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So in the begining me and michelle lived in a poor side of town in a really small run down dump. Our bedroom furniture was a full size mattress on the floor, a small sofa and a dining room table.

So when my boss asked me if i wanted to work some doubles i was sure, could use the ot.
I didnt want michelle being home at night by her self so asked my dad to come stay at the house. Michelle wasnt to happy about it. But agreed.
She asked where was he going to sleep?

Either on the sofa or he can make a pallet in our room since our room is the only room with a window a/c

After a week of ot i finally got a night off and i went to bed early.
Not sure what time it was but i woke up on my side facing the wall and rocking from side to side. The mattress was moving causeing me to sway.

I turn onto my back and the mattress stops moving. I lay still closing my eyes going back to sleep. And the movement starts again.
Turning my head towards michelles side of the bed i cant really see anything in the dark. So i turn on to my side facing her and move closer as i do. The movement stops again.
I barely can hear whispering, michelle says stop it, he is waking up. I told you i didnt want to do this again.

More whispering but i cant hear whats being said to her. She replies i said No E. Your son is right here next to me. Your fucking stupid.

The mattress starts moving again. She pulls away towards me and leans up. I said No E. Stop it.
More whispering, fine but it better not take you long he is going to wake up.

Michelle turns over her back now to me starts moving down the bed and lays down
I can see the figure of my dad moving up and then lays back down. A second later the bed starts moving again.
Im in shock, i have to be dreaming. Got to be imagining this.
Few mins later michelle makes a gagging sound jumps up runs out of the bedroom with her hands to her mouth.
Few seconds later my dad gets up walks to the doorway pulling up his pants and puts his dick in his pants and walks out.

Michelle comes back into the room lays down. Jack are you awake. I act like im asleep.

Next morning i go over to my cousins and tell him what happened. He ask if i really thought michelle would do that and i tell him i knew my dad likes messing with younger girls but i never thought he would fuck with michelle.
He walks out and comes back in the room hands me a camcorder. Use this. It has motion detection and night vision. He shows me how to set up.

When i get home, i find a note from michelle saying my dad was out bidding on a job and she was out with her granny.

So i place the camera in the closet cover it up so it cant be seen. Turn it on and wait.

I was so tired when i went to bed i never woke up that night. Michelle wakes me up to tell me she was going with her granny and would be back later and my dad was already gone to start his job.

Getting up after she left i grab the camera and the tape is full. I start watching the tape shows me turning on the camera and walking out of the room. Little later it comes back on with michelle walking into the bedroom and then my dad walks in.

He tells her last night was fun wasnt it?
She tells him no it wasnt and its not happening again.

Oh come on now he reaches out pulling her closer to him. She pulls away.

I said no E. Its not happening that was it.

Yeah yeah you say that every time before you give in.

I only gave in cause you threaten to tell jack. I should tell him myself.

Oh yeah right, whos story do you think my son will beleave yours or mine.

She walks out of the room.
The next scene is me coming into the room and going to bed, next scene michelle comes into the room strips naked and puts on her short night gown and gets in bed.

Camera comes back on michelle is asleep on her back, you can hear me snoring and my dad walks into the room, he puts his covers down lays down on the floor pulls down his pants and starts playing with his cock.

He turns onto his side and slides his hand under the cover towards michelles pussy
Couple mins later michelle raises her knees up , her hands fly down towards my dads hands pushing his away.

Stop it E. I said no. Its not happening.
She turns onto her side facing me.

My dad reaches out grabs her by her hips and pulls her off the mattress onto the floor with him. She starts pushing at him trying to push him away. He throws his leg over hers pinning her to the floor as gets on top of her. He tries kissing her and she keeps moving her head around. He starts moving down her body. Shes pushing at his head telling him to stop it.

He gets down between her legs and starts licking her pussy. She squeezes her legs around his head and pushing at his head. Stop it now.
He wraps his arms around her legs holding her still as he continues to eat her pussy. Her resistance slowly stops, her no and stop it. turns into low moans. Her twisting to get free turns into humping her hips into his mouth as he licks and sucks on her pussy.

He stops moving up her body he pushes her legs apart. She reachs down between them taking his dick in her hand. Rubbing it between her pussy lips he pushes forward. As he enters he she tilts her head back moaning. He holds still dick buried in her pussy.
Thought you were saying no it wasnt happening again.

Just hurry up before jack wakes up.

He puts her legs up on his shoulders and starts fucking her fast, i can see her hips moving up to meet his thrust into her.

She tilts her head back moaning im cumming.

You like daddys dick dont you. Thats a good girl tighten that pussy up. Yeah just like that. Squeeze daddys dick.

Shut up and hurry up.

Ummm. I love your tight little pussy around my cock.

Shhhhh. Dont be like that.

He pulls back till just his head is in her and starts pumping just his head in and out of her. She tries to hump forward but he pulls back.
No no no. Im going to enjoy this. Jack told me he was done working ot and i could go home tomorrow. So im going to enjoy your sweet little pussy right now.

Hurry up E. Your son could wake up any time. You hear him snoring he is out cold.

He sits up taking his dick in his hand and starts rubbing his dick between her lips, pushes in and pulls it out. Several times,

she says just put it in and finish.

Tell daddy you like his cock in you.

Daddy i like your cock in my tight pussy. Come on daddy put your fat cock in me. I want to feel your cock in me, i want to feel it swelling up. Come on daddy. Fuck your daughter.

Thats my good girl. He pushes into her and she starts humping upwards. Fucking his cock.

I love it when you work that pussy. He pulls her up and lays down on his back. She squats above him. Looks over at me.

Come on baby girl put my dick in you.
She lowers her pussy down on his dick and starts bouncing keeping off him.

Dam your pussy is tight. Work that pussy. She stops moving, moaning im cumming.

Slowly she starts bouncing again, he reaches out putting his hands under her ass lifting her up and down.

Oh daddy is getting close to cumming. You better get off me if you dont want me cumming in you.

She moves off him and starts stroking his cock. Put it in your mouth and suck daddys dick. She does it. He starts pumping into her mouth fast. Stopping quickly her hand flies up to his cock stroking him as he cums in her mouth. She jumps up running out of the bedroom.

My dad lays there pulling up his pants. Michelle comes back into the room.
Im done. Ill make sure jack doesnt ask you to come stay with us again.

He gets up. Yeah we will see. Next time he works doubles he will ask me to come stay.

But i didnt. But what did happen is came home a few times to find my dad there with her and couple times my cousin there with her to. But thats all more stories

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