What happens when you chat with your naked sister online

My little sister moved out of the house when I turned 20, while I stayed put. We were always close, and we wanted to keep in touch after she left. I’d call once in awhile and we emailed and sometimes we chatted. It was the chatting that did it. There is something about the computer that kicked up our intimacy. I let it happen, so did she, and besides I liked to drink a bit much which started in the afternoon, which left me drunk with her on the computer.

I never thought of her in any kind of sexual way until one particular evening on the phone.

“What is it?” I asked. She seemed wired, giggling and distracted. “You drunk?”

“Naaaa, not it.” A singsong voice. “It’s Nothing. I’m eating, s’all.” More giggling.

We talked some more, but there was something odd about her. I could not put my finger on it.

“What are you eating?”

“Mmmmm. Some lovely little pastries – a pecan danish and a carmel chocolate muffin. Oooops I spilled some.” And she was laughing again. Giggling.

“You’re crazy. What has hold of you?”

She cuts me off, “Hahaha. I’m freaking buck naked David. You caught me naked. I work out without clothes and you called, I saw it was you and thought what the hell and picked up. You can’t see me so…. I answered without clothes and I been talking to you this whole time eating pastries au natural. Happy now?”

“As in…”

She laughed, “I GOT NO CLOTHES ON Einstein. Yup, your talking to your little sis in the buff. And now I got crumbs of this muffin all over me. Looking at a piece on my thigh right now, want a taste?” Laughing again, “You know what! My muffin is the same color as my muffin! It’s almost like eating myself, come to think of it. HAHAHA.”

“Siiiiis.” It came out like a hiss. I had no idea what to say. Shit I was hard. “I…you making my day.”

“Really? Well, just a sec.” I could hear her put the phone down.

She paused and I could hear her moving around.

“I’m back.”

“You get dressed?”

“Of course, now you know, too weird. Unless…you liked me the other way.” This little sing song back in her tone, a manner in her voice she never used with me.

“Actually, I…did…like you the other way.”

“hahahah. Oh God, Pervert. Just a sec.”

More rustling around and then she is back on the line.

“What’d you do now?”

What do you think? She is laughing again.

“You naked again?”

“Worse. All I got are these cute little pink panties now. Little see through pattern, silky, mmmm, feels nice, a little ribbon right in the middle.”

Oh god, what it did to me.

And at that single moment I could not stop thinking about her body.


Actually, what I found out is, she worked out every afternoon in the buff while her roommates were gone, and showered and dressed before they got home. That new fact had a huge impact on me. Every day at that time I had a hard on thinking about the fact she was somewhere without clothes on. And, I took it upon myself to IM her or call, by chance of course, in the afternoons after that right at her workout. It got to be a regular thing. Until she stopped answer the phone. And then I was not getting hold of her by phone or by chat, no emails. Nothing.

I thought I had pissed her off.

After about a week she finally came on line to chat.

Badboy: Finally, hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.

Sashababy: Why, what’s up?

B: You mad at me?

S: Why would I be mad at you.

B: I haven’t been able to get hold of you, thought something was wrong.

B: I’m addicted to these chats now with you:) you know. Especially in the afternoon.

S: Ohhhh. 🙂 I seeee. I been out. Met someone yummy.

I got this pang of jealousy.

B: Reaaaalyy, some guy huh?

S: Yes.

B: You been out doing the naughty???

S: In a manner of speaking. He’s pretty conservative. Getting what I can.

B: As in

S: Not like my pervy brother.

S: HE wants a relationship, or some such shit.

B: Well don’t abandon me.

S: Hahahaha. Need your fix, eh.

B: You’re like crack, in a good way.

I was being probably over honest. I had a pang in my gut at the thought of her with someone else.

S: Compliments:) Will get you everywhere. But THIS may not be a good time to chat

B: Why?

S: I’m vewy vewy fwustwated:(

B: Poor baby. Join the club

S: You need a girl.

B: Ya think. Now you mention it, You naked?!!!!

S: Hahahaha. I mentioned nothing of the kind.

S: What you think? It’s when you contact me. You drunk?

S: You drink too much.

B: Never, just a few beers.

B: I was worried, thought I might have to come over there.

S: Tsk. Tsk. Now you need a show? Imagination not enough. Seriously, there’s lots of girls would date you.

S: I would, haha if I weren’t your widow sister

B: Tell me about this guy, what you mean not what you expect.

S: He don’t put out. *Pout*

B: As in

S: Duh Homer, No sex. He drives me wild and leaves me wanting. Wants to wait.

B: Fuck that shit. What world you find this guy in??

S: Exactly. Uhhh, I am just so horny.

B: I ask you to do something?

S: What?

B: Put your panties on

S: your awful

B: I want to picture you all horny AND pink. Cover your pink with pink.

S: k.

S: done

B: so what would I see right now.

S: Just li’l ole me, on my bed, sleepy and undressed, my hand covering my lady cake

B: Lady Cake – HA.

S: My kitty, my punny. My muffin.

B: make her purr.

S: Mmmmm’m nipping out now. Too much information?

B: You making me crazy.

S: What you want isn’t it? I’m drinking wine myself. Red wine. I am going to be horrified at myself tomorrow.

B: So bad. One of these days I AM coming over.

S: You!!

B: Watch you work out.

S: That would be so wrong, on so many levels.

B: your thinking about it.

S: Stop it! This is a bad time. Your touching all my weaknesses!

B: I could give you a sports massage.

S: yeah more like a breast massage. Right now I wouldn’t be able to take it.

B: Me! I’m insulted. Actually I wouldn’t touch you, just watch.

S: Just watch??

S: K. I mean, what the hell.

B: Serious!?

S: Seriously weird, but harmless I suppose. We’d be able to talk. I’m here every afternoon on my treadmill.

B: YOU’RE drunk.

S: Yeah, like I said I’ll be horrified tomorrow.

B: HA. Have another. This is fun;)

S: If you came over, tell me all the things you wouldn’t do 😉

B: Hmmmm. I wouldn’t trace my tongue around those hard nipples.


S: Damn you.

B: I wouldn’t rub your ass while you worked out, feel the sweat sliding on your skin.

S: Well…I wouldn’t tickle that cock of yours, that’s all hard now, eh?

S: By the way, YOU got to be naked too.

B: You serious?

S: No.

S: You making me so wet.

B: I wouldn’t suck your hard nips into my mouth.

I was rock hard now, this was so out of control. My head was spinning.

B: I wouldn’t lay you down and smear slippery oil over your body, run my hands all over you

S: Ahhhhh, Fuck keep telling me

B: I wouldn’t sit on your ass while I massage your shoulders, or let my cock drop down between your legs.

S: Get over here!

B: I wouldn’t dip my fingers into your little lady cake, and spread you out all wet and sweaty. All shiny pink.

S: I’m so hot right now. Damn you. I’m going to cum


S: OOOOO, Oh God, that was bad.

B: Next time I’ll be over there.

S: So bad. Don’t remind me.

B: What if I did?

S: Coming down off this horniness bro, you should of sealed the deal before I came.


B: You’ll be horny again. I won’t be so generous next time.

S: Your sooooo bad.

B: [Evil Grin] I can wait

B: In the best way.

S: 🙂

S: Sweet too.

B: And

B: If I show up?

S: I won’t say no. Not tonight. I’m sleepy now.

S: Thanks.

what did that mean? Was this for real?? The internet is this land of nothing is serious. We had never done anything like that before. It was so crazy. Spur of the moment. Wrong. I wanted to go over there, but could not imagine how it would be possible. In her presence it would get too weird. Would she even let me do what we just did again? In fact after that chat I wasn’t even sure how to start anything, and we went a few days.

One evening I went out on an actual date and when I got back to the house, me and a girl. Not really girlfriend, but we had messed around a bit. The night had all this energy, and she was into me right now and I took her to the house.

We get into the living room, my computer laying on the table.

I look at the computer and there is my sis.


What a weird feeling, I got a girl in my house and here is my sister, and in the worst way I want to chat with my sister. I get all warm, and glancing at the screen.

“Just a sec.”

I sat at the table looking at my sister ready to chat, and then glancing up at my girlfriend not girlfriend sitting across from me. Well this was mildly inappropriate but hey – not even knowing why – and without really realizing my sis would not know I even had had a girlfriend here. I lean over the computer.

