me,but she can’t reveal the truth to mom or dad as our physical affairs have evolved with in the evening,we both left home as i have hired an auto rickshaw for kanpur’s bus stand and Tony is looking like an innocent girl as her dress of long skirts with tops and sandals have made me too simple,we both are sitting in auto rickshaw while making the distance and after a while,as we reached bus stop ,i paid to auto driver and hold our luggage ,so walked towards stop where bus of sonebhadra is standing and as we reached there,she said………..

Mohit,want to buy some items
[Mohit] o k ,let enter inside bus and than i will buy your items
[Tony bit serious] no just wait or sit inside,i will be back soon.”so she walked away as departure time is 07:20 pm,we have enough time and i am waiting out of bus and after some time,she came back while holding a carry bag in her hand and now both entered inside bus as she sits on windows seat and i put luggage on upper case of bus,so i asked him………….


”wait ,i am coming soon.”and i walked out of bus as i moved towards a shop and have a cigarette as i am smoking it,our journey is of whole night as our native place is 400 km from kanpur and after smoking cigarette,i bought two bottles of water as i entered inside bus.a luxurious A/C bus with push back seats as well as curtains will make our journey well comfortable .now i sit there as my elder sister have made her seat well back and so i did it ,now it’s time for bus to start and our face are straight but my eyes are eyeing her lovely boobs as it’s looking too hot in her tops while she have put her body in a semi-sleepy position and as bus moved,except night bulbs ,all bulbs have been switched off as i am still waiting for bus staff to come and check the ticket,so i can put curtain there and than as i can look my sister’s eyes closed,i asked……..

”tony,are you fine
[she] yes but my marriage is going to happen against my will
[Mohit] oh i see,but have you expressed your opinion to mom or dad
[she] yes i have told mom that i want to do my post graduation degree first than want a married life
[Mohit] but if you are not happy with the guy you will get married
[she] that’s not the matter ,as i don’t know him and he is a employed one with smart figure
[Mohit] leave it,you can do your P.G degree after marriage also.”

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And so our conversation ends soon as one staff come there and checked our tickets ,so as he walked away i put curtain there and now bus is moving in a slow speed as traffic is on we both are voiceless as our eyes are closed and after a while,i put my arm on the back of seat as my hand is on her seat’s back and it’s touching her shoulder also,but she is not showing her resistance as i moved on my seat towards her right direction as getting closer is my first goal and than as my eyes are closed,my arm is now on her shoulder and it’s going down towards her mountainous range of chest and as i hold her left breast hard and starts pressing it gently,she opened her eyes and shows her resistance with her hand holding my wrist to put it away but i am still pressing her soft boobs and than i said………

”what happened tony?
[she] oh we are in bus,if i will get hot than
[Mohit] no need to panic,just enjoy my company.”and i am squeezing her breast hard as one long soft divider is making a demarcation in between our seats but i pulled it up,so we both are now too closed and as bus is now on highway,it’s in a great speed while we hold each other in tony is kissing my face as her hand is moving on my jeans,i know her search as well as love for cock,so as she shows her long tongue and starts licking my lips,i opened my mouth and swallow it,now while sucking it hard our body are closed but legs are on floor and this position is not so comfortable for us but as we both are getting horny,position doesn’t matter and she is pressing her soft boobs on my chest as i am sucking her tongue hard and after a while,she freed her tongue and now we both are bit shy as her hand is on my bulge and i unzipped my jeans and than pulled my brief inside it,so she got my cock as it’s like a fleshy organ with no movement and she hold it in her hand as she is pressing my thick cock hard and my hand is pressing her breast hard.

Tony as well as Mohit have kept their faces straight and now my other hand starts lifting her long skirts and she is helping me to lift it up and as skirts is on her inner thighs,she put her sexy ass slight up of seat and i lifts it up to her in dim light her black bikni is visible and she is holding my cock as her love on it,is making my cock grew bigger and my hand is moving on her bikini ,so feeling it’s soft fleshes on cover while massaging her breast is making me hot and now as my cock erected ,she starts giving it a hard and fast jerk.she is too hot as i am looking for her bikini’s strings or hooks to open and as i starts rubbing my fingers on her bikini to make her cunt hot,she unhooked it and now her nude cunt is available for service as i know how to love in a little space .so my finger is rubbing her little hole as it’s out of it till now and his pea shaped clitoris is getting the touch of my finger as i know clitoris is a sexual organs to provide a gal or lady ,a better sensation and as my finger is bit inside her vagina,it’s rubbing her clitoris and she is too horny as she is masturbating my cock fast and than as her sexy voice”oh uh feeling hot,please lick it” is making me hot,i pushed my long finger in her vagina and starts fingering it fast,so both are jerking /fingering each other’s sexual organs and her hot as well as dry vagina is giving me a lot of pleasure and lastly,she hold my wrist as she said…..

