Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 4

Parveen Khatun, top most TV serial actress of Bengal for her super-hit serial “Bhagni Nibedita” have two teenage kids sons and Cameraman husband whom all live with her. She guessed the seeds for all her ….relationship were always around. When the kids were mere child, she would always let them see her naked, whether she was in the tub or in her room changing. She never thought anything of it, then.

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It all started when Parveen “caught” his high school aged sons jacking off. She never, at first, walked in on either one doing it. One day she had gone up to her oldest son’s room, Hafiz, he had left the door open just a bit, she peeked in and saw him lying naked on his bed. He was holding a magazine on his lap, just in front of his cock but she could see the motion his arm and hand stroking his prick. The same thing happened with her younger son, Hanif, only she saw him in the bathroom by looking at his reflection in the mirror. She never said anything to either of them; it is, after all, only natural for guys to jack-off; especially with teenage boy’s. She kinda of thought it was cute and funny.

After a couple of weeks Parveen noticed something odd, they were always using the same exact magazine and when they turned the pages, they always seemed to jack off to some special pictures; from what she saw as she would watch them. One day while the kids were over their school, she decided to find their magazine. It took her quite a while, they had it very well hidden. It was a regular nudie magazine, just looking at the cover.

She decided to flip through it, curiosity she guesses she wanted to see if she could figure out which pictures had their lustful attention. There were a lot of attractive bgrade Tollygunge film-actressess in it. She noticed the pages in the middle was different than the others, so she turned to those pages. Her jaw dropped at what she saw. They were pictures of her ! They had found her risqué pictures, she had taken for her special screen shot. The pictures of herself in some low-neckcut sleeveless blouse with a short-sized petticoat, any one could easily see her nipples or her pussy and the pictures were too much provocative. She could see some dried cum stains on her pictures !

At first Parveen was extremely angry and she felt humiliated and violated. She was about to tear her semi-nude pictures out but suddenly her horniness and lust took over. She suddenly thought to herself, here they had a magazine with all these hot, naked bgrade Tollygunge heroines and they were jacking off like crazy to pictures of their mother in clothes!

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Everyones always tell, she is hot, she am 5’ 6”, 58 kgs., long jet-black hair with 36″ tits (which look ok on her body frame) and she has large nipples. She never thought of herself as a hot Bengalee mother ! The more she thought about her sons thinking about her, thinking about fucking her or thinking about her sucking their cocks, and shooting their wad’s over her pictures, it really got her incestuous lust going. She had to do something, she just didn’t know what. So she decided to put the magazine back and not say anything to them….just yet.

A couple of day’s after her sons came back from their maternal uncle’s house with their father, as she suspected her sons would be back to beating off to “her”. She purposely made sure her sons had no time alone…time to jack off, she wanted them to suffer for a bit; which she enjoyed. Parveen could see them walking around with raging hard-ons and not being able to take care of it must have been a torture to them. She was down in her room practicing a serial’s role, noticed her elder son had gone upstairs for awhile.

Parveen stopped and just listened, she heard his TV was on, so she knew he must be stroking his cock like a wild man. She quietly made her way upstairs and slowly turned the knob on his door. She opened the door just enough to peek in and sure enough; her son was going at his cock like there was no tomorrow. He had that damn magazine in front of his cock, Parveen suddenly wanted to see her sons’ erect cock, she really had a desire to see his cum spurting out of it, especially knowing it was all for her, his hot mother. He was moaning away, she heard him say “Oh yeah, oh fuck Ammijaan, yeah do it.” Standing there in the hall, just imagining what he was thinking about pushed her over the edge. She decided it was time to take some action.

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Parveen opened the door and walked right into his room. Her son freaked. “Oh shit! Ammi ! Oh NO!” He quickly closed the magazine and tried to stuff it under his bed. She couldn’t believe how good his black, wet prick looked. All her son was worried about was hiding that magazine. As she thought of that, she smiled. “Please Hafiz sona, don’t be ashamed, I have seen your cock before, when you were young.”

Still in shock Hafiz just lied there and put his hands over his shaft. “Why didn’t you knock!” She sat down on the bed next to her son.
“Don’t be embarrassed Sonamani. Every guy masturbates.” Parveen glanced down at his crotch hoping to see his cock up close, no luck so she reached for the magazine. “Can I look at this. I want to see what woman has my son’s lust.”
He quickly took his hands off his cock and grabbed the magazine out of her hand. “NO! Please don’t look at it…there is nobody in there in particular.”

“Ok, ok Hafiz Sona…I will let it be your fantasy woman.” Now did get a great look at her son’s cock. It was about 7 or so inches long, black, covered in pre-cum. Part of her wanted to bend over right there and slide his prick into her mouth but she couldn’t do it.
“Stop looking at my dick Ammi.”
“Why? There is nothing to be embarrassed of; it is a very good size. I think your fantasy woman would be happy with it”

Parveen flashed him a smile. Her son relaxed a bit, his cock started to become flaccid, which she didn’t want.
“Tell me the truth Hafiz darling, have you ever had a woman stroke your cock and get you off?”
“Ammi ! I can’t believe you asked me that. No. I haven’t had any girl touch me.” He looked so pitiful, which turned her on. “Can I jack you off?” Parveen asked her son. Shocked he just stared at his mother but she noticed his cock twitched a bit. “But you are my mother, that would be weird, that would be sin. ‘Right, I bet you think it is weird and sinful’, she thought to herself.

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Parveen acted innocent and responded, “I am a woman, aren’t I attractive?” Her son said in a low voice, “yes you are not only attractive but kinda hot”.
She thought for a moment and said “Well, you could just pretend I am your fantasy film-actress Indrani Halder in that magazine. You could just imagine that it is her stroking your cock, couldn’t you?”

Parveen saw the lust flash in her son’s eyes and she knew she had him. Her son thought for a few moments then said, “OK, Ammi, I think I could do that but still you are my mother.”
“So what, we just won’t tell anyone, Ok? Right now, I am just your fantasy actress Indrani Halder.”

Her son didn’t say anything else, he laid back and she slowly reached for his hardening prick. His cock felt so good in her hand, it was so wet and sticky with his pre-cum, and she never has seen that much pre cum on any other man’s cock!

Parveen slowly began to stroke it up and down. Her son started to moan, “Ooooh Ammijaan, ki sundar lagche, ( how nice! feels so good ) Yeah do it faster. You are really good Ammi.” She speeded up her stroking of his wet, hard shaft; she loved looking at his piss slit seeing his pre-cum oozing out of it. With her other hand, she reached down and started to fondle his hairless balls. He looked down at his cock, down at his mother’s hands working his balls and prick and he got a glazed look on his face.

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