Mother and son enjoy cruising on the Carnival Elation

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I’m Gregory, all six foot two and 215 pounds of me. I won’t say I’m ripped, because I’m not, but I’m not fat, either. Brown hair, blue eyes, and 20 years old… while girls don’t kill each other to be with me, I do all right.

Two years ago, my father died. My mother was devastated, and spent a long time mourning. Then she seemed to snap back a bit, but definitely wasn’t interested in men. Comparing her to the vibrant, energetic woman of my youth, I’d have to say she was still moping and depressed.

I tried everything I could think of to cheer her up, but nothing really seemed to work. Oh sure, she’d enjoy the concert or circus or whatever, but a few days later she’d be depressed again. I cast around for ideas, and eventually decided to take her on a cruise.

I booked us on a five day cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Elation, sailing out of New Orleans. When I told her about it, she seemed to fight the idea.


“Cruise? Can we afford a cruise?”

It was actually a good question. “We can if we don’t expect a grand suite, or anything. I got us a two-person interior cabin on the Verandah Deck. Cabin V4.” I squirmed a little. “I know it’s a little expensive, but you need to get away.”

She fought against it, but in the end she agreed. I mean, since I’d already paid for it, she didn’t really have a choice. And after a while she started to get excited about cruising to Mexico. I could take it or leave it, really, just as long as it cheered her up.

We arrived at the port around 10 am, giving them time to debark the current boatload of passengers, and then boarded. We weren’t booked in a suite, so we didn’t get preferential treatment, and boarding took time. We actually got on board around 11:30, and headed straight to the Lido deck buffets. Hauling our luggage with us, we found a table and ate lunch while we waited for our cabin to be open.

And by the way, I highly recommend their Drink of the Day… it’s a great way to start the vacation, even before the ship actually left the docks at 4 pm.

We finally were able to get to our cabin around 2:30, deposit our carry-on luggage, and start unpacking our checked bags. We dressed for dinner, me in slacks, shirt, and tie, and mom in a nice and understated black dress.

Let me describe what my mother looks like. She’s a small, oriental woman, 5′ 4″ and 102 pounds, with a metabolism that never seems to add weight. And she’s got that classic, smooth complexion that makes her look even younger than she is. And since she gave birth to me young, at 18, she isn’t even 40 years old, yet.

Seeing us together, nobody would guess we are related… I take after my dad. I’m white, big, and muscular, with no trace of oriental features or coloration, so that’s not really surprising.

We had dinner in the dining room the first night, and it was awesome. The food was better than good, and they treated us really well. If you’ve ever wanted to know how it feels to be really rich, go on a cruise, because they’ll treat you like that. They cater to your every whim, and it is incredible.

We slept well that night, with no trace of sea sickness, each of us in our own twin sized bed. When I woke up, she was already up and out. She told me later that she did some sunning and swimming, as well as enjoying a massage at the spa. We had lunch at the Lido buffet, and then she spent some time in the casino. When dinner rolled around, we hit the main dining room again.

It was a wonderful day. I’d spent it catching up on some reading, but we had seen each other a few times that day. We were taking the opportunity to get away from our normal lives… she called me Gregory, and I called her Ayano. We didn’t know anybody on board, and they didn’t know us. For this trip we were simply traveling companions, not mother and son.

Afterwards, she said she wanted to go to the piano bar, so we did. A waiter showed up at our table pretty quickly holding a tray full of small shot glasses filled with a light-chocolate-colored liquid. “Would you like a Shot of the Day?” he asked, his foreign accent just a little hard to understand.

“What is it?” she asked in reply.

“Slippery Nipples!” the waiter proclaimed proudly.

My eyes widened… I’d never heard of that drink! But mom surprised the hell out of me by ordering one! What’s more, she downed that bad boy in one swallow. She’d had a glass of wine with dinner, and she wasn’t exactly a substantial person, so as the night progressed and she drank four more of the little shots, I started to become concerned. When she started to badger me to dance, I decided it was time for her to sleep it off, but she wouldn’t go.

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“One dance,” she insisted drunkenly. Finally I gave in.