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”now please lick it.”,so as i took out my finger from her vagina,i stand for a while and than knelt down in front of seats as tony have now enough space to stretched her legs wider,so she moved her sexy ass in the middle of both seats as i took my position and now as her legs are in opposite directions,i put my face in between her thighs,so i starts rubbing my long nose on her hole as she is holding my hairs and now in dim light,my elder sister’s reddish vagina with fleshy labias are visible and i am putting my lips on it,so her sexy voice”oh uh now lick it” is making me horny and now i can see her vaginal hole getting wider as she have put her fingers on it and now i starts licking my sister’s vagina with my long tongue as she have hold my hairs tightly,i can feel my long cock fully erected as i have got the idea ”how to fuck her inside a moving bus”,but i am licking her glory hole as i know it will be the sole property of a guy after two weeks but our relationship can move further but it will be her decision and now as i am rolling tongue in her cunt,she is screaming slowly

”uh ah um i will cum” and as bus is moving at a great speed on highway with too many buses/cars and other vehicles ,so my sister’s voice can’t be heard by passengers in bus,so after a while,tony’s cunt starts cumming as it flows like a spring and it’s on my face also and than i took her vagina in mouth as i am sucking it hard and i love to taste her cum as i licked it also,so my sister’s cunt is wet and now i sit on seat as my long cock is slamming my sister.

we both are too horny and she hold my cock as she put her mouth near my ear……”have you got some ideas to penetrate here
[Mohit] sure but now you will suck my penis
[she] oh mohit,my suck can make your tool cum and than.”as i accepted my horny sister proposal of fuck and now i took out a bottle of water as i drink it,while she have it and now i am in short break as i want to fuck my sister’s vagina for 10-12 minutes,so my hand is rubbing her thighs as her skirts is on waist,now i started removing my jeans and undies,as our lower parts are nude…….i hold her breast as i am squeezing it gently an now i put my mouth near her ear an screamed………….

”baby,you have to sit on my cock with your ass slight up of my cock and i will than fuck you from below
[tony] love it but you will go slow as your cock is too thick and it will hurt after my cunt get hot and dry
[Mohit] oh i see,but till its wet i will fuck fast.”and now its a tough position inside bus as i am sitting with my legs on ground and tony,now pulled down her skirts as she stand for a while and now she put her both arms on my shoulder and than put her one leg up on seat as i hold her waist tightly,than she put her other legs and now she put her both hands on the back of seat to make balance and i hold her back ,now she is looking downward and now she pushed her ass slight back as her ass is just above of my cock,she is a slim figure and i love to fuck her in this position but we are inside bus ,not in home,so little cautious as well as silent,so as her vagina is straight of my cock and my one hand have hold her waist as well as other holding her back,she is holding me hard and her soft boobs are giving me a nice touch on chest as she put her hand down to my cock and hold it,now she is pushing my penis in her wet cunt and as my glans enters her cunt,she is pressing her heavy buttocks down to swallow my penis and now we both are comfortable as she have put her hands on my shoulders and her both legs are stretched as my cock have vanished in her cunt but half of it is moving slow and lastly i fucked her hard as she took my ear in her mouth to show her pleasure as well as to keep her mouth silent,now i have hold her sexy body as my cock is inside and she have put her arms on my shoulder and her body is well balanced as i have hold it tightly,so i put her sexy ass slight above as parts of cock came out of cunt and now i starts fucking her cunt with my 1/4 cock only as 3/4 cock have put it inside like never to be out of it,but as my cock is hitting her vagina hard and fast,tony shows her experience as well as desire and now i have hold her only as she starts bouncing her ass up and down,now my cock is moving inside fast and her wet cunt is little dry and hot as i know this position always makes uncomfortable as wet cunt can’t hold your cocks while getting fast fucked ,so i have fucked her slow but my horny sister is enhancing our pleasure as she is bouncing her ass fast and my cock is getting the weight of her bum ,but while fucking a guy can’t feel or think something different and now as she hold her ass,i kissed her lips……..”now it will be the end baby.”and as she moved her ass up,i started fucking her from below and we both are semi nude as our body is too hot and my cock is fucking her with speed and power as she is kissing my neck,her head is on my shoulder and as his vagina is getting hotter,her sexy voice”uh ah now cum cum soon”and my cock gave her cunt 10-12 minutes of fuck and it ejaculates cum in her vagina as it’s coming out of her cunt also and now dripping it on my pubic hairs to thighs…………….so we both are sitting for a while and than tony wake up as she cleaned her vagina with a small towel and we both put our clothes…………….as our journey ends in the morning……………..

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