Mom & son have night on bed : sister got chance to be fucked

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Mom & son have night on bed : sister got chance to be fucked

Juhi ,a lady of 40years is so sexy that she can’t keep patience to just watch our sexual activities as Bina ,a 22 years married lady have been with her brother Jeet ,a 20 years young guy and as Juhi ,my mom seen us enjoying on bed Bina have been massaged by Jeet and lastly ,he licked my cunt ,sucked my boobs and fucked me for a brief period.

So Juhi ,a 40 years married and matured lady left our room as it’s 10:35 pm and both are exhausted as I have my refreshment and slept on bed but Jeet is still looking for sex as he put a towel on his waist and walked towards mom’s feeling too hot as looking at mom’s & son sexual affairs are like getting a new and erotic experience for me and I moved to mom’s bedroom but mom & son are in dinning space as I can see Juhi drinking beer with Jeet and than looking at me ,Juhi smiled “now it’s my turn ,so have your meals and go for sleep
(Bina)sure ,no obstacles from me but can watch live sex show .” And she smiled ,so as I am feeling hungry ,I moved inside kitchen and hold my plates ,walked to dinning space as I sit on dinning chair and starts having my meals.jeet and Juhi are drinking beer but his hand is lifting mom’s long skirts up and as his palm is rubbing on her soft thigh ,she is showing her desire as her hand pulled down his towel and Jeet’s cock is in withered position ,so Juhi hold it and smiled

“baby ,have a zenegra pill from my purse
(Bina)sure but I will make your son’s cock erect .”

And I walked to mom’s bedroom as I got her purse and than a strips of sidenafil pill ,so came back as Juhi is kissing her son’s face and Jeet is squeezing her tits on tops ,now as my meals finishes I washed my hand and sits near my brother .so Jeet’s hand have lifted her skirts up to waist as her strong thighs are nude with a blue coloured panty on her vaginal zone and as Jeet have zenegra pill with water ,he just hold her mom’s tops and removed it .

Juhi is looking sexy in her blue transparent brasserie and now Jeet put his hand on her back ,so she turned as hold him both are rubbing eachother’s back as mom is semi nude while son is completely nude and as both starts kissing eachother’s neck , looking at them I am bit hot but I know it’s not my turn as mom will thrash me .as both are well drunk ,now they stand as Juhi have hold him and starts kissing his face while Jeet is rubbing her mom’s butts and as a spectator ,I am watching their love as Juhi hold Jeet’s lips in her mouth to suck ,he is bit aggressive and pulled down her mom’s panty ,I am looking at mom’s heavy butts as Jeet’s palm is moving on her back and Bina is curious as I want to join them but what to do right now ? ,is making me confused.juhi sucked her son’s lips for a while and as Jeet pushes his tongue in mom’s mouth , she swallows it and while holding her son’s neck Juhi is enjoying son’s strong body.

Juhi’s back is in my front as Jeet is rubbing his finger on her ass hole and feeling too horny ,I walked away as I took out a piece of butter and well back there , I stand behind my mom’s body as I knelt down and now put away my brother’s hand ,so as I put piece of butter on her anus hole and starts rubbing on it ,she looked back as Jeet is just pressing her mom’s breast and Juhi smiled “just make it wet and than see how your brother’s tongue will lick it “and I smiled as I pushed a smaller peice of butter while breaking it with my teeths,so my long finger is rubbing her anus hole and she is screaming “uh ah um ,both brother and sister have made me a wild whore”as I can see Jeet sucking her mom’s breast and his cock have got some erection.juhi have hold her son’s cock as she is jerking it hard and as I felt butter melting in her hole ,I just moved to her front and Jeet have sucked her mom’s boobs as it’s nipples are too erected and looking like a long grapes . So Juhi smiled

“Jeet lick my ass hole as your cock is not fully erected
(He )sure but I am looking for more drinks.”and than Bina moved towards refrigerator as she got a last cane of beer ,so put it on table as both mom & son are completely nude.jeet opened the cane as he starts drinking it while I felt bit aroused ,so took out my night wear and panty as Juhi ,Jeet & Bina are nude .

Juhi is rubbing her son’s chest as her hand have hold Jeet’s penis and now I asked “mom ,will you suck his cock or
(She laughed)it’s your choice “and I knelt down to hold my brother’s penis as looking at him ,I rolled my tongue on his glans and as my eyes are looking at Jeet ,I slowly swallows his glans with half of penis and starts sucking it but my head is still as I want to feel it’s hardness and Jeet while drinking beer is screaming “oh um uh Bina ,spin your head darling it’s too hot “and as I felt his cock becoming hard ,I took it out and starts licking it Jeet is pressing her mom’s breast hard as we three are too hot and now Juhi asked “now it’s too erected ,let him fuck my cunt
(Jeet)darling ,want to love your sexy tunnel
(She )it’s wet as I have lost my cums .”

And so both walked towards washroom as I sit there ,so as both are back ,Jeet “come in mom’s bedroom
(Me)oh I see ! want to fulfill your dad’s absence .”and three nude lovers get inside as Jeet slept on bed with his legs straight and my mom than put her sexy butts up above his cock ,so I sit near mom’s waist as I hold my brother’s cock and Jeet have already hold her mom’s waist ,so as I starts rubbing it’s glans on hole ,she is too horny and just pushed her heavy butts down to swallow his cock and than my hand is holding mom’s breast .Juhi screamed louder “oh ah it’s too hard ,fuck fuck like a macho Man”as I can see mom’s vagina getting fucked hard as Jeet is fucking her mom’s cunt while hitting it from below and now I moved towards Jeet’s face as he stopped his hard now Juhi starts bouncing her butts fast as cock is fast in her wet cunt and Jeet have hold her waist but soon ,Juhi leaned forward as she is like a bitch on son’s top and as Juhi starts moving her body front and back ,her cunt is filled with penis as he is sounding like a hungry tiger “uh ah fuck fuck you sexy whore ,never seen a slut lady like you “and after a while ,Juhi left him as she get laid on bed with her legs crossed.looking at me ,my mom asked “looking for fuck Bina
(Me bit shy)yes but have you got satisfied
(Juhi)no never but will drink my son’s semen at last.”

And as I knelt on bed to be like a doggy ,Jeet just moved to my back as he hold his penis and slowly inserts in my glory hole ,as he is pushing his long thick erected cock hard and lastly his cock vanished inside as I he starts fucking me Jeet hold my breast as he is pounding my cunt hard and feeling too aroused , my vagina is going to cum soon and now I starts shaking my waist “oh uh fuck hard ,it’s cumming”and than Jeet pumped my cunt hard as it’s got wet and Jeet is bit cautious as he took out his wet cock and pushed it in her mom’s mouth as he shouted “have it my sexy mom ,it’s raining”and Jeet have poured semen in mom’s mouth………

Added by Bina mishra

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