“I got to check on my sister and sat at the computer. It’ll just be a minute.”

She settles on the sofa, shrugs her shoulder. I can tell she is now nonplussed.

S: Hey Bro, where are ya? I’m NAKED here!!!!

S: You there????

S: Come on, where you been? Your loss:(

What a mistake to leave my computer out on the table!!

B: what? Yeah. I’m here.

S: Where you been?

B: Out

S: *Pout* So that’s how you are, Love and leave em, hey bro. You get a girlfriend?

B: Well, I got one right now

S: Aren’t we the saucy one. Get me naked and hot and bothered for a night, and its all you can think about.

My god she thought I meant her!

Meanwhile my not-girlfriend is shifting around, standing up. “What’s taking you?”

“Just one more minute, She’s got some problem.”

B: Here in the room. Here with me.

S: We’ll see about that. Still hits me as kinda weird.

She still not understanding

My girl is walking toward me now.

I see NAKED on the screen. Shit. I told her this was my sister.

“Don’t come over here.”

She says, “this is shit.” And walks off to the bathroom. “Get off that thing before I get back.” I messed this all up. God dammit.

B: Sis I got a girl HERE right now!!

There was a pause of nothing.

S: Oh.

S: Guess we got to work out a code, don’t want to be pissing anyone off, eh?

B: Sorry, I want to chat.

S: Sure you do. So the code is when you’re alone sugarbabies, and if anyones there milkduds.

B: See ya tomorrow cutie.

S: Night night milk dud 🙁

S: Tonight I might of said yes to what you asked, now it might just be no.

Shit, I was obsessed with her now.


Ugh, my stomach was in knots. The change between us was becoming irreversible.

In response I backed way off, began to question the whole ‘relationship’ aspect of my sister. This feeling of attraction I had. How I noticed the way her dark hair accentuated her eyes, and the way her lower lip pouted. She liked to bite her lower lip and hold it with her teeth, the tilt of her head. The curve of her hips. How perfect her ass looked in a tight pair of jeans. The sexual feelings I was having, of wanting to see her. My state of arousal, it was all so wild. Now I was beginning to get nervous if I did see her. I’m messing this up, and so I backed off.

But the innuendo within our chats continued, in fact became our preferred contact. The hidden world remained as a gem where I could pretend she was someone else, not my sister. She kept alluding to me coming over, and driving me crazy. Teasing, flirting. To make matters worse, we both started drinking while chatting, and would get just roaring drunk, and let our guards down with the excuse that we were just drunk.

The recurring Game we played with each other centered around food:

S: I’m eating some cake.

B: What kind

S: Chocolate. The frosting is so delicious.

B: Can I have a bite?

S: Just a bite? Sure. A BITE? A nibble

S: A slow and gentle nibble. Here, Mmmmmmm.

B: Mmmmm. So good. I like licking your frosting:)

S: Ooops. I spilled some

B: Where?

S: Mmmmm. Down there *blush*

B: Let me get it with my tongue

B: Can’t quite get it, its smearing along your thigh >>>>>. Oh, now you’ve got some crumbs down there too.

S: What a mess!!

S: I better open my legs to get a better look!!

B: Such a bad little girl, such a mess!

B: I’ll lick all the crumbs up for you. Here. Hold still…Roll over on your front.

S: K:)

B: Your so good, doing everything I ask. Can I lick you???


B: Open wide!

B: God I love your chocolate lady cake, mmmm so sticky.

S: God damn you, oh ===O>

B: Picking up each little bit with the tip of my tongue. Delicious.

[and I pounced]

B: Can I come over??

S: Crazy.

B: I want to watch you work out.

B: Pamper you.

S: I bet you do.

B: Pweeeese.

S: Oh, I just don’t know. Keep going.

B: I got more games to play, hate to end it now.

S: Fucker! Don’t stop. Ahhh hurry!!

B: I could dress after:)

B: Can I?

S: Yes. But so wrong on so many levels.

B: I’m licking, nibbling, such lovely lips down there. Soft, wet, so pink, give it to me.

S: oo yeah

B: Tasty

B: Pulling you open, mmmm, presssss right in your ass. Licking you everywhere, getting you all cleaned up.

S: Ohhhhh, fuck. OOOOOOOO>

B: You so tight

B: Let me grab those tits and squeeze, Turn over.

S: Allllll.

B: Can I lay on you?

S: So bad?

B: Yes.

B: wrap my legs around your waist

B: so warm, and my cock slips along your thighs.

S: You win. You win. Oh god, I’m cumming.


S: omg yesssssss

B: squeeze me

B: I have you

S: Oh god. God damn you.

S: This is fantasy now

B: I feel your juices running down my balls

S: No one can know.

B: give me your clit my fantasy

S: you have me, all of me. I’m yours.

B: I’m coming over there tomorrow

S: You can only *have* me on chat you know

B: I know. We can talk, tell stories. I want to see that workout of yours.

S: You shit. So bad

B: See you tomorrow.

S: I need to eat.

I knocked on the door, really having no idea at all what to expect, and promising myself not to be disappointed no matter what happened. The disappoint was almost immediate though. What did I expect though, to be honest my sisters naked form in the door!

The door remained closed, no answer. I knocked again, waiting made me even more nervous. Then the door opened and Sasha stood there, shyly in the opening, eyes glued to me, FULLY DRESSED letting me in. Shit. It’s not like I had any idea how this would play out, but I had built up an amazing fantasy sequence. She is not going to do it. I stepped in and followed her into her area of the apartment. There in the corner was her treadmill.

It’s Ok I said to myself, this is fine. It’s too much, but what do I say. I was blank.

“Hi.” She breathed. Her cheeks were flushed, pressing her hands together. She was in a nice tight pair of jeans, and oh how I noticed these things now. God she looked good. I oogled her, lusting after her. Noticing her curves, her tight little body. She was shorter than me with long dark hair, shine, the flash of her teeth. We knew why I was here. Our chats. Our conversations, what we had done. It all seemed anonymous and safe and stupid and not her, her. I had made her cum for gods sake. But now in each others presence, shy and awkward. This was really happening, in the real world now.

I sat on a very nice brown leather sofa that I did not remember, and stayed all nonchalant. It was a joke, yeah.

Sasha sat down on the edge of the Sofa on the other side from me and as I thought what to say next – something along the lines of ‘it’s ok. We were just kidding around’ – I heard her unzip her jeans and I froze, lifting my eyes to her, couldn’t help but watch, mesmerized as she peeled them down her legs.

In such a female voice she said, “I thought it would be more interesting if I undressed after you got here.” God she looked sexy standing there with bare legs and a white jersey hanging loose around her hips.

All I could say is, “Yeah. I think so.”

“It seemed too clinical the other way.” I couldn’t move and she paused meeting my eyes again, “You wanted to watch right?”

“Uh, Yeah. Hell yeah.”

“Thought you were changing your mind.” She laughed at the unlikeliness of her comment, and kicked her jeans away. I wanted to just basically stare, but it seemed weird. Not knowing what to do with my hands as my sister began her little striptease I picked up a magazine and started flipping the pages.

Yeah, that’s it, the magazine had my interest, not my sisters soft legs and pink panties now visible as she lifted her top over her head revealing a matching little pink bra. Her panties had this V beneath her navel dipping low between her legs, and the bra came across her breasts just above her aureoles.

“Pink panties.” I said.

“Yeah, your favorite. Eh,” She bit her lower lip, that smirk. God, when did she become irresistible? I had seen her do that her whole life, now suddenly so sexy. She stood with her knees pointing together in front of me, barefoot in the lightest of lingerie.

I said, “That you know I like pink panties is is kind of…”

“Weird. We know a lot of things now.” she finished.

She dropped her jersey on top of her jeans and stood facing me, not three feet away. I had not seen my sister in panties and bra in a long time, and then fleeting glances, of her turning away from me, through doorways or her running by me. Today I was looking right at her as she faced me, showing me, revealing herself. What was happening? I could not even trace the trail of how we got here. She had small breasts under the nice matching pink bra, the kind that does not sag but holds out perfectly from her body like a tear drop. I looked into her eyes, and up and down her body, could feel her satisfaction at being watched. She liked her power just then, the attention, the allure, acknowledgment of her beauty..

