Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 4

Parveen Khatun, top most TV serial actress of Bengal for her super-hit serial “Bhagni Nibedita” have two teenage kids sons and Cameraman husband whom all live with her. She guessed the seeds for all her ….relationship were always around. When the kids were mere child, she would always let them see her naked, whether she was in the tub or in her room changing. She never thought anything of it, then.

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It all started when Parveen “caught” his high school aged sons jacking off. She never, at first, walked in on either one doing it. One day she had gone up to her oldest son’s room, Hafiz, he had left the door open just a bit, she peeked in and saw him lying naked on his bed. He was holding a magazine on his lap, just in front of his cock but she could see the motion his arm and hand stroking his prick. The same thing happened with her younger son, Hanif, only she saw him in the bathroom by looking at his reflection in the mirror. She never said anything to either of them; it is, after all, only natural for guys to jack-off; especially with teenage boy’s. She kinda of thought it was cute and funny.

After a couple of weeks Parveen noticed something odd, they were always using the same exact magazine and when they turned the pages, they always seemed to jack off to some special pictures; from what she saw as she would watch them. One day while the kids were over their school, she decided to find their magazine. It took her quite a while, they had it very well hidden. It was a regular nudie magazine, just looking at the cover.

She decided to flip through it, curiosity she guesses she wanted to see if she could figure out which pictures had their lustful attention. There were a lot of attractive bgrade Tollygunge film-actressess in it. She noticed the pages in the middle was different than the others, so she turned to those pages. Her jaw dropped at what she saw. They were pictures of her ! They had found her risqué pictures, she had taken for her special screen shot. The pictures of herself in some low-neckcut sleeveless blouse with a short-sized petticoat, any one could easily see her nipples or her pussy and the pictures were too much provocative. She could see some dried cum stains on her pictures !

At first Parveen was extremely angry and she felt humiliated and violated. She was about to tear her semi-nude pictures out but suddenly her horniness and lust took over. She suddenly thought to herself, here they had a magazine with all these hot, naked bgrade Tollygunge heroines and they were jacking off like crazy to pictures of their mother in clothes!

Everyones always tell, she is hot, she am 5’ 6”, 58 kgs., long jet-black hair with 36″ tits (which look ok on her body frame) and she has large nipples. She never thought of herself as a hot Bengalee mother ! The more she thought about her sons thinking about her, thinking about fucking her or thinking about her sucking their cocks, and shooting their wad’s over her pictures, it really got her incestuous lust going. She had to do something, she just didn’t know what. So she decided to put the magazine back and not say anything to them….just yet.

A couple of day’s after her sons came back from their maternal uncle’s house with their father, as she suspected her sons would be back to beating off to “her”. She purposely made sure her sons had no time alone…time to jack off, she wanted them to suffer for a bit; which she enjoyed. Parveen could see them walking around with raging hard-ons and not being able to take care of it must have been a torture to them. She was down in her room practicing a serial’s role, noticed her elder son had gone upstairs for awhile.

Parveen stopped and just listened, she heard his TV was on, so she knew he must be stroking his cock like a wild man. She quietly made her way upstairs and slowly turned the knob on his door. She opened the door just enough to peek in and sure enough; her son was going at his cock like there was no tomorrow. He had that damn magazine in front of his cock, Parveen suddenly wanted to see her sons’ erect cock, she really had a desire to see his cum spurting out of it, especially knowing it was all for her, his hot mother. He was moaning away, she heard him say “Oh yeah, oh fuck Ammijaan, yeah do it.” Standing there in the hall, just imagining what he was thinking about pushed her over the edge. She decided it was time to take some action.

Parveen opened the door and walked right into his room. Her son freaked. “Oh shit! Ammi ! Oh NO!” He quickly closed the magazine and tried to stuff it under his bed. She couldn’t believe how good his black, wet prick looked. All her son was worried about was hiding that magazine. As she thought of that, she smiled. “Please Hafiz sona, don’t be ashamed, I have seen your cock before, when you were young.”

Still in shock Hafiz just lied there and put his hands over his shaft. “Why didn’t you knock!” She sat down on the bed next to her son.
“Don’t be embarrassed Sonamani. Every guy masturbates.” Parveen glanced down at his crotch hoping to see his cock up close, no luck so she reached for the magazine. “Can I look at this. I want to see what woman has my son’s lust.”
He quickly took his hands off his cock and grabbed the magazine out of her hand. “NO! Please don’t look at it…there is nobody in there in particular.”

“Ok, ok Hafiz Sona…I will let it be your fantasy woman.” Now did get a great look at her son’s cock. It was about 7 or so inches long, black, covered in pre-cum. Part of her wanted to bend over right there and slide his prick into her mouth but she couldn’t do it.
“Stop looking at my dick Ammi.”
“Why? There is nothing to be embarrassed of; it is a very good size. I think your fantasy woman would be happy with it”

Parveen flashed him a smile. Her son relaxed a bit, his cock started to become flaccid, which she didn’t want.
“Tell me the truth Hafiz darling, have you ever had a woman stroke your cock and get you off?”
“Ammi ! I can’t believe you asked me that. No. I haven’t had any girl touch me.” He looked so pitiful, which turned her on. “Can I jack you off?” Parveen asked her son. Shocked he just stared at his mother but she noticed his cock twitched a bit. “But you are my mother, that would be weird, that would be sin. ‘Right, I bet you think it is weird and sinful’, she thought to herself.

Parveen acted innocent and responded, “I am a woman, aren’t I attractive?” Her son said in a low voice, “yes you are not only attractive but kinda hot”.
She thought for a moment and said “Well, you could just pretend I am your fantasy film-actress Indrani Halder in that magazine. You could just imagine that it is her stroking your cock, couldn’t you?”

