Mom forced to confront her sleepwalking – Part 5

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The twin’s sleepover celebration party was a huge success for everyone. June and Julie said nothing of my sleepwalking episode that was the high-point for their guests. I wasn’t supposed to remember any of it and Mom didn’t know anything other than what the twins had said and I backed up. Mom was pissed that I had tried my fake sleepwalking on the girls.

After the ‘friends’ had gone, it was very quiet around the house. The girls were exhausted and they went to their rooms and crawled into their beds. Mom was futzing around in the kitchen cleaning up from the party. She hadn’t said a word to me since I came downstairs. I sat down on a barstool and said, “Good morning Mom.” She turned from the sink and focused a laser-beam glare at me. She was silent but I could see the steam building. I started fiddling with my fingers and examining my fingernails. I could feel her eyes boring in on me. I figured that she must have figured it out already. Had the twins thrown me to the wolves, or wolf?

She finally spoke, “I know what you did last night with your fake sleepwalking. The girl’s story made no sense to me and then you backed it up. You used your dumb-assed fake sleepwalking to fool all the girls into having sex with you, figuring that you wouldn’t remember anyway. I hope you didn’t have sex with your sisters in front of their friends. That kind of information would be on Facebook before they left the party.” She came over to the bar and shoved her thumbnail into my chin and lifted my face to look at her.

“Honest Mom; I didn’t have sex with June or Julie. They stayed right out of it other than to warn the others not to wake me up. They never knew I was faking it and they still don’t. I confess on the rest though. Sorry, Mom. I saw an opportunity, so I took it. I know it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. It’s just that some of those girls treated me badly in school. I wanted to get a little payback.”

Mom chuckled and responded, “Yeah right, some payback. I bet they had as much fun as you did.” The angry look on her face morphed into a grin. “What am I going to do with you? I’ve turned you into a sex crazed monster.” She leaned forward to place her elbows on the bar and said, “Where is the little monster anyway?” My dick was completely flaccid while Mom reamed me for last night. Now that she seemed interested in its status, plus the display of her tits in her gapped open robe, my dick quickly tented my shorts. Mom watched and looked up at my face with a grin and said, “There he is.” I burst out laughing as she reached across the bar and put her hand on the top of my tent and ran her palm over it. It pulsed a few times from the contact.

I leaned forward and kissed Mom passionately on her pursed lips. She responded with equal passion and we were soon mauling each other. I reached into her parted robe and cupped my fingers under her breasts and thumbed her hard nipples. She moaned into my mouth as her tongue attacked mine.

When she pulled back from my lips she gasped for air and hung her head to watch my hands working on her tits. When she looked back up at my face, everything I needed to know was right there in her lust filled eyes. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and gently nibbled on it. Her obvious passion was driving me higher and I pulled my shorts down in the front and my granite hard cock sprang out and slapped up on my stomach and then flopped back down to Mom’s waiting hand. She gripped it hard and slowly began stroking it from the tip of my knob to my balls. Neither of us had said anything. We were communicating with our eyes. I had a brief thought about how the twins seemed to communicate with their eyes and other gestures. That thought evaporated in a brief moment.

Mom released my cock and stood up pulling her tits from my hand. She separated her robe further and cupped her own tits and lifted each one the short distance to her lips and she kissed each nipple. Her eyes were on fire as she lifted her gaze to my eyes.

Mom pushed her hips against the bar and then to my amazement, her entire body started throbbing. Her eyes closed and she groaned hard around the nipple on her lips at the moment. She confirmed what I had already recognized, as she muttered, “I’m cumming, Dex. Oh my gggaaawwddd.”

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