She bent over, grabbing her jeans and top and walked into the bathroom.

“I’m putting these away, and I got to pee.”

I heard the toilet flush and then a radio playing softly. She came back and I watched as she unclasped her bra at the front and let it open and fall to her sides, slide down her arms. So nonchalant. Like she was by herself. Shit, this was really happening. This was one of those moments in my life, I thought that would never happen again.

“We got a little more than one hour.”

I said, “You look beautiful.”

And she laughed. “Thanks, I guess. This is weird. What we do does not leave this room!”

She walked over and started the motorized treadmill, and in one final motion slipped her panties down, mooning me as she did, and kicked them over by the couch near her bra.

“Want a little Souvenir?” She said to me as she started the treadmill and got on, basically standing sideways to my gaze.

“So…This is it, this is what I do every day. Kind of boring.”

“I don’t know in what world this is boring. You got a tan.”

“Yeah. A little.”

“I never noticed. I can notice it now.”

“Yes you can.” She wiggled her butt at me. “I start out with a power walk, and move it to a nice jog.”

I could see her stepping quickly. With the treadmill sideways I could see each stride, each step and the movement of her butt. Her breasts had a little bounce. She looked different than I expected. Every so often Sasha glanced over at me.

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“How did you start doing this? I mean, like THIS.”

She shrugged, “Laziness I guess. Tired of wearing dirty sweaty clothes in my workout, not wanting to wash them all the time. This way I can just shower after.” I was shifting around on the sofa, getting comfortable and trying for a better view. She was basically sideways to me. I could see her in profile.

She looks over and says, “Remember the deal?”


“I get naked, you get to be naked too. Remember?”

Shit, that’s right. I had totally forgotten.

“Uh, Oh, ok.” I was suddenly flustered.

I unzipped my jeans and slid them off, threw them beside the sofa and lifted my T shirt over my head. I was in boxers, tenting in front of me. Her eyes, wide, glued to my crotch. I looked up at her.

“I’m hard. That ok?”

She laughed. “I’d be disappointed if you weren’t.”

I tugged my boxers down, watching my cock bounce straight out and stood facing her at full attention. She bit her lower lip. Did I see that right? Sasha looked at herself and at me. Damn she had tight little nipples, she was no more than five feet away from me and I sat myself down on the couch and grasped my cock, almost out of habit for being naked.

“Sit down, enjoy. And this is absolutely secret. No one can ever know.”

Her nipples were so hard and bouncing with each step. She could sense my eyes wandering over her, and raised one of her hands over her breast and gave her tits a squeeze.

“Don’t worry.”

“Not even hints. This is crazy.” She raised her hand to her breast again and let her palm brush her hard nipples. “Can’t believe I let you talk me into this. I’m all nipped out again!”

The more I looked, I could see how white her ass was, and the sharp line to her tanned legs. Could also see what a tiny little bikini she wore.

“Where do you tan?”

“Backyard. And for THAT I wear a bathing suit. I’m not a total exhibitionist. Just for my brother. HA. I would never do this with anyone else you know.”

Her butt cheeks rose and fell with each step, and the treadmill was speeding up as she began a light jog. Her breasts and buttocks bouncing, her body rising and falling with each step. The way she ran now set her legs in a longer stride and now her little bush was coming into view. She had such a lovely tightly trimmed little bush, and I could see it so much better when she was jogging. Without thinking I began to stroke the length of my cock, and my tip was wet and dripping which made my cock immediately slippery.

That caught my sisters eye, and she watched me as I stroked, her eyes glued to my cock.

“You’re in pretty good shape, you work out?” Her voice sounded breathy now.

“I bike.”

As I stroked, her hand went down lower and she covered her bush. I watched her dip in a finger, could imagine how wet she was. She held her hand there and I could tell she was stroking a finger inside her lips as she jogged. So it was voyeurism and exhibitionism at its finest. Would we masturbate in front of each other? I wanted to see if she would sit on the couch with me, sit together naked. I did not want to cum yet, but god I was horny, my fingers sliding up and down my cock. This was so wild.

Her breathing was getting heavier as she jogged faster.

“This what you expected?”

I said, “Your an angel.” I meant it. She smiled, letting go her bush and held onto the treadmill for a still faster run.

“Here’s your show! I can’t talk so much.”

And there we were, me naked on the couch. We had taken each other up on this little dare, this secret afternoon. My eyes were glued on her, as she stole glances at me.

After about thirty minutes that seemed like five, the treadmill slowed and she was walking. Between pants she breathed out, “I go into a little warm down here.”

When she got off she was covered in a nice sheen of sweat that made her glow. Her cheeks were red, and her lips swollen. Honestly she looked like she had just been through a session of vigorous sex, and her smell. Utterly intoxicating, the smell of her body, powdered cinnamon, sweet and pungent. I was going to say something like you look like you just fucked, or something like it but didn’t. Her hair disheveled, and her legs and torso shining, god she just glowed. As she stood in front of me, I was provided with the ongoing description of her routine.

“Want to see me do my stretches after?”

“Sure.” Now this she was doing right in front of me, right in front of the sofa, at my feet.

She stood with legs apart, chest out, and began twisting her torso back and forth. Not her back to me, but her front. Her little bush tucked between her spread legs. It was more than I could bear. So sweet. I wanted to touch her, but resisted. Her breasts swinging back and forth, her hair hanging over her shoulders, sticking to her cheeks. She smiled as I gawked and stroked my cock slowly.

Next, with her legs still spread, she put her hands on hips and did a few squats down and up. As she squatted down with legs spread, I could imagine what she would look like from behind.

“Uh, turn around.”

She met my eyes, with a sudden knowing glance.

She just said, “Pervert.” But obliging she actually did turn around with her ass to me.

Oh my God! With each squat I could see her pink pussy lips, like a little clam shell peek out from between her legs.

I gave an audible groan, and began tugging at my cock harder, basically pumping myself.

She turned at me while still bent over. “I take it you like?”

“Oh God you have no idea.” She was thrilled.

Still turned away, she put her feet together and began bending over and touching her toes. When she bent down at an angle to touch each foot with both hands, the twist gave me a little show of her anus. I melted.

“This is my last one.”

And then I noticed her juices leak out of her pussy, running in a little rivulet down her thigh. I almost came right there, and let go my cock. I swear I could have cum without touching myself if she kept doing that.

“Just a sec.” And she was gone. When she came back she had a hand towel and wiping her face and neck, and sat down at the end of the sofa. “I’m a sweaty mess. That’s the show. We have about a half hour.” And eying my cock, “I can tell you liked.”

“Sis, you have no idea. Thanks.”

“Least I could do after all the indulgences you’ve given me, our terrible chats. You make me crazy you know that?” She settled onto the leather sofa. “We should not be doing this. Any of this.” But her words belied what she was doing.

She lifted her foot up on the sofa, and lay her knee at the back of the sofa opening her legs to me, and she made no attempt to cover herself. Completely exposing her pussy, legs pulled so wide her lips parting and I could see her shining slit open up.

“No one will know. Ever. Our secret.” And I grasped my cock once again.

In response to my movement, she lay her hand over her bush.

Silence. I watched her finger slide lightly through the center of her slit. Rubbing herself in long delicious strokes, and then circling her clit and back down.

She cooed, “Horny?”

“Yes. You?”

“I been horny all week. Want to watch something else?”

She dug her finger deep into her slit and began sinking it into her hole, and up around her clit. The movement opened her dark bush and her white clit came peeking out, so swollen. God I wanted that. Her hand moving faster, she began to slide her fingers back and forth over her clit, faster and faster, and plunging two fingers into her hole.

I was sliding my hand up and down my cock, running along the slippery lubrication, as my sister watched my hand working. And then I had an inspiration.

“Got any of that chocolate cake left.”


“You hungry for cake?”

Knowingly she got up, and in a moment was back with a thick slice of chocolate cake.

She held the cake in one hand and took a bite, with the other she stroked herself. “Mmmmmm.” Cake crumbs dropping and sticking to her tits and tummy, sticking to her sweaty skin, chocolate smearing to her lips. God this was too much, our absolute perfect fantasy. It had been building for months. She began to masturbate again.

