Husband and wife discuss fantasies and act one out

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“Do you have any sexual fantasies?” Jessica asked her husband, Stephen, while they were laying in bed watching TV.

He thought for a moment before responding “Not really…we’ve done pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do. How about you?”

“We have done a lot, but there are a things I’ve been thinking of more and more lately…but I don’t know if you’d like them.” she said, sounding a little insecure.

“What are they baby?” He asked. “You know you can tell me anything with no judgments.”

“I know, it just feels kind of dirty. Like the first time we tried anal, but God I’m glad we did!” She said with a laugh.

“Yeah I’m really glad you love it so much now. Feeling your tight asshole stretch around my cock is the best feeling in the world! So, what are you thinking?”

“Okay…I was horny the other day while you were at work so I started to search the Internet for some new porn to watch while I touched myself. Under the top rated videos were ones about pegging and eating. Have you ever heard of those?” She asked turning towards him.

He looked at her with a shy grin on his face. “I’ve heard of pegging and to be honest, I’d be open to trying it. I love the way it feels when you play with my ass while you give me head and I’ve wondered how it would feel to have you being the one doing the fucking for a change. But creampie eating is a new one for me. That doesn’t sound like it’d be anything bad…why do you think it’s dirty?”

Jessica looked stunned for a second before asking “How have you never heard of that before? You’re the one that turned me on to porn and anal but you’ve never heard of eating a creampie…I don’t know if I buy that.” She scoffed.

“Seriously babe, never have.” He replied honestly.

“Oh, well this will be fun!” She smirked as she started her explanation. “So, after you inside of my pussy, you go down on me and lick it all out and eat it.”

“Hmmm” he pondered “I don’t know if I’d like that. I have seen it in a couple different videos I’ve watched but never really saw it as something I’d be into and I didn’t know that’s what it was called.”

Jessica moved her hand under the covers and rested her hand in Stephen’s lap where she began massaging his cock through his boxers.

“Well, it really turned me on” she stated “In fact, I watched that one twice while I rubbed my clit and fingered my wet pussy. I even sucked them clean after I came.”

Stephen’s cock was as hard as steel after hearing his wife talk about fingering herself while watching porn at the same time as she was squeezing and massaging him.

“Ugh” he moaned as he asked “So that is something you’re wanting to try?” Tonight?”

“I think I’d like that” she replied as she pulled the front of his boxers below his balls allowing her full access to his member. She leaned over and began kissing his neck, running her tongue up to bite his earlobe while she began stroking his stiff cock. She could feel a glob of precum leaking from his tip and knew he was putty in her hands now.

She wiped it away with her finger and brought it up to his lips

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