Parveen saw the lust flash in her son’s eyes and she knew she had him. Her son thought for a few moments then said, “OK, Ammi, I think I could do that but still you are my mother.”
“So what, we just won’t tell anyone, Ok? Right now, I am just your fantasy actress Indrani Halder.”

Her son didn’t say anything else, he laid back and she slowly reached for his hardening prick. His cock felt so good in her hand, it was so wet and sticky with his pre-cum, and she never has seen that much pre cum on any other man’s cock!

Parveen slowly began to stroke it up and down. Her son started to moan, “Ooooh Ammijaan, ki sundar lagche, ( how nice! feels so good ) Yeah do it faster. You are really good Ammi.” She speeded up her stroking of his wet, hard shaft; she loved looking at his piss slit seeing his pre-cum oozing out of it. With her other hand, she reached down and started to fondle his hairless balls. He looked down at his cock, down at his mother’s hands working his balls and prick and he got a glazed look on his face.

“Are you doing ok Sonamani ? Are you able to picture me as your fantasy film-actress, even though I am your Ammi?”
“Oh yes…I am not…having…a problem but just don’t stop.” he responded through his heavy breathing. “Faster, please go faster. I am beginning to get close cumming.”
“Already? Wow, nice! Your Indrani Halder makes you horny. I am jealous, I wish I could make men cum this fast for me.”

Actually Parveen Khatun used to be a topless cabaret dancer in a four-star hotel of Kolkaka in guise of a TV Serial actress which her kids didn’t know. It turned her on so much, knowing she was making the guys she danced for hard and they would be thinking about her when they went home and jacked off or when they were fucking their girlfriends but this was turning her on, on a much deeper, more lustful level.

At that time her younger son, Hanif, walked in, he came in the door, not realizing what was going on. “Hey bro, are you done with that magazine…” He stood there in stunned, seeing his dearest Ammijaan was jacking-off his elder brother. Parveen thought to herself ‘hey, they had that picture of her but of course they didn’t know she found it or even knew, she knew they were getting off thinking about me.’

Parveen just turned to face her younger son, still stroking her older son’s cock, “Oh so you jack-off to that magazine picture as well? I caught your brother jacking-off, so I asked him if he would like to have a woman do it for him. I advised, he could pretend I was who ever it was in that magazine. he was getting himself off to. Of course he won’t let me see the magazine.”

She turned and smiled at her younger son, but he was too glazed over in pure pleasure and lust. She could tell he was getting very close to releasing his load.

“Get….the…. fuck ….out Hanif !” Hafiz tried to yell.
“Now don’t yell at your brother like that.” Parveen slowed down her stroking; she didn’t want her son to cum just yet. ”
“Look Hanif, If you would like, I would be happy to jack you off too, after I am done with your brother. That is if you can pretend I am one of those Tollygunge film-actressess in that magazine. Would you like that?”
“yyyess Ammijaan.” Hanif stuttered a bit back to his mother. “Ok, well take that magazine now and wait for me in your bedroom.” Hanif quickly raced to the bed, grabbed the magazine and ran out to his room.

Parveen returned her attention to her elder son Hafiz and went back to stroking his cock, good and fast. She could tell, her son was ready to cum, his breathing was increasing, and he was moaning and squirming around. Her own pussy was wet and she was getting pleasure of her own, she really wanted  her son to lick and suck her aching pussy right then and there but she couldn’t bring herself to have him do that, well not then.

She got down on her knees in-between her son’s legs, so she was looking right up to his face as she stroked his glistening wet shaft.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop, please don’t stop, faster, that’s it faster. I’m gonna cum, oh I gonna cum!” Her son was almost shouting out to her. He would look at his mother stroking his cock with a lustful, glaze that she has never seen in a man before when she was either fucking them, sucking them or giving them a hand job.

Parveen leaned down closer to the tip of her son’s cock, his piss slit was just beginning to spit out small spurts of pre-cum and cum.

“That’s it Sonamani, you can cum.” In a very low voice she said, “Cum for your Ammi, give Ammijaan all of your hot, sticky cum.” Parveen was not expecting the geyser of cum that was about to erupt from her son’s shaft. She was stroking her son’s cock as fast as she could go, her son was moaning that he was gonna cum, then he yells out.

“Here Gudmarani Khankichudi, it cum’s, here it cums, I’m… I’m’ gonna cuuuuummmm!” With that her elder baby son’s first spurt of thick, hot cum shot out of his prick and landed on her lower lip and chin. Instinctively Parveen licked her sons’ glob off of her lip, he had his eyes closed, too bad! he missed seeing his Ammijaan lick and swallow his cum.

Parveen raised her head up as the next spurts of cum fired out of Hafiz’s cock and landed on her forehead. She aimed his cock down a bit more as the large portion of her sons’ cum load erupted out. She could feel his cock pumping spurt after spurt of his salty, hot, white, thick cum out of his shaft. She counted about six more good-sized spurts of cum! She have never seen a man cum for her that much! Her son’s cock, stomach and her hands were covered with his hot, cum. She couldn’t believe how much he came! And to think, this was all for her, his respected Ammijaan.

She slowly milked the remaining cum out of his cock, then cleaned up his cock. She smiled at him, her son has cum on her forehead and the gob on her chin and started to apologize, she told him not to worry, and it was not the first time she had cum on her face.

Parveen snaked her tongue out and licked up the cum off her chin. Her son’s cum tasted so good! She looked down at her arm and slowly, with one long lick, she scooped up her sons’ load he left on her arm with her tongue. She kept it on her tongue and looked at it in the mirror. Then she slowly swallowed it. She licked clean her fingers then went to her other son’s room, she couldn’t wait to see how much he would cum for her, how much he would cum for his Ammi and she couldn’t wait to taste his cum too.

