What happens when you chat with your naked sister online

My little sister moved out of the house when I turned 20, while I stayed put. We were always close, and we wanted to keep in touch after she left. I’d call once in awhile and we emailed and sometimes we chatted. It was the chatting that did it. There is something about the computer that kicked up our intimacy. I let it happen, so did she, and besides I liked to drink a bit much which started in the afternoon, which left me drunk with her on the computer.

I never thought of her in any kind of sexual way until one particular evening on the phone.

“What is it?” I asked. She seemed wired, giggling and distracted. “You drunk?”


“Naaaa, not it.” A singsong voice. “It’s Nothing. I’m eating, s’all.” More giggling.

We talked some more, but there was something odd about her. I could not put my finger on it.

“What are you eating?”

“Mmmmm. Some lovely little pastries – a pecan danish and a carmel chocolate muffin. Oooops I spilled some.” And she was laughing again. Giggling.

“You’re crazy. What has hold of you?”

She cuts me off, “Hahaha. I’m freaking buck naked David. You caught me naked. I work out without clothes and you called, I saw it was you and thought what the hell and picked up. You can’t see me so…. I answered without clothes and I been talking to you this whole time eating pastries au natural. Happy now?”

“As in…”

She laughed, “I GOT NO CLOTHES ON Einstein. Yup, your talking to your little sis in the buff. And now I got crumbs of this muffin all over me. Looking at a piece on my thigh right now, want a taste?” Laughing again, “You know what! My muffin is the same color as my muffin! It’s almost like eating myself, come to think of it. HAHAHA.”

“Siiiiis.” It came out like a hiss. I had no idea what to say. Shit I was hard. “I…you making my day.”

“Really? Well, just a sec.” I could hear her put the phone down.

She paused and I could hear her moving around.

“I’m back.”

“You get dressed?”

“Of course, now you know, too weird. Unless…you liked me the other way.” This little sing song back in her tone, a manner in her voice she never used with me.

“Actually, I…did…like you the other way.”

“hahahah. Oh God, Pervert. Just a sec.”

More rustling around and then she is back on the line.

“What’d you do now?”

What do you think? She is laughing again.

“You naked again?”

“Worse. All I got are these cute little pink panties now. Little see through pattern, silky, mmmm, feels nice, a little ribbon right in the middle.”

Oh god, what it did to me.

And at that single moment I could not stop thinking about her body.


Actually, what I found out is, she worked out every afternoon in the buff while her roommates were gone, and showered and dressed before they got home. That new fact had a huge impact on me. Every day at that time I had a hard on thinking about the fact she was somewhere without clothes on. And, I took it upon myself to IM her or call, by chance of course, in the afternoons after that right at her workout. It got to be a regular thing. Until she stopped answer the phone. And then I was not getting hold of her by phone or by chat, no emails. Nothing.

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I thought I had pissed her off.

After about a week she finally came on line to chat.

Badboy: Finally, hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.

Sashababy: Why, what’s up?

B: You mad at me?

S: Why would I be mad at you.

B: I haven’t been able to get hold of you, thought something was wrong.

B: I’m addicted to these chats now with you:) you know. Especially in the afternoon.

S: Ohhhh. 🙂 I seeee. I been out. Met someone yummy.

I got this pang of jealousy.

B: Reaaaalyy, some guy huh?

S: Yes.

B: You been out doing the naughty???

S: In a manner of speaking. He’s pretty conservative. Getting what I can.

B: As in

S: Not like my pervy brother.

S: HE wants a relationship, or some such shit.

B: Well don’t abandon me.

S: Hahahaha. Need your fix, eh.

B: You’re like crack, in a good way.

I was being probably over honest. I had a pang in my gut at the thought of her with someone else.

S: Compliments:) Will get you everywhere. But THIS may not be a good time to chat

B: Why?

S: I’m vewy vewy fwustwated:(

B: Poor baby. Join the club

S: You need a girl.

B: Ya think. Now you mention it, You naked?!!!!

S: Hahahaha. I mentioned nothing of the kind.

S: What you think? It’s when you contact me. You drunk?

S: You drink too much.

B: Never, just a few beers.

B: I was worried, thought I might have to come over there.

S: Tsk. Tsk. Now you need a show? Imagination not enough. Seriously, there’s lots of girls would date you.

S: I would, haha if I weren’t your widow sister

B: Tell me about this guy, what you mean not what you expect.

S: He don’t put out. *Pout*

B: As in

S: Duh Homer, No sex. He drives me wild and leaves me wanting. Wants to wait.

B: Fuck that shit. What world you find this guy in??

S: Exactly. Uhhh, I am just so horny.

B: I ask you to do something?

S: What?

B: Put your panties on

S: your awful

B: I want to picture you all horny AND pink. Cover your pink with pink.

S: k.

S: done

B: so what would I see right now.

S: Just li’l ole me, on my bed, sleepy and undressed, my hand covering my lady cake

B: Lady Cake – HA.