Her finger working up and down her slit, and squirming to her touch, soft moans as she held her mouth open touching herself and holding the cake. As I continued to stroke my cock, I stood up and moved toward her.

Her eyes widened, “Ah. Ah. Ah. You can’t touch me!”

“I’m not, not with my hands.”

And I stood with my cock pointing at her, pumping my cock, slippery with precum along my shaft. I was going to cum on her, she realized right away.

As I positioned myself between her legs she took a dollop of chocolate frosting, and smeared along the length of my cock, gripping my cock as she did.

As I watched the bells going off! My god. She touched me! I stood with a line of chocolate smeared along the underside of my hard cock. As I again grasped my cock and began to pump realized the frosting was lubricating my shaft, and I could pump myself faster. Covering my cock with melting and slippery chocolate.

And I realized something about my sister. She was so turned on by my chocolate covered cock, by being dirty, by the food on her body. Naked and sweaty, dirty, cake crumbs and frosting. She was totally turned on by the idea of me cumming on her, my little slut who loved to be dirty was about to get VERY dirty, covered in my cum dirty.

“What are you going to do?” Her knowing smile.

“Nothing. Keep going.”

She knew. “Your going to make a mess?”

“Your already a mess.”

She literally moaned and leaned back into the couch, “So are you,” facing forward now she curled her knees up and set her feet on the front of the sofa, spreading her legs wide, as I moved between her knees. My cock was pointing right at her breasts, lift it a little and right at her chin. The cake was gone and she was licking her fingers, frosting smeared on her fingers, she tossed her long hair to one side with her fingers working her cunt nonstop. She held her mouth open, panting and moaning now reaching her fingers deep into her cunt. Her eyes were glazed looking up at me.

“What you gonna do?”

“Spray my dirty cum all over you.”

“Oh shit.”

She took her frosting covered fingers and began to draw lines of frosting across her breasts, and on her her front.

“Ooops. I spilled some.”

Oh God, our game. The I lick it off you game.

“I could lick it off.”

“But you can’t touch me.”

“Oh yeah, well then I can’t lick it off.” And as I said that leaned over her and with my tongue licked a line of frosting off her breast.

“Oh god, no, you so bad!” She was working herself so hard. “You promised.” Digging her fingers hard into her cunt, arching her back. I licked her again.

I say, “You’re the tease.”

“Oh,” I straightened back up, quickening the pumping of my cock. Her eyes languid, “This is wild. We don’t have much time.”

“I’m almost there, tell me what you won’t do to ME.” I could barely talk.

“Well, I’m not going to wrap my mouth around that beautiful cock of yours and drink your cum.”

I could feel the cum rising.

“I’m not going to turn around give you my pussy to fuck, and let you see my pink slit creaming with your cum.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I said, “I’m not going to press you into that couch and fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! Oh God, yeah!”

And with those words my spunk began to spurt out onto her, spraying lines across her body. My sister smiling and watching as ribbons of cum ran across her breasts, I pointed higher and sent a stream across her red lips, just touching beneath her nose and across her cheek. I got my spunk in her hair, and watched it run down her belly. My sperm coursing across her skin, crossing the lines of chocolate already on her body.

She began moaning and her body spasming between my legs causing her to involuntarily buck forward. The contractions of her thighs as she gripped her cunny, rubbing herself furiously. Her legs spreading wide and her fingers shoved up deep inside, as she arched herself back crying out, “Oh Fuck. Fuck yea. Oh god!” Watching her orgasm was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Nothing could have prepared me for it. She was leaning back, wide open, still spasming, with her eyes closed.

When she finally opened her eyes, little sparkling slits shining up at me, “Shit, that was intense.”

We were still naked, which for some reason I had suddenly become fully aware of again and I drank her in completely. Exquisite, open, naked, female, so female. I keep saying that but she was the essence, of a goddess. That moment is probably the most memorable thing that I retained or will ever ever remember.

Her eyes beginning to focus, she was staring at my cock again, covering her cunt with her open palm. My cock still semi stiff and covered in chocolate.

“We are idiots.” She was laying her other hand across her eyes like she was covering up from seeing us, or any of this. “This is so fucked up!” And she was laughing.

I began to step away, when she says, “Wait! Just a second.” I stopped, standing there before her and her eyes fixed on my cock. She moved her feet to the floor and leaned forward. Leaning slowly toward me, I froze.

My cock sticking out, not quite hard but still stiff. I could feel her breath, and she licked the underside of my cock. Taking me with one hand and pressing it to my abdomen, as she began to lick the chocolate off.

Her eyes looking up at me as she did, “This ok?”

I could only nod. Opening her mouth she pressed the head of my cock into her throat and sucked me in. Her tight little mouth wrapped around my head, pushing it deep into her mouth. I could feel her teeth drag along the the base of my cock and I moaned, my legs almost giving out. It was too much.

She let my cock drop out of her mouth long enough to say, “Got to clean you up.”

She held my hips now and pumped my cock in her mouth, sucking me, sucking me in deep. Pumping my cock and I could feel myself getting harder and I began to meet her movement and thrust into her mouth, hold the back of her head, gripping her hair. She slowed, and once again let it pop out of her mouth. Began licking it, like it were ice cream or a popsicle. Long delicate licks. Looking now, tracing the chocolate that was left, literally licking my cock clean. She licked by balls, licked the chocolate out of my hair, she licked up onto my abdomen. She licked the crease between my cock head and shaft.

And when she was done, lay her palm over the length of my cock and pressed it to my abdomen.

“There now, all clean and nice.”

She was still covered in my cum and chocolate, leaning herself back again.

Finally, I stepped from between her legs and sat down right next to her. Our thighs touching, she hooked her one foot around mine. She shook her hair out like a mane and laying back on the sofa facing me, made a a cup with her hand and scooped along her tummy capturing a line of my cum, brought it up to her mouth and licked it. I about came right there watching her lick my cum off her body.

“God Sasha.” I moaned, reaching out and lay my hand over her breasts, smearing my shiny cum around her tits, squeezing and rubbing her sweaty body. “What a mess.”

Silently, we touched each other. Her hand reaching out stroked my belly, and drew her fingers along the length of my cock.

I let my hand slide down over her belly and her abdomen, over her hips. I brushed my fingers through the hairs of her bush but did not plunge my fingers into her slit. Running my hands over her body, loving the feel of her slippery sweaty skin. Rubbing my spunk into her, smearing the chocolate and then softly running my hands over her breasts again, squeezing and rubbing, sliding on her skin.

And leaning in I sucked the nipple of her breast into my mouth, suckling her. Licking the chocolate and salt and cum. Licking her breasts, kissing her breasts as she held my head and hugged me to her body. Running our hands over each other. She held my thigh briefly and gave a final squeeze.

“Times up,” She said. “Seriously. They come home soon, you got to be gone. I got to take a shower.”

But we didn’t move. We did not want it to end, our bodies leaning together silently exploring every nook and cranny.

“What you expected?” She cooed.


“Me either.”

We sounded like lovers.

She stood on unsteady legs, and picked her panties and bra up.

I slid across the sofa and began to dress.

“No one knows.”

I looked at her like, obviously.

“You going to be online tonight?”

She was growing distracted. I believe worried her roommates might show up. She was looking at the door, listening.

“Yeah, probably.”


“I’ll let myself out.”

When I got home I had this email from my sister:

I am fit for a fondue now….having just melted. You did this.

You have a cute butt by the way, hahaha. Standing above me, OH! What are you doing?



Cum for me.

Cum ON me.

Best shower of my life. Sooooo dirty.

I gotta go. Have to get dressed.

Hey, you said you would dress me?

Next time.

Holy shit, it all came back to me.


And later that evening I was trolling for my sister, and she came online.

B: hey

S: I thought you’d be here

B: You wanted to chat?!

S: You got my email

B: yes i did

S: *blush*

S: I was still in a post orgasmic glow. Delete it. NOW!

B: It was sweet

S: I’m so embarrassed

B: don’t be

B: I’ll remember to dress you next time

The screen was silent awhile

S: We got to be careful.

B: We were. I’m not telling anyone.

S: Well we weren’t. You know what happened tonight!

S: My roommates want to know who I was with today!!

B: How would they know that?

S: The SOFA. It was covered in chocolate, your cum, and my pussy juice.

S: We didn’t clean anything up!!

B: Oh shit.