Hanif was lying on his bed, naked, his shaft was dripping pre-cum as he was staring at that pictures of his mother in the magazine; the pictures she wasn’t supposed to know about.

“Are you ready Hanif sona? I don’t have to jack you off if you don’t want me too.”
“Oh no Ammi , I….I want you to.”
Parveen smiled at her younger son, “Are you sure, you don’t sound it. Are you sure you can pretend your mother is just one of those film-actressess you fantasize?”

Hanif smiled back at his mother; she could see him glancing from her semi-nude pictures to looking at her tits and pussy as she stood in front of him. His cock got harder and a small stream of pre-um was flowing out of his piss slit. His cock was about the same size as his elder brother.

Parveen Khatun sat down on the bed next to her younger kid and grabbed his cock. As she slowly stroked it, allowing his pre-cum to coat her fingers, she said to him. “You and your brother’s cocks are bigger than your fathers’.”
“Really?” he responded.
“Yep, much bigger. His was about 5 inches or so. I am sure any woman would like your cocks.”

Hanif, unlike his elder brother didn’t lay all the way back and close his eyes. He just stared at his mother’s hand going up and down his shaft. Parveen watched her son bite his lower lip, moaning. He started talking, moaning. He would look at his mother’s hand and his cock and just say “Faster, oh please faster. Mmmm, make me cum.”

So she just asked her son, “Hanif sona, are you thinking of Sreelekha or Rachana in the magazine?”

He looked at his mother with same glazed look, then flashed a glance at her tits, which were bouncing up and down a bit the motion of her cock-stroking. Parveen knew her nipples were protruding through her blouse. “Oh yes, Ammi, I am thinking of Sreelekha Mitra. Just don’t stop…please.”

Parveen Khatun’s younger son did not last as long, he just wanted to cum as quickly as possible. She moved in-between his legs, she knew both of them probably had pictured her.

“I am gonna do it! I gonna do it Ammi.”
“Do it? Oh you mean cum?”
“Yes, I am gonna cum, I can’t hold it!”
“Don’t hold it Sonamani, you can cum for me.”

With that Hanif’s hard shaft released its load. His cock first spurted out a couple of small spurts, Parveen tilted her son’s cock back towards his stomach, and cupped her hand under it to catch his load. Then his huge spurt of super thick, white, hot cum squirted out his cock. It looked like a laser beam of cum; it was so long and continuous. Some it landed on her palm, some on her arm and some on his chest!

Parveen could not believe the moan her baby son let out as he sent his huge load out of his cock, the pleasure must have been incredible, her son actually passed out for a moment, his eyes closed and his head fell to the side. However his cock kept working, she leaned down, watching her sons’ eyes, she stuck her tongue out and caught the last few small spurts on her tongue. She quickly swallowed his cum, not being able to enjoy his taste too much.

“Sonamani, are you ok?”
“Oh…oh, yes Ammi….it felt so good…I never felt anything that good before.”

Parveen used her fingers to scoop up her sons’ cum and devoured the cum. He tasted just as good as her other son. As she swallowed his cum, she couldn’t believe what she had just done and how much she had enjoyed doing it. She couldn’t believe that she just gave her two baby son’s hand-jobs and then ate their cum. She knew it was wrong but it made her so horny watching Hafiz and Hanif jack-off, knowing that they were jacking off to her. She thought, ‘’well all I did was give them hand job, it is not like I fucked them”. Somewhere deep down inside, she knew she would end up fucking them too!

After some time Parveen found them both in Hanif’s room with magazine in their hands. She caught the tail end of their conversation as she walked in. They were both saying they couldn’t believe she jacked them off and how fucking good it felt. She came in the room and they both got really quiet.

“So Sonamani did you like it ?”
“Yes Ammijaan, you really did great.” Hafiz said.
“It was really hot.” Hanif added.
“Good. So you didn’t mind it was your Ammi giving you a hand job instead of your fantasy actresses?”

They both swallowed and said no, it was kinda weird at first but it was fantastic. She smiled at them and turned to walk out. Then Hafiz started to mumble, “Well we wondering if…if”
Hanif blurted out, “If you would jack us off again…sometime?”

Parveen should have said no but her deep incestuous lust took over. “Sure I guess. Do you boys jack off a lot?” They both turned red, embarrassed by their mother’s question. “Well, uh, yeah.” She thought for a moment, “Hmm, well as long as your Grandmother isn’t around or nobody else is in the house and I am not busy…sure. I would be more than happy to.” They both smiled at her; she smiled back at them and left the room. That was the start of what was to be a long summer of hot incestuous lust at Parveen Khatun’s house.

Parveen continued giving her son’s handjob’s for the next month and half. She would tease them every now and then that she was going to look for the magazine. She said to her sons,” I was really curious to see the picture of this woman who had made your sexual appetite so insatiable”, this, of course, would upset them. They still had no clue that their mother already had seen it was some pictures of her.

However, Parveen was starting to get tired of this and it was making her incredibly horny so she decided to move things along. It was a very nice summer afternoon; she changed out of her clothes and put on a pair of panties and bra. Her sons came up stairs to have a cup of tea. When they came into their  mother’s bedroom, she watched as their jaws dropped and their cocks went instantly hard.

She could just imagine what they thought seeing their Ammi  in that two pieces of clothes. Actually, her bra probably covered about a third of her tits, so she knew her sons got a really good look at her tits. They just stood there staring at her, which she didn’t mind.

