My sister first everything

My sister first everything , My twin sister and I shear a room, we were each other best friend. Our parents are both doctors, so since we were 13, we stop getting a babysitter. We did everything together. Until I start noticing girls, which includes my sister. I was 16 the first time I had … Read more My sister first everything

Mother of my children

“Mom, are you home”. I call out, thinking how I can get a jerk off before my mom or sister come home. My cock was so hard, i can fuck anything, Passing grace’s room I could hear moaning coming from her room, I put my ears to the door, and heard, ” ooooo yes yes,” … Read more Mother of my children

Ask daddy to fuck M E

” I’m 18 bitches.” ” shh shh. Remember you fake ID say 21,” my best friend James said, We laugh , i was so pass wasted, I was on Cloud fucking 9. My son turn 18 today and gone out with his friends, he’s a good kit so I’m not worried. But I am home … Read more Ask daddy to fuck M E

Becoming baddy’s

I’m a 18 year old virgin, I get accepted in to a lot of College, but don’t know which one to pick. i want to give my cherry ( as the girls call it ) to my dad. It’s just me and my dad, mom leave us when I was 10, My dad is the … Read more Becoming baddy’s

Saw my mom with a man ( not dad -2)

Prev story part 1 Saw my mom with a man Dads going to be home by 9, So I’m going to teach that slut a lesson. Think she could trick me into fucking her. She was laying on her back next to me. Whit no clothes on, I had my morning wood in hand. I … Read more Saw my mom with a man ( not dad -2)

My family life

All my life growing up I felt bad for my dad, because my mom leave him when We were 2, cause of us she said ” I ain’t able with those crying children ,” , so my dad raise us alone , working hard to provide for two children , Now it’s our 18 birthday … Read more My family life

Saw my mom with a man, ( not dad) -1

I saw my mom with a man that’s not my dad , I’m a 19 yr old college student, I haven’t gone home in a year , But I talk to my parents every week , my mom more then my dad , I don’t mine cause my mom voice is sexy as fuck just … Read more Saw my mom with a man, ( not dad) -1

Son walk in on mom and dad

“Awww oooooo yes yes . Just like that fuck me” I love my husband 8 inch cock. ” fucking slut , like getting fuck “. I love dirty talk too.,I was so close when I heard what no parents want to hear when being . Fuck into the mattress . ” mom, dad” Fuck fuck. … Read more Son walk in on mom and dad

Cuckold – For my mom sweet man

Mom call me and say she’s leaving dad , Mom and dad are married for 14 years and I never hear them fight so It came as a surprise, but you see ,my dad is a nerd , but he’s the coolest to me and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him , I ask … Read more Cuckold – For my mom sweet man