And, of course, the pianist chose that moment to go into a soft, slinky, romantic slow number. So we slow-danced. Mom is really quite a good dancer, and we glided around the tiny dance floor, alone in the semi-darkness and lost in the music. When the song ended, we headed back to the cabin.

Sleep came hard to me as my mother, blasted out of her skull, lay on her twin-sized bed giggling. But I eventually did get to sleep, lying under the thick covers in nothing but my boxers.

I was awakened some indeterminate time later by the unmistakable sensation of a tongue licking my dick. It started down at the base, just above my balls, and licked all the way to the top. Then I felt eager lips nibbling at the tip, and a tiny hand wrap itself around the base. I jerked upwards in surprise, resting my weight on my elbows as I looked down towards the foot of the bed. We’d left the light on in the cabin’s bathroom, with the door mostly closed, so I was able to see a little. And what I saw shocked the Hell out of me!

My mother was crouched on the foot of the bed, kneeling over me with her head in my lap. The blankets had been tossed to one side, and she rested her weight on her hands as she slowly took my cock into her mouth. The sensation was intense, and rendered me speechless for a moment. As she pulled her mouth off me and began nibbling on the side, I managed to find my voice.

Mom?” I sounded shaken, even to my own ears. She totally ignored me.

She began bouncing her head up and down on my dick, sucking strongly as she did so, and all rational thought fled. God, this felt good!

She kept that up for a few moments, bobbing shallowly up and down while her hand jacked up and down. Then she removed her hand and slowly pushed downward, taking my entire length into her mouth, until her nose was crushed into my pubic hair. Now, I’m not built like a horse, or anything, but my dick is 8 or 9 inches long (I’ve never measured it), which means that about half of it had to be jammed down her throat!

She held that position for a short moment, and then did something amazing. She swallowed.

Yes, I know, most guys say they really want a woman who swallows, but this isn’t what they talk about. It would be, if they’d ever experienced it, but it isn’t. The feeling up and down the length of my dick as her throat muscles rippled was literally indescribable. I gasped and couldn’t keep myself from grabbing her heard and trying to thrust even further down her throat. It took me another moment to realize that she couldn’t breathe with my cock stuffed down her throat, so I let go.

She withdrew until her lips barely enfolded the tip, then took a few deep breaths through her nose, and then dove right back down. That was the pattern as she bobbed down as far as she could go, my fingers tangled into her hair, swallowed once or twice, and then came back up to breathe. I was lost on a rising tide of lust as I felt my orgasm begin to build.

She kept up a steady rhythm as I let the sensations wash over me. I looked downward again, savoring the site of my own mother sucking my dick, and at that moment I began to come. I grabbed her head and thrust into her mouth as far as I could go, and pumped the first of my seed directly down her throat. I pulled out just a little and drove back in, pumping more down into her stomach. Then I released her hair, fell backwards onto the bed, and gasped as the climax overwhelmed me.

Mom handled it like a trooper, withdrawing until only a little was in her mouth and pumping my shaft with her hand as she sucked me dry, swallowing rapidly. When the moment passed and I went limp, she took her mouth off of me and began licking me clean. With my ability to think restored, I was only able to watch her with shock as she gave me one final lick, giggled as she licked her lips, and then put her head on my crotch and closed her eyes. Within a minute, soft snores filled the room. It looked like a very awkward position.

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I didn’t know what else to do, so I gently disentangled myself from her and carried her back to bed, tucking her in while doing my dead level best to forget what had just happened.

The next morning dawned early, but I didn’t. I’d lain awake for hours trying to put that incredible experience out of my mind, and didn’t actually wind up sleeping much. I awoke to find an empty room and a note telling me she was at breakfast, and that I should hurry up before the fat pigs on the boat ate it all.

I arrived on the Lido deck and went to the buffet, looking around to find my mother. Her wave caught my attention, and I headed over to her. All I could see of her was her top, which was covered in a light sweater, underneath which I caught a glimpse of a bikini top. I sighed to myself… this was going to be a LONG day.

“I’m mad at you, Gregory,” she said as I sat down with a plate of eggs and bacon. “I wanted to dance last night and you wouldn’t do it.”

After a moment I managed to shut my mouth. She didn’t remember! Thank God for small favors, she didn’t remember sucking my dick. Not surprising, as wasted as she must have been.