It was making her nipples very hard and since they are so large, she knew her sons could easily see them growing. Her nipples are little more than quarter inch long and a bit larger in diameter than a pen. Any guy who has fucked this famous Bengalee TV serial actress always loved sucking on them, which she never minded. They are very sensitive and having them sucked on or pulled drives her wild and makes her pussy incredibly wet.

“Um, Ammijaan, where are the, uh, plllll ggg i. mee….a cup offf. …?” Hafiz stammered as he licked his lips. Parveen smiled back, “Oh I am sorry son, I still am not ready.” Saying this she had left her key-ring on the floor so that she could purposely bend over, letting her sons get a great look at her exposed ass and her barely covered pussy, she know they never dreamed of seeing their Ammijaan in a tiny panty !

She turned around and noticed that they both had raging hard-on’s. “Have you two been looking at that magazine again? I can see your cocks are hard.” they both got embarrassed and said yes they had been.

“Oh, Sonamani, I have a question. Do you think this suit looks good on me?” Parveen started to pose for her sons, she knew she was driving them wild. Hanif was the first to speak. “Yeah…. it looks really good. You look really hot Ammi.”
” It is nice to hear a compliment like that. What do you think?” “Um, yeah you look hot…. Really fucking hot!” Hafiz replied.

Parveen gave each of her sons a nice hug and then a quick kiss on their lips. When she pressed her tits up against them, she could feel each of their cock’s twitch. “Thank you boys. I will be out in the bathroom and just so you know where I will be.” Her sons just stared a bit more and then said they would be back. Hanif asked if she would give them a hand job when they got back. “Of course I will. I love making my sons happy.” She thought to herself, “I love making my sons cum”.

Parveen followed them downstairs and just before they left she said to them, “Oh one more thing. I will probably exercise topless, so I will leave the door open, just let me know when you get home. I am sure you wouldn’t want to see your Ammi topless.” She gave them a quick wink. Their eyes bugged out almost as fast as their cocks. She could only imagine how hard their cocks were, not to mention how much pre-cum must be flowing out of their piss slits.

After some free-hand exercises She decided to lie out. Then she heard the garage door close, so she knew her two babies were home. She quickly took her Kamiz off and lay down on her stomach. She had a feeling her sons would try to sneak a peek and she didn’t want to disappoint them. She heard them trying to sneak into the family room to look at her, she just pretended she didn’t hear them. She could hear them in very low voice talking.

“Oh shit, look Ammijaan is topless!” Hafiz whispered to his brother.
“Yeah but she is on her back. Do you think she is asleep? I hope she turns over, I wanna see Ammi’s tits.”
“No shit. Did you see how fucking big they were? And her nipples, they were fucking popping out of her top.”
“I thought I would cum in my shorts when she hugged us and kissed us. Man! I want to suck Ammi’s tits”.

Her head was turned away from them so she could smile. She decided it was time to give them a look. She turned over on to her back. Her nice 36″ tits bounced around a bit. The erect nipples looked like two little flag poles, they were so hard. Oh! She heard her son’s gasp.

Hanif said in a low tone, “Fucking Allah! look at them!”
Hafiz responded with “Shit do you see how big Ammi’s nipples are and look at how big and dark her areola are. Fuck, my cock is bursting out of shorts. Man I may have to sit down and jack-off right here on the couch.” She heard her younger son say “I would rather fuck Ammi’s tits and cum all over them.” With that she rolled back over again and acted like she was waking up.

Parveen stretched a bit and said in loud voice, “Hmm, I wonder what is taking the boys so long?” She reached for her Kamiz and put it back on, with her back to her sons. She is just getting ready to come inside now. She slide the door open to the family room and was greeted with such a wonderful sight. Both of her sons were sitting on the sectional, facing the door. Their shorts were down around their ankles and they both had their steel shaft cocks in their hands. They were both slowly stroking their cocks.

“Geez guys. Are you still thinking about those pictures? Man! Those actresses makes you two horny.” Parveen walked over to them and watched her sons just staring at her large tits and huge nipples sticking through the fabric of her thin Kamiz. She got down on her knees in front of her sons, a position she really liked. She reached out and took both of their cocks in her hands and began to stroke the hell out of the hard, smooth cocks.

Parveen loved watching their cocks sliding up and down in the palm of her hand. She loved the feel of their hard, hot cocks in her hand, especially the feel of their pre-cum oozing out of their piss slits and coating her fingers. Their pre-cum was so wet and sticky; she loved it. She knew they wanted to stare at her tits and nipples for a while too. She made sure that while she was jacking them off, she kept bouncing up and down a bit so they could watch her gorgeous tits bounce around.

“You boys could talk dirty to me, call me by the actress’s name. Some women like hearing dirty talk.”
“Really? You wouldn’t mind.” Hafiz asked.
“Oh no, not at all.” Parveen smiled.
Then Hanif spoke up, “Oh! Rachana darling! stroke my cock faster, I need to cum.”

Parveen was surprised a bit to hear about the great Tollygunge film-actress’s name as her younger son’s fantasy woman; she just smiled and started to work his shaft even harder. “Oh yeah that feels so good Rachana Khanki. Make me cum too!” She was becoming very horny; here she was on her knees with both of her son’s cocks in her hands.

Both kids were looking at their mother with a lustful, glazed look on their eyes. Her fingers were being covered with her son’s pre-cum. Their piss slits were oozing their sticky, hot love cream in an ever-increasing volume. Their shafts were a nice bright blackish hue. She could feel their cocks beginning to harden even more, she knew they were both about ready to let their wads burst out.