S: So now they think I did the nasty with my boyfriend, who I have not done it with.

S: What else could I do.

B: Nothing.


S: It got out of control, for me too.

B: But. You liked it though, right?

S: Yes. Yes. But you are my brother.

B: Your email.

S: My brain is kicking in. I mean, I sucked you off!

B: Not complaining:()

S: I haven’t had any for awhile and I been getting teased by this boy

B: You told me, yeah.

S: Well, teased by two boys now!!

B: harmless fun, right?

S: yeah well, some harmless fun! could have been incest. God, I was tooooo horny

S: for my own good. Now my roommates know something happened.

B: We need to be more careful

S: WE need to cool it.

S: Maybe AFTER I get laid, HA

She was running this stream of words.

B: I understand> I think

B: I’m sorry

S: No. Not what I meant to do at all. Not guilt you.

S: don’t, God. It was….I don’t know. I DON’T FUCKING KNOW. You are learning all my fetishes

S: and that was pretty much ALL OF THEM

B: HA. Lets see, exhibitionism-check

B: voyeurism check.

S: Stop!!!!

B: Food fetish-check

S: food on my body-check

B: masturbation

S: Sucking cock

S: bukkakke

B: what’s that?

S: Being cummed on

B: Ahhhh, Dirty Dirty girl. So that’s why you like the work out naked.

B: I want to smear chocolate on you.

S: MMMMM – Stop.

B: Getting you all sweaty and dirty.

B: Loved the frosting

S: Mmmmmm. God damn it. You are a bad boy.

B: I liked watching you. So wet.

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S: I just took my pants off

B: We can still chat 😉

B: All those things I WON’T do to you

S: Be patient.

Fucking shit, what a night we had.


Once you experience something you want it again, in fact you want it again more, more, more intensely. Sex is definitely like that. The true nature of an addiction. But sex with your sister?

I was feeling quite addicted. It was truly like crack, nothing was like what I had done, in what was now one week ago.

To then be relegated to chatting again was hard, and I kept pressing for more. Like going from full color to coloring books. I wasn’t being obnoxious but steady, she knew what I wanted. My drip drip drip that is not fixed or able to be turned off. And she still was not getting any because I would check on that. Weirdly that was like my in. It was my one true invite back to that leather sofa, and my sisters naked ass. To be near her like that again, to be naked with my sister. Stand over her and cum on her.

I told her I wanted to blindfold her and feed her.

S: What would you feed me?

B: Anything I want;)

B: You my baby bird with her mouth open.

S: Feed me! Feed Me!

Now as it happened it was my birthday and mom wanted to give me a little gathering at the house. She was willing to cook and bake a cake. Now from everything I’d shared so far it would seem I was one of those guys without any friends. That’s not it, I’m just focused here on my now obsession which was my sister. My illicit self, my secret transcripts of depravity.

Beyond this fetish I had an utterly, outwardly normal life. I worked, took some classes, had plenty of friends, went out a lot. Dated, that one girl was getting to be a pretty regular thing. Actually, so did my sister. She was really good friends with her roommates, and if you saw her, she appeared almost conservative. Yeah, its always the conservative ones with the dirtiest fetishes.

Anyway, I was not at a loss who I would like over for a quiet evening, but then it also dawned on me that I could invite my sister.

I never had before, it was not the normal thing for me to actually be with my sister when hanging out with my friends. I mean, who does that? But this was really interesting timing, and I had not actually SEEN her since our thing in her apartment. My crack fix. So when I told mom who I would be inviting I included my sister. We also usually hung out and played darts or play pool in the basement or watch TV. There was a bar down there. Sure, she could hang with us. Even my friends were like, dude what’s up with that. I said I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I just didn’t add NAKED.

The night of the party I actually had butterflies, what would she do?

I told Sasha it was no big deal, and that it was MOMS idea. She wanted to see her, that was it. A chance to see both of us together, which was a lie. She bought it, and I think wanted to see me too. The fact we would be with others at the party also made it ‘safe’ for her I believe, though I could be reading a lot into the conversation which was all of one minute, and I avoided any innuendo. I did not want her to say no.

So everyone is showing up, and no Sasha. I am like shit, shit, shit, but then the door. She does not knock, just lets herself in, so the fact the door just opens meant it was her. I walk out from the kitchen and oh my god. Her hair is all done up, she has a bit of make up on, and an AMAZING summery light as a feather dress. It was floral and swooped down between her breasts. She had the kind of breasts that look so amazing in light fabric that just basically held them in place, breasts that are perfect tear drops. There was a tie in the back that cinched the dress tight around her waist and then just flowing down around her hips, mid thigh. An uneven hem. Now, keeping in mind the last time I had seen her, she was naked with her legs spread wide right in front of me, her pink slit being worked by her fingers, dark bush, my cumming across her tits, getting sucked off. God I was fit to be tied. When I looked at her I could remember the very paths my cum had taken across her skin. The shape of her mouth made me weak in the knees, and I could see her lips wrapped around my cock, her white teeth when she smiled. I was hard when she stepped in the door.

I went up and gave her a nice hug, she responded, basically forming herself to me, and I was satisfied we were Ok. So warm, I let my hands lay on her hips with my fingers spread across her ass, enjoying the feel of her body. I’d never done that before. Our hug lingered and I whispered in her ear, “I shouldn’t tell you how hot you look in that dress, sis.”

And without missing a beat she met my eyes and says, “It’s the only thing I have on.”

She laughed as her words registered in my brain, at the look I gave her as she let go of me and walked past to the kitchen swinging her luscious hips.

Just before going in the kitchen she flipped the back of her dress up at me.

My quarry had entered the room.


So we all ended up in the living room, Sasha sitting in a chair across from me and I on the sofa with my two best friends, one from high school who Sasha also knew. Mom let us have beers (something she does not always do). We talked about nothing in particular when mom comes in with an announcement. It turned out she had made a slide show of me with photos from over the years which she was now going to play in front of everybody.


It was a total surprise and we all shifted some to get a better view. My sister stood up to move, as the chair she was in had her back to the TV, so she stood against the wall that is just outside the kitchen. The slides were actually pretty good and it was actually fun to see even with the cheesy transitions mom made and the background music. There was a photo of me with my first car, sticking my head out the window. Me sitting in a box in the front yard. Me in stupid clothes. Me laying on a blanket as a baby in the buff. Everyone laughing, commenting. Me with my basketball jersey.

At some point I stood up, and wandered next to Sasha. She met my eye and smiled, “Happy birthday bro.” That mouth, so beautiful. I leaned up beside her and closing the space between us lay my hand at the small of her back. She didn’t move or take any notice I was touching her. I began to caress my hand up and down the center of her spine, and over her ass cheeks feeling her flesh through the thin fabric of her dress.

“Remember that one?” She asked.

I looked back at the TV, it was the two of us each with a water hose pointed at the other, we were soaking wet. It’s implication was not missed by me. My sister standing there with dirt smears on her legs, laughing as I was hosing her off.

“You always kept me so clean.” The glint of her smile, her mischievous eyes.

“You like to get so dirty.”

I knew precisely what she was thinking. In fact we were thinking the same things a lot lately, and I felt so utterly close to her. I do not think I had ever felt so close to anyone. I kept stroking her, noting she had on no bra and no panties just like she had said. Delicious. Exquisite. Soft and delicate, the feel of her ass. I could feel myself grow hard and adjusted myself, noting her eyes flash to my hand as I did. But giving no other notice than that. She knew I was getting hard, a little smirk on her face forming as she continued to watch the show.

I squeezed her a little on her hip, tugging her a little toward me and she scooted closer, hiding my arm better. My heart was pounding so hard. I wanted this to go on forever, to keep touching her, as everything else was falling away. She waggled her butt at me so as to indicate she wanted me to rub her ass more, drawing my hand downward.

So I complied, letting my caresses wander down over her ass and over the back of her thighs. I began to press my fingers in the crack of her ass and run them in a line down low between her legs, below the hem of her skirt touching her skin. Sasha just closed her eyes. I begin to stroke up her thighs, no one could see what I was doing. Giving my sister nice soft long strokes at the back of her thighs, moving my hand between her legs up the inside of her thighs with the front of my hand and the back of my hand. She stepped back a little. I just kept stroking her, one leg then the other, reaching high under her dress. I lay my hand on her bare ass, the curve of her ass meeting her thighs, drinking in the feel of her.

