Maid in heaven

I am Ravi from Mumbai working In a private sector. I am mostly in Mumbai alone as I come on projects for 20 days basically from chennai. Whenever I come here I search for pleasure with work mostly partying with friends eat and some times if lucky u know what a good partner to spend few days with. Guys I don’t believe in hurried sex I go slow but ensure we both enjoy the maximum. I treat my partner more than a life partner for the moments we spend that’s my style and after the beautiful moment my girl can bet she has not missed out anything. I have a a fetish for saliva, for toe, for ass especially, for farts for urine flowing from source, for shit, for washing ass name it and I have a fetish.

I would like to share a beautiful true story that happened with my maid. She was an average looking young married in her 30’s had a beautiful smile and an average body. Always In a Saree. I loved her ass that was highlighted over the Saree. She used to come to work everytime I came down. One day she had worn a nice red Saree I could see her in the kitchen from where I was that was the time I decided to try my luck with her.
Would appreciate her cooking tip her get something for her so that she would just talk to me. That was not the lollipop to lay her that was to make her comfortable.


One day I kept a laptop with the web cam on facing the shelf and purposely left a gold chain and a small bundle of cash. I was sure it won’t work due to the relationship she shared. I used to throw small amount on floor. Slowly the money never used to be given to me. Again the chain and cash was left. Then regularly I found notes missing. I used to save the recordings.

One day I told her I want to talk to you she was normal saying ha saab Bolo.i said u are stealing which I am very hurt. at first she denied . I told her I have got on mobile. I showed it to her she was shattered. Started crying and all. Told her I am not interested in her crying calling people of society and informing them to throw u out and give a complain to the cops. She kept crying held her hand and forced her towards the door she fell at feet and was weeping. I slowly lifted her and held her face and said so much I pamper u still u did this I am hurt. Told her go come tomorrow and work. Took a promise from her she will come. I had her phone number called her many times to ask if she was OK. Said if u want to come back return happily.she joined next day I purposely held her hand looked in to her eyes and asked are you OK. She would nod her head. She became more friend with me slowly I asked her to eat with me. Make her laugh she used to fall on me while laughing. I used to tell her non veg jokes and all. One day asked her if she would meet me in the market. She was happy took her to a restaurant offered her a juice and took her to a dress shop. I asked her to pick a dress I like she was touched I said Koi formality nahi I shouted na at you so buying. After the dress asked her to take me to a inner shop she was first reluctant but she took. I selected her panty and bra said it will go well with this dress. She said yes.
While returning I took the packets from her saying I will pack it you take tomorrow. She gave
Next morning I got up made food was waiting for her she came in happily .

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Said today chutti u spend time with me we will watch some movie eat and laugh. she was happy told her to go to bedroom and change to new and told her Pura change karna chaddi tak. She was shy but she went in. I had kept the laptopweb cam on in bedroom.. She changed and came she was looking pretty. I knew her clothes will be in bedroom which she removed I purposely let the door shut and said I had to call someone to open. Told her don’t worry take your clothes tomorrow. She had no option. We ate I fed her pampered her by touching her face. She was getting closer. Made her feel nice and told her come tomorrow.

After she left went to the bed room there her salwar was fallen down and a blue panty her top was fallen down. Gathered everything and started smelling her panty was smelling of urine which I sucked with my mouth I smelt her area of armpit wow the smell of sweat. Loved everything. I took the laptop to see it was crazy she had a beautiful body could see her ass nice smiley she had. I went mad that night held her panty to my penis and masturbated. I finally washed her clothes and put it to dry.

Morning I folded her clothes and kept on the sofa. When she came she was very embarrassed to learn I washed her panty and all. I said so what. Asked her can she hug me she came running I just held her tightly and carressed her back she too did the same .i said I like her a lot. We sat on sofa again hugging and me pulling her towards me. Told her to stay as it is felt her close held her very close could feel both our heart beating hard. I adjusted her to the side so that she was in my arm and I could see her. Stared at her for long gently caressing her hair. Held her close to my face and whispered in her ear thank you for being so close to me. Love u .she too said love u. Held her very close and told her don’t go away. I won’t force my self on you till u were OK. Trust and be in my arms. Many days this sofa scene was on but just my hands moved from face to kissing neck making her laugh and high. Sitting across on me my hands had touched her ass so many times while sitting across I used to make her sit on my palm and one hand below her hair. I could feel the warmth of her crack on my palm. I carried her twice to the bed. Made her hug me and lie down. I she trusted me a lot.

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One day we were lying I asked her can I kiss her bare stomach that day she was in Saree. She said OK. I lie down between her legs held her hands both sides and started kissing her stomach she went very high i could see her waist moving gently. I licked her stomach gently with the tip of my tongue. Turned her gently to kiss the back too as it was bare. My cheast was over her ass. Loved to kiss . I slowly went down to kiss and nibble her ass over the Saree. Her waist movement told me she was high.i turned her back and pulled her for a hug she hugged me tight and I too held her close to me with one hand under her neck and other holding her ass. Was looking in to her and rubbed my lips on her face she wanted a lip lock. We both rather wanted. I opened her mouth and got in to a major lip lock. It went for long atleast an hour with my hands reached her all over her clothes. I was on her and saw her spreading her leg to feel me. At the moment her Saree went over her knees she was reaching to set it I held her hands she too left it I rolled with her with her above me so many times tried to reach for my tool over the pant but didn’t. I like it slow and beautiful. I knew from now having sex won’t be a problem. Asked her can she spend a whole day with me I want to come closer to you she said yes told her come by 7.Told her don’t even brush she said Kyu I said aao na plz want you as you are. U don’t do anything just get up and come. I knew since their toilets are out of the house she won’t even go there. That night got a packet of condom and went off to sleep fast.

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