My sexy religious mom

Hi everybody I’m Karan now 43 yrs old this story is about my mom Seema now 59 and our daughter Renu 26 yrs old one girl with mom and a boy and girl with Renu .Both adore my big fat cock 10 inch long ,now my daughter also enjoy it .

So lets start from the beginning i was 16 yrs old when we start to have sex my dad died a year ago ,so mom been without sex for a year she was always sad and i always comfort her ,no matter what i was always by her side .

She was working in a convenience store 7 am to 3:30 ,but one day i was home mom came home crying i ask what happen she didn’t answer i beg her then she say her boss rape her and she is sore then run to her room on her bed still crying i went to her cuddle with her kiss her on her chick telling her i’m here for her she turn around hug me ,after few mins she say she need a shower i follow her saying that she is not stable right now i should come with her which she accept once we got into the bathroom she was very sore i undress her she was shy and hesitate but let me do what i was doing she was facing other side so i can see only her back .

She bend over to pick soap i can see her pussy hole was stretch leaking of cum i take the soap with her apply on her back then i go down she stop me i say its ok its only us she remove her hand i slide my hand down on her ass chick then soap her crack then go to her pussy i insert my finger in to remove the cum ,i already knew about sex i move my finger in and out which make her jump and scream with pain .

I turn her around she was so beautiful but i control myself remove my finger then wash her body , she was a short slim woman at this time she look very young maybe 10 yrs younger after i dry her body i took her to bed naked then i told her to let me look if she is hurt badly she say no its ok i tell her she can get infection she was scared then say ok she spread her legs shit she has a beautiful pussy with a butterfly lips and her hole was so stretch then i ask if he was big mom ask why i ask her i told hr her hole was huge and ask if it was like that she say no he has a big thing thats why it large right now then i ask if it will become normal or we should go to hospital she say no in few days it will be normal .I insert a finger in her asking if it hurt she say yes i went to get pain killer and prepare soup for her .

Next day we walk up in the same bed she turn to me cuddle with me i kiss her forehead and ask how is her pussy she say feel ok now i ask if i can see she say yes open her legs i can see no redness i insert a finger she was getting wet i ask if its still painful she say not much ,while i was removing my finger she stop me say to keep doing it i ask if she is going to work she say never again so i told her i will work she stay home she didn’t agree but after few days later we were on bed she say ok i can work so i call a friend own a car mechanic work shop for a job he say ok he need someone .

Mom was happy i ask if she still sore she say she don’t know maybe i should put my finger to see i lift her dress her pussy came to view it was so wet i ask why is she wet she say that her boss make her sex drive alive again i finger fuck her she didn’t object then i kiss her on her lips she push me telling me to wait then she remove her dress now naked she lay back on the bed .

I took her nipple in my mouth she was moaning by now she told me to remove my short ,she was impress with my size she say if i use this i have to be gentle or it will hurt they she get up took my cock in her mouth suck me till i cum in her mouth after having 10 mins of rest she suck me again this time she told me to put it inside her ,i took my time insert my dick gently till i was deep in they i move in and out which make her cum it was a great feeling that pussy was just made for my big long dick .

By now she was enjoying my hard fuck screaming and moaning she cum on my dick when i was ready she say to cum inside i move harder till i cum a big load in her .Next day she say that maybe she will go back and will let her boss do what ever he want but with a raise i say ok ,2 day in a week she come home late looking well fuck i ask if she is ok she say yes she has to stay late for stalking product then satisfy her boss at night she ask if i can fuck her virgin ass because her boss want to take her there and she want me to be her first who i am to say know i take her to bed undress her lay her on bed she was looking like a well use whore cum leaking from her pussy i insert my dick in her pussy which was super loose while making her asshole loose with my finger once she was ready after few times try i was inside her she was in pain , so i move slowly till she adjust then i move faster it was so good and tight i couldn’t hold it so i cum in her shit hole .After shower we have diner then we fuck 2 more time pussy to ass ,

Next evening she was late once home she took me to the bathroom undress fuck both her holes was full of cum i ask if she had a good day she say yes her boss fuck her 3 times it turn me on thinking of my mom getting fuck by other man so i decide that i will have to watch her getting fuck .I’ve been in the store so i knew every part of the building i get in and hide in the storeroom ,i was shocked when mom came with a big guy that i never saw before they kiss then the guy say to mom that he paid big money she better do a good job , mom get on her knees remove hid cock it was fucking huge mom look at it lick her lips saying hmmmm yummy i’m a big cock whore love getting big cock in my holes i was so shocked i never knew this side of mom after sucking his cock mom get up bend over take that monster with ease in her pussy , she was getting a hard fuck and enjoying it then she told the guy you paid big money so put that big thing in my big shit hole the guy agree he shove it deep in her hole mom moan then start to fuck his cock 15 mins fucking the guy say he want to cum in her mouth say get on her knees take his dick in her mouth then swallow his cum i was so shocked knowing my mom was a whore i was hard i stay still .

After 10 mins 2 guys came in they double penetrate her mom say it will be double rate the guys say ok and they fuck her for 45 mins .In the evening mom came home i confront her she lied to me then i told her i was there i saw everything she run to her room .At night we fuck 3 times ,next morning she left early i to go to work at 4 pm i was done so i went home do some stuff waiting for mom to come but it was already 10 at night she never show up i felt asleep next morning she wasn’t in bed i was worried so i went to the store her boss say she went home after work i can feel like he was lying so without and argument i left the store but stay close to keep an eye on the store .@ hours later the boss live the store he live close to the store i follow him to an old abandon building , i hide and watch once he was inside i try to find other way to get in which was easy so i get in what i saw shocked me ,mom was naked with 5 guys who was also naked i remember one of the guy as a gangster ,mom was sitting on a mattress cum all over her body face and leaking from both holes .

I saw the boss came in undress then get between mom legs and insert his dick in her ,she look high and drunk talking dirty and swearing her boss told her i was looking for her she say she will not go back home ,once she were done a guy came to her inject something in her arm then mom get on the table everybody take turn fucking both her holes and she was enjoying every moment she was so high .I went to a public phone i call the cop told them about what i saw but never told them who i was ,those guys was arrested mom was send to rehab ,after few month mom normal again she has to do an abortion she was pregnant .

Once she was back home i told her to stay home as my woman i will bring money i was now making enough she say ok after few month later she was pregnant with my baby and our sex life was good .

Time goes by mom was only mine my daughter was 15 and in a yr she will be ready to be a woman my woman .Mom say she don’t trust men so i will be our daughter first and maybe one and only man ,so a yr later we were ready well i will tell you what happen in my next story.. thks for reading guys

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