Sasha’s head tipped down, her eyes glazing, giving me a sideways glance and sly little grin. I keep rubbing, playing with that little space between her legs opening right to her pussy, tipping my palm up and pressed it between her legs. She let one leg slide wider, repositioning herself – for me. The fruit of her pussy, I cupped it in my palm.

I gave a light little squeeze. It fit perfectly in my hand, and as I squeezed she closed her eyes and moaned.

Permission. I curled my fingers and began to lightly scratch my nails over her labia, sort of petting her front to back, curling my fingers over the mound of her cunt and drawing my nails back along the soft hairs. I was scratching her itch, nice slow long strokes. Could feel her inner pussy lips press out of her slit as she got aroused.


I just petted her like that for a long time.

She began to undulate her hips moving with my touch, dancing over my hand. She whispers to no one in particular, “feels…nice,” as I continued to pet her little puss, changing nothing. Not the pace, the pressure, the touch.

She looked at me, “You make me want to be so bad.”

And with that Sasha moved away, my hand falling off as her skirt waved down around her legs.

What followed was a dinner composed of my favorite meal, which is basically steak and potatoes. Again, it was Sasha who sat next to me, and though no one noticed we were in heat. The fact we would sit next to each other was not particularly surprising as we were sitting in the seats where we had always sat growing up.

I honestly cannot even remember what the conversations were, my mind being utterly addled. I recall my sister outlining her plans after college, of wanting to buy a house. I do remember that, the thought of her living in a house alone, yum. I had an utterly one track mind. As she said that, I lay my hand over her bare knee. Just held her, wrapping my fingers around her leg. Again, she made no notice of my touch and it did not affect her discussion in the least. To have a little better access I shifted myself a bit closer, stroking my hand along her leg. I let go to eat and drink, but always maintaining that closeness and contact between us.

I finished before her, and she was about half done and for the most part so was everyone else. I was a fast eater. So as my hand again lay at her knee, I began to stroke up and down her leg, keeping up with the conversation at the table as I did so. She was eating slowly, and at some point my mom asked if I wanted anything else. At those words, my sister glanced at me, a little smile.

“Want anything else??” She was so coy. As I said my “no,” my answer to her was yes as I curled my fingers on the inside of her thigh sliding my hand higher and her dress.

We were all talking now about friends and work, girls and boys and weekend parties, and sports. But my touch lingered on my sister, sweet and light. Tickling my fingers over her skin, drinking in her flesh. Sasha’s skirt was so light and slid up easily, gathering in her lap. Something no one but me could see. I slid my hand up and down her thighs, letting it drift higher each time, until I could feel the heat between her legs. I knew she was getting wet. Reaching higher, hotter, the moisture of her pussy changing the feel of her skin, until I lightly grazed light hairs. My finger tips tracing along just below the edge of her cunny, letting my fingertips tickle along the fine hairs. I was intoxicated, and felt her open her legs lightly, as she slid closer to the table. I lay three fingers up the center of her labia and held her by her little puss, petting her there like she were my pet. She gasped, I did it just as she reaching for her glass of water. And as she set her glass down, she reached and took hold my wrist tugging it off her puss puss. She barely moved my hand, sliding it no more than an inch, still so tantalizingly close. The heat of her. The tease! She met my eye, and I could literally read her mind.

What are you doing? You are so bad! The desire. How she loved it, and did not want me to stop my tease.

So I stroked her steadily, steadily in that space between her legs just below her pussy. Agonizingly close, just the lightest grazes of her hair, until she was literally squirming in her seat, and then the cake was out and I let go. I could smell her, her pussy smell, it was on my fingers. Mom walking over with the cake, lit up with candles. She pushed her chair away now and facing me, everyone singing, the candles are lit, and I blow out the candles as everyone sings. A few stragglers still lit. GIRLFRIENDS! Everyone chimes.

“Hey where is Katie?”

Someone let it slip. The girl I had been seeing.

I saw my sister glance around the table and at me.

“She was busy.” I lied.

Sasha said, “So she has a name.”

Mom says, “I can’t believe she was too busy for this.”

Truth, I had not invited her.

“She had to work.”

“She is a nice girl,” mom adds. And completes it with, “Sasha you are going to have to invite that boyfriend you have over sometime too.”

My sister was, to my eye, visibly agitated at those words. Here we were secretly fooling around, and the dawning awareness of our visible lives interlacing with other girls and boys – that included hers and mine.

The moment passed, the cake served with ice cream. I again found her leg leg, my hand at her knee again. She was giving no indication I was touching her, but also there was a little dark cloud behind her eyes.

It’s Ok, I’m going to be seeing girls, just like you are going to be seeing guys. I said telepathically to her. I don’t like thinking about it she said to me with no words at all.

It was an odd moment, but she continued to receive my touch and I began to roam again. Up along her leg, the outside of her leg, and tipping my hand once again caressing the inside her thighs, slowly rising higher and higher all over again. My hand would touch her knees and then rising up higher again, inside her thighs, my finger tips touching her, tickling along, caressing, so tender and light. Her skirt bunching up again.

And once again, tickling the hairs of her pussy, she was fit to be tied. I had her in such a state now. Desire, jealousy, anger, lust. I pressed my middle finger into her slit and felt her fairly burst, the juices leaking from her slit. Her eyes went utterly liquid, and her mouth fell open as she leaned forward over the table. At that moment she looked at me, holding a bite of cake on her fork and pressing it slowly into her mouth, letting a line of chocolate smear across her lips.

She left the chocolate there, and then licked it off.

I about came. My finger still running along her slit, so lubricated and wet, she closed her legs on my hand. As she held my like that, I waggled my finger on her and finding her vagina pressed my finger inside as she finished her ice cream, barely able to contain herself.

Dinner was over, and folks were beginning to get up. With my hands still buried between her legs, I asked, “You want to join us downstairs for darts and pool.” Her hips rocking over my finger ever so lightly.

She could barely answer, just nodding her head. And at the same time, she broke free of my caress, turning her legs away.

Then brushing her dress and tugging her skirt back down over her legs, “I got crumbs all over myself. I’m such a messy eater,” she said, knowing it had meaning only to me.

We all got up and mom began putting dishes away. “You kids have fun now.” We went downstairs to continue our evening. The guys were happy Sasha was staying, and I could see each of them eying her. She looked so hot hot, and as the night wore on she started taking on a highly fuckable look. The fact I’d been fingering her for a portion of the evening could explain it.

Four boys and one girl – hahaha counting me – which I was counting for THIS evening. Another first, not something WE did together. Hanging out, playing pool. Again, being able to read her mind, it was dawning on her I had not invited Katie because SHE was going to be my date tonight. Her thoughts, which I was reading, revealed a rapidly lightening mood and I could feel the clouds lift.

In response I squeezed her hand as she stood waiting her turn with the pool cue.

She smiling at me leans against me and whispers, “Say, I haven’t had my workout yet today.”


She next says under her breath to me, “When did Brian get so cute.” Looking over at him as he was taking his third shot. “He was such a dork in high school.” She said this to me, and I felt a little heat rise. She looked so delicious and anyone could have had her. And swatting me added, “Like you.” And with a pause, “But I guess you turned out all right too.”

She looked at me and laughed, I was standing so near to her, could feel the heat of her.

I wanted to say, ‘You’re with me tonight.’ But said nothing, did not want to presume. She was just being Sasha, drinking her daiquiris and being a girl.

It made me want her, I think she knew.

I finally said, “Anyone looks cute to you right now.”

“Yeah, MY man won’t do anything for me.” She said this with a pout, adorable. Her head bowed down, lifting her eyes to me.

I said, “If you don’t feed your bitch, she’ll eventually run off to the neighbors to eat.”

Damn that was good, I thought. Alluding to me knowing about her lack of sex, my acknowledging her wandering eye, my interest, our past. And then going in for the kill, with a huge lump in my throat. “I can be a really good neighbor.”

As I said that I pressed my leg up along the inside of her thigh to the hem of her dress, a quick move no one saw, or if they did would never suspect. Her groan at my touch.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Well this bitch is damn hungry.” And glancing around she said so quietly I barely heard, “Wanna watch me work out?”