“Hey, do you think you two could do me a favor. Could you get yourselves off the rest of the way? My arms are kinda tired from exercising.” Parveen smiled.
Hanif asked “Will you still sit there?”
“Of course honey, I won’t go any where. I think your fantasy woman would love to watch the both of you get yourselves off. It is a real turn on to some women knowing that her sons find them so hot, they will jack off just thinking about them.”

Parveen knew this would get them and it worked. She watched as her sons grabbed their cocks, at first they started to stroke them slowly but their pace quickened. It really made her nipples hard watching her sons jacking off in front her; she watched their incestuous lust build in their eyes. She could tell they saw her nipples hardening and it was driving them wild.

The forbidden lust Parveen Khatun was feeling was incredible; she never wanted a man as much as she wanted her own kid sons. Her mouth started to drool as she stared at both her sons’ hard pricks. They were like blackish snake, swelling with an incestuous load of cum; pre-cum was coming out of pricks piss slits with every upward stroke of their hands up their steel rods. She could tell by the pure lust in their eyes and her son’s frantic, heavy breathing that they were not going to last much longer. Small beads of sweat were beginning to form all over her body, she was becoming so turned on, and was breathing almost as heavily as her babies were.

Parveen’s pussy was incredibly wet, thanks Allah! “Are you boys ready to cum yet? Your Rachana Khanki is waiting for you to cum all over her. She wants to feel your hot sticky, wet cum spurting all over her body. Show her much you want her.”

She knew this teasing would push them to their breaking point. “Oh fuck! Oh yeah I’m gonna cum Ammijaan…Ohhh my sweet Rachana darling, I gonna fucking cum!” Hafiz said in his husky, deep almost frantic tone. “Shit, I gotta cum too I… I… can’t hold it much longer Ammi…. my Indrani Khankichudi ” Hanif also panted.

Parveen was still on her knees in front of her sons. She leaned back onto her hands, still on her knees. She leaned her head back and tossed her long jet-black hair around. She yelled at her sons with her mother, ordering tone of voice, “Hafiz, Hanif, stand up! Get over here next to me and cum..cum all over me!”

With that they both quickly got up off the couch, they both released their cocks for a few moments as they positioned themselves on either side of their mother. She didn’t know what came over her at that point, she just let her forbidden lust take over for a moment and take her further down the road of incest with her sons.

“Wait boys don’t cum yet. Can I take my Kamiz off? I don’t want to get cum stains on my new Kamiz.” Hafiz rasped back, with his cock in his hand, stroking his beautiful cock, “Do it! We don’t care!” Hanif said in a firm tone, “Yeah do it Rachana Chudmaranii ! Take your fucking Kamiz off. I wanna see your tits and cum all over them Ammi !”

Parveen’s hands were already removing her Kamiz as she was still asking her sons if it was ok. Her 36″ tits bounced just a bit, the nipples were as hard and erect as her sons’ cocks. They were sticking out almost a half-inch! They looked like bull’s eyes when seen with the large, kinda dark areola, which are about the size of a ten rupee coin. That was all her sons needed to see.

Parveen looked up at them; their eyes glazed right over with intense pleasure and deep, deep incestuous lust. She saw their eyes close to just small slits and she knew they were going to unload their cum loads on her. Hafiz’s cock was the first to spurting out its wad of cum.

“Fuck Ammijaan Ohhh Gudmarani Khanki re , I cumming…I’m cummmmmmming!” His first two small cum spurts fired out of his shaft and landed on Parveen’s cheek and on lips. At that moment she really wanted to wrap her lips around his cock and suck him dry…but she still had some little control left in her.

Hafiz squatted down a bit more and began pumping his full load all over his mother. His next spurt, a good size glob of cum landed on her throat, his cum was so hot, so thick, white. She could taste his cum on her lips and she desperately swallowed every bit of his salty cum not to wasting a drop.

At that moment Hanif’s cock started to unload his cum load. He was down almost on his knees next to his mother. His cock was like a geyser. A quick couple of spurts came out of his shaft and landed on her stomach.

“Oh shit yeah…ooooh shit Ammi Khankichudi, ne ne dhar magi !” Then a huge spurt of his thick, gooey hot cum squirted out of his raging hard, black cock, it landed in and all around her belly button. Parveen glanced up at her son’s eyes; both of them were wide open, they had such pure lust and pleasure in them. It really turned her on seeing how happy they were shooting their wads all over her body.

Parveen knew they never thought they would ever have the chance to cum all over their respected Ammijaan. Hafiz spurted out another two spurts of cum on her chest, just above her tits. His cum started to mix with her body sweat and it slowly began to run down in-between her heaving tits. It felt so fucking good too! She could feel how hot it was, sticky and just the smell of their cum was driving her wild. “That’s it boys! Keep cumming! Cover me with your cum!

Hafiz barked out, “Cum on Ammi’s tits!” As Hanif was still stroking his cock wildly, he aimed for his mother’s nice gorgeous, succulent tits. His next thick spurt landed right in-between her tits, mixing with his brothers and just forming a small river of thick, hot, and gooey cum running down her body. Hafiz lowered himself until his cock was just about an inch or so over her tits. He jacked himself off shooting spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt on his mother’s tits, nipples and areola.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh yeah…uuhhhhh!” Hafiz let his cock spew his cum on his mother’s tits. Parveen just looked down now at her tits being covered with her sons, hot, thick, and sticky cum. She reached up with her hands and pressed her tits together just as her younger son sent his next geyser of cum gushes on to them. Hanif first spurted shot across the top part of her tits.

Then he fired off his next load right onto his mother’s nipples. By now her tits were covered with cum. Her sons thick cum felt so good, so warm and sticky on her tits, it strangely stimulated her nipples in such a way that Parveen actually came without touching her pussy.

