Mental Brother in law

Hi all my name is Harshada i am a house wife 5 feet tall fair with a fig of 34-28-36. I leave in a joint family with my hubby his mother his father and his mentally retired brother. My hubby work with hotel industry and has shift duties we had a old ancestors house which had a big common bathroom at the other end of house though it was old house it had many rooms and a garden surrounded and the bathroom was at back side of house . my inlaws were strict and traditional peoples i didn’t like much and because of that i always had fight with my hubby for silly reasons . he started to come home drunk which i didn’t like , his brother was 20 years old but he had a mental problem he use to act as a small kid but was very trouble he like to make some or other mischief every now and then , inlwaws mostly stya in there room and didn’t come out much hence i had to look after entire house on my own , have to take care of every one whole day . one day i did all my house work and after my hubby left to work i went to get a shower in the bathroom and as i enter inside some one bang the door , i went outside to look but there was no one out there and i knew it was him my bro in law , he was trying to trouble me , so i shouted him but could not find him near by so i again went inside and in few time when i was in shower he again bang the door , i shouted him again from inside , and when i came out completing my bath there was no one outside i was very angry and i wanted to shout on him like mad so i went to first floor where his room was and as soon i was going to open his door i heard some noise inside , i slowly tried to peep inside from the door so i shifted the door slowly and oho my i was totally shock to see the view he was laying on floor with his pants pulled down . i could see his hard cock in his hand he was rubbing it and some times pulling it like he didn’t know what he was doing he was totally disturbed which i could recognised may be he was unknown to the things happening to his body , he didn’t knew y his cock was so hard and he was trying to make it normal and was disturbed due to it . i was surprised of all that and lil afraid too . i closed the door slowly and came back to my room . i wanted to tell this thing to my hubby but how could i say all that so i dint said any thing i was thinking of it all day that day i could hardly concentrate on my work . every time i think of it i could see the same picture in front of my eyes he laying like that and his big stiff hard cock. No doubt he was huge though he was thin and look very weak his cock was huge and thick . that night was restless for me i could hardly sleep . net day i finished my work and i went to get shower i knew he would follow me but i didn’t saw him any were as soon as i open the bathroom he was inside it he scared me and ran away again . i quickly finished my bath and slowly again went to see him in his room and it was same view again he was again troubling by his hard on i was confused by that and then i just realised that after i go to bath he use to watch my cloths which i use to keep out and that use to make him excited and he didn’t knew what was happening with him . so the things were cleared by now to me and i was very exciting knowing that all. That whole day i saw him doing all different things and when i was alone in the room with him i purposely dropped my saree pallu just to see what he do . as I droped my pallu my fair cleavage got exposed and my upper breast can be seen , i kept it like that and showed that i am not aware of that but i was secretly looking at him he was looking at my exposed upper breast and i could see him getting uneasy i could see his pant crotch getting up due to hardness i thought not troubling him lot and i the covered it aging and went to other room.

Now this was feeing me exciting and started to tease him like that when no one use to be around , some time i use to purposely dash or touch him like its unknowingly and i use to watch his reaction his reaction made me excited day by day and this made me do that all every now and then . as usual my family didn’t care of what’s going in home they were busy in there own world and they never knew whats going around , few days latter my inlaws fell unwell and due to that they didn’t came out of room all day and due to that whole house was empty all day after my hubby left and i could do any thing i wanted to all day . so after my hubby went to work i started to wear cloths in which my body exposes .i use to seduce him all the time and i feel exciting when he use to get excited and restless , i never approached him ever i wanted to see what he could do and keep playing like that all day . but he never approached me and i was getting excited day by day .
