Mom with a stranger (True story) : part-2

It’s a nice hot night as I got a chance to watch my mom’s sexual affairs with a young guy (read previous parts “Mom with a stranger“) Sam and I have seen my mom Isha nude in a illicit relationship with a young guy.she is a 34 years matured lady as her physical appearance’s are so sexy that needs no introduction and it’s her sexy round dome shaped buttocks that have made me think of her anal sex in a regular mom’s saggy breasts are like peaks of mountain and it’s her modern outfits that made her so as I wake up early in the morning,I took refreshment as I walked to dinning space and there mom is having a cup of tea with a newspaper in I sits beside him and she looked at me as she shouted”Gauri have a cup of tea for Dipaali”and I am looking at my mom’s face as I can see her freshness ,think that she have their bath and than Gauri put a cup of tea on table as I started drinking it,now looking at mom ,I said………

mom want to talk something special
(Mom)sure say baby
(Dipaali)I have seen you with Sam and I want his cock to love
(Mom in anger)you are mad ,what’s your age now ?
(Dipaali)I am a 17 years gal or teen but is there age criteria for love
(Mom)yes ,have desires fulfill it with your boyfriend .”so I walked away with my cup of tea in my bedroom showing my strong resistance to my mom’s I sit on chair and thinking about Sam’s long cock ,while drinking tea ,I have some new ideas as i have to execute it soon to bargain my mom for Sam’s as I put cup on table and stand to remove my gawn ,mom walked inside my room and she smiled………


“baby now I am giving you freedom as you are a teenager ,your sexual desires have started and it’s your turn to inspire Sam
(Dipaali)ok mom ,I will do it at the earliest.”

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And she left my room as I removed my gawn,looking like a nude hot babes with my small tits having a black small aerola on it,my vagina is untouched as it’s labias are too close and my squared shaped ass is nice ,so I frisked inside washroom as I sits on my legs under opened the cascade as it’s a weekend holiday,I am free to enjoy but now I have to take bath ,so water is flowing on my body as I can see it’s running in between my boobs ,seems to be a deep gorges of Himalayan terrains ,so it’s my body which is wet and I closed the tap as I hold a bottle of gel,now put it in my palms as I started putting it on my neck to boobs and uptill I am rubbing my palm on my sexy body as my front portion of body is well covered with gels,I started putting it on my thighs to legs as well as on my I rubbed my hand on my back first and than I started moving my palms on my thighs to legs and here my sexy dirty mind started I put my one long finger inside my vagina as I am fingering it fastly ,so my body is covered with gels as I opened the cascade ,now water is washing my body as I am sitting on my legs just fucking my vagina with my feeling too excited after my mom’s approval of my sexual orientation towards Sam ,I am thinking about him as I want to make him horny very as my vagina is too hot ,it’s boiling like a hotter zone and than I screamed”uuhh aahh “as my vagina poured cum and took out my finger as I sucked it to taste it’s I have my bath as I am bit tired,now rubbed my wet body as I walked nudely to my I walked to my wardrobe and took out a short shirt with a short as I put it on my body and than walked to dinning space as mom is watching t.v ,while sitting on sofa,so sitting beside him ,she smiled………

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“baby what you want in your breakfast ?
(Dipaali)mom it’s butter toast .”

And she screamed louder to maid as I have my it’s 09:45am as looking at me,mom said ……..

“baby I am going to market ,so live alone for an hour.”

And she walked to her bedroom,later on I am in dinning space as my mom came while wearing a leggings with crop-tops,looking like a hot blonde ,she said……..

“coming baby ,take care.”as she walked away ,my maid have also completed her work ,so I am alone in my I am watching a porn video on my mobile,Gina Lynn a hot porn actress is in her garden ,as she is nude and her lover is sucking her tongue as they both are sitting on started playing with my boobs as my hand is pressing it hard and I am in fire as I can see Gina Lynn sitting on her lover’s face with her legs widend ,so her lover is kissing her reddish vagina and I am massaging my boobs hard.later on ,I pulled my shorts down to legs ,now my hand is touching my vagina,will Sam will love it? ,why not ,he is a young guy as he is in illicit relationship with my mom I put my finger inside cunt as I am fucking it slowly ,as Gina Lynn’s cunt have been licked ,she is now sitting near her lover’s waist.she have hold a 9-10 inches long ,3 inches thick cock as her tongue is licking its base to shaft,I am thinking about it’s fingering my cunt wildely ,I am watching porn video and than Gina Lynn is on grass like a bitch ,her sexy ass to boobs are hot as her lover is on her back.He is holding his mamooth cock as I can see him penetrating his glans and penis inside Lynn’s cunt ,as his penis is entering inside her vagina is distracting wide ,so sexy she is as I am screwing my cunt and than Lynn’s lover fucked her cunt fast as she screamed louder

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“oohh aahh it’s hard ,fuck me you mother-fucker aahh” as Lynn is moving her ass fast and he is getting a hard fuck,lastly as their fuck fest is going on my vagina started cumming and I am too tired ,as I have cummed thrice in last 12 put my mobile on bed and slept nudely till door bell started ringing ,I wake up in hurry as I put my shorts fast on my waist and opened the is there with a carry bag and she smiled on me,now we both are in dinning space as she took out her red coloured lingire sets for me to see.looking at him………

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