“Uhhh…” I stammered, “Sorry?” So I’m not the most eloquent man in the universe… sue me. “Maybe tonight.”

She waved her fork in my face. “Definitely tonight.”

When we finished eating, we headed out to the pool… and there my nightmare truly began. First, she was wearing only bikini bottoms, and I got to see her incredible ass swinging from side to side as I followed her topside. Then she took off the sweater, revealing to me exactly how HUGE B-cup breasts look on a woman so tiny. After what had happened the night before, seeing her standing almost naked in front of me caused an instant erection.

I managed to sit down hurriedly, and tossed my towel over my lap, lifting one leg to hide it better. And I watched as she smeared suntan lotion all over her body and lay down.

I’d never thought of my mother in a sexual way… that’s actually kind of sick. But after being sucked off by her, it seemed my mind was obsessed with that tiny, delicious body, and what it might do for me.

Dinner that night was delicious, as normal, and we ended up in the Piano Bar again. She went straight for the shots again, though this time they weren’t Slippery Nipples, instead some kind of crème de menthe based concoction. As she licked her lips clean after each shot, I saw an instant flashback of a similar moment the night before. She continued to drink, if anything sucking back more this time than she had the last!

We did dance again, once, this time to an energetic swing number. I took her back to the cabin, made sure she was tucked in, again giggling to herself. Then I beat a hasty retreat and returned to the Piano Bar. I stayed there until after 2 am, then returned to our cabin. Hesitantly sticking my head into the room, I heard soft snores instead of giggles, so I figured I was safe. I crawled into the bed, clutching the blankets like they could protect me from the sexy vixen in the next bed that used to be my mother.

The third day of the cruise we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico, and my mother went ashore to do some shopping. I stayed on board, and for two reasons. First, I had had too little sleep and too much alcohol the night before, and I was trying to recover. Second, I had seen the skimpy outfit she wore ashore, and I had no desire (or too much?) to chase her around Cozumel with a massive erection. So I stayed behind.

Dinner found me half asleep, and when she dragged me to the club that night, she bullied me into dancing with her quite a lot. I was dressed in casual clothes, but she had on a very short dress that exposed quite a bit of her cleavage. I gulped as she gyrated to the thump of the music, watching her incredibly sexy body move in ways that made my mouth go dry.

She drank a lot, again, this time forgoing the shots in favor of whiskey and cokes. Five of them. Responding to the rather incredible circumstances, I drank two or three more than normal, myself.

Fatigue eventually drove me back to the table, but she stayed on the floor, gyrating with whomever wanted to join her. At one point I saw a gentleman leading her off the dance floor, heading towards the elevators. I hurried over in that direction.

“Ayano,” I called, raising my hand and hurrying over. The man looked peeved and kept hold of her arm as I gently touched her face.

She rolled her head over and looked at me, breaking out into a big smile. “There you are, Gregory!” She pointed in the general direction of the man. “He was going to help me find you, sweetheart.”

I just bet he was, mom. I looked at him and he scowled darkly back at me. I dialed up my own gaze, giving him the one that says “I am bigger than you, and I’ll happily make you swim back!” He backed down, and I escorted my mother back to our cabin.

I was too tired to head back out, so tucked her in as tightly as I could and crawled into my own bed, falling asleep almost before my head hit the pillow. As you might guess, it didn’t last.

I awoke to the sensation of my boxers being pulled over my feet, and then I felt a naked female body pressing against mine. Her tiny fingers clutched my dick, which quickly inflated to full proportions, and she jacked it slowly. Her other hand was spreading some kind of oil over my nipples, moving lovingly from one to the other. Then her lips pressed against mine, and she kissed me hungrily.

I couldn’t help it. I was half asleep, half soused, and a naked woman was jacking me off and kissing me. I kissed her back, just as hungrily. I knew who it was, and the night seemed suspended in a blinding white glare as my blood thrummed in my ears. She slid her tongue into my mouth, and I gave up trying to fight it.

The kiss was magical, but not static. Yes, it wiped away thought and awakened a hunger I’d been fighting for two days, but we worked at it. Our jaws opened and close as we kissed, our tongues fighting each other as our hands roamed freely over our bodies.

