Aunt marie 3

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Later that night aunt marie comes into the living room you 2 come with me.

Where are we going i ask?

To the pool. I got the key from maintenance earlier.

She has a robe on and closed, and carrying a bag with her.
She took us to a different pool this time at the back of the apartments.
The pools fence line has tall shrubs all the way around it so only place to look in the pool is from the gate. In the back corner there is covered lounge chairs.

She takes us back to the corner and sits down. She looks up at us.
So how do yall normally start?

I tell her normally mat waits till i go to sleep and comes in and plays with my dick
Puts it in his ass till i wake up.

Well thats not going to work. So yall will just do what i tell yall to. Do you understand?

Mat says as if we have a choice.

She says take off yalls shorts now.
We do as we are told.

Humm lets see yall play with each others dick.
Mat says my dick doesnt need to be hard for him to fuck me in the ass.

Marie says should i just need to go wake up yalls parents and tell them yall forced me to have sex?

No, then do what i say. Now you can get on your knees and suck jacks dick.

Mat does as he is told and gets down in front of me and starts sucking my dick.

Go down on his dick, i want to see you suck his whole dick.

Mat gags I cant.

Fuck his mouth jack.

I look at aunt marie and she has her robe open and a dildo against her pussy.

Thats it mat is he sucking you good?

Yeah hes pretty good.

Aunt marie moans, umm thats hot. Suck that dick. Mat is your dick hard?

So what if it is.? Come over here. Bend over mat. She hands me some lube. You need this right?

I smear some on the head of my dick line up with mats ass and push the head in.

Mat says be easy. And not so fast.

Slowly i push into him he tries to move forward and i grab his hips pulling him back pushing my dick all the way in his ass. Dam it jack.

Mat stands up almost straight.

Aunt marie says let him fuck you Matthew.
She sits up takes mat dick in her hand and starts stroking him. She leans forward starts licking and sucking on his head as she pumps his dick.

Looking up. Its easy to jack off a dick with skin i see.

My pumping into mat makes his dick pump into maries mouth. Her other hand she works her little vibrator in and out of her pussy.
This is hot.

Okey you can stop fucking him. You know your uncle want fuck me in the ass. He want even entertain the ideal of doing a threesome not even me and another female.

He is crazy. Mat tells her ill fuck you in the ass if you want.

Aunt marie says ill agree with jack your not sticking that fat ass dick in my ass. But dont worry i want to try something else.

She tells me to lay down on the recliner.
She smears more lube on the head of my dick and then stardles me. She slowly lowers down letting the head slide into her ass.
She tells me not to move. Slowly lowers down more and more till my whole dick is in her ass. She starts moving up and down on my dick. Moaning im cumming oh this feels good

Mat looks at her hey what about me?

She tells him hold on. She sits down all the way with my dick in her. She leans back against me and spreads her legs wide.

Okey you little perv. Come over here. I want you to try and put your cock in me.

Mat says really.

Yes come on. Mat gets between her legsa and rubs his small head between her lips. He gets about a quarter in her and she tells him to stop.
I push my dick up. She tells me to stop wait a min.
Okey mat he pushes in a little more. I can feel his dick rub against mine inside her.

She tells him to stop she cant take any more of him.
Mat says but its not even halfway in.

Marie says better than none. Right.?

I push up again and start pumping my dick into her. She starts moaning.

Mat says i can feel your dick rubbing against mine it feels good.

Marie moans oh shit im cumming. She starts shaking. Mat reaches up pinches and pulls on her nipples.
Oh shit oh oh im cumming again.

Mat says im about to cum.
Aunt marie tells him dont you cum in me.
Right then mat pulls out and cums all over pussy lips.
Says wow i just did get out in time.

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