“Oh yeah, Chudir bhai re, oh fuck boys…. keep cumming on my nipples…do it.oooooh yeahhh!” Parveen moaned out. She didn’t think her sons realized they just made their Ammijaan cum. She had never gotten off like that before and had never experienced that much pure lust before either. She just looked up their cocks as they milked out every remaining drop of cum. Her sons were just dripping with sweat too! As she held her tits together in her hands, she watched as the cum oozed all over her body.

When they had finished, she quickly stood up still holding her tits, Hafiz looked at his mother’s innocent face quickly, tried to apologize for cumming on her face; “Uh sorry, sorry Ammijaan for cumming on your beautiful face.” He panted at her.

Just thought to herself and smiled, “yeah right, I like it. You are just like your father. He loves to cum in my mouth or on my lips and face and watch me lick it all off “.

Hanif was just staring at his mother’s cum covered tits. He liked seeing his cum on her, whether that was on her face or on her tongue, she knew he wouldn’t care. Parveen smiled at her sons and asked them if they liked that. They both said yeah, that was fucking great, then they thanked her.

Parveen quickly went up to her bedroom. With one cum covered hand she opened up a drawer and took out her dildo. She stood in front of mirror and started to fuck herself with her dildo. As she did that, she licked the cum off her face and with her free hand proceeded to hold the tits up to her own mouth as she licked and sucked all her sons cum off of them.

Needless to say she came with in a couple of minutes! She then took the wet dildo and ran it over her body, cover it with all the other cum. She took a long, pleasurable amount of time licking and sucking her sons cum off of it. The whole time she pictured that dildo as Hafiz’s and Hanif’s cocks. She almost wished then, she just sucked them off but she knew deep down, that she would be doing that very soon.

Parveen is a very sexual woman, she’s been very sexually active over the years. Her elder son Hafiz never thought about her being a sexual perverted woman. Since his young age he never paid attention to what his mother was doing or the sex she was having.

But after the recent threesome jack-off sessions with his mother and brother at around age ** he started thinking about his mother more and more, as a prostitute or even a whore whom he wanted to fuck. He has been sexually aroused not only by his mother but, by his grandmother Rukshana Begum also for a long time. Everyone has secrets and his mother had also a deep dark secret. As he grew older he has became sexually aroused by her and his grandma.

Hafiz and Hanif has a long time Hindu Brahmmin friend named Soumya Chowdhury, he is his best friend and colleague. They get together to watch mainly south-indian porns acted by bgrade film-actressess like  Roshini, Debika, Sindhu, Pratibha, Kumtaz etc and jack off together. However he enjoyed most jacking off his seven inch cock and squirting his loads of cum on nude pictures of bgrade Tollygunge film-actresses’s sizzling nude pictures in magazines.

Soumya does the same when they jackoff together. He is well endowed, his eight inch cock is thin with a slight upward curve. They love perverted sex and talk about fucking Hafiz’s  grandmother and mother. Hafiz thinks about of fucking his mother and his grandma as he watches south-indian bgrade film-actresses sucking cock and fucking on his computer screen.

Soumya would love to have sex with his Muslim friend’s mother and grandma. He’s just as perverted as Hafiz and Hafiz doesn’t mind that his friend has desires to have sex with his mother and grandma. Hafiz’s grandmother Rukshana Begum  is a well developed matured Bengalee Authoress for turning 49 a couple of months ago. She weighs 59 kgs and stands 5′ 5″ tall, with nice fleshy legs and 38″ breast and a bubble ass.

Rukshana likes to dress really sexy and wears more makeup, then she would make her look like a mature slut when she goes outside. Parveen leaves for her TV serial shooting with her husband in due time before Rukshana leaves for Sharmila’s house. She likes to show off her body attracting the attentions of the younger boys.

Hafiz likes his grandmother, dressed like a slut which gets him all excited thinking about having sex with her. However his mother Parveen Khatun is getting his attention more and more after the jack-off sessions. She’s a beautiful sexy woman having numerous fans for her smashing acting in Bengali TV serial. She is only 30 plus yrs. old now. Standing 5′ 6″ bare foot, with a huge bulging ass makes her legs appear long and sexy and sporting a 36” chest.

Long jet-black wavy hair strands throughout, she dresses sexy and loves to show her large tits and huge amounts of cleavage just like her mother. Her dresses are form fitting and showing off her curvy body and long legs. At 59 kgs with big tits she looks a little top heavy but, still looks great. She also dresses like a slut, talks like a slut, so she is a slut. She isn’t afraid to talk filthy in front of her kids. She talks about her job at times using filthy terms.

Because of her filthy talk his daughter Parveen also has picked up on the terms and is using them in her conversations with her closed friends. Parveen dates anyone related to her serial who will ask her out. Her filmy connection gave her more facilities to have fun with no restrictions of a domineering husband. Hafiz suspects that her mother fucks every man she goes out with, he also heard her tell her long time girl friend Koel Mallick over the phone about the sex she has when she goes out with certain man.

Parveen admits to her friend that she’s a total whore and for this she isn’t ashamed at all, as it’s natural in filmy area. Actually the family has a history of being a whore for it’s female members, a house of ill repute from years past. Again rumors Hafiz heard that his TV serial actress mother is attached with a four-star hotel in Kolkaka for her nude-dancing and call-girl profession.

At home recently Parveen loves to wear only a thin see-through maxi without any bra or panties beneath it. Tit flesh hangs out from her low-cut blouse or Kamiz and the sexy curvature of her sex-bomb figure is easily noticed through the thin material of her cloths. They do have an effect on his seven inch cock. His cock gets very hard and he really wants to fuck her. He wants her to be his incest lover, A fucking cunt, that will suck and fuck him and fulfill his perverted desires.