I’d never felt my mother’s body, never even imagined doing it, but now my hands ran over her silky skin, finding her breasts, the graceful flow of her neck, and he smooth buttocks. As her hand found my dick again, my found his slit and rubbed the outside gently. As she moaned against my mouth, I realized that her pussy was soaking wet.

For me.

I rubbed her slit more vigorously, and slid one finger into her pussy as I used my tongue to invade her mouth. I moved my finger inside her, gently, and her whimper ignited my lust and fanned it to full life. Suddenly I knew that not only was I going to fuck my own mother, but I fiercely wanted to do it.

I kissed my way down her neck and found her breasts, eagerly sucking one into my mouth. Her free hand clapped to the back of my head as I sucked, her gasp echoing wetly through the room. I sucked her tits as I finger-fucked her pussy, and she panted and moaned with the pleasure I was giving her.

Then her body locked and she gave an extremely high-pitched shriek as she trembled, her legs scissor-locked around my still moving hand. She was moving frantically against me, her free hand clasping my mouth to her nipple with frantic force. Eventually she relaxed, going suddenly from her muscle-locked condition to limp ragdoll in under a second. I figured the night was over, so I withdrew my fingers and returned my lips to hers, kissing her gently, lovingly. My loins still burned, and my dick was positively aching, but if she’d already passed out…

She hadn’t. Her little hand placed itself in the center of my chest and shoved. I tumbled backwards to lie flat on my back, and she climbed on top of me. Her lips found mine, and we kissed eagerly again. I felt her fingers wrap around my dick again, and point it upwards to the ceiling. And then I felt the tip of it nestling snugly against something soft and wet. And then she lowered herself onto me, and I felt my dick slowly surrounded by the sweet softness of my mother’s pussy.

It took her a while to work all of my dick into that little pussy of hers, but she managed it, panting and gasping as I filled her up. And then she just sat there, not really moving, just grinding gently against me. I groaned, mouth open, as she used her pussy muscles to massage my dick. I could dimly see her smiling face above me, white teeth flashing in the night as she fucked her son.

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She drew herself upwards, and I felt the incredible sensation as all but the very tip was exposed, until she pushed downwards again and engulfed me with her moist heat. My head was spinning as she pumped her ass up and down on my cock, sliding her lips down until she was sucking on MY nipples.

A long moan escaped me as my hands grabbed her hips and I began to thrust upwards to meet her. I met her frantic thrusts with frantic thrusts of my own, desperately clutching her ass cheeks as I tried to split her in two with my cock.

Her voice echoed through the small cabin, very loud in my ears as she lost my nipple and simply buried her face in my neck.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh,” she panted in my ear in time with our thrusts, and then her muscles locked again as she came. This time she wasn’t silent. The scream started low and throaty, and scaled upwards as her orgasm shook her like a dog with a toy.

It was really, REALLY loud, and I didn’t want anyone to bust in here thinking I was killing my mother, so I grabbed the back of head and forced her mouth to mine. The scream went on, but muffled by our mouths as we frantically kissed.

And then my own orgasm slammed into me, and I thrust as deeply as I could into her pussy, fingers splayed on her naked buttocks as I tried to crush us together, and sent my sperm shooting deep into my mother’s womb. The feeling was overwhelmingly intense, and I lost myself in the sensations for a while.

When I came back to my senses we were still connected, and she was rocking gently on top of my dick as she kissed me softly. After a few moments she tensed up again, coming again as she trembled her way through an orgasm like an aftershock. We continued this way for a while, and I think she had three more orgasms, each smaller and gentler than the last.

Eventually she stopped moving her hips and laid her head on my shoulder, falling swiftly asleep as she snuggled against me. Somehow I managed to get her cleaned up and tucked into her own bed without waking her. I will admit that I stood over her, looking down at her absolutely gorgeous naked body for a long time before finding my own blankets.

The next morning the ship docked in Progreso, and this time I felt much better and accompanied Ayano on her shopping trip. She was still dressed scandalously, but after the previous night I enjoyed the view openly. I even caught a few jealous glances tossed my way, and took them as my due. I was a lucky man.

