Cousin’s late night love

It’s a complementary story of previous one ”cousin’s afternoon seduction”,as my cousin Veer as well as Swati have had a nice oral sex session in the afternoon,than we get too exhausted and than my dad as well as mom came back home,so after we have our lunch together,i walked to my bedroom as i slept on bed and i am in sound sleep due to my exhausted as a week break turned into a nice physical affairs with my cousin veer,i am dreaming of a nice fuck session tonight,but will i get laid on bed with my legs stretched for his cock,no never,he have to approach me for as i slept till late evening ,my eyes opened as my mom came inside room and said…………..

swati,wake up it’s 06:00pm .” and i frisked inside washroom as i took refreshment and than walked to dinning space,cousin veer with dad is sitting there as i sits beside my cousin and mom is in kitchen ,may be preparing tea for as my eyes moves on cousin’s bulge as he is in bermuda,my dirty mind is thinking of a nice fuck.Swati,a 22 years hot gal have lost her virginity as her glowing face with nice physique and tall figure of 5’7 feet makes him a hot gal,her round dome shaped ass with pair of boobs are attractive,so as mom came with cups of tea ,she is sitting on opposite sofa and we four are drinking tea while dad and cousin is in conversation.later on,i walked away but i am sitting in balcony alone as darks have prevailed,i am still thinking some thing romantic tonight but have to be cautious .after a while,cousin veer came there as he sits on a chair beside me and looking at me,he smiled………….

swati,we can and we will enjoy some nice time tonight
[swati]no i am bit afraid of being caught ,so have to arrange indoors tommorow
[veer]oh baby,let me speak first,uncle and aunty will sleep till midnight and than i will walk to your room
[swati]ok but if you want to cross the limit,you have to use contraceptives also.”and he responded positively ,so he left me as i walked to my bedroom and while sitting on chair ,i switched on my PC as i started reading some articles on intercourse,too interested about sexual knowledge as i can see veer leaving i am still on chair and after 09:00 pm,mom asked me to be on dinning chair as we have to enjoy our meals together.


I am enjoying my foods with dad as well as cousin and later mom join us,so we are having our dinner as my eyes gazes on veer’s charming face and after that,i washed my hand and walked inside bedroom ,so pushed the door of room as i slept on bed with night bulb switched my opened eyes are dreaming of love like a gal of my age,as gals get married in the age group of 22-25 years,so it’s a physical need for gal at this stage but if marriage is not going to happen soon,than you have to be in love with guys for your physical as i have put a long night wear on my body,i am thinking to remove it as a sexy night wear is in wardrobe,so i wake up as i took out my black transparent short night gawn upto my knees and than removed my clothes,i took out my panty also as my sexual organs are nude and now put a hot night gawn and slept on bed.It’s 10:10 pm as cousin’s arrival in my bedroom will make me hot as well as horny,so being cautious i thought to walk to dinning space and than see my parents inside their walked slowely towards their room as i can see door closed,i stand there and put my ears on door to listen their talks if going on.I know my mom Urwashi is a sexy lady with modern thoughts as i can listen………….

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”oh dear don’t press it hard ”and as their other sounds make me sure of their sexual acts going on,i am bit confident as i walked towards guest room to see my cousin Veer and as i pushed the door,i can see him on bed and in hurry i wave the hand to be in my room soon.
I am on my bed as my heart beats are rising and i am waiting for cousin’s to come inside as i have put door opened to let him in,so he came inside as i wake up on bed and veer looking at me,smiled as he moved back to lock the door.I am looking too hot and sexy in my night gawn as my thighs are semi nude with my vagina nude,so transparent gawn is giving him enough visibility as i am looking like a hot blonde waiting for her body to be he sits on bed and as he put his lips on my face,i turned my face but he hold my neck as his lips started kissing my face to neck and his hand have eloped inside my gawn as his finger started moving on my labias,nice to feel his touch as he is rubbing my hole hard and as he took my lips in his mouth to suck,i pushed him back as he fells on bed and now like a hot blonde ,i am on his top as my dress is not to cover my body but to make it sexy and i started licking his lips with my tongue,veer have hold me tightly as he started rubbing my sexy ass with his palms and as my tongue started licking his lips,he opens his mouth and took my whole tongue in his mouth to suck.It’s a hot sex session as i have made my mind to dominate him as i have started making love to him in a day light also,so it’s my hunger as well as thirst for sex that is on priority and i don’t think it’s my cousin who can’t make me love,who will know it ? ,any how as he is sucking my tongue his fingers are moving on my ass crack and it’s near my vaginal hole and lastly ,he pushed his long finger inside it,so as he started fingering my vagina fast,my eyes are closed and i am too horny,later on her freed my tongue .now looking into his eyes as he is still fingering my cunt,he smiled…………

