My first sex with my dad, my dad soap my body (indian)

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My name is Sumathi. I’m 18 years old, 5’7” in height and I weigh 65 kgs. My family consists of me, my mom and then my dad. My dad runs a business at home and therefore would be in home most of the time. My mom is a clerk in an office. So she will be out of home in the day.If you had met me four months before, you would have found me as just another innocent homely little girl who had just then finished her schooling. I never had any love or sexual experience in school, because I had been brought up in that way. But today, I think I’m the sluttiest girl in the world. I have graduated to the level that I feel free to explain my experience in the internet by means of this story. It all started a few days after I finished my school. One day we girls were talking on the phone and or topic went at lengths regarding sex and about maintaining our body so as to be sexually attractive. After all that talk I made up my mind to start by shaving my cunt. As I never had done that before, I just sneaked into my dad’s bath taking out his shaving set into my room. It was in the morning. Mom had already gone to work, and dad was deep into his work that he didn’t mind what I’m doing as far as I didn’t disturb him.

So as I finished my breakfast I sneaked into my room with excitement as to how I’m going to end up shaving my cunt. In the excitement I forgot to close my door. I spread the things on my bed and then pulling off my yellow skirt to my hips and getting rid of my panties, I started matting the pubic hair with water and cream and then slowly I started shaving the hairs of my cunt. It was really painstaking for the first time and I left some hair here and there. I was half way, when suddenly, I heard dad asking me from his bath, “Sumathi… did you see my shaving set?” The sudden voice and the question startled me a moment that I got a nick with the razor near my cunt. Blood started coming out in small but fast drops.“God… I have to continue later…” I said to myself and then forgetting about the blood and pain, I pulled of my skirt and covering my cunt, I thought about how to place the razor without my dad knowing it.“Search it dad… it will be somewhere there only…”

I said to him aloud and started picking up and arranging his shaving set. It was almost over, when dad barged into the room. By this time, blood had started clotting on my skirt that I got a big red clot just near the cunt side of my skirt. And even before I could hide it, dad saw the blood on my skirt.“Sumathi… what happened?” He asked seeing my skirt with blood.Nothing dad…” I said. Still I could see his eyes excited after seeing it.Then I came upon the idea. “Nothing dad… it’s the usual stuff… understand dad…” I said, hoping he would think it was part of my menstrual blood. Suddenly, he relaxed and understood, “Ok… be careful. Take care.” He said, and then was about to move out of my room when his eyes fell on his shaving mug that was beside my bed.Now, he grew suspicious and I got into trouble. He knew what had happened.“Hey Sumathi… what happened?” He asked again.“Nothing dad…” I said the same answer again.“Come on dear… I know what you had done… you can say it to me… see your skirt is turning red.”“Dad…” I had no words to say, but to accept to him.“It’s Ok dear… I can understand.” He moved beside me and then after giving me a hug made me sit on the bed.“Show me what you had done…” he said. My face turned white at the thought of exposing my feminity to my own dad. He seemed to have understood my uneasiness.“I can understand you dear… you are my daughter, I know you very much. Why did you think of doing that? It’s ok. Let me see… show me…”

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