Drunk mom :son’s sexual desires [last part]

It’s a remaining part of previous story as my mom Juhi have been in home in a drunkun state and than Rohan ,her son forced him for sex.so a 19 years guy have made physical love with her mom Juhi,a 37-38 years gorgeous lady with her tall figure of 5’6 feet as her sexy round dome shaped buttocks is hot,her chest with big boobs seems to be peak of mountains and so her modern outfits have made her sexy body looks vulgar.now as i ejaculated cum in my mom’s ass hole,she walked to washroom as she is under cascade and than i frisked inside washroom to see my hot mom sexy body.

So as i stand near him ,she is wet as water is flowing on her body and than i hold him in my arms as she started kissing my face to neck,so my hand is rubbing her fleshy ass hard and we two have satisfied eachother on bed but it’s not an end for now as my sisters are out of station,no one in home is going to disturb our sexual pleasure.so as we both are kissing eachother,she is pressing her boobs hard on my chest and my hard cock is now like a exhausted iron rod without energy.

So as my hand is measuring her bum size,she put her lips on my lips and looking in my eyes,she took it to suck and here our sexual session starts again as my drunk mom have lost her cool on bed and my forced sex have made her a dirty whore,now she is a shameless lady as she is chewing my lips and there,my finger moves inside her ass hole as it’s little jelly and i think my cum have made it dirty,so as she freed my lips ,i took out my tongue and starts licking her lips and she is smiling as she opened her mouth and there my long tongue vanished inside,now started sucking it hardly as my finger is fucking her ass hole,we both are under cascade as water is flowing on our body and we are wet as her eyes are closed,it’s a rainy season and i can hear the sounds of rain as we are too romantic inside washroom,so my penis started growing bigger but it will take time to be in full shape.

Juhi pushed my face back as she left my tongue and we both are just holding eachother tightly,she is rubbing my back and than i left my mom as i put cascade on hold,she sits on her legs as i took a bottle of gel for my sexy mom,now while sitting on my legs ,i started putting gels on her boobs to waist,as i put it on her neck also,she is smiling as i started massaging her shining body with gels,so it’s well covered in gels and now i put gels on my palm as i put my palm on her vaginal zone an started rubbing it hard,she is too horny as she hold my semi erected penis hard,now i rubbed her soft vagina as her legs and thighs are also covered in gels.so i hold my mom’s waist as we both stand and now i turned him as i started putting gels on her back,so her upper parts are well covered as i knelt in front of her sexy ass,now i put my fingers on her ass hole as i widened it and now it’s my tongue which is licking her ass hole,looking back at me ,she said…………..

”rohan just have our bath and than we will have drink than our physical love will start.’but i licked her ass hole for a while and now stand infront of him,she hold me in her arms as she started rubbing her front parts of body on my body and than i opened the cascade as water is flowing on our body ,so my penis is little energetic and we both have our bath.we both are nude as well as wet an mom started rubbing my body with a towel as i started pressing her bobs hard and lastly,we both have rubbed our body as we are in dinning space like a nude couple.
It’s 09:45 pm as we both are hungry and mom have already ordered for meals ,so we both sits on sofa as mom started preparing drinks for us,so wine and soda have been mixed as we two are shameless and she started drinking wine as i hold my glass,now looking at m,she said………..

”oh no,it’s near about 10:00,may be guy have missed to deliver foods
[rohan]he will come baby,let me know if you want delivery guy to fuck you
[juhi]ideat ,i am not a whore but i enjoy my life.”

And as our drinks are making us bit hot,she is looking like a damn hot lady ,now our first drinks completed and i walked nude to my room as i took out a packet of cigarates and walked to my mom,she is putting more wine and soda in glasses as i lit cigarette ,so took my glass and started drinking wine while smoking it,my mom juhi is sitting with her legs crossed as her sexy thighs are making her vaginal zone safe and than door bell started ringing and she screamed………..

”rohan,may be delivery guy is there
[rohan]than what,i will walk to him like this.”and she walked in hurry towards her bedroom ,so i put my bermuda and than opened the door,a guy came inside as he have hold packet of food and put it on table,looking towards glasses as i am still smoking cigarette ,so i gave him money as he is bit suspicious looking towards every end as he is searching my sex partner and lastly as he is near door,i said……….