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”you are too sexy baby,but you are dominating me also
[swati]why not ? is there any rules that gals can’t approach a guy or can’t starts making love.” and now i started kissing his face to lips,moving downwards,i removed his vest as my lips are sealed on his chest,i am making him too hot and so kissing his upper parts of body while moving downwards,my sexy gawn is upto my waist and lastly,i sits near his waist.

Veer is sleeping on bed with his legs straight as i hold his bulge on short pant and started massaging it hard as he is ”oh aauch don’t rub it hard” and now like a sexy gal ,i pulled down his pant to legs,his erected cock is nude as it’s saluting me fast,so looking at him ,i put my hand on gawn’s laces as i opened it,its out of my hot body soon,so we both are nude and now i am again on his top but it’s a 69 position as i want to love his cock while getting loved on my as i knelt on his top with my face opposite to him ,my face is near his cock as my legs are wide with my sexy ass on his face,now i put my face down as i hold his long cock and started kissing it fast,he is smelling my glory hole while putting his nose on it,so his glans is on my lips as i am rubbing it hard and slowely,i opened my mouth as i took his penis inside my mouth,now i can feel veer’s fingers widening my cunt as his tongue is licking it fast and i have put his whole cock in my mouth to suck,but my face or mouth is on hold as his penis is growing bigger and harder in my mouth,i am feeling too hot ,so my vagina is in fire and veer started screwing my ass hole also,it’s a virgin one,may be have kept intact for my hubby to fuck it,but who knows my dirty mind will give chance to ortho doctor raman to fuck my ass,so as he is rolling his tongue in my deep vagina,i took out his wet penis and started licking it with my my body is in sensation as i know my parents is also enjoying their physical love session but that’s legitimate as i am in illicit affair with my cousin as i took his cock in my mouth again,i started moving my face fast as giving him a nice blowjob is making me too horny,so feeling the heat of my cunt,i will cum soon and veer is licking it fast and after a while,i took out his penis an started shouting”oh aah uh fuck fuck fuck fast,it’s cumming”and than my cunt started pouring cums as he is licking it,later on as i left his body,i can see some cum’s dew on his face and than i walked to washroom nudely.
I came back on bed as veer started kissing my lips to face and he is pressing my breast hard as he took out a packet of condoms from his pant,now as he started putting condom on his penis,i screamed……..

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”leave it,i need nude penis inside but be cautious to put your semens out of hole.”and he is a happy guy,so he sits in between my strong thighs as i stretched my legs and he hold his penis as he started rubbing it’s glans on my vagina’s hole,slowely it moved inside and he is pressing hard his penis as my cunt is little flexible,so as his 12 cock moves inside,i felt it’s bruises but it’s the destiny of a gal to get it hard,so he hold my waist and fucked hard as i screamed louder”oh it’s hot and hard”and he again fucked me hard to put his long penis in my he started fucking me with speed and power as his long thick penis is moving fast on my smoother path,it’s well lubricated with cums ,so i am enjoying his fuck and as i started making my ass up and down,he leaned on my top as his hard penetration is making me cunt dry and hot and it’s the need of time because without organs getting hotter ,you can’t cum ,so as his penis is hitting my vaginal depth,i started bouncing my ass fast and his lips are on my face as my boobs are pressing hard on his it’s a nice fuck session as i can guess he have fucked me for last 7-8 minutes,so i started screaming in pleasure………..

”oohh aahh veer,don’t make me feel like a whore,rain your cum soon ,it’s in fire.”but he is fucking me with a great speed and i have put my sexy body on hold as i have left it for his potential ,let him fuck for hours,what will happen i will feel it but after a while,veer escalates his speed as he is shouting……………

”oohh sexy will fuck you again,oh it’s cumming”and there i started bouncing my ass fast and my vagina got much waited cum inside as we both are still sleeping on bed,after a while,he left my body as he walked to washroom and i am lying on bed with my legs spread feeling like a dirty i took bath an than he walked away as i slept nude on bed for a night.

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