That night we went drinking again, this time in the karaoke bar. She sang a few songs, but her biggest hit was when she sang “Dark Lady’ by Cher, complete with whistle-producing hip wiggles and gyrations. I, personally, horrified the crowd with an off-key rendition of “Take This Job and Shove It!” Laughing and well-lit, we headed back to the cabin after a thoroughly enjoyable evening of drinking and singing.

We lay in our separate beds for quite a while but sleep did not come. I was waiting in an agony of expectant hopefulness. Would she climb into my bed again, or should I go to hers? I knew she didn’t remember anything when she was sober, so was this wrong? Such thoughts chased me into a dazed half-sleep that I didn’t even know I was in.

The blankets being raised awakened me instantly, and I turned towards her even as she was lying down. Our lips locked together instantly, and our hands gripped each other ass cheeks as we ground our pelvises together in total abandonment. Our kisses were feverishly demanding, and I rolled over on top of her as I kissed my way down her body. I stopped briefly to explore her breasts and suck her nipples, for which I was rewarded by her fingers clutching in my hair, pulling me closer, but I eventually moved lower.

I kissed my down her belly, briefly causing a giggle when I tongued her belly button, until my face was buried between her legs and I was kissing the inside of her legs. As I kissed all around her pussy, I felt her hands trying to shove my mouth where she wanted it to go, and her hips pumped towards my mouth, as well. I slid my arms under her legs, wrapping them around her buttocks and gripping her thighs to hold them apart as I looked at her pussy.

Though I’d fucked her good and darned well the previous night, this was the first time I’d ever seen this precious treasure. I’ve seen a few pussies before, and I can say without hesitation that this one was perfect. The pink lips showed through her sparse pubic hair, and her juices glistened in the dim lighting. Her hips trembled as I breathed warmly on her exposed sex. Then I buried my nose in her pussy and licked.

I quickly lost track of time as I licked that glorious pussy from whence I’d once sprang, using every technique I’d picked up to pleasure my mother. I could her above me moaning and groaning as I ate her out. Her hands clasped the back of my head as her legs clamped down hard on me, actually hurting my head with the strength of her legs. I kept licking, and even slid one hand around and inserted two fingers into her pussy.

“Gregory,” she suddenly screamed as she bucked against my mouth, “EAT ME!” She pumped frantically as she chanted, “Yes, yes, oh God YES!!!!”

As her orgasm peaked and subsided I slowed down as well, until my fingers were out and I was just lightly licking or kissing my mother’s pussy. Then I worked my way back up her body, lightly, softly, giving her a chance to recover, until we were face to face. She was smiling, a satisfied smile, a cat that just got eaten by the canary smile. I looked deeply into her eyes and lovingly stroked the side of her face.

“Ayano,” I whispered as I lowered my lips to hers. Our kiss was gentle and loving, but I started to lose control as her hand gripped my dick and guided it to her pussy. Gently, gradually, I pressed forward until the tip of my dick had parted her soft lips. Then I stopped kissing her, and just locked gazes with her as I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as I filled her up, bottoming out with a groan of my own. Fucking my mother was feeling MUCH better than any other sex I’d ever had. A tiny warning bell sounded in my mind at that thought, but I was too far gone to pay it any attention.

Instead, I started stroking into her, my arms threaded under hers and cupping the sides of her face tenderly as we fucked. Our kisses this time were less frantic, but all the more powerful as her hands explored me as my cock drilled into her.

Our pace was a moderate but steady one. As her orgasm approached, I felt her fingernails dig into my back and drag their way down. The pain seemed to connect with the pleasure in my cock with an almost electrical intensity, and I moaned into her mouth as I increased my pace. Her hands found my ass and clutched it strongly, nails digging into flesh so powerfully I was sure they drew blood.

We continued to fuck, my dick sliding in and out of her pussy as she began to tremble with her impending orgasm. She was panting into my ear, “Gregory, Gregory, Gregory.” I returned the favor.

“Ayano,” I groaned loudly, “Oh my God, Ayano!” I was losing control and fucking her faster as she trembled through her orgasm and I felt the electrical tingling of my own building in my cock. Then it hit, and I dumped my seed into her as I slowed down, kissing her lovingly as we both came down from the intense feelings of our fucking.