I could not even answer, but she was able to read my mind screaming ‘YES,’ and she continued, “Mom packed me some of that cake.” Her smile was hard to describe. Aggressive and shy, hungry and direct. Our minds were melding, it is that feeling you get when you are connecting with a girl and know, just know, you will fuck. My knees about gave way.

“Your roommates?” I couldn’t follow the logistics.

She frowned. “I’m all alone. They’ve all abandoned me to other boys houses. I’m going home to an empty house.”

I lay my hand behind her, right at the middle of her back, and she reached back to take my hand.

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“Your turn, your turn!”

And Sasha let go my hand and sidled over to the table.

It was amazing that night what I got away with cause she was my sister. It is the sort of thing you don’t even see because you aren’t looking for it. The way I stood by her, so near to her, my hand at her back, the way she flipped her hair so it would land on me, her eyes, her smile, the flash of teeth. My god we were flirting all night long, her lingering hand at my wrist, her flat palm on my chest. The way she was letting me do anything I wanted, bumping up behind her from behind.

One of the best birthdays I had ever had.

At the end of the evening it was decided my lovely sister was a bit too drunk to drive. Everyone wanted to give her a ride, and in the exuberance, for which I – the letch of letches in the group – defended my sisters honor and stated unequivocally that I would be her driver.

I mean it didn’t really matter, I could have slunk off to her house later in the evening, but the prize was mine now not later, and our path was established. In her tipsy bliss she was hanging off me now, touching my nose calling me sweet and every lewd behavior that seems innocent because it is with her big brother.

So I wrapped my arm around her waist and lead her out, everyone saying their goodbyes (and whispering their god dams at a lost opportunity). I opened the door for her like a gentleman (and I’ll add I had never before opened a door for my sister) and hoisted her into my pickup. When I got to the other side she had already slid to the middle. I got in and she snuggled up, gripping my arm and laid her head on my shoulder. I was looking around to see if anyone could see us, but at the same time realizing that we were still exhibiting what could be considered fairly typical brother and sister behavior. Plus, she was drunk.

She reached with her finger and brushed my nose.

Giggling, “You have been so bad tonight. Sooooo bad.”

She is leaning close, and I press her back so she is sitting upright, “We are still in the driveway.”

I quickly back out and get onto the road. She arcs her hand across my thigh holding me with the flat of her hand as I drove. I needed gas so I stopped at the station on the way, and she followed me in, or I should say weaved her way into the station behind me as I go in to pre-pay. So we get up to the counter, my sister leaning on me, my arm around her, her hair is fallen down around my shoulder. Snuggling. Thankfully this is a big enough town that no body knows us. And it dawns on me that everyone here thinks she is my girlfriend. If they only knew. I bought her a coke, sober her up realizing she is not really all that tipsy, and I believed it to be part of her game to get us out of the house together.

So, the ride home!

She immediately returned to snuggling. And as I turn back to the road Sasha says, “Am I making you hard?” eying the lump in my jeans. As she said that, reached across and gripped my cock through my jeans. No one is saying anything now, her hand stroking the length of me. “Hmmmm someone is happy.” She flips her hair back over her shoulder. “So how are you and Katie doing?”

She meant it nice but it kind of came out mean. Now what do you say when your bitch in heat sister asks about your now girlfriend, or more or less girlfriend considering she’s who I am sleeping with. This is dangerous ground. Anyway, I keep watching the road, Sasha is still stroking my cock.

I considered my words carefully and answer, “Same, same, she’s Ok.”

“Same, same? You sleeping with her?”

“Not recent….” She still has my cock, and gives it a squeeze. And there is an agonizing moment, my heart thumping in my chest. Change the subject, “Let me tell you all the things I won’t do to you?”

“Mmmmmm.” She closes her eyes, gently rubbing up to my stomach and back down over crotch, and up again. Agonizingly slow, light, gentle.

“I won’t grab those perfect tits of yours, or lick off all those crumbs you spilled on yourself.”

“You won’t?”

“Or draw lines on you with my cum, or make you open those delicious legs.”

She is quiet now, and I continue to drive.

“I want to work out first. You watch me?”


“You take off your clothes too. That’s the deal.”

And when we pull into her driveway she flips her leg over the top of me, and sits down on my lap facing me. Her little dress is spread out around her, so she is basically sitting down on my cock with her bare cunny. Her hips rocking and she settles down against me, and I moan at the feel of her pushing down on me.

She says, “you are seriously sexy, you smell so good right now.” And she kisses me, turning her head as shes kissing me, we open wide and let our tongues play. Her eyes are closed, her hair down around our faces. She releases her kiss and holds my face with her hands looking in my eyes. “This is seriously stupid you know,” she says with her lips nearly touching mine, rocking her hips and kisses me again. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close.

Oh, my god.

I am more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life.

I groan, “I know. Dumbest dumbest thing ever.”

She locks her leg around the back of my leg as we are kissing again, which gives her leverage to push her bare mound hard against my crotch and I swear to god I was going to cum. I bring my hands down and beneath her dress and grab her bare ass – fucking god – feeling her rocking on me. She looks like she is fucking me, still kissing and dry humping in my struck.

She pulls back again and we catch our breaths, getting a little ahead of ourselves.

“Come on.”


The energy was electric as we walked into her place. She said nothing, lay her purse down on a chair and began turning on lights and closing blinds.

I felt numb, and was literally trembling.

“Here we are,” Sasha said to no one in particular. She turned her back to me, showing me, “Can you untie this?”

I pulled the little tie at her waist and watched the dress, that was cinched around her waist fall loosely around her hips. She walked away from me pulling her hair back over her shoulders and holding it in a sort of pony tail before letting it go, and taking a deep sigh she let the dress drop down her arms and off her hips, falling around her feet.

I said softly, “I could get used to that.”

She turned her head to me and smiled, “You too.” And touched her nose, meaning she expected a naked brother along with herself. More lights turned on, and then she walked into the kitchen and called out. “Want anything to drink.” So casual and natural. I really could get used to this. I loved being with her.

“Uh, sure.”


I laughed, “Something strong.”

She walked back into the room, naked with two glasses with ice, and a bottle of scotch and set it on a side table. She also had unwrapped the cake, put it on a little plate and set it next to the scotch.

I sat down on the leather sofa, and breathed out. “Scotch and chocolate cake. This is the best birthday I have ever had.”

“Come on, I want to see naked boy.” I was so hard, and just as she was saying that I was adjusting myself again. She was walking over to the treadmill now. She was serious, she was going to do her workout.

The room was silent, and before I poured the scotch I unzipped my jeans. The sound of the zipper was so loud, and she turned to watch as I stripped, standing with my cock straight out. The treadmill started and she was walking, with her back to me. I sat down and poured scotch, two fingers in each glass. Swirled mine around, and took a good sip.

I wanted her, wanted her in the worst way. Her hips swaying as she walked, her hair swaying back and forth over her shoulders with each step, watching as the treadmill sped up and she was in a light jog.


Silently, I took a final swallow, set my glass down, got up and walked over to her; stood directly behind watching her ass bounce with each step. Her pace was picking up to a good fast pace.

“How long?”

“About Twenty minutes.” Her voice already getting winded.

I took a step right to the edge of the treadmill, directly behind her. I watched the muscles of her back move as she ran, listened to her breathing. Felt the pat pat pat of each step, and the bounce of her perfect ass. She could feel my presence, but let me stand as close as I wanted. I don’t think she cared what I did.

I reached out and ran my hand down her back, she pressed out against my touch, arching her back a little as she continued to run. Right at the small of her back my hand slipped along the sheen of sweat forming there. A shine of moisture from between her shoulder blades to the crack of her ass. I stroked lower and slipped my fingers into the crack of her ass, feeling the trail of moisture.

“You’re very wet.”

“Everywhere.” She panted out of breath.

And as she ran, she let me trail my hands over her naked body. I moved to the side of her and rubbed my hand over her hip and across her abdomen, also damp now with sweat.

“Dirty girl.” I cooed. Her cheeks red, she was breathing hard, holding to the bar at the front of the treadmill. Keeping her pace with the machine. I ran my hand up and down her front, gave her breasts a squeeze, and down her tummy, over her navel and abdomen, covering her bush with my hand giving her labia a little squeeze and back over her hip. She was looking over at me, giving me a be patient look, and eying my cock at the same time.

