My Sexy Mother

My mother is a very sexy woman. She is sexy as hell all by herself but I think she goes that little extra just for dad’s sake. She wears those ultra low raise jeans that they sell in Old Navy. I always get to see her thong panties sticking above them in the back. She wears those short sexy tops that show off her pierced bellybutton too. She looks better than any girl in my school does, well almost.

I’m sixteen and my mother is thirty-six. Dad kids mom all the time about her bra size being her age. She wears a 36-B bra.


Mom keeps her hair short and sassy, her weight is perfect, and her figure is unbelievable. She works out several times a week. She has a slight curvature to her belly and a great ass but her tits are by far her finest features in my opinion. She doesn’t even have any stretch marks from childbirth, scars, or any tattoos either to detract from her beautiful body. She looks amazing.

Dad got a new promotion recently and works a lot more than he used too so I spend most of my time with my mother. We go out to dinner and take in a movie almost every Friday evening without dad. She likes our dates and so do I.

I spent the entire summer staring at my own mother on the beach. I wasn’t the only one either. I think every man on the beach stares at my mother when we are there. She has some very nice bikinis too but I like her newest white string bikini the best because I can see her entire ass in it. Me and everybody else too. Mom shaves her pussy every morning during the summer so she looks her best in her bikini. I know this because she has mentioned it.

That summer mom and I spent several hours a day at the beach sunbathing. Mom would put the lotion on me and I would put it on her. She never minded how close I got to any of her good parts. Since her ass was basically bare I got to rub lotion onto it often and would rub right down to her asshole. That thin string sure didn’t cover it any. Mom would slip her hand under the waistband of my bathing suit. In the beginning she would accidentally hit my penis and apologize. I took that as a hint to rub closer into mom’s breasts and just under the front of her bottoms. Soon she stopped apologizing all together and made sure to touch my penis every time she applied lotion and then she actually rubbed it with lotion on purpose. I took that as a hint to rub mom’s pussy. I can still remember that very first time that I coated my hand with lotion, slipped it well into her bikini bottom, and cupped her entire pussy in the palm of my hand. As long as I had gone that far I bent my middle finger and it slipped right into her pussy lips. As I pulled my hand back out I hit her clit and mom jumped. I thought I had gone too far and pulled my hand back to my leg quickly.

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I will never forget mom saying, “I think you had better put a whole lot more lotion down there and don’t be in such a hurry this time!”

I enjoyed mom’s pussy for probably ten full minutes. All I remember was that it was a lifetime! I fingered mom’s pussy and played with her clit for a very long time. I was worried that somebody would see what I was doing and that I would get caught. Afterwards she thanked me for giving her two orgasms. My hand covered her pussy better than her bikini bottom did. Men did notice what I was doing and started at me. I figured that they were jealous.

A few men said things like, “Lucky guy!” “Nice!” “Go for it!” and “I wish I were you right now!”

Mom just smiled and told me that she liked it!

I remember that very first time on the beach because mom jerked me off as she drove us home afterwards. It was much better than jerking myself off. Mom asked me to remove my swim trunks and tilt my seat back a little. I still remember her licking her fingers afterwards too and telling me that my cum tasted a lot better than my father’s cum tasted.

After that day we got each other off every day in one way or another. If we didn’t got to the beach we did it in the car or even in our own backyard. That Friday our movie included playing with each other throughout the entire film. I put my arm around mom’s shoulders and she would lay her head on my shoulder while I slipped my hand down her top and cupped her bare breast. I don’t remember what movie was playing but I really was disappointed when it ended. However it was going to be a long summer.

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The next week it rained for two days and we couldn’t go to the beach. That first day I was disappointed and mom knew it. I was pretty sure that she was disappointed too. Then she got the bright idea to pretend that we were at the beach and put on her skimpy bikini. I got excited and my cock stood at attention. Mom smiled and told me to undress and said that I didn’t need to put my suit on. I reached out and pulled the string at her hip and mom smiled. Soon we were both naked and looking at one another. This was actually the first time I saw mom completely naked. She let me watch as she shaved her pussy that morning. I found it very exciting. She used some of dad’s shaving cream and his razor. She held onto her pussy lips as she shaved then and reached between her legs to shave her asshole too. Then she used a washcloth to clean it. I got to apply just a few drops of baby oil to it for her.

Soon after that mom was lying on her bed on her back and I was sitting next to her playing with her tits and pussy while she played with my cock. I enjoyed seeing what I was doing for the very first time. I opened up her pussy lips and mom opened up her legs to help me. I got to poke my fingers into her hole and play with her clit. I leaned over to suck her nipple and she let me. When I leaned further to suck her other nipple mom sucked my cock into her mouth. It was heavenly so I stayed right there sucking on her far breast while I played with her clit and let mom suck my cock. I gave her two orgasms before I cum. Mom sucked me dry and I loved it. As we lay side by side mom kissed me. I swear I could taste my own cum on mom’s tongue and I liked it too.

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We rested for an hour or so and then did it again. In fact we did it a total of four times that first rainy day. Each time mom sucked my cock while I gave her a couple of orgasms with my fingers.

The next day was rainy too and we were both happy about that. That day mom introduced me to pussy licking, sixty-nine, and the best climaxes yet!

I got to lick mom’s pussy like she had been sucking my cock. I liked the taste very much. I liked eating my mother’s pussy a lot. In that position mom could get my cock into her mouth deeper and I liked that too. Mom called it deep throat and I was the first person that she had ever managed to do that too. Mom was the first naked girl that I had seen, hers were the first nipples that I sucked, and her pussy was the first that had tasted. But I knew for a fact that she wouldn’t be the last girl that I did all of that too and more.

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