When I finally rolled off of Ayano, ending up lying on my back and covered in sweat, she rolled over and cuddled against my side, her right breast poking into my chest while her head lay on my chest. I figured I’d let her rest there for a few minutes before putting her in her own bed, but fell asleep before I could actually do it.

I awoke slowly that morning, enjoying the feeling of someone tucked into my arms, sleeping on my chest. Then I remembered who it was and my eyes flew open. She was already awake, looking at me with a small, secret smile on her face. When she saw I was awake she leaned forward and kissed me once, lovingly on the lips.

“Good morning, lover,” she purred silkily as she played with my chest hair with one hand. “Sleep well?”

I was flabbergasted. “You knew?” She nodded, her grin widening. “I thought you were too drunk to remember!”

She shook her head, then dipped forward and briefly nibbled my ear.

“No,” she said, looking into my eyes, “I was never too drunk to remember. The alcohol helped me shed my inhibitions and do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’ll cherish these memories forever.” Her kiss on my lips was possibly the most sensual thing she’d done to me yet.

I was still trying to play catch up with my half asleep brain. “But… what about… I mean…” My voice trailed off as her hand moved from my chest hair and found my balls.

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She shrugged, prettily. “I wanted to. Why else does anybody do anything?”

I reached for and we kissed, her lying on her right side and me on my left, her breasts touching my chest and our kiss binding us together. My dick stirred, growing, and she giggled as she broke the kiss.

“Now, now, down boy. I’m hungry.” At my disappointed look, she gave a low, throaty chuckle. “Tell you what, stud. Be good today, and we’ll see about a special treat tonight. Hm?” Since she’d already given me the most special treat in the world, I had no idea what she might have in mind. Well, time enough to find out about that later.

So I leashed my lust and we got dressed and headed to the Lido buffet. The day was a good one, as we wandered all over the boat, exploring our environment and enjoying each other’s company. We held hands most of the day and once, standing near the running track on the uppermost deck, we shared a kiss that curled my toes.

Dinner was as good as ever, but I must admit I was distracted and anxious. Ayano noticed and laughed gently at me, then fed me a slice of melon from the dessert tray. I held her hand by the wrist, keeping it from withdrawing, and licked the juices off her fingers. Her eyes twinkled as she rapped me playfully on the cheek by way of punishment. The feel of her nails on my cheek made the scratches on back and butt ache slightly, but I could live with it.

That night we drank sparingly, by unspoken, mutual accord, and retired early. I had dressed in the suit I’d packed, and she wore a resplendent golden gown that seemed so low-cut that I could almost see her belly button. And when we slow danced, our bodies pressed together in time to the music, I wished this cruise would go on forever.

Back in the cabin, Ayano calmly and coolly undressed me, removing clothing one piece at a time and spending considerable time touching and stroking flesh as it appeared. Eventually I stood before her, totally naked, as she admired the body that she’d enjoyed but hadn’t seen naked. She seemed to approve, and spent some licking and kissing my balls and dick until it stood up at full attention, pointing like a lodestone towards Ayano’s face. Then she took me into my mouth and sucked.

She was a marvelous sight, kneeling in her golden gown, head bobbing up and down on my cock. But stopped long before I could come, giving my dick a final peck before standing up.

She didn’t say anything, I knew from example what she expected. I stepped forward, enfolding her in my arms and kissing her as my hands deftly unzipped her gown. It was a long zipper, and wasn’t fully unzipped until my hands ended up down near her ass. Then I stepped back and slid the gown off her arms until it pooled on the floor. I held one hand as she stepped out of the gown and faced me.

My heart caught in my throat at her breathtaking beauty, and I felt lust surge at the sight of her. Under that wonderful gown, she’d somehow managed to conceal naughty red underwear. I knelt before her and reached around to undo her bra. As that fell away, I was enchanted by her tits, and spent quite a bit of time clutching her back and making love to her chest.

Then I moved down to the panties and gently removed them from her perfect ass. Standing, I picked her up in my arms and kissed her, as her arms twined around my neck. Then I carried her over to the bed and laid her gently down. She positively glowed, and my dick was so rigid it felt as if it might burst.

