Mother and son enjoy cruising on the Carnival Elation

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Sex stories, incest, Mother and son enjoy cruising on the Carnival Elation, My God, I have to share what happened last week or I’ll bust.

I’m Gregory, all six foot two and 215 pounds of me. I won’t say I’m ripped, because I’m not, but I’m not fat, either. Brown hair, blue eyes, and 20 years old… while girls don’t kill each other to be with me, I do all right.

Two years ago, my father died. My mother was devastated, and spent a long time mourning. Then she seemed to snap back a bit, but definitely wasn’t interested in men. Comparing her to the vibrant, energetic woman of my youth, I’d have to say she was still moping and depressed.

I tried everything I could think of to cheer her up, but nothing really seemed to work. Oh sure, she’d enjoy the concert or circus or whatever, but a few days later she’d be depressed again. I cast around for ideas, and eventually decided to take her on a cruise.

I booked us on a five day cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Elation, sailing out of New Orleans. When I told her about it, she seemed to fight the idea.

“Cruise? Can we afford a cruise?”

It was actually a good question. “We can if we don’t expect a grand suite, or anything. I got us a two-person interior cabin on the Verandah Deck. Cabin V4.” I squirmed a little. “I know it’s a little expensive, but you need to get away.”

She fought against it, but in the end she agreed. I mean, since I’d already paid for it, she didn’t really have a choice. And after a while she started to get excited about cruising to Mexico. I could take it or leave it, really, just as long as it cheered her up.

We arrived at the port around 10 am, giving them time to debark the current boatload of passengers, and then boarded. We weren’t booked in a suite, so we didn’t get preferential treatment, and boarding took time. We actually got on board around 11:30, and headed straight to the Lido deck buffets. Hauling our luggage with us, we found a table and ate lunch while we waited for our cabin to be open.

And by the way, I highly recommend their Drink of the Day… it’s a great way to start the vacation, even before the ship actually left the docks at 4 pm.

We finally were able to get to our cabin around 2:30, deposit our carry-on luggage, and start unpacking our checked bags. We dressed for dinner, me in slacks, shirt, and tie, and mom in a nice and understated black dress.

Let me describe what my mother looks like. She’s a small, oriental woman, 5′ 4″ and 102 pounds, with a metabolism that never seems to add weight. And she’s got that classic, smooth complexion that makes her look even younger than she is. And since she gave birth to me young, at 18, she isn’t even 40 years old, yet.

Seeing us together, nobody would guess we are related… I take after my dad. I’m white, big, and muscular, with no trace of oriental features or coloration, so that’s not really surprising.

We had dinner in the dining room the first night, and it was awesome. The food was better than good, and they treated us really well. If you’ve ever wanted to know how it feels to be really rich, go on a cruise, because they’ll treat you like that. They cater to your every whim, and it is incredible.

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