My sister first everything

My sister first everything ,
My twin sister and I shear a room, we were each other best friend.
Our parents are both doctors, so since we were 13, we stop getting a babysitter.
We did everything together.
Until I start noticing girls, which includes my sister. I was 16 the first time I had sex.
I told Tasha my sister all about it. She was upset. But I didn’t know why,
But that’s same night I heard her telling someone of her friends on the phone that she was going to have sex with Tim, Tim is a 18 year old cunt,
I couldn’t let that happen,

When she came off the phone, I said
” you can’t sleep with him Tasha.”
” and why not. You had sex with someone else.”
Wait . What. what someone else?
” what dose that mean?”



Did she like me the same way I like her?. Only one way to know,
I got in to bed with her and kiss her,
She look surprised but not mad. So I did it again.
And within seconds we were all over each other .
” take off the clothes Tasha.”
And I did the same , when I look at her she was touching her kiss swollen lips with a blush to the cheeks,
” what’s wrong?”
” that that was my first kiss”, she blush even harder,
I went back to worshipping her body, first her right breast rolling my tongue over her hard nipple, she was moaning asking for more,
I kiss my way down to her body . Kiss, lick and bit her legs ,

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I took my hand and spread her labia. To lick her sweet Virgin clit, whiles listening to her moan,
” p please more”
So I pull it in my mouth and suck it , she scream. I keep lapping up her pussy juice like a man that just came back from the Sahara,
I stick a finger in and out her wet clit,
” O triston I’m coming, oooooo god fuck.”
I didn’t let up I keep sucking, pulling and pulling on her clit ,
” o fuck eat that pussy brother,”
I suck up every last drop of her cum juice. I kiss my way back up her body,
And get up off the bed,
” where the fuck are you going?”
With a smirk I said ” condom”
” no! I want to feel you inside me.”
I want her to understand me clearly, so I lay back down on top of her , kissing her O so sweetly saying.
” I don’t want you to get pregnant, okay,”
” do I look stupid? I was going to fuck Tim , so I went on the pill.”
She was going to let him fuck her bare back,
I growl. ” you was going-to let him fuck you bear?”
She smile sheepishly,,
I was angry so I just spread her legs with my knees and just push my cock in hard knowing it was her first time, she cry and I felt bad,
” shh shh shh , it’ll feel good just now”
I didn’t move till she started to move, I made love to her slowly ,
” your pussy is so tight sis mmmm,” I kiss her tits , bit her lips , whiles winding my waste letting my cock feel all her pussy walls,
. “Holy shit I’m coming.”
” me to.”
So I speed up just a little till we both climax,

” im sorry , I had sex with someone else, I didn’t know, don’t fuck Tim .”

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she kiss me .”I wouldn’t,I’m yours.”
Later that night I woke up with a hot mouth around my cock I held her face and fuck it .
I cum down her throat, and she swallow all. I return the favor by eating her pussy , I stick a finger in her ass,she try to pull away.
” shhh shhh, relax for me ,”
She did and soon I had 3 fingers in her ass,
I push my cock in slow,she whimper,” shh shh , I love you so much , all your first is mine, you….are…mine,” I push my cock deeper and soon she was begging for me to go harder and deeper, I ram that ass hold till we both cum, I kiss her.

” I love you so much Tasha . Your my everything,.”
” love you too,
We Fuck a couple more times that night and for all throughout College, until
We get different jobs ,
I had a girlfriend and Tasha had a husband, when he told her he was ready for a family, she came to me for her first child, we still fuck whenever we want

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