Shalini ‘n’ Me

Shalini ‘n’ Me I am Nikhil, a 25 year old. As a conservative family member and a little shy, I could not dream of a sex before marriage.
It was my friend’s sister’s wedding. Mohan, my friend invited me to join them a few days before the marriage.
The heroine of the story is Shalini. From the front, from the back, or from the side, she is an attraction to any young man.
Her father is very busy and he is going away for two days. That’s why he asked me to come. When I got there at two in the afternoon, she was expecting me. Then she explained to me about getting milk, closing etc etc.
I laughed inside because these things were familiar to me. When they got up, they said they would come home the other day and then I could go home.

There are two rooms at the top and the bottom of the house. The upper rooms are full of dust, as none are used. So they put one more bed in Shalini’s room for me. It was the first time I was in a woman’s room (except my mother’s). I fell asleep and fell asleep.
After dinner I went and slept, but I couldn’t sleep. For the first time, I am sleeping with a woman in her room.
I was struggling to control the evil thoughts that sprouted in my mind. Suddenly the door opened and someone came in. “Is Nikhil sleeping?” It was the voice of Shalini. I pretended asleep. I heard her going into the attached bathroom for a bath. The sound of water falling from the shower made me drunk. I imagined the water molecules flowing through her naked body. I wished I could get that drip for a minute.
But I wouldn’t have had the courage to do something wrong. After about 5 minutes she came out of the bathroom. Though I longed to see that beautiful woman sitting on the couch, my eyes were weak. All over the place, Pierce’s soap filled the air.
I slowly opened my eyes and looked. There was a pleasant scent coming from her hair. Shalini had hair to cover her hips. All those hairs were scattered on the pillow. I slowly lowered my position on the bed, and slowly smelled. The smell was something that made me drunk.
Turning to innocence and fear, I looked at her with addiction. Slowly I moved my left hand and touched her hips. Oh .. what a soft one. I moved my hand slightly and placed it between the meatballs. I withdrew my hand and lay down quietly, as it seemed that I had not suddenly collapsed.
After a while she turned to me. I closed my eyes and lay down quietly. Her right hand rested over my head and ran through my hair. Slowly, those fingers travelled through my forehead and nostrils, reaching my lips. I was desperate.


She rubbed my chest. The two buttons of the shirt were open so that they were intertwined. I wore a lunge.
Those soft hands licked my stomach. I was a little shy because I was a lean body. Her hands were moving. Going further, I felt that her hand would touch my penis and that she would realize that I had been awake for a long time. I extended my right arm over her as if on sleep.
Suddenly she shuddered and turned back. I waited a little longer, hoping to do something else. But Shalini was scared. She was stretching out and breathing heavily.

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So I decided to move on. Slowly I turned my cheek and lay on my left hand as if in a sleep. I stretched my right hand and it was on her right nipple over her nighty. She turned to me and asked in a soft voice, “Are you up?”
I was a little nervous.

I didn’t want to ask her any more questions. My face slowly tugged at her face. Then she covered her lips with my lips. Smooth and sweet lips like a fine grape. For the first time I experienced the heat of a woman. The smell from her body was enough to break all my restraints. I kissed her forehead, enjoying the scent
I covered her eyebrows, open eyes, long nipples, and cheeks. She was stroking my hair. I put my hands around her neck and kissed her passionately on those lips. Our tongues were tied up and saliva was exchanged.
I grabbed her neck and lifted her head slowly. She then bit her lower lip and licked her lips. He kissed her ears and slowly bit her without causing pain. The scent coming from her hair made me crazy.
She was like a kitten waiting for her master to come out. I was slowly embracing her facial expression to make that night unforgettable. I kissed her hands and kissed each of them. I was playing with her fingertips. She was enjoying it to the fullest, but wanted to stop calling my name in a low voice.

I decided to go ahead anyway. I took her feet and massaged them gently. I scratched her fingers with her fingers. Then slowly raising her nighty, my hands moved upwards. Her ankles, like a kitten’s, licked with my tongue.
My hands touched her soft thighs. My hands and tongue began to move rapidly, losing my sense of control. She asked me to slow down a little.
I licked her thighs slowly through her nighty. Then I put my face close to her body and kissed her pussy on top of the nighty.
I hugged her from behind. My quoted penis slipped between her hemispheres. I rubbed her breasts with her hands to really make that position. Then my right hand touched the stomach of Antilla and went to her Triveni. I touched the little curly hairs over the dress.
I moved her hands slowly and placed her nipples between her fingers. She made some fuzzy noises while I was playing, squeezing, and vice versa. My hands slid over her pantry. She tried to slow down, but I refused. After pulling out the pantry, I rubbed my nose over her hips with a moan. I spit on that fleshy part; Then I plucked it with my tongue and slowly bit it.
Her right hand rests on my shoulders, my left hand through her left orbit, and I lift her up with her right hand. Her right hand rested on my chest. I gently kissed her on those breasts and laid her on the bed
Suddenly a thought came to my mind. This beautiful body is to be seen in perfect light. When I turned on the bed light she tried to cover up the blush with a pillow. After getting it, I stared into her body. Her unbearable stomach
Her unsteady belly, and a wine-like napkin, were so beautiful
The hairs on her vagina appeared to be black in colour. Those curly hairs and light colored lips made her look beautiful. After looking a little fat and looking like a little jar, I kissed those hairs. What a wonderful experience.

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My attention was drawn to her entire breasts . I sucked her nipples and kissed her breast. Because my plan was to gradually submerge her in pleasure and get her to orgasm. I continued circling her nipple with her tongue, kissing and slowly sucking. Meanwhile, my right hand was rubbing her other breast. After sucking her breasts, her nipples were placed inside my mouth. The sobriety I experienced when I drank that pale milk was indescribable.

Then I kissed her on the umbilical cord. The tongue is covered with fine hairs beneath the navel. After licking, I licked her smooth thighs with my lips. My tongue was moving rapidly towards her throbbing nipple. I staggered through the most sensitive part of her body.
Slowly one finger went into her vagina. It was really like a jelly. While I was playing there, she reached the seventh heaven. She clutched the pillow, her waist slowly rising, and something in obscure language. I could see that she was going to orgasm.
I slowly moved her legs and showed my child the path to heaven. My almighty power is at its waist and slowly rising. One of the most beautiful moments of my life. We both enjoyed the ride. Finally, the volcano erupted, and the hot milk flowed into her. We were both tired; I kissed her on the lips and said, “I love you.” Slowly I leaned on her. Those melons were on my chest.

I don’t remember where I was or where I was. The next morning, I saw her standing next to me with a cup of tea. I was stunned when I saw that she was growing like nothing had happened. When I tried to get up from the bed, I realized I was naked. She looked at me and then took my lunge off the floor and walked away like nothing had happened the night before.

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