The 4 bedroom home have all the latest facilities, a bathroom down the hall way towards the back of the house. His parents bedroom is very large with a full tiled walk in three head shower and tub. Rukshana’s room is up stairs above the garage, large and roomy for a widow with her own bathroom. Posters hang on the walls of her favorite idols, also center folds of men showing their manhood bulges in tight scanty briefs with nothing else on but a smile.

Parveen never minded her widow mother from having them and so they hang openly on her walls. Hafiz knows that her grandmother masturbates, he has seen her with her fingers in her panties watching porn on her computer. The house was handed down through the family over the years. Parveen’s husband Mansoor got the house from her grandparents. The house is big and very comfortable to live in.

Now how he found out about his mother being a piss whore pig began on a Thursday evening.

Parveen and her elder son were watching TV, his father was in Mumbai for an outdoor film-shooting. A serial of his mother was showing. She was sitting with just her short maxi on exposing some tit flesh and showing her long legs had her son’s attention. He wasn’t paying much attention to the theme of the serial but, did like his mother’s scantily clad dancing on the TV. The cameras caught his beautiful mother at different angles showing her crotches.

Somewhat tired Hafiz asked his mother if he could leave as he felt sleepy. Parveen requested him to wait some time and to prepare a drink for both of them. At ** Hafiz legally can’t drink or by alcohol. But he can watch all types of porn on his PC, no cares not even his mother. As long as he wasn’t going anywhere she said he could have a few beers.

Hafiz went to the fridge to get a beer and refill his mother’s glass with wine. Returning to the living room he commented on his mother, how great her legs were and how much skin she showed in the serial. As they watch the serial, his mother asked him about his dating with his girlfriend. Hafiz told her that they had parted ways awhile back because she was very immature when it came to sex.

Telling his mother that he wanted a girl to be open about sex, someone could think with about sex and express his desires with like two adults.

“Hafiz sona, I know that you watch porn. Do you like it? Does it turn you on sexually?” Parveen asked her son. Not surprised by the question Hafiz answered just like, “Yes, I like to watch porn specially the South-indian and Tollygunge film-actressess based Bengali porn. It excites me. I like watching Sindhu, Pratibha, Sreelekha, Indrani most in the porn movies.”

Saying nothing more about the subject Hafiz looked at his mother and she had a slight smile on her face. Parveen took a big drink of wine and ask her son to refill her glass. He did and had another beer. She said nothing as they watch the serial. Hafiz had one more beer and kissed her cheeks by saying goodnight and went to bed.

Thinking about fucking his mother *** Hafiz woke up at 4:30 in the morning with a piss hard on that actually hurt and a full bladder. His seven inch cock felt like a tree limb in his hand. He released his cock through the fly of the briefs. With his hand on the cock, he slowly got out bed and headed for the  bedroom door. Walking slowly in the dark he opened his bedroom door and stepped out into the hallway.

He noticed a faint light on in his parent’s room, even with a piss filled hard cock he had to see why the light was on this early in the morning. Walking towards the room and just before the step down into the sunken room, he stopped and looked across the room.

There in the big leather recliner, laid back was his TV serial actress mother totally naked and spread wide open. One leg over each of the chairs arms. Parveen Khatun was in full make up, eye liner and bright red lip gloss, hair was well comb, may be she was practicing for her next episode in the serial. Silver hooped ear rings dangled from her ear lobes.

Her big 36″ tits were pushed between her arms showing her nice brown areolas with erect nipples. Attached to her nipples were gold clamp on nipple rings. This was so fucking hot, Hafiz thought he would cum all over himself. He squeezed his cock and step down and move closer towards his mother. Her head was turned to the side. She was listening to her mp3 player with her ear plugs in, while she was fucking herself with a huge black dildo. Pulling it way out and immediately shoving it hard and deep up her cunt. On every forward stoke her belly was rising.

The next thing which he noticed was a big red jewel protruding from her crinkled asshole. Hafiz realized, it was a butt plug made of glass, one of those expensive types that are very smooth, hard and long.

“Ammi ! Ammi !.” Hafiz said, not to loud. Parveen didn’t answer. The mp3 player she was listening to had her full attention. Still laying back in the chair, she turned slightly and with her right hand reached her asshole and removed the butt plug dropping it to the floor.

Parveen replaced the butt plug with a long silver dildo that laid next to her in the chair. Her asshole was gaped and cunt juices had flowed down into ass crack making her asshole slippery. The dildo slid up her ass very easily. Never once did she open her eyes, she moved like a will train magician knowing exactly what to do next.

Once the dildo was inserted deep in her asshole Parveen turned the switch on high, it began to hum bringing pleasure to her asshole as well as herself. She pulled her legs back more exposing her cunt more, still with her legs over the arms of the chair. Still fucking herself with the huge black toy in her cunt. Softly she began to speak. Hafiz didn’t know who she was talking to, no one else was in the room.

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh yes I’ll piss for you, I love pissing and showing my cunt to everyone.” Parveen moaned and moved a little, opening her legs wider, her hands moved to her cunt lips, dropping the huge dildo to the floor.

Inserting her fingers she pulled her cunt lips apart. “Yes my cunt is open now. Watch me piss. I’m a fucking piss whore.” A small dribble of urine started from her cunt, then turning into a thin spray with a siiiiiiii…….sound arching up and out about three feet.

The Piss landed on the coffee table in front of her, splattering, making a sound like rain on a glass window. The table was piss soaked as Parveen’s pissing lasted about more than ninety seconds. With her bladder emptied, her piss hole released its last drops trickling out of her cunt on to the chair.

Hafiz moved around the piss filled table and moved between his mother’s legs. He was only two feet in front of her when she softly spoke again.