One day when hubby went i finish my work and told him to go for bath before me and before he go to bathroom i kept my undergarments in bathroom purposely and told him to go have bath , as usual he went to bath my inlaws were inside there rooms . i was wearing nighty and my inners , as he went inside the bathroom i went near door and tried to peep inside . i knew he never lock the door while bathing , as soon he saw my inners inside bathroom he touched it and i could see him getting excited . he was holding my bra in his hand and he was very hard he tried to pull down his hard cock but he was again very restless and then he just pulled down his pants and his rod was all out hard like rock and bulging its tip was shining and i could see its veins bulging on its skin i was very excited loking all that . now i was going out of control and without thinking lot i open the door and went inside he joked at me and started to shout and hide his rod by lifting his pants . i told him to keep quit put be started to run here and there . i locked the door and he was scared by that i turned to him and he started to shout at me and tell me to go out but i looked at him and standing front of him i pulled my nighty down from my shoulders and it fell down on floor letting me standing in my bra and panty in front of him. He stared at me and didn’t knew what to do he stopped shouting and was looking at me i was sure he had never seen like this before . i smiled at him he was looking at me i slowly moved my hand to my back and flip open my bra hooks and slowly slipped down bra strips from my shoulder and removed my bra and threw on floor . my breast were all open in front of him now . he was shock to see all that and i cold see him holding his hard rod now . i didn’t stop by that i turned and slowly i pulled down my panty down from my butt and dropped it on floor he was looking my round fair ass and i turned and now i was ll naked in front of him . i bend down looking at him and open the knob of shower and took water on my body he was standing in corner and was looking at me i sprinkled water on him and he started to shout again . as he started to shout i went towards him and holding him tightly i placed my lips on his lips, he started to push me but in 2 – 3 moves i started to smooch him and started to rub my body against him he was holding his pants and i put my hand inside his panty and hold his rod he again shouted and this time i kissed him again and pulled out his rod out of his pants . he tried to pull his pant back but i pulled it out totally and made him naked i moved my hand on his rod and told him to be quite and as he got quite i pulled out his shirt and started kissing his chest and placed more water over his body and started to move my hands on his body he was just standing and was shivering he didn’t understand whats happening with him but when i move my hand on his rod he felt good and i can see him moan as i move his rod skin . i cold see him enjoying it and hi kept moving it and he started to moan very hard and i knew what was going to happen i started to move my hand fast and in moment he exploded all his cum and moan very loudly he was feeling very embarrassed by all that but i kept on moving my hand till he get all done . he started to get limb and i again showered water on him and he again felt very restless by what just happened he pulled his wet pants back and next moment he went out of bathroom and ran away . i then took shower and wear cloths and this time i wear just nighty nothing inside and went out . i could not see him any were i search him in his room but he was not there i called his name and look every were in house but i could not find him . i was very worried about were he may go . latter in few time i could hear some noise on our roof , we didn’t use roof much we just keep unwanted things on roof its door is always shut down and it has very small stairs to climb up , i slowly climbed up without making any noise and i saw him sitting in one corner surrounded by junk things i closed the door back he again started to shout at me . i again tell him to be quite and looking at him i again pulled down my nighty over my shoulders . it fell down and i was all naked again he was again looking at me in shock . i slowly went near him he was sitting in one corner i took his one hand and pull it and placed it on my one breast . he pulled his hand back again but i again hold it and kept it on my breast and started to press his hand on my breast this time he didn’t pulled it back i hold his other and did same on my other breast . i was pressing it for few time and it made me excited and started to moan now he was quite and was looking at me and what i was doing , i slowly loose my hands and i could feel his hands pressing my breast and i told him to do it hard and he did it as i said . soon he was pressing my boobs hard now and i was feeling very excited and i hold his shoulders and kissed him again his hands were on my breast working i hugged him and his face was buried between my boobs now his hands still on them my hands were moving on his head and in hairs i placed my one nipple over his mouth in excitement but he didn’t knew anything so i kept moving it on his lips rubbing it all on his mouth and then in sudden he open his mouth and placed it over my nipple i shouted him to suck me and he did that he was sucking my nips now and i was telling him to suck hard holding him tight i was soon sitting on his lap now and he was sucking my nips hard , he was getting wild now and i could feel his wildness i told him to bite me and he was biting and sucking me like any thing now . he was so wild now i could not believe he was mantel ill he had took all the control of my boobs now was sucking them like anything i was enjoying this guy very much . my hands started to move over his back and then on his shorts and i flipped my hand inside his short and hold his rod as i touch his rod he got more excited and started to bite my breast which let me moan loud and i started to press his rod hard . moving my hand over it pulling it .his excitement went heavy this time and he left my breast and closed his eyes and rested his back on wall . now i was moving my hands fast on his rod i kissed his chest and started to lick his tummy and went down licking it . pulled his pants down he was very excited he didn’t resist for anything now i was looking at his rod so hard it was and its skin without any delay i kissed it and started to lick it like a slut , he open his eyes once and saw me lil serperisingly but another movement when i open my mouth and took his rod inside my mouth he again closed his eyes with pleasure . i started to suck him now moving my mouth over his full length my hands moveing on his bare chest and one moving on his balls which was making him excited . he was moaning heavy his sound was running all the room now good there was no one around but that sound was making me crazy more and i like a slut was sucking him hard it was his second time now he was enjoying it . i started to move my mouth fast on his rod now and strayed sucking him and also shagging him same time . his excitement went on peak and i knew what was going to happen but i continued to suck him and in sudden he hold my head and empted his hot fluid in my mouth with a loud moan . i kept moving my mouth on his rod i could taste his sore sperms , i splited some and also drank some while i was sucking him . after few min i stop and clean my mouth he was looking at me laying exhausted i went to him and placed my head on his chest and laid there for some time he too moved his hand in my hairs as i was laying there . we remain like that for few time . latter i got up and i saw him sleeping relax so i pick up my nighty and wear it back and without waking him i came from there , the rest of the day he keep sleeping on roof itself . at evening when my hubby returned i was lil worried if he says any thing what happen between us but he remained silent . that night i was thinking of all thing happened and was very happy by all that .