”what’s your name guy ?
[he smiled]sir,shoaib is my name
[rohan]you are curious to see someone with me,isn’t it
[shoaib bit afraid]no sir,no
[rohan]if your duty is over you can see some porn videos here.” And he is bit shocked as he resists but i hold his wrist and asked him………”come inside ,you will love our blue film.”and a 21-22 years guy is in dinning hall as i locked the door and walked to my mom’s bedroom,she is lying on bed like a lady waiting for fuck and she smiled…………..

”delivery guy have left home
[rohan bit funny]yes ,i have paid him money,so come there.”and i walk towards dinning space as i asked shoaib to move inside washroom and come after a while there,so later on my sexy mom came inside dinning space as she is still nude and she started drinking wine with me as her hand started pulling my bermuda to legs,so i am nude as my penis is fully erected and than i inched closer to juhi as i put my arm in his shoulder…………

”mom,shoaib was looking for a lady or gal here as he was bit suspicious while looking at glasses
[juhi kissed my face]oh rohan ,you can make him wait as i know shoaib ,he is a strong guy and………………,anyhow let him go.”

And as our second drinks is in process,my hand goes down to her soft boobs and i am squeezing it harder,so he is rubbing my penis gently.as our drinks have made us hot and little horny,shoaib walked out of washroom in dinning space as he have removed his clothes inside washroom and his long thick cock is hard as it’s in fire and as my mom looks at it,her mouth opened as she screamed’wow ,its rock hard oh my son you have made me too hot now”and there shoaib stands near my mom’s face as she put her glass on table and hold his penis,looking at him,she started masturbating it as she said……….

”never disclose our relationship otherwise you will get killed
[shoaib laughed]yes mam,i have been killed after looking at your hot body.”and there juhi opened her mouth as she swallows his long cock and she started sucking it hard as i finished my second drink,now my horny mom is sucking shoaib’s cock as i knelt infront of my mom’s legs and now i stretched my mom’s legs as i widened her hole,now my tongue is licking her cunt as she is moving her face fast an shoaib have hold her hairs tightly as he is fucking my mom’s mouth as he is screaming in joy…………..

”oh that’s great,nice to see a matured mom with her young son,it’s a bold move ,i will also fuck my mom soon
[rohan licking mom’s cunt]don’t hesitate to fulfill your dreams shoaib ,it’s natural.”and he is fucking my mom’s mouth hard as i am tasting my mom’s vagina ,later on i took her fleshy labias in my mouth as i am sucking it hard and my mom have took out his long wet penis,it’s rock hard as she is rolling her tongue on it and he is a happier guy and after a while,i walked to washroom.so after urinating ,i came back to see my mom standing on her legs as her front parts are leaned forward and down,she is like a four legged animal as shoaib have took his place in her back.now i stood infront of my mom as i can see shoaib,rubbing it’s glans on her hole,i hold my mom’s hairs as my cock is hitting her mouth and she opened her mouth as she took it inside,now as shoaib fucked juhi hard,her sexy voice”uuh it’s hard’and it’s my cock that’s getting her teeth and i shouted”oh bitch don’t injure my cock”and now i started fucking my mom’s mouth fast as shoaib is fucking her hard,my other hand holds her saggy boobs as i am pressing it hard and it’s our home that have become a brothel right now,with one whore getting fucked with two clients,but they are her son or delivery guy and i can see juhi’s sexy ass moving fast as he is hitting her vaginal depth,my penis is growing bigger and harder in her mouth as i am too horny,her throat is getting the glans of my cock as she is making her fuck pleasurable,so i took out my wet cock as it’s fully erected and i walked to shoaib as i asked………….

”if you are going to cum soon ,than do it in her mouth
[shoaib]will she drink my cum
[rohan]sure she is a whore go and fuck her mouth.”and as cock have been put out,i took my place as i pushed my hard penis in my mom’s cunt and shaoib is bit shy ,but juhi said……..”come on you guy ,,will suck your cock never got it.”and as he stand infront of her mouth,she opene her mouth as he put it inside and i am fucking juhi with full speed as well as power,never dreamed to see my mom getting fucked with someone[other than dad] as my penis is penetrating her vagina fast,she is swinging her ass and shaoib have hold her hairs tightly as he shouted……….

”oh darling,have my cum drink it you bitch”and juhi tasted his cums he walked inside washroom and i am fucking her smoothly,so her ass movement is on hold and i asked……….

”baby if you want shoaib to be here for night
[she looked back]no never,it’s enough.”and as my penis is making her cunt a hole of fires,she is crying of cum an after my fuck finishes ,it’s my penis who ejaculated cum in her vagina and she sucked it also.so shoaib left our home as we both have our bath ,than dinner and slept nude on bed like a hot couple.

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