“Piss on me, give this fucking whore a piss shower. Yes, on my tits, cunt, face, fill me with piss. Let me drink you like the fucking whore I am. Piss on me. Piss on me.” Parveen was mumbling in closed eyes.

Thinking she was talking to him, Hafiz stood tall between his mother’s legs and let his beer filled bladder unleash, all the piss it had, splashing his mother’s beautiful face and hair, down her body covering her tits and filling her cunt.

Up and down his sexy mother’s body Hafiz waved his cock painting her with his warm piss, in her open mouth drenching it with salty golden piss. Surprised by the actions, Parveen’s eyes opened wide. Her hands reached up and tried to push her son away, but he fell forward over the top her body, sticking his hard cock in her naval.

Now in lust for his mother with a hard cock, Hafiz began to ejaculate his load of cum on her belly and naval. Still ejaculating cum, he pushed himself off her stumbling backward.

Parveen quickly stood up as their eyes met, a look on her face he never seen before, not of shock or of total surprise or disgust, rather more like a fulfillment, a satisfaction of her sexual desire. Stepping quickly, she stopped in mid stride as the silver dildo popped from her asshole on to the floor.

Hafiz stood and watched as his mother pick up the dildo and came to him taking his hand and lead to her bathroom. His body was shaking and cock dripping cum. They went right into the shower. She turned on the shower and laid on the floor, the water pulsating from the shower head was hitting her right in her held-open cunt.

Weak kneed and nervous about the perverted sex act Hafiz did, also frighten, Parveen laid on the floor fingering her cunt. Only a minute had passed and she was on her knees in front of her son, taking his cock in hand looking up at him.

“Face fuck me Hafiz Sona, fuck your whore mother’s face. Cum in my mouth. I wanted this for a long time. I’m a fucking whore son. I want to be your fucking whore.” Hissing like a dog, Parveen opened her mouth and her son’s now again hard cock enter her wide mouth; his hands on her head, he began face fucking her.

Few minutes later Hafiz came in his mother’s mouth. She swallowed all his sticky cum moving down and licking his hairless ball sac as the warm water pulsated against his back.

Parveen stopped sucking his baby son’s hairless balls and moved herself over to the shower seat. She sat on the shower seat opening her legs wide pulled her cunt lips apart showing her son her deep wide big pink cunt hole. Her clit was very erect and sticking out of her cunt like a small erect cock about quarter an inch.

“Suck my cunt Hafiz baby. Make me cum. Suck my clit. Eat my fucking whore cunt. I’m a fucking pig slut whore. Please, Sona suck my fucking clit.” She began stroking it furiously, “Please Sonamani, make me your whore.”

Hafiz went down on his knees and began cunt sucking. “Oh how I loved the taste of my mother’s cunt juices” Hafiz thought. He sucked and nibble on his mother’s clit making new found fucking whore scream in pleasure.

“Fuck, eat my cunt, make your fucking whore cum. Yeaaaaah! That’s it bite my clit, SUCK IT! FUCK I’M CUMMING! YES, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH I LOVE BEING A FUCKING WHORE!” Parveen came hard as her kid son’s tongue was buried deep in her large fuck hole.

After his mother’s climax Hafiz kissed her and rubbed her back as they stood in the shower, looking in awe of each other. They dried each other’s bodies off, as Hafiz toweled her tits dry and said to his mother. “I want more Ammi. I want to fuck you again.” He was still shaking from the sex he just had.

“Yes, Sonamani, we’ll fuck more. I want to be your fucking whore. You can do anything you want with me I promise. When I get home tonight I’ll explain everything but, now its late and I need to get to the studio for shooting. Please don’t tell anyone about me fucking you.” Parveen warned her son.

“I won’t Ammi, I’m not going to fuck up a good thing with you,” Hafiz said, smiling looking at his mother’s naked body and those ‘oh! so nice big tits,’ ” Hafiz sat on the edge of his mother’s bed as she put on her makeup and fixed her hair. She hurried as time was wasting.

“Hafiz sona, see that when your grandma returned from Sharmila aunty’s home. I think she might be upset without me. I had a little chat with her last night. I can’t explain now,” Parveen said.

Hafiz watched as his mother set into a low-necklined blouse and a synthetic saree only without any bra or panties underneath. The thin saree and low-cut sleeveless blouse made her massive tit flesh exposed. Perfect slut, Hafiz thought, fucking whore, his boy cock began to harden again.

Parveen came to her elder son and kissed his lips, grabbing a hand full of his hard cock and balls. “Sonamani, I have to pick up a wealthy customer up at Dumdum airport after my shooting, that’s why I was up so early. I have to leave now. We will fuck again I promise,” she said. Hafiz walked with his mother out of the bedroom and into the living room looking at the mess they had made earlier. She kissed her son then through the side door she left.

Hafiz cleaned up the mess they made. He picked up his mother’s sex toys, went to his bathroom and washed them. After drying them he placed them on her dresser. Back to the bathroom he took towels and wiped the leather arm chair clean. On his knees in front of the piss soaked coffee table he paused. He leaned over and slurped a mouth full of his beautiful and respected Ammijaan’s piss from the table top. He had to taste her juices. He sucked in the liquid his mother sprayed over the table.

How did his great mother’s piss taste? The taste was more of furniture polish than her own sweet cunt juices. He was more satisfied with the taste. He smiled to himself thinking about his famous Ammijaan. She’s a fucking whore alright or she wouldn’t have been naked fucking herself openly in the living room. He went in his bedroom looking at his digital clock on his computer desk. The time was 6:30 a.m. this all took place in two hours. He laid on the bed and dozed off into semi conscious sleep.

End of Ch 4

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