Ask daddy to fuck M E

” I’m 18 bitches.”

” shh shh. Remember you fake ID say 21,” my best friend James said,


We laugh , i was so pass wasted, I was on Cloud fucking 9.

My son turn 18 today and gone out with his friends, he’s a good kit so I’m not worried.

But I am home all alone and bored out of my mind,

Since my wife was out with her Gold digging girl friends,

I don’t know why she friends with them cause she’s nothing like them.

And we haven’t had sex all week. She like to say when we have sex and when we don’t.( the don’t part is often as fuck)

My balls are so blue. I rub them outside my sweats.

Deciding to look at some porn, and get some much need relief,
I pull down my sweats and had my cock in hand in seconds.

I was so close when I heard keys at the front door. Fuck!!!

Pulling my sweats back up and changing the channel so quickly. You would believe I was playing ( late for school) that you would play as a child.

I sit there waiting. But like the keys wasn’t getting in the hole.
( just like my cock,)

I got up and went to open the door to see why.
And what do I see?.
A drunk as fuck 18 year old,

“Hiiiiii d dad.”

” son.” I said with mild annoyance

” what would you have said if it was your mom.?”

” hiii m mom,” he burp.

I smirk, cause that was funny.
I pull him inside and hall him to his room.
Taking off his clothes,
“Fuckkkk m e daddy,”
W what the,

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I look at him, ” am…son….”
As wrong as that was my cock just got even harder,…fuck…

My phone start ringing,so I took it out and saw it was his mother,
” am hello.”
” David, i’m at my mother . My dad fell and mom call me so I leave the girls at the bar,.”
” O my god is he ok?”
” yeah but I’ll be home later.”
Looking down at my son. I smile.
” no!. I don’t want you driving so late , spent the night there and come home tomorrow,?”

” yeah, ok ,plus I’m really tired”

” ok love you good night.” I told her
“. Love you too ,”

She Hong up by this time the little fucker was passed out.
I slap him lightly on the cheek,
And ask,” do you want daddy to fuck you?”
we know he was gay since he was 16.and had the sex talk.
” y yes,”
That’s all I needed to hear,
Since I’m not usually in to necrophilia. but
I still went and get the lube, put some on his hole and my cock and fuck him hard. I felt so good, I give him long thrust over and over ,
I watch as his cock got even harder, I know he wouldn’t cum because of the alcohol.
But I was fucking loving it , I long dick him over and over till I came so hard I saw stars,

I pull him in to my arms and fell a sleep, feeling a little guilty for taking advantage of my son,

The next morning I woke up to a warmth surrounding my cock.
Moaning I open my eyes to see my sweet 18 year old blowing me and blowing me sooooo good,
” huuih oooo arrr. Son your not mad, you remember last night.?”

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With a wet pop he said.” No I don’t remember. but I woke up naked rap in my dad arms who is just as naked, dry cum on my legs and O how could I forget the sweet sweet pain in my ass, so I put two and two together,”

My hold face got red,
” come up here ,”
I kiss him sweetly loving the freshness of his mouth, wait.
” when did you brush your teeth?”

He smile sheepishly whiles sliding his well lube hole on my cock, fuck fuck .
” sweetie! Wait your mom,?”
” she’s not home as yet, so you best fuck me good, I have wanted this big cock since I was 16 ,”

I fuck up as he bungs on my cock,

” o fuck daddy!!! Fuck me harder, let me be your cock slut,”

My cock jumped,” you like daddy fucking you,? You little slut, how many men are going to fuck this ass from now on?”
I ram up in to him ,

With a cry he said ,” fuck! You daddy only you, I’ll be your slut,”
I fuck him till we was both coming, I pull him in to a deep kiss.” Love you daddy” he said when I broke the kiss,
” do you mean what you just said?”

” yes daddy I do love you, you know that,”

I smile cause I did know that, ” Not that love,! The part where you said only me,”

” I love the endearments, and yes if you would have me , no one else I’m yours daddy, but what about mom ”

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” Don’t worry about her,. Only you for me too, . O baby . I want you all to myself, I know it’s selfish but just thinking about you and some one else, is getting me angry, how I love you baby, please don’t sleep with anyone else,”

” O daddy I wouldn’t, I promise, Only you, love you too,. Now let’s go take a shower so I can suck your cock and get to swallow that cum,” he said

” fuck yes! My dirty little slut.

My wife leave me , 3 months after that day,. because when she did feel like have sex with me , I turn her down .
My son moved into my room and we’re madly in love,

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