S: My kitty, my punny. My muffin.

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B: make her purr.

S: Mmmmm’m nipping out now. Too much information?

B: You making me crazy.

S: What you want isn’t it? I’m drinking wine myself. Red wine. I am going to be horrified at myself tomorrow.

B: So bad. One of these days I AM coming over.

S: You!!

B: Watch you work out.

S: That would be so wrong, on so many levels.

B: your thinking about it.

S: Stop it! This is a bad time. Your touching all my weaknesses!

B: I could give you a sports massage.

S: yeah more like a breast massage. Right now I wouldn’t be able to take it.

B: Me! I’m insulted. Actually I wouldn’t touch you, just watch.

S: Just watch??

S: K. I mean, what the hell.

B: Serious!?

S: Seriously weird, but harmless I suppose. We’d be able to talk. I’m here every afternoon on my treadmill.

B: YOU’RE drunk.

S: Yeah, like I said I’ll be horrified tomorrow.

B: HA. Have another. This is fun;)

S: If you came over, tell me all the things you wouldn’t do 😉

B: Hmmmm. I wouldn’t trace my tongue around those hard nipples.


S: Damn you.

B: I wouldn’t rub your ass while you worked out, feel the sweat sliding on your skin.

S: Well…I wouldn’t tickle that cock of yours, that’s all hard now, eh?

S: By the way, YOU got to be naked too.

B: You serious?

S: No.

S: You making me so wet.

B: I wouldn’t suck your hard nips into my mouth.

I was rock hard now, this was so out of control. My head was spinning.

B: I wouldn’t lay you down and smear slippery oil over your body, run my hands all over you

S: Ahhhhh, Fuck keep telling me

B: I wouldn’t sit on your ass while I massage your shoulders, or let my cock drop down between your legs.

S: Get over here!

B: I wouldn’t dip my fingers into your little lady cake, and spread you out all wet and sweaty. All shiny pink.

S: I’m so hot right now. Damn you. I’m going to cum


S: OOOOO, Oh God, that was bad.

B: Next time I’ll be over there.

S: So bad. Don’t remind me.

B: What if I did?

S: Coming down off this horniness bro, you should of sealed the deal before I came.


B: You’ll be horny again. I won’t be so generous next time.

S: Your sooooo bad.

B: [Evil Grin] I can wait

B: In the best way.

S: 🙂

S: Sweet too.

B: And

B: If I show up?

S: I won’t say no. Not tonight. I’m sleepy now.

S: Thanks.

what did that mean? Was this for real?? The internet is this land of nothing is serious. We had never done anything like that before. It was so crazy. Spur of the moment. Wrong. I wanted to go over there, but could not imagine how it would be possible. In her presence it would get too weird. Would she even let me do what we just did again? In fact after that chat I wasn’t even sure how to start anything, and we went a few days.

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One evening I went out on an actual date and when I got back to the house, me and a girl. Not really girlfriend, but we had messed around a bit. The night had all this energy, and she was into me right now and I took her to the house.

We get into the living room, my computer laying on the table.

I look at the computer and there is my sis.


What a weird feeling, I got a girl in my house and here is my sister, and in the worst way I want to chat with my sister. I get all warm, and glancing at the screen.

“Just a sec.”

I sat at the table looking at my sister ready to chat, and then glancing up at my girlfriend not girlfriend sitting across from me. Well this was mildly inappropriate but hey – not even knowing why – and without really realizing my sis would not know I even had had a girlfriend here. I lean over the computer.

“I got to check on my sister and sat at the computer. It’ll just be a minute.”

She settles on the sofa, shrugs her shoulder. I can tell she is now nonplussed.

S: Hey Bro, where are ya? I’m NAKED here!!!!

S: You there????

S: Come on, where you been? Your loss:(

What a mistake to leave my computer out on the table!!

B: what? Yeah. I’m here.

S: Where you been?

B: Out

S: *Pout* So that’s how you are, Love and leave em, hey bro. You get a girlfriend?

B: Well, I got one right now

S: Aren’t we the saucy one. Get me naked and hot and bothered for a night, and its all you can think about.

My god she thought I meant her!

Meanwhile my not-girlfriend is shifting around, standing up. “What’s taking you?”

“Just one more minute, She’s got some problem.”

B: Here in the room. Here with me.

S: We’ll see about that. Still hits me as kinda weird.

She still not understanding

My girl is walking toward me now.

I see NAKED on the screen. Shit. I told her this was my sister.

“Don’t come over here.”

She says, “this is shit.” And walks off to the bathroom. “Get off that thing before I get back.” I messed this all up. God dammit.

B: Sis I got a girl HERE right now!!

There was a pause of nothing.

S: Oh.

S: Guess we got to work out a code, don’t want to be pissing anyone off, eh?

B: Sorry, I want to chat.

S: Sure you do. So the code is when you’re alone sugarbabies, and if anyones there milkduds.

B: See ya tomorrow cutie.

S: Night night milk dud 🙁

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