“When do your roommates come back?”

She shrugged, “Sometime tomorrow.” An eye to me, “Not early.”

I walked back and poured myself another scotch. At this point my cock ached, its tip ready to explode. I pushed on the head of my cock, it so wanted to be pressed, to be inside a cunt. Oh, agony. I swallowed another scotch, felt its buzz.

And with two fingers, I scooped up a dollop of frosting from my birthday cake.

“I could stay.”

Between pants now, “Hoping you would.”

Took my final sip, draining the glass and walked up behind her again. I was going to stay with her the night, sleep in her bed. It was too much. I could hardly contain myself. I walked back behind her again and began rubbing her again, now lubricated with sweat, hot and moist. Her whole body tight and hard from running. I stroked and rubbed her back, drawing my hand down from between her shoulder blades and over her ass, stepping to her side and again running my hands over her skin. So delicious. Letting me do whatever I wanted.

With the dollop of frosting I began to smear it over her abdomen. She immediately felt the texture of the chocolate frosting and looking down at herself let out a sigh and a laugh.

“Dirty girl.” I said. I drew a heart on her tummy just above her navel. Above the heart I drew a D and below it a S.

D Hearts S written on her flesh.

I continued to rub her body, stroking down and petting her bush. As I rubbed her little puss the machine made a sound and began to slow, shifting to a fast walk.

“The cool down,” she panted, gripping the bar.

And I dropped behind again watching her move, her body, soon to be mine. God I wanted her. God I wanted to drink her right up, we had all night. I stepped up onto the treadmill behind her, keeping pace with her steps following along behind her.

She realized I was behind her, “What are you…” She could feel me there as I picked up my pace moving up close behind her. My cock touching her, erratically, touching her thigh and ass. I let the tip of my cock bump against her, drawing trails of cum on her. Staying close, I wrapped my hands around her waist stepping in time with her steps, drawing closer. I leaned forward and kissed her shoulder, nuzzling my chin into her hair.

“I can’t wait.” I whispered.

She was too exquisite for words just then, I cannot forget her smell, her liquid body. Her heat. She had become my Goddess.

“Feels nice,” she cooed.

Mine all mine.

I slid in close and let my hard cock slide in between her legs, the treadmill slowing now to a even paced walk. The heat of her, the shine of her skin. The angle of my cock if I moved just right began to slide up between her legs and bump her cunny lips, and I could feel her dripping wet how easily my cock slid between her legs, luscious fruit. Opening around my tip, like a piece of fruit I was splitting in half.

She leaned down over the bar, lifting her ass and feeling my cock on her, opening the back of her legs as she walked, like an animal in heat, lifting her sex for me to impale. I felt more animal than human, and our bodies were moist, her smell intoxicating.

Feeling her lift up on her toes as the treadmill stopped, holding herself for me, I aimed and pressed, feeling the folds of her cunt open, the angle of her ass cheeks and thighs forming that pocket that leads inside. Her velvet wet pussy. I pressed, following sliding up between her legs, lifting myself to her pulling myself to her as she groaned, “put it in me.”

The head of my cock pierced her in one motion, “Ahhhhh” as she leaned herself down holding herself for me. I pushed in as far as I could moaning “O000, so good.”

I held her hips and tugged her close, her dark hair hanging around her face, her back shiny and slippery, holding herself to me on tip toes. I release and draw my cock out, she is pressing back with her ass. “Ahhh, Put it in me.” And I push, push, filling her liquid, so wet, the juices of her taking me in. So tight. My cock pushing through to her belly. God I am in her, and sliding out, and pressing pressing deep inside. Oh God. Oh God. We were fucking.

“So good,” she whimpers again, and her growl follows. She is rocking her hips and grinding against me as I fill her, each thrust over and over. Her foot curls around me, pulling me in and I am fucking her faster.

“Don’t cum in me.” Her lone rational thought.

I wrap my hands around her waist and press my fingers between her legs, find her clit and rub over its little nub. That G spot I’ve already watched her play with, and I already know the touch that makes her crazy. I can even picture us, how we look fucking, of what it feels like, of how she feels, how her body moves. Our minds, how we become one.

We kept the lights low this time, and now if feels like we are in the glow of fire, we are in a cave. There are shadows on the wall. The world becomes ancient, and we are living at a time when brothers fucked their sisters, and our bodies are absolutely right. My cock is the perfect fit, the perfect length and girth. We are one. Her tight little cunny taking my cock is perfect, the absolute perfect mouth to suck my cock. In the low lights our bodies look like wet statues, moving and fucking. The movement of our shadows, their rhythm forms a wake of motion. Our sweat and warmth, literally glowing. I am fucking her so hard now she is pressed against the bar, pushing back against me with all her might and my every thrust sends her tilting forward. She is open and her leg crooked around mine holding me to her. We are both panting and I want to cum. Oh god, don’t cum in me.

I slow my thrusts, and she pressing back against me. Our sighs and coos. We move so slowly against each other. Like a dream. And then I let go, I slide out of her, am touching her sliding between her legs again. She is soaking between her legs, grasps my cock with her fingers and strokes me, god I am hungry and hard. And her whole body goes into a sort of spasm, her body following my cock as I back away.

She turns to me, smiling. “God, crazy, this is the stupidest thing we’ve ever done.” She holds to me, and we kiss.

I love the way you move just then, and can’t get over how we don’t feel human. I move closer touch my belly to hers and press my cock between her legs, let it slide in the wetness, her hole is still open from my impaling. We keep kissing, soft and firm, nibbling eating, the line of her teeth, smiling as we we kiss.

“You taste so good.”

“So good.”

Her body is trembling, and she begins to push me back toward the sofa.

“I need to sit down.”

But when she gets there, lays herself back opening her legs wide, this cradle for me to enter. She is so hungry, her eyes liquid and dark. She already looks like she has fucked for a lifetime. I lay down between her legs, and lay within her heat, feeling the hunger and sweat of her body. I lay down and immediately slide my cock inside, her body so utterly mine. I take her. Lay on her, fucking. I am inside without so much as a tease. Can feel my belly fluttering against hers, the quivering of our hearts, sliding on each other we can barely breath and we are kissing again as I rise and fall on her body. Fucking her again, I will be inside her all night.

I kiss your open mouth, my baby bird, and I bite her shoulder and lick the chocolate off her breasts, fucking slowly, long slow strokes. Taking me, every inch.

“Ahhh, ahhh.” She begins to moan out, and I lift myself up hard so my cock enters at a steep angle rubbing her clit with each thrust, her body sliding up the couch. She is spasming and cumming. Oh god felt so good.

Her smile again, her eyes closed tight, and an almost laugh as her body spasms and her cunny clutches my cock tight and she throws her arms around my neck and holds on for the ride of her life. My heart is beating so fast, and I cannot catch my breath. We are pounding our bodies together. I could feel myself exploding right inside her, and a wave of confusion. I promised. I didn’t care. She could have pulled away but pressed back even harder. Cum rising from deep inside.

“You cumming in me?” and “Oh shit!” But she began to buck against me even harder, arching her back and sliding and pressing her cunt to me. I came so quickly, ribbons of cum spraying into her, holding her to me. She was not pulling away, but grinding back against me, she could feel me as I pulsed into her. We were complicit.

I let out a deep guttural moan, And then her body began to quiver, her thighs and cunny shaking over my cock and I could feel her cunt squeezing around me, as she held to me, digging her nails into my back. I could feel her cumming with me just then, hear her whimpering.

I am whispering, “You are a goddess.”

She can only moan “mmmmmm. Crazy…..” and her smile. An other worldly gaze. And she holds me close, filled up with me, still squirming. We are unwinding, relaxing. My cock buried deep inside, squishing together. I can feel her leaking onto the sofa.

We are nowhere.

I taste her again, our bodies falling now, settling, easing back. Curling ourselves together in a warm little puddle. My cock sucking on your cunt, the mix of Sasha’s pussy juices and my cum, we lay there, and my cock slowly slipping out.

She kisses me deeply, and touches my nose. Looking at me.

“You came in me. I have no protection,” she spread her legs showing me the white cum leaking out her cunt.

I guess I turned her lady cake into a cream pie.

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