Next day morning as usual i finished my morning work and when my hubby went to work i went to see him in his room but he was not in room i was curious were he would be i went to see him on roof too but he was not there i thought may be he had went out some were early morning so i again went to my room and as usual i went to take bath . as i went to bathroom and open the door i was shock to see him there . he was standing in bathroom without any cloths and i could guess that he was there from long time wating for me . i smiled at him and went inside and closed the door he was standing looking at me i kept my cloths and turned and pulled my nighty from shoulders and removed my bra and panty and was standing all naked faceing him my back . suddenly he huged me from back and i was very serpriesed with his move he was holding me tight from behind i could feel his bare body touching my body from behind his hands were moveing on my tummy and his chest was rubbing my back he was biting my back neck and shoulders and i could feel his hard rod rubbing on my butt his hands moved on my breast and he started to pres them now he was pushing me from back which made me pushed on the wall i lifted my hands on wall and he started to feel my back and my body with his hands and body i was touching his rod with one hand in between and other had supported wall . i turned and pushed my back on wall faceing him . with no time he started to press my breast and i started to moan he placed his mouth on my nipples as it ought him and started to suck me i was holding him and my hands were moveing on his head . i started to guide his head one both breast one by one and he did same as i wanted . i started to pull his head down on my tummy he kept sucking me as i move his head more down . i madehim kneel down and placed his head on my cunt ke was sucking it and in sudden he stop as he suck my wet cunt he was surprised by its wetness and its test he look at me kneeling there i looked at him and lifted my one leg and placed it on his shoulder and with my fingers i open my cunt lips in front of him he was looking at it he had seen it first time i placed his one hand over it and he started to touch my cunt which made me very excited now i pulled his head near and placed ot on my cunt he was lil surprised by that he didn’t knew what he should do and i was pulling his head and was trying to rub my cunt over his face and lips he was trying to avoid it due to my wetness but latter started to cooperate and placed his lips on my cunt and kissed it , i knew he need some more time for that and i released his head . he was kneeling and I was standing i removed my leg from his shoulder and slowly rubbing my body on his face i sat down and making him sit on floor i sat on his laps he then stretched hs legs and i hold his rod in my had and start rubbing him he got excited and laid his back on floor and i was moving my hands over it and in some time i placed my cunt over his rod tip , he was again surprised by it as his tip started to enter in my cunt i too got excited and in one force i went down and his full rod was inside me and i could feel him deep in me and he moan with a loud noise , it was his first time he was breathing heavy and my body was shivering by the sence of his huge cock inside me . i slowly started to move my hips looking at him and as i knew he was feeling it very excited and he reacted as if he is in huge pleasure i started to move my hips easely and his shaft was moveing in my cunt in a rythem he was enjoying me and i placed his both hands on my breast and he hold them tight i started to jump on his rod he was getting excited i could feel him every time i jump on his rod he was getting more excited and i knew what would happen next and in sudden i stop and pulled out his rod , he was breathing fast now. When i pulled out his rod his pre cum flowed out of his rod it looked very excited . but i didn’t wanted him to get out his sperms for some time more . i stayed like that and kissed him again i then kissing him rolled on the floor and now he was over me now i huged him and kiss him again he too responded then i again guided him on my neck and then on my breast he was sucking me like an expert now holding me properly and loving my body . i again hold his rod and pulled it towards my cunt , open my legs wide and he was all between my thyes now i placed his rod on my cunt and tried to push it in slowly but in few try i could manage him to put his rod all inside me , he was now all inside me he was laying all over me i could feel his all waight over my body, then i tried to move his hips but i could not and he pulled his cock out . it was difficult to make him understand what to do but again i tried to put his rod in me and this time he did as i wanted he pushed his rod in me deep and moan loud , and i was very much surprised that this time he started to move it without telling him , i got excited and i wrap my legs around his waist and he started to pump me now i hold his shoulders and started moaning in excitement . now i could feel him increasing his speed . ohooo this guy was fucking me like hell now , i could hear our noise in that bathroom getting loud , i was worried if any one would have listen that but the second thought of hearing it made me excited and i let him fuck me and make noise . i was getting excited and had arc my back and he was laying on me pumping me hard as if he was a master in it i was holding him tight and he was holding my back and breast and moving very fast in me . i knew he was going to cum in me this time . i wanted to stop him as i knew what can happen but the next thought i let him do as he want and i could handle other things latter and in few min we both went on high movement and in one big push he came inside me very hard . i could feel his hot sperms in side me . i hold him tight as he was breathing very heavy he too hold me tight till he empty his last drop in me . in few min he pulled out his rod it was all wet with our both fluid he was still breathing heavy i laid back on floor and i now went over him and moved my hand all over his body to make him calm down , i kissed him and cuddle him like that for few time he too remain calm , we were ther in bathroom from long time , i knew its late and my inlaws r still in home but now i was shameless and was enjoying this guy , i then took shower with him and after shower i went with him to his room and dressed up together and went out of the room for other house work as usual


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