Lusty mom blackmailed for sex

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hi guys my name is Raj and i live with my dad Mukesh and my mom Sheela. My mom is the best milf of my society, everyone gets a boner seeing her, her sizes are 36D-32-38. Most of my friends and my society boys masturbate thinking about her, even i masturbate thinking about her big boobs jumping over my face when i will be fucking her pussy and ass hard.

My lust over mom started when i saw her getting fucked by my father’s brother. Sheela was wearing a blue saree it was quite transparent with red blouse and my uncle was there in only pants, he slowly grabbed my mom from behind and kissed his neck and slowly moved down holding her hands and pulling her pallu down and to my surprise my mom was not resisting. Uncle had a boner and he was rubbing it on my moms ass slowly. My mom gave out small and seductive moans aaaahhhh yess rajesh, aahhh raajeesshhh give meee thattt cooockkk. He then opened her blouse and stripped her naked, my mom wasnt wearing any bra, her big boobs jumped on his face and he began to suck them hard.

Rajesh : oh yeahhh sheela your boobs make me crazyy…. ummmmm so big i can eat them forever
Sheela. : yess yess rajesshhh thats it keep it going, aahhhh, yess hold my nipples pull them, bite them, slapp mee rajjesshhhh im your naughty sheela.
Rajesh : oh yeahhh sheela unmm thats so tasty,….
He then started slapping my moms boobs and grabbed her neck and kissed her like a mad dog without stopping, he was biting her lips pulling them out….
My mom started to get more and more horny she then slapped him back and fuck me rajesh fuck me like a slut that you always wanted. Rajesh heard this coming out from my moms mouth and he got super horny and he then tore my moms saree and got her naked totally and pushed her to bed. Luckily i had my phone with me, i opened my camera and clicked few pictures of her naked, her pussy and boobs were so sexy, i pulled my cock out and started masturbating there, then i thought why only take pictures and i started recording a video.

Rajesh pulled his cock and rubbed on her brownish pussy slowly moving it up and down she was getting cock hungry.
Sheela : push that cock in me rajesh i can’t wait any more, i want that big cock in my pussy right now.
Rajesh : oh yeah thats all i wanted to hear you slut, and he pushed his 8 inch cock inside my moms pussy and she started moaning hard.
Sheela : yeahh yeahhhh aaahhh babby yeahhh fuckk meee fuck yeahhh…. i want that cock yeahh daddyyy …..
Rajesh : oh yeah sheela my slut take it aahhhh
He spreaded my moms legs and pushed them against her and started pounding her ass hard without stopping.
Sheela : yes baby mmmmm yeahhhh thats it, thats it keep it going.
She then pushed him back and turned around and sat in doggy position in bed. Rajesh pushed his fat cock inside her again and pulled her hairs hard and spanked her ass red…
Sheela : oh yeahh baby fuck me like that keep fucking me, dont stop not at alll yaeahhhh, im your slutttt fuck meeee….
Watching her getting fucked for 20 mins i cummed all on the wall and floor while Rajesh kept fucking her, she hit her orgasm hard and she was moaning the loudest she ever did …

My mom cummed all over his cock and he then pulled her on her legs and fapped over her face and cummed all over her face and boobs….
She gave him a naughty smile and licked the cum off her body.

After 5 mins i went down and rang the bell got inside my home, mom opened the door, she was out of breath and her saree was poorly worn, her face was shiny and smelling of cum and my uncle was in his shorts, i went straight to my room locked it from inside and started masturbating to my moms video.
For next 6-7 days i would watch her fuck with my uncle daily and click her nudes and masturbate, now my lust was all over my head, everytime i would only dream about my mom riding my cock and saying my son fucks me the best.. Finally after a week uncle left and i saw mom being sad about not getting satisfactory sex… so one day i went to mom and grabbed her boobs with courage, she saw me and slapped me hard… I told her that don’t she dare touch me else i would show her nude videos with uncle to my father Mukesh… firstly she didnt believed me but later when i showed her the proof she started crying and i began to comfort her she then pushed me and said what is it i want? and i said that i want you mom …

Mom : this is wrong son you know that cant happen its a sin.
Me : it wasnt a sin when you cheated on my dad with his brother. I dont know i want you and you only. i will fuck you better than he did.
Mom : cried a bit.
Me : i went to her and started opening her dress slowly.. kissed her and pressed her boobs..
Mom : please no.
Me : shhhhh be quiet and let me enjoy … dont spoil the fun mom …
Mom closed her eyes and i started sucking her boobs pinching and twisting her nipples slowly biting them…
she was getting a turn onn from this and her nipples started to get erect, now she also started enjoying me playing with her body…
Mom : ummm yeahhh baby kiss me like this …. you are turning me onn so much, yeass babby my pussy is starting to get wet…
Me : i pushed one hand over her panties and started rubbing it, she gave soft moans aahhh yeasss aahhhh fuck baby …
Mom : ahhhh yeahh babay thats it keep it going aahhhh
Me : i took moms hand and placed it on my coci and she started to stroke it … Yeasss mom stroke it like that i wanted you to do this for so long….
Mom : yes baby your cock is so big and fat it will fuck my pussy so good… .
Me : dont worry mom i would fuck your pussy so hard that you wont need someone else from now on …
Mom : then stop talking and give me that big fat dick baby, my pussy cant wait anymore…
I pushed my cock straight in my moms pussy and she began to moan good … i grabbed her neck and looked her in eyes snd pounded her pussy hard she kept moaning my name, yesss rajjj aahhhh fuck your slut mom like this …. Aahhhh rajjj baby fuck meeee….
Me : yes mom fuck you and your slutty pussy
Mom : ahhhh baby yes sssds fuck meeerr immm your sluttt daddddyyyy ahhhh
Me : aahhh yeahhh you sluutttt take ittt … i pulled her closer and started kissing her while my cock fucked her pussy … then i turned her around and got her in doggy style…
Mom : oh yeahhh baby fuck me like your doggy …
Me : i applied spit on my cock and pushed my cock in her ass …. she began to screamm…
Me : i started slapping her ass …. shut up you slut i will do whatever i like
Me : i started fucking her more harder and pulled her hairs back and spanked her ass hard… it started turning red …
Mom : tears rolled down from her eyes … and she kept moaning AAHHH HAAHHHH YESSS AHHHHH …
Me : i pushed her against my wall and fucked her pussy faster then she said that she is about to cum and i said lets cum together ….
Mom : baby dont cum in my pussyyy pleaseeee …
Me : shut up and i started fucking her pussy faster and kept ramming she then came on my cock and then i couldnt control and filled her pussy with my hot thick cum … and laid over her …

She then slapped me for cumming inside her pussy but then she kept kissing me for giving her the best fuck of her life i kissed her back and now me and her enjoy sex everyday when dad is not home or is at work… she got pregnant due to me cumming in her pussy and gave birth to my sister but said it was my father’s daughter but only me and her knows the truth… and we still enjoy sex everytime we get the chance !!!

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