American man and German woman enjoy time together

So this is the story of the first woman I had sex with when I moved to Germany. It’s true though I have changed names and location details to throw off the scent of anyone that may know me.

I’m an Afro-Latin man and this was when I had just turned 19 and was assigned to go to Germany and work in a city right off the Rhine. This was in the mid 90s and during winter. I was not prepared for that kind of cold, but I made due as I always do.


I had no friends, no contacts, barely spoke the language well enough to order food or ask for directions. I tried to make the best of an awkward situation. I explored the city every day after work on foot and while still not familiar enough to be a guide I learned that I was going to love it. The block I lived on was full of people from all over the world including some that spoke Spanish and English. In my travels I met a fellow American, Maria, she was of Mexican descent so we hung out a lot and would explore together some times. Eventually we became fuck buddies until she got into a serious relationship with her boss and wasn’t allowed to play with me anymore.

The biggest piece of luck was that there was an Irish pub two blocks away run by two of the funniest Scots ever. It would become like my 2nd home. Nearly every day after I explored I would stop there and get a pint. I liked people watching and admiring how beautiful the women were without trying to cake their faces with make up and wear name brand fashions. They were just naturally attractive and didn’t act over-confident or self-centered.

There was one woman that caught my eye early on, she stood out because she was Asian and there weren’t too many at the time from the little exploration around the city. She’s a story for another time.

One cold Saturday after the farmers market was wrapping up Maria and I discovered a small museum exhibit in the warehouse next to my favorite book store. We got in line and tried to make out the ticket prices. From looking at it I could translate enough that there were two tickets, but I didn’t quite understand. There was a very cute petite woman behind me with piercing green eyes and light blond hair peeking out from under her grey knit cap. Her build and her face made me think that this is what en elf is supposed to look like. I mentioned to Maria I think she’s cute and probably has really cute ears too. I whispered it obviously, but apparently she heard me and smiled. No matter I thought how could she have possibly understood everything I said.

Maid in heaven

When I finally got to the admission window I tried to understand, but the lady didn’t speak English and my German was probably worse than her English. Maria didn’t understand either. Than the elf girl behind us says. “It’s two tickets. One for the main exhibit down stairs and the other ticket is for the taxidermy exhibit on the top floor.” in perfect English with just a hint of German accent. Then she said, “Once we get inside you can see if my ears are cute or not.” My complexion is dark enough where my blushing probably isn’t obvious, but in this case I’m sure it was.

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My jaw dropped. She smiled at me and looked me in the eyes. My heart was beating so fast. I asked her if she would come with us and translate and I would cover the cost of her ticket. She agreed. Her name was Inge, pronounced Ingah. We spent about 2 hours total wandering in the exhibit and we discussed life and what we had done. She was a journalism student at the local college, but she had lived about 4 years in the US. My friend Maria got the hint and left us alone after the museum.

Together we walked around. She took me to places I had been before, but explained the significance of the statues, or buildings, which before I just admired for looks. Around 6 I asked her if she was hungry so we could get something to eat and she suggests we go back to her apartment after picking up take out Chinese food from the little place that was less than a block from me. It turned out she lived on the same block.

We walked back and laughed at the little funny differences between Americans and Germans, but she found it funny that a lot of the stereotypes of Americans didn’t apply to me because I was the child of immigrants. My experiences didn’t really fit the typical American life. She lived on the third floor. No elevator and it was kind of a run down building, not too different than mine. When we got to her door she handed me one of the take out bags we were carrying while fishing her keys out of her pocket when she turned to me with those beautiful eyes.

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Before I could even respond she came close and kissed me. I kissed her back and it was sweet, but had an edge of urgency. Then she told me, just in case my roommates are home she wanted to get that out of the way. We went into her apartment and it was basic, pretty small, but enough that I could see how three college students lived there. We put the bags on the small counter and she got us plates to eat. I wasn’t going to eat much so I offered the rest of mine to her roommates, Mel and Kat. They were pretty, but they didn’t have that spark that made me want to be around Inge.

We ate and then she grabbed my hand and led me to her room. It was simple more shelving than I was expecting and a twin bed. There was a small desk stacked with books and a cup full of pens and pencils. The window to her room was cracked just a bit to let cool air in, but that radiator was keeping the room plenty warm. We both sat on her bed and she turned on this little TV in the corner and we watched some kind of variety show for a bit. I was nervous, but I knew I had to make a move since she already did in the hallway.

I reached up and moved her chin length hair behind her ear and told her I think her ears were perfect. It was super cheesy, but I think it worked. She kissed me and we made out passionately. We started to undress, part of it because it was actually hot in there, but I think we both wanted to see each other without all the bulky winter clothes. She was gorgeous. Thin, but not the point that you would worry about her health. She asked me to lay down and she climbed on top of me as we made out. Her panty covered pussy grinding on my boxer covered cock.

Journey full of drama, love & sex : Inside train

She reached below my waist band and grabbed my cock with a huge smile spreading on her face. I could tell she appreciated the size. She asked me if I had a condom. I told her no. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen today. I was honestly more on a mission to get fresh fruit and veggies. She pouted a bit, but I told her we’ve gone too far for me to not finish pleasing her. I lifted her off me and forcefully, but carefully put her on her back and took off her bra admiring her B cup tits. Her nipples hard and ready. The contrast of my light brown skin and her pail creamy skin was a sight to behold.

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I sucked her nipples while my fingers made sure to give attention to her clit and pussy. She was so wet her panties were soaked. I pulled them down and she finished taking them off. I lowered myself and put my mouth over her clit hood and started to suck while holding her legs. I sound her breathing and muffled moans still echo in my memories. I licked up and down her lips, suck on her clit massaged her ass with my thumb. I never stopped. She could feel her cum and I help on to her hips.

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