Mother of my children

“Mom, are you home”.

I call out, thinking how I can get a jerk off before my mom or sister come home.

My cock was so hard, i can fuck anything,
Passing grace’s room I could hear moaning coming from her room,
I put my ears to the door, and heard, ” ooooo yes yes,”


“Grace,” I said while pushing her door open , and there was my sister,
Naked, bouncing, on a fat black dilo. And pinching her napples, with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other,
” o shit. Sorry. I I. Didn’t. Shit sorry,”
I turn to leave and her one word healed me in place.
So I did, my cock growing even harder,
“O fuck yes, jj I’m so close,”

I couldn’t help it so I took out my hard as steal cock, and start working my hand up and down my steal
With in minutes I was coming all over her bedroom floor, listening to her screams of orgasmic pleasure,
My cum shoot just on the floor in front of my sister, and she did the unthinkable when she came back down from her high,
She took her middle finger and wipe up the cum off the floor and then stuck it in her mouth,
“Mmmmm fucking delicious,”
Not knowing what to do, I ran,( yes people I ran) out of there like my ass was on fire,

I watched my sister fuck herself on a dilo and fucking love it, I came so hard,

I stay in my room for the rest of the night, just so i can avoid seeing her,

Only if I could avoid thinking about her moans when she was coming, or the way she would pinch her breast and finger her clit,
“Arrrr,” I get to stop thinking about her sexy o so sexy body,
I did know when I actually felt to sleep but I knew when I was awakened, by a very very worm mouth on my cock,
“Mmmmmm, fuck ”
My eyes pop open, to reveal a shape . that in the dark look. Very much like grace’s head,

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“Fuck fuck fuck,” I hist as she swallow my hole 8 inches,

“Grace, huh, mom, what rrrr are youuuuuu, do doing,.”

“Shh shh” she said before going back to deep throating,
I held her face with my hands on each side of her face, and fuck that sweet mouth of her,

“O fuck gracey.mmmm, you like that, you like sucking cock,?”
She hummed sounding like a (yea)
” shit I’m close”
She pull off my cock With a wet pop,
Crawling up my body till our face meet,
I said, stupidly.
“Stop being a fucking ass,
Now I’m going to ride this nice cock you have here,”
The cock in question jump,
She kiss me , not a sisterly kiss, a kiss with all tongue
She slip down on to my hard dick,
She moan loudly,
” shh shh mom’ll hear you,”

” she’s not home, mmmmmm, fuck”,

O fuck, I pumped my hip up into that wet pussy, o fuck ,

” mmm p p please more”,
She cry.

I flip her on her back and ram my cock to the hilt in her cunt,

“Fuck, o God o God, so good, better then the dil dilo,.” She moan

I put her legs on my shoulder and fuck her hard and deep,

” O fuck gracy, your pussy is so tight,”
I pull her niples in my mouth, one at a time, listening to her beg for more,

“You a cock slut,”?

“Mmmm mm”

She scream as she came, her pussy was suck in my cock and held it tight, I was coming to,
I kiss her to swallow her screams and to drown my own as well,
I lay on top of her just enjoy kissing her softly,
I slip out her pussy and she get up and walk out without a word,

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I was lost , what now,
I couldn’t think too much about it cause I was a sleep in seconds,
The next morning I woke up late, and went straight to the shower,
I was washing my hear when I heard the door open,
” I’m in here”, I said.
The the shower curtain was being pulled and a lip was on mine, grace,
All the soap was gone from my hair and face, so I could open my eyes just in time to see her slid to her knees and take me cock in her mouth ,
“Mmm garcey”.
I rub her face sweetly,
She deep throat me and with in minutes I was close,
” I’m coming grace,”
I said giving her a chance to pull off but she just suck harder, pushing my cock to the back of her throat, I shoot my load, she swallow and suck me dry, when she was finish she lake her lips stand kiss me and left with out a word ,
I lean on the bathroom wall to get my breath back,
why the fuck is this happening.
my sister is 24 and I’m 22,
I don’t know what’s going on,
by the time I came out the shower, grace was gone ,
I make it through school on autopilot,
just thinking about the night before,
when I get home I was home alone,
I made up my mind to talk to my sister when she get home,
I feel a sleep waiting on her,
midnight I woke to a lips on mine,

“h hey”

she start kissing her way down my body,
can’t belive going to say this but
” gracey stop!!”!!

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she look at me ,
“sorry,we need to talk. what are you doing grace”,.

“just fuck me,”,
so I did and keep doing it 2 years ,later we had our first child, we move out and live together and had a twin after that,

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