I lowered my body next to hers and we kissed. I explored her body with my hands, and ended with three fingers shoved deep into the pussy, thrusting into her as she came. When I tried to remove my fingers, she smiled and shook her head no. So I kept going. I kept going through a total of eight orgasms, each seeming to be stronger than the last.

Finally she lay there, exhausted and spent, as my dick strained against the bonds of my will and pointed itself directly at her sex.

She twined her arms around my neck and kissed me softly, gently. “Gregory,” she said, her breath passing into my open mouth. “My son.”

I kissed her harder, and pressed myself against her body. She couldn’t help but feel my lust.

She pushed me away and sat up, a shy smile on her face. “I think my pussy is done for the night,” she said, to my intense frustration. She began piling up pillows near the center of the bed as she continued to speak. “But I promised you a treat, didn’t I, stud?”

I nodded dumbly and watched as her movements caused her tits to move and jiggle.

“This is something I used to do for your Dad. I think you’ll like it.” And with that she lay down on her stomach, the piled pillows causing her ass to poke obscenely in the air. “I think there’s some Vaseline in the cabinet… that should help.”

I got off the bed and returned with the Vaseline, still slightly puzzled until I saw her ass again, thrust into the air, the tiny rosebud of her asshole on clear display. I almost dropped the Vaseline as the realization hit me. Now, THIS I’d never done.

I climbed on the bed, my intensely erect member wagging as the bed shifted, and scooped out a finger full of the Vaseline. Using my index finger, I gently spread it along her ass cheeks, focusing on the tiny asshole that was artfully on display. I even pushed a little into her ass, poking the tip in. Fascinated at the sight of my finger in her ass up to my first knuckle, I slid it in, little by little, until the entire finger was swallowed up by her clutching asshole.

“That’s nice,” she purred with a fake pout as she looked over her left shoulder, “but I could have sworn your dick is bigger than that.” I looked up her body, at her incredibly sexy ass, her quite intriguing back, and the beguiling profile of her face. Not to mention one finger buried up her backside. My dick positively quivered with anticipation as I got another scoop, gently extracted my finger, and slathered the Vaseline on my member.

Then I edged forward until the tip of my dick was pointed straight at Ayano’s ass, and gently pressed it into that tight little sphincter. It resisted, at first, spreading wider and wider as I pressed my dick forward. Then the tip disappeared into her ass, and I could feel it clutching frantically at me to draw me deeper. I complied, pushing forward and grunting with the effort until I bottomed out.

The sight of my cock buried deeply into my mother’s ass was amazing. She lay with her weight supported by her arms, breathing deeply as I began to move back out. I withdrew until only the tip remained, then thrust back into her. The feelings coursing through my cock as I fucked her ass were incredibly, and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I fucked in and out of her ass, slowly at first, then picking up speed as her body trembled and the first sensations of orgasm began to flow through my cock. Her forehead was lying on the bed as she gasped, and she had one hand crammed backwards between her legs. I could see her fingers moving in and out of her pussy as I pumped strongly into her ass. My hands gripped her perfect hips, and I watched with growing euphoria as my mother’s ass devoured my cock.

My orgasm approached rapidly, building fast, and then suddenly struck with electrical intensity. I thrust in as deeply as I could go, sending stream after stream of my semen deep into her bowels. I surprised myself with the deep-throated shout that escaped my throat. All I could focus on was the climax, and it filled my soul with pleasure.

When my climax was over, I collapsed onto my mother’s back, saying her name in a breathless whisper. “Ayano, my precious Ayano.” Over and over. My hands found her tits hanging down, and began playing with them idly.

Her pleased chuckle washed over me, until finally I realized we had been lying like that for a long time. As if she could sense I was aware again, Ayano said, “Gregory, my son, would you mind taking your big, fat cock out of my ass?” She giggled when she said it, wiggling her cute butt side to side, and it prompted an answering laugh from me.

“Yes, mother.” And I did.

The next morning it was time to disembark, and I did so with no regrets, taking with me some VERY pleasant memories of cruising. Well, some had to do with cruising.

But here’s the thing. I know it’s only been a week, but now that we’re back on shore, we’re back to a normal mother-son relationship. We haven’t had sex once, and it doesn’t look like we will, either.

I’m hoping the cruise I already booked for later this